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Disarm the Descent (Special Edition) (Killswitch Engage) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:57
2. 2:53
3. 3:30
4. 3:17
5. 4:02
6. 3:11
7. 3:19
8. 3:21
9. 2:50
10. 3:29
11. 4:33
12. 3:12
13. 3:21
14. 3:07
15. 3:45
16. 3:53

Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descent (Special Edition) Album Comments

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Disarm the Descent (Special Edition) [Killswitch Engage] Album Reviews

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- Arguably the best album5 star

Side by side with “As daylight dies” this is one of my favorite CDs of all time!

- Amazing5 star

Amazing Album

- Jesse5 star

Jesse is probably the best metal vocalist out there right now! Wow KSE!

- Awesomeness!5 star


- Not bad4 star

I thought the new singer wasnt gonna be that good. I was wrong. I give 4 stars because I still like Howard a little better.

- Wow!!5 star

This album sheds from start to finish, love Jessie's vocals! It takes me back to 2002 jamming out to KSE.. Best album I've bought in a good amount of time..

- Best5 star

This is their best album yet. Jesse is great

- Great4 star


- Awesome album5 star

Love this album. Great from start to finish. Love hearing Jesse back. Always been a fan of whatever he has done. Standout songs to me are "the hell in me", "in due time" and "no end in sight".

- Highly enjoyable5 star

A great return for the band. The last couple albums with Howard never really popped with me, unlike his debut or Leach's previous albums with KsE. Looking forward to the future with these guys.

- Better now...5 star

Way better without Howard! He was the entire reason I never bought or listened to this band until now.

- They're baaaack!!!!!5 star

Glad Jesse is back! THIS is Killswitch Engage!!!!

- Was better with Howard2 star

I dont care that Jesse was the original... Howard is 100x better. No offense to Jesse, but Howard was unique, and gave them more of an identity. Jesse sounds generic and therefore so does KSE now. I'm disappointed and it doesnt sound like i will be a fan of the new stuff moving forward. Oh well, good luck guys.

- Overall Good... Yet Self-Plagiarism3 star

I like this album. Its okay. Yet as a killswitch fan, i can hear so many repetitious songs, it makes it harder to listen. Yet, with that being said, i LOVE "Always" , "Blood Stains" and a few others. Yet some I get so bored with I want to skip. I do respect though, that even with the lead singer switch, they try to keep the same sound... Try. Overall a good album. Yet the repetition ruined the flavor of the album. Many great songs. Many mediocre ones.

- Hell ya Jesse is back!5 star

I can't believe I'm just now buying this album! I should've checked it out earlier it's amazing! I'm glad to have got to experience the band with Howard as he is very talented! But the writing style, lyrics and everything with the original lineup is unmatched! Especially Jesse and Adam together, the Times of Grace side project was awesome as well!

- Resurgence5 star

Jesse & the boys from KSE have done it again!

- Stellar5 star

I don’t know how these guys despite line up changes and personal growth still manage to put out killer metal… The riffage is mind blowing, creative and nasty. Add to that vocal harmonies that add a new dimension to the KSE music experience. What else is there to say - these guys are still at the top of the heap. Kudos!!!

- Awesomeeeeee!!!5 star

I'm a sucker for Killswitch Engage. Although I miss the hell out of Howard. I still think this album rocks. You will not be disappointed. This album is incredible and I mean the entire album not just a couple of songs. Great job!!!!!

- With or without Howard still a band with meaning4 star

Howard was awesome no doubt about it but this album proves that even without him present the band can still stand on it's own and write meaningful songs "a tribute to the fallen " is a good example

- HEAVY5 star

Heaviest album to date!! drummer really stepped it up a notch! Miss Howard though ;/

- sick album5 star

there's no wair way to compare leach and Jones. Both are amazing singers in their own right. No matter who is singing, it's still Killswitch Engage.

- I'm glad they didn't hang it up however5 star

Devil You May Know that is all :)

- Terrific Killswitch Album! : D5 star

This is now my favorite album of Killswitch Engage. It is so good! It's full of so much stuff!. I will always be a fan of killswitch Engage :) \m/. :D

- The REAL KSE5 star

I've hoped for this since grade school. There's no denying Howard's talent as a vocalist, but the band simply had a different feel when Jesse left. It's great to have him back.

- Yes5 star

A year later and this has not aged a minute. Feel like I listen to it for the first time every time I hear it.

- Please come back to Alaska, killswitch!!!4 star


- HOLY $H1T5 star

I miss Howard's voice but wow. This is by no means a disappointment. They're both such talented singers. It's amazing how they can both be so talented yet both distinct in there own rights. One preview and I'm hooked. I HAD to download this.

- Love Jesse's welcome back album5 star

I honestly can say Jesse has stepped it up in this album compared to the older stuff. I love the lyrics, I love the metal. I can say that I have enjoyed both Jesse and Howard. I'm also very proud of both men for their lyrics and the hardcore metal voice they brought to this band. It's impressive when a band changes singers and still maintains such a great status... even though it was back to the original singer... Hopefully Howard does future work with them by making an appearance or something. He will be missed as well. Regardless, keep the great music coming Killswitch. I approve- this album is excellent.

- Well.1 star

I was really excited to buy this album and was loving what I heard so far but not all of the songs downloaded correctly apparently. If this doesn't get fixed iTunes, I want my money back.

- Super great.5 star

Super brutal, melodic, and excellent production. Glad to hear Jesse again!

- Thank God Jesse is back4 star

Oh man, I stopped listening to Killswitch because it wasn't metal anymore. There was barely any screaming in the music videos. Its like awesome guitar and drums and then this alternative vocals. I did not like Howard at all, Jesse may not be as talented but he is way better for this band

- A Gem5 star

This is one of those albums that I will never forget, and will play over and over. Just awesome. I bought the CD.

- First Time to hear this Band5 star

Love the song "Always" so metal but so mellow. Awesome song. Heard it several times on iHeart Radio also heard it on the local radio Stations, Could never catch the artist name. Well the other night I finally caught it. I am now a new fan. 5 Stars isn't enough for this group they are awesome. I am now a new fan.

- Awesome5 star

Killswitch Engage knows how to write an awesome album. I got into KSE during Howard's reign. Total respect to him, but Jesse knows how to bring a killer concert. I was skeptical with Howard leaving and Jesse returning. After seeing them live on Father's Day at The Intersection in Grand Rapids that changed. Jesse just has a better voice. A lot heavier, he seems to be pretty in tune with the rest of the band as well. Overall, the album deserves 5 stars because the band earned it. They don't know how to disappoint the fans

- Need more ringtones!!!!!5 star

Awesome band, I'd like to see some more ringtones like there song always

- KSE!5 star

This album is awesome this singer that singer it's nonsense buy it you won't be disappointed

- One of the best metal releases this year5 star

I love this cd & would recommend it to any fan of this band. This sounds really fresh and jesse's voice sounds really good. I can't pick one song off the album as a favorite they all sound really good. The instrumental is even good & I've personally never cared for those. I truly believe Howard & Jesse are both great singers although Howard is the reason I got into this band in the 1st place but they are both great so stop trying to pick sides ladies & gentleman.

- oh killswitch4 star

I honestly dont know how i feel about Killswitch Engage now that Howard is gone. Howard was and is an amazing POWERFUL singer. i like Jesse alright but idk i guess i have some getting used to do. Still a fan, always will be.

- Jessie is back!5 star

Although I will miss Howard and his voice is amazing but Jessie is a welcome nice change! I love killswitch engage!

- I'm glad Jesse is back4 star

But I miss Howard :(

- Every star is what this album Is5 star

Insane....think that's enough said. Every song makes u wana thrash and gives goosebumps like no other. Jeese is back!!! More feeling and rawness back with killswitch. Killed this album!

- Amazing5 star

Fantastic album, strongly support

- New KsE = Times of Grace5 star

The title of this review says it all. This new KsE album sounds like Jesse's other band Times of Grace, but a little heavier. (P.S. in no way, shape, or form is this an insult or a complaint. Times of Grace is amazing and I recommend them to any KsE fans who don't already know about them.)

- BAD, just bad1 star

I was looking forward to this album so much, and what a huge disappointment. Alive was great, and all of the albums with Howard are fantastic, but this album is not good at all, I don't like one song on it. This album is not a good representative of killswitch, buy alive or just breathing or times of grace if you like Jesse, or any album after alive is awesome Sad, this one is just SAD

- EW Jess go home your drunk5 star

Love the album but the vocals make me wanna beat myself to a pulp

- Some solid metal.5 star

Composition, sound, technicality and brutality is what makes this album nonstop playable... And all songs are short and to the point.

- They definitely sound better4 star

They sound way better now than they have before but it kind of bothers me how the new singer cant scream too well.

- Not what I was expecting from Jesse...3 star

After listening to Jesse's side-projects, I was excited when I heard he was the frontman again cus I thought he was going to implement elements from the prog-metal Empire Shall Fall, Seemless, and the post-metalcore project Times of Grace. This is just the old Killswitch Engage... same old metalcore...

- KsE5 star

I had the privelage of hearing Howard and Jesse live and there both great do i miss Howard yes do i like Jesse's return yes He added a mixture of Howards style and Alive and Just Breathings style and thats one hell of a combination Both of these guys are great live so there both cool in my book good album n good songs

- Just Amazing...5 star

Excuse me while I go headband to these songs!


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Jon69064225788422578 - Meh😔1 star

Same boring sound, glad Jesse back but lost their unique Kse sound pass thanks....

Mad Jack McMad - An unstoppable return to form !5 star

Very well done chaps, very well done indeed.

Couthnut - Amazing5 star

An amazing return and an amazing album, would defiantly recommend buying if you haven't already!

Keyhole92 - Back to their best!5 star

With Jesse coming back they've really gone back to their best with his powerful scream and fantastic singing voice! Must buy for any metal fan!!

Marko De - Lost for words..5 star

Oh god, Killswitch really nailed it this time...!

Shaolinmonk2012 - Good comeback4 star

I couldnt wait to get hold of this album.I love jesse vocals but its not 'alive or just breathing' far from it i think.that album is monumental and hard to album grows on me after a few plays but as other reveiws say 'not mind blowing'.Its still worth a buy for killswitch fans, but I think the next one will be THE ONE.

NAVMEIST3R - It's finally here!!5 star

Now we have all been waiting for this album for too long, and now that it's here I for one am not disappointed. No, this album is not their first self titled release ,Killswitch Engage, or AOJB, which are two of the best KSE albums by far. But will this newer sound stop me from listening to my favourite bands new release, hell no! Were we expecting the old Jesse sound? Yes. But should we hate this album because we have a new Jesse sound? No. Just get this album whenever you can, I see no reason why you should hate it, I mean it's Killswitch!

ESP_sy - Awesome return for KSE5 star

Firstly I don't understand the problem some people have with this album. It's a great album from start to finish with not a bad song on it. The weakest song is probably 'Always' but it's still a great song. I've been a fan of KSE since the very early albums and I honestly think this is their best album to date with 'Alive or just breathing' a close second. The riffs are big and powerful and the choruses epic and melodic. It's also a lot more up tempo overall as an album. Buy it now!!!

Thesimpletonnamedsimon - Great to have Jesse back!5 star

Lots of depth and progression within the sound that can be hard to find in this genre. Jesses lyrics and vocals are definitely what kse needed, tim was drifting from the cause.

Marcochopchop - A Missed Opportunity But A Decent Album3 star

Having Jesse back on Vocals I had hopes for a return to the rawness of Alive Or Just Breathing but this album is not it. Killswitch are just too polished nowadays which is a shame as this was a great opportunity to go back to their real roots. That said there are some good moments on the album and is fully worth a listen. I hope there is more to come.

Hello12331 - Dayum!5 star

The album is brilliant. A fusion of metal and melody - buy it!

Metallexa - A Solid Effort4 star

Ever since I heard Jesse was coming back, I was really excited to hear what these guys would come out with. Don't get me wrong, I liked Howard but Alive or Just Breathing is one of my all time favourite metal albums and I was highly anticipating this album. Musically, this album follows on from the last, with hints of AOJB throughout. Jesse's vocals are really good on this album, but I do get the feeling at times that he is trying to emulate Howard's style in parts. This album is heavy, melodic and fast in comparison to the band's previous efforts, which works in places but I think the use of blast beats get a bit tiresome and I disliked Adam D's growls on this album, a feature I thought he only used for comedic value when playing live. The two standout tracks for me are the incredibly catchy "In Due Time" and the straight - outta - AOJB, "No End in Sight". The reason I give this album 4/5 is due to the album is a bit repetitive and because of the excessive blast beats used throughout. But that is my personal opinion, overall this is a solid effort and I am looking forward to seeing what they do next.

HeavyMetal85 - Top quality5 star

Finally a metal album worth buying great addition to a string of great albums from kse

StutteringminerYoutube - Just jaw dropping good.5 star

Contender for the best metal album ever written. Enough said.

hertzel1 - This isn't metal1 star

Loads of poo if u ask me. Avoid

Init42 - One of the best5 star

One of the best if not the best killswitch album going

NiCKtHoRNBY - Exceptional5 star

That is all.

TheGeneralSabre - Their Best Album5 star

Killswitch have released one hell of an album. Disarm the Descent has it all - great vocals, fast guitars and with lots of melody.

DannyOatz - Stonker!!!5 star

I have been waiting for this bad boy for moons and it doesn't disappoint. Absolute stonker of an album, not many albums have back to back brilliant songs anymore, this does, not one bad tune. If you love KSE you will LOVE this, no doubt. Crushing riffs, beautiful melodies, for me, you can hear the Times of Grace album in this which isn't surprising and doesn't bother me as I love that too. Stand out songs for me are 'A Tribute to the Fallen' and 'Turning Point' KSE at their best. One of the best Metal acts in the world. Buy it. End of.

emilyemilywoop - Finally!5 star

With news of Jesse rejoining the band it was a matter of patience waiting for this album, and they havn't disappointed. The pre-released singles were very exciting to listen to and I hope the ablum gets the credit it deserves.

lineofeld86 - Killswitch Enraged1 star

Jesse returning should have been the greatest thing since alive or just breathing instead we are treated to an hour of generic metal.Gone are the instantly recognisable killswitch sound and in it's place we have sloppy riffs that any standard metal band are churning out. Not one song stands out I remember the first time I heard the likes of self revolution and it's catchy chorus there's none of that on here. Overall MASSIVLY DISSAPOINTED.

diveronline - Return of Jesse - Fantastic5 star

A return to form for me, never enjoyed KSE as much since Rose of Sharyn. Great job Gentlemen

Dr. D Zaster - Alive or Just Breathing MKII5 star

Having listened to this album for the past few days, all I can say as a massive KSE fan is Well Done guys. You can already feel the strength of the progression now that Jesse is back at the helm. Don't get me wrong Howard brought his own qualities but IMHO I'm very glad Jesse is back. The riffs that Adam and Joel bring to this album are astonishing, heavy when needed and beautifully melodic when called for. Jesse's screaming and vocal prowess has improved dramatically over the years. For me this is by far the second best album, nothing will ever beat AOJB in my eyes but these guys have come seriously close. This is the KSE album I have been waiting for ever since there 2002 masterpiece. Thank you very much gents p, you've made an original KSE fan extremely happy. Usually I would tell you which songs are good. But to be honest I've only found 1 week song on this album and i thinks that's In Due Time. But still a good song nevertheless.

Chay90 - Finally here!!5 star

I've waited so long for this album. One word to describe it...EPIC! I can't wait to see them on the 5th May!!! :D I love you KSE <3 xx

Orbea5 - Awesome5 star

Killswitch at their best

chippers247 - insane5 star

Absolutely amazing in my opinion. A lot of the older fans might say they have gone more generic. I dont think so, is just more melodic and catchy than they used to be. Jesses vocals are awesome aswell. You can stream the album on soundcloud for the next day

Saints250690 - 2 singles are amazing5 star

The 2 released singles are brilliant I do miss Howard but Jesse is far greater vocal wise in this album so far the previous even thought alive or just breathing is a hell of an album. My favourite single so far has to be the new awakening just wondered how long till its available on itunes

Hugh Jarse - ROCK!!5 star

What a fantastic track - have got it on heavy repeat :) Can't wait for the album and gig on 5 May ...

CCFCKyle - Wow!!5 star

New single by KE is absolutely stunning. Leech vocals much improved and polished. I do miss Howard but sometimes in order to go forward you need to go back a bit. Welcome back Jesse. Cannot wait for the album!

StuzyMan - Cannot Wait5 star

KSE just show how it's done. I will miss Howard, but Jesse is the perfect replacement. Perfect combination of aggression and melodies. April 1st just come come soon enough

Gogandantess - Return of Jesse Leach4 star

Killswitch Engage return after departure of vocalist Howard Jones (due to health reasons and rumours of other, less savoury, reasons). After Jones took the band on a meteoric rise with The End of Heartache and As Daylight Dies (less so with their latest self-titled album, which many fans deem the bands weakest effort), it was always going to be tough to find a vocalist to match Howard Jones. Who better then to take his throne than the original band's vocalist Jesse Leach (who sang on the bands breakout album and fan favourite Alive or Just Breathing), who returns all guns blazing on this new single. Jesse's screaming sounds just as devastating as on the 2002 magnum opus, as he growls and screeches throughout the verses, before switching to soothing, soulful singing in the chorus. Jesse's aggressive vocals have come leaps and bounds even since his latest projects (Seemless, The Empire Shall Fall- check those guys out, TESF are still writing music even now, with Jesse at the helm, and Times of Grace) since leaving Killswitch Engage a decade ago. The chorus isn't the band's catchiest and takes a bit of time to grow on the your ears. There is definitely a certain presence of vocal effects (autotuning) on Leach's clean singing, which feels slightly unnatural and unneccesary but it strangely makes the chorus seem all the more soothing and silky smooth. The guitars seem to have been set alight with a new-found energy, Adam D and Joel Stroetzel wielding their weapons with precision. The riffs seem to be the focus here, much more immediate than anything off the 2009 self-titled album, while the melody lead work sounds quite similar to the melodic playing from that album. The albums guitars and production would be best described as a balance between Alive or Just Breathing and As Daylight Dies, a blend of past and present, of course helped along by the return of Jesse Leach. The song is great, energetic return for the band, if a bit typical and simplistic. The return of the humble, quite-spoken (in person at least) vocalist, Mr. Leach, sweetens the deal and brings a fresh take on the modern Killswitch Engage sound. New album Disarm the Descent should be a corker!

Chris mckay - Wow!5 star

What a return to form! In Due Time is sick, and I cannot wait for the album!!

Evilninenine - Awesome!!!!!5 star

I was worried that the new album was going to be softer, but if the rest of it follows the ways of "In die time" it sounds like its going to be one of the best Killswitch albums yet!

Jamazing! - Exciting times..5 star

This album is going to slay. Love Jesse Leach's vocals and by the sound of the available single, this band is gonna propel themselves back on track. Roll on April!

Declan-Heaton - In due time ....5 star

A very good song ! , looking forward to hearing the rest , Jesse Leach is doing a very good job as Killswitch Engage's current singer , lets hope the rest of the album sounds just as good . :-)

Punisher641 - Welcome home Jesse5 star

Seeing them on 5th may can't wait!

slread3665 - Amazing !5 star

The new single blew me away ! I can't wait to hear the rest !

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