Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (Deluxe Version)

Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (Deluxe Version) album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Imagine Dragons
Album Name :   Night Visions (Deluxe Version)
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   19
Relase Date :   01 January 2013
Country :   USA

Night Visions (Deluxe Version) (Imagine Dragons) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Radioactive Imagine Dragons 3:06
2. Tiptoe Imagine Dragons 3:14
3. It's Time Imagine Dragons 4:00
4. Demons Imagine Dragons 2:57
5. On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 3:12
6. Amsterdam Imagine Dragons 4:01
7. Hear Me Imagine Dragons 3:55
8. Every Night Imagine Dragons 3:37
9. Bleeding Out Imagine Dragons 3:43
10. Underdog Imagine Dragons 3:29
11. Nothing Left to Say / Rocks Imagine Dragons 8:59
12. Working Man Imagine Dragons 3:55
13. Fallen Imagine Dragons 2:59
14. My Fault Imagine Dragons 2:57
15. Round and Round Imagine Dragons 3:18
16. The River Imagine Dragons 3:25
17. America Imagine Dragons 4:34
18. Selene Imagine Dragons 4:01

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Night Visions (Deluxe Version) (Imagine Dragons) Album Comments

Night Visions (Deluxe Version) (Imagine Dragons) Album Reviews

  • You Guys cannot Make A Bad song

    Bro bro 22
    Yeet I’ll Be showing my kids Imagine Dragons. You guys are absolutely world class. You did a great job mate.
  • It’s Time to begin

    Isn’t it? I never really likes “Demons,” because of how dark it was. But we’ve got “On Top of the World,” “Working Man,” “Radioactive,” and my favorites, “Amsterdam,” and “It’s Time.” It’s time for you to buy this album.
  • Love it

    Still rocking it
  • Simply

    They make it look easy.
  • Imagine dragons strong

    kade rookie
    Never heard a band good as this one
  • Can’t Deny It

    Anonymous #8940
    Geez, Imagine dragons is going up and up. If there’s ever gonna be such of 6 star review. It’s gonna probably gonna be a tough battle ( not really ). But geez Imagine dragons is probably #1 for all kinds of music.
  • Awesome

    thomas the grouch
    I’m “on top of the world” with your songs they drive me crazy at school I always start humming them and everyone stars at me and I have to explain “Oh I bought the Imagine Dragons Night Visions your songs
  • The One That Started It All

    Night Visions is a great record. Imagine Dragons simply nailed their epic debut, and brought a huge fan base with them. This is the album that started it all, and will remain a long time classic for Imagine Dragons fans.
  • Yeah

    The new songs are so awesome and they have great fun for listening too. Many times in a few hours but it was so great that I cannot stop at first
  • Cha Ching is missing

    A song called cha Ching which you can find on YouTube or Spotify is missing from the album on Apple Music.

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