Thomas Rhett - It Goes Like This

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Artist :   Thomas Rhett
Album Name :   It Goes Like This
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   01 January 2013
Country :   USA

It Goes Like This (Thomas Rhett) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Whatcha Got In That Cup Thomas Rhett 2:57
2. Something To Do With My Hands Thomas Rhett 3:21
3. Get Me Some of That Thomas Rhett 3:08
4. Call Me Up Thomas Rhett 3:16
5. It Goes Like This Thomas Rhett 3:07
6. Make Me Wanna Thomas Rhett 3:46
7. Front Porch Junkies Thomas Rhett 3:44
8. In a Minute Thomas Rhett 3:42
9. Take You Home Thomas Rhett 3:38
10. Sorry For Partyin' Thomas Rhett 3:28
11. All-American Middle Class White Boy Thomas Rhett 2:58
12. Beer With Jesus Thomas Rhett 4:14

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It Goes Like This (Thomas Rhett) Album Comments

It Goes Like This (Thomas Rhett) Album Reviews

  • Yessss❤️

    Omg ilysm Thomas Rhett💝💝💝💝. This album is great! I definitely recommend it !
  • Embarrassed

    I am so embarrassed I used to like this kind of music
  • Awesome music

    Awesome music great voice amazing job on it all thank you very much
  • RasxrhxcvxtFvyytcvff

    Yes edgier
  • Good stuff

    He needs to revert back to making this kind of music.
  • Great

    double digit
    This is a great cd. I have one of his cds. This one is pretty good like tangled up. Some songs are a little different. But most are pretty good with the sound and lyrics that flow prefect together. Check it out.
  • Nothing but the best!

    I love Thomas Rhett! He's my favorite! Couldn't get any better than him! The lyrics are amazing! His music is amazing! My go to guy!!!
  • 💗

    I never write reviews, but I think this album is underrated. Absolutely love Thomas Rhett!
  • Still a great album years later

    All off these songs are great, good country sound and catchy. One of my all time favorite albums.
  • Amazing

    Loser <33
    This is country. This is beautiful.

Thomas Rhett - It Goes Like This Album Wiki

It Goes Like This is the debut album by American country music singer Thomas Rhett. It was released on October 29, 2013, via Valory Music Group. The album's release was announced on August 22..