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If You Wait (Deluxe Version) (London Grammar) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Hey Now 3:27
2.Stay Awake 3:05
3.Shyer 3:07
4.Wasting My Young Years 3:24
5.Sights 4:13
6.Strong 4:35
7.Nightcall 4:30
8.Metal & Dust 3:28
9.Interlude (Live) 4:04
10.Flickers 4:45
11.If You Wait 4:45
12.High Life 4:03
13.Maybe 4:23
14.Strong (US Radio Edit) 4:10

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If You Wait (Deluxe Version) [London Grammar] Album Reviews

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- Wonderful album and sound!

I recently heard of this band and they are so good and have such a rich sound. Hannah has such a beautiful voice and the musicians are really talented. I will get more of there stuff!

- Heyjude

Her voice seems to come not from a human but from God. I can't believe she isn't well known in the States. I haven't heard a voice with such uniqueness in years. Her voice is spiritual, pure and uplifting. The band backs up her mystery with ambient beauty. Amazing. Beautiful trio.

- Love

This album makes me feel comfort in the darkness. There’s an emotional depth that I have maybe only heard from someone like RyX. London Grammar is sure to be iconic.

- Amazing!

I've been a fan from day one! Hannah's instrument is so unique and special! There music is just soul stirring!

- Bought the album then the song "Maybe" separately

The song 'Maybe' stops one minute in then skips ahead to the next song - as if it were on a scratched disk - but I bought these songs through itunes so that makes no sense🙁

- Can’t Wait for the Next Album….

This album is truly incredible. One of the best, start to finish, I’ve heard in years. Not to be taken lightly because I am typically very critical of music. This has accompanied me on many late night road trips, long distance night runs, and workdays.

- Soulful

Just found this gem of a group and I hope to see them live some time! Cheers!

- Wasting my young years Remix??

Please release Wasting My Young Years-Maor Levi & Kevin Wild Remix PLEASE!!!!!

- Magnificent

This album is perfect to me. The cover of Nightcall is amazing, especially the chorus, kind of reminiscent of Kavinsky's. Shyer is also a great song. Hannah Reid is a superb vocalist who can cover a great range. Dan Rothman plays the guitar in a style I very much like. It can be slow but still very interesting. Dot Major's talent on the synth and the drums is apparent too when I saw them live. There is also no difference. How they sound in the studio is how they sound live, better live I'd say. Everytime I listen my mind goes somewhere else. This is one of my top 10 favorite albums, buy it.

- Incredible.

Very much looking forward to more stuff from this band; I’m just in awe of all of these songs! Definitely a different sound with an incredible effect. Just wow.


All their songs give me eargasms!!!!!

- A real breath of fresh air

Stumbled across these kids quite by accident on YouTube at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and was instantly hooked on the craftsmanship/musicianship that they bring to the table. Not one note is put into a song that doesn’t serve a purpose, but still the sound is huge and Hannah Reid’s voice is the perfect vehicle for their music. No excesses here, folks. Just well-crafted songs that are oh-so-easy on the ear.

- Beautiful

An amazing talent, great voice, absolutely beautiful. Well worth to buy entire album

- Perfection.

I can’t get enough of this album. I usually don’t buy albums but Hannah Reid voice is so amazing that I couldn’t hold myself to commit the buy. Actually her voice reminds me of Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine which I also love! Such an amazing work guys, keep it going!

- Love it.

I discovered this band and album few weeks ago and now I'm obsessed with them. Such a fantastic album.

- This Album has Saved Me.

Her voice. The lyrics. The mood. The music overall. It has pulled me through hard times. And I would just like to thank London Grammar with all my heart. I can't wait to hear more!!!

- amazing!

I kept hearing songs from London Grammar as I watched The CW show Reign (amazing show btw) and I'm absolutely in love with this group! FANTASTIC

- Shyer

Love this song!

- I Believe in YOUTH

This is such a great album. I just got tickets to the concert in Nov 29 here CA, but in Oakland and I live in Los Angeles. A must see LIVE!

- Stunning!!!

The vocals are what grab you in, however what a great band can do is seem to make effortless easy music, yet the band here is truly talented in all the instruments played. London Grammar reminds me of a little known band no longer around called The October Project who I highly recommend.

- Everything you need

This album satisfies all my yearnings when I need good music. It easily found it's way to my top 10 albums.


I discovered these guys at Lollapalooza in Chicago and they were AMAZING live! I love every song on this album and their rendition of Nightcall.

- Best

I love their songs so much it's so calm so relaxing well done london grammAr 👏👏

- Beautiful, but….

This album is beautiful: the songs, the performances, the arrangements. It could be a 5-star album. However, it is severely compromised by the mixing. The vocals are simply far too loud over the rest of the music. It gives the impression of a singer uncomfortably close while the rest of the band is in another room. I hope the album will be re-released with a more balanced mix. Unfortunately, many current albums are mixed in this unbalanced manner.

- Beautiful!

Simply amazing. I'm speechless

- London haunting

Amazing album , amazing songs , actually I didn't want to buy the album but I felt it will be good (the cd) so I bought and I can't describe what I felt Keep it up and make amazing music

- Amazing

Incredible album. This is one of the most promising bands out there at the moment, with tracks like Strong, If You Wait and Interlude, this band with the angelic voice of Hannah Reid, will keep me wanting for more

- Phenomenal!

I came upon London Grammar when iTunes had their song ‘Strong’ as the song of the week. Afterwards, I saw their performance at the iTunes Festival SXSW, which was amazing! Ever since then I’ve been sold. It is simply a great album with great sounds and incredible vocals that take you back and remind of bands like Coldplay and The XX. Truly worth listening!

- Amazing...

Every song is put together extremely well. For those who like The XX, Florence and refuse listening to commercial trash!

- Why

Why are the songs (help) (darling are you gonna leave me) and (when we were young) available in the U. K iTunes Store but not in the U.S iTunes Store please make it available .


THE BEST THING EVER, recommend it for everyone..

- Honestly..

I don't usually listen to this type of music, her strong/opera type of voice, but now, they're one of my favorites. And I can't get over how amazing the album is-- Wasting My Young Years is my favorite! Good job guys :)

- Unreal

Blows me away every time.

- Simply the best

My favorite band everrrrr she is just beautiful and talented

- Great


- Excellent!

Hauntingly beautiful voice. Loads of talent here from these three. Unique sound that captivates and immerses you. Would like to download the SXSW audio version of Metal and Dust to play over an over. Possible iTunes?

- Perfectttttttttt

this is a great album with very moving music. the music tells stories and is very emotional this is very similar to florence and the machine.

- my "Knew"

If I had the screen shot from my other phone I would attach it but short of the story I knew probably for ima say 3 months. ..And Miss Bee keep oh my not telling me the truth about savanna.If jake or joe didn't do it or I didn't do it " you can't get away wit it" love Me

- Beautiful creature

Watched her live at SXSW. Great band, greater vocalist.

- Hey now, get this album!

Hey now, get this album and get lost in the music!

- Amazing!

Best album I've ever bought!

- London Grammar is ethereal!

That voice is literally a combination of Florence and lead singer of XX! They are going to hit it big!! “Hey Now” is the perfect yoga song

- London Grammar

I have this album on repeat all day everyday. The music is so beautiful and peaceful. I think this band is going to be very successful and they are super talented! Excellent job on the album 💖

- If You Wait

London Grammar Beneficial

- Great!

I wasn't planning on listening, but when I accidentally hit one of the songs and it started playing, I loved it. I believe it resembles Florence + The Machine. Keep up the good work!

- Pretty much the best album I’ve bought in 2014 thus far

PHENOMENAL production. Solid vocals. Good songwriting. Love it. An absolute gem of an album.

- Instantly fell in love

With this album. Great music is back again. Finally!!!!


Just so awesome. Flawless voice.


This is the polar opposite of the music I usually listen to, but I find myself entranced by this album. It's truly a combination of musical styles I've never quite heard together before, and the result is impressive. Between her gorgeous vocals, the beautiful piano, rhythym guitar, and use of percussion/electronic synth beats, I was truly lost in the beauty of this album.

- Haunting Vocals

London Grammar is just like a beautiful female version of Chris Isaak and Silvertone. They have the same haunting quality and pacing to their songs. Finally a group that's broken from the herd to clear their own fresh trail.

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- Haunting and beautiful

The delicacy and patience of this album led me to buy this masterpiece. And I never buy music.

- Haunting

Sometimes a song reaches you deep down, Strong just does that.

- Addicting album

Listen to this album a lot over the last couple of days and have to admit I don't think I will stop for a while. Great, powerful, and unique voice. Reminds me when I first listened to Florence and the Machine.

- by Kerry Kanold

I just heard this group for the first time recently and I was taken aback how the lead singers voice reminded me of Annie Lennox. Really lovely singing.

- London Grammar

Tout simplement superbe...Quel belle Découverte

- Spectacular

I generally don't listen to music like this as it gets too slow or boring sometimes, but London Grammar really suprised me. Their music is emotional and moving even though their sound is very calm and mellow. The songs are also very unique and catchy, especially after a few listens. This album is definitely in my top 50 of all time. I would highly recommend giving this album a try even if you are wary... it will pleasantly surprise you.

- Chills

all I can say is chills.

- Band is Great; iTunes is not

For those of us who purchased the "regular" album, why can we not "complete our purchase" and pick up the extra 3 songs on the Deluxe version? It seems to be hit and miss with iTunes - sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it is silly.

- * * * London Grammar * * *

I didn't think I would be able to fall in love with a band at this point in my life, but it seems that there is room in my heart (and on my iPod) for Lodon Grammar. Their sound is very well thought out, patient, and strong. I have a weakness for unique female vocals and I can't help but feel a little reminded of Anna Calvi, though moreso because of tone as opposed to technique. I sense a vulnerability and a fine balance of feminine and masculine, which I admire. This album is definately something I'm going to have to peel back as I listen to it, and I truly appreciate music that makes me think.

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Wait I didn't realize that P5S came out early if you buy the digital deluxe version I'm gonna request a refund and hopefully valve won't take too long so that I can just buy the digital deluxe edition.

Peter ♡♪!?

@greatervince if you bought the digital deluxe version you get it early, but if you bought it physical you have to wait till the 23rd.

Esper 🔞 #BlackLivesMatter

@DerpyAlusky ^^ ~ If you got the digital deluxe version, you can play early. :) if you only have the standard, you still have to wait till the 23rd..

Nehal kabir

@Happy0350 I think it’s the preorder deluxe edition. If you didn’t get that version than you gotta wait four days to play it.

Titania ⁷

@KIML0VES if it was all about 'standard' version or accommodating the fans like you are implying, why wait several months? why not release it with deluxe and not even announce it, which forced many fans into buying the expensive one.


If ur leaning music from the deluxe version ur trash. you literally have to wait just over 2 DAYS..

5 inch Koromaru Plush

Oh wait if you get the deluxe version of strikers its out 2 days earlier...will you be allowed to stream it lmao.

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