Taylor Swift - 1989

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Artist :   Taylor Swift
Album Name :   1989
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   14
Relase Date :   27 October 2014
Country :   USA

1989 (Taylor Swift) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Welcome To New York Taylor Swift 3:32
2. Blank Space Taylor Swift 3:51
3. Style Taylor Swift 3:51
4. Out of the Woods Taylor Swift 3:55
5. All You Had To Do Was Stay Taylor Swift 3:13
6. Shake It Off Taylor Swift 3:39
7. I Wish You Would Taylor Swift 3:27
8. Bad Blood Taylor Swift 3:31
9. Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift 3:40
10. How You Get the Girl Taylor Swift 4:07
11. This Love Taylor Swift 4:10
12. I Know Places Taylor Swift 3:15
13. Clean Taylor Swift 4:31

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About Taylor Swift - 1989 Album

1989 was released on October 27, 2014. The album marked a move away from Taylor Swift's earlier country sounds and fully into pop. The album became the best-selling album of 2014, selling 3.7m copies in USA, and as of April 2015, it had sold 4.5m copies in the US (9m worldwide). The first single from "1989", Shake It Off", released on August 18, 2014, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Commentators described the album as being synthpop and reminiscent of Toni Basil's "Mickey. ..

1989 (Taylor Swift) Album Comments

1989 (Taylor Swift) Album Reviews

  • Love

    Really amazing and excited for more albums
  • 😟

    What? Is this? Song about? Shake what off? Stop annoying people.

    Micky Phan
    There is not one bad song on this album! LOVE IT
  • Garbage.

    You are a "feminist" that further perpetuates the idea that women need to rely on men. Grow up you aren't 13 anymore. You aren't better than anyone. Your parents being lawyers... clearly they didn't have time to teach you that relationships are two sided.
  • Taylor feel better

    Agry space
    Everyone stop judging her already! We’re lucky she even is willing to write a song about her break ups and, let’s admit it, this is before the era of “Delicate” which sounded too suggestive for a song by her and honestly get used to it she’s not done with country and it takes bravery to do a big change in genre like this.
  • Love her Music

    I love all the songs she makes but this is the best so far
  • Beautiful

    This album is a beautiful masterpiece, it’s different from her past country albums, and it’s just beautiful!
  • Good

    rylie nb

    I have been a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift! BUT THIS IS OVER THE TOP!
  • Perfection

    The best I ever heard 👏

Taylor Swift - 1989 Album Wiki

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