FKA twigs - LP1

About LP1 by FKA twigs Album

LP1 is the debut studio album by English recording artist FKA twigs, released on 6 August 2014 by Young Turks.

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LP1 (FKA twigs) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 1:46
2. 4:24
3. 4:07
4. 4:35
5. 4:58
6. 3:47
7. 3:43
8. 3:45
9. 4:17
10. 5:24

FKA twigs - LP1 Album Comments

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LP1 [FKA twigs] Album Reviews

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- Welp5 star

This really buttered my eggroll

- woah5 star

i just found out about this girl and oH MY G O D she is amazing.

- Introducing...3 star

Dan Howell has such an eclectic taste in music. But I'm intrigued.

- Astonishing5 star

Like so many, I just finally got too fka Twigs music. I'd heard of her & seen cool images around. But hadn't sat with her music yet. I'm totally blown away! Enough said

- Every song...5 star

Is an eargasm. Explosive and erotic. Check out her videos too.

- such an iconic5 star

such an iconic album with so many amazing songs

- love, love, love.5 star

I love the whole album; wish it had other songs but that’s ok.

- Fire5 star

This album is purely beautiful and a work of art! Highly recomment.



- Horrible1 star

I wish i could this a negative 1000 what crap music

- She's awesome 😌5 star

I love her music and her vibe. She's unique and her soul shines through her music. Love it! 😍

- Amazing5 star

It's a great album. There's no song that's bad! Highly recommend!

- Great 💕5 star

Absolutely love "lights on" from this album. I love how artistic it is. She is so inspirational, love her voice and how she dances. Looove her!💕

- Love This Album👍🏾✨👍🏾✨😍5 star

This is the best music to listen to if you just wanna be in a different world. And listening with headphones in is a crazy experience! If feels like one of those ASMR videos.

- One of my favorite albums.5 star

Ok so I usually don't do reviews but I had to say something about this one. Amazing amazing amazing! twigs' sound is unique. this album makes me feel so many emotions. Also I like to dance, drive, and sing to's great. Bought this on Vinyl because I love the album art. Lovely from Preface-Kicks.

- Best music I've heard in years5 star

Keep making music young lady. You are great.

- Love it!!5 star


- Excellent!5 star

What a beautifully innovative album! Its so refreshing not to hear something so mainstream. She's truly a gifted & passionate artist!


I'm so glad to say that FKA Twig's music saved me. My relationship was in a rut and I was literally the only one putting effort into it but I just wouldn't let go. I am always the one who is left when it comes to relationships until recently when I took the time to listen to this song over and over again. I didn't value myself or made myself a priority for that matter. I always put my significant other first and just kept my feelings bottled for the fear of overwhelming them. But this song and many other songs of Twigs that deal with being put on the shelf and not being valued as a person and such; songs like Ache and Hide, made me realize that my time was better off not being spent on someone that could care less about my feelings. I feel so powerful and free when I sing and dance to her songs. Her music is like no other and I am so proud of how big she became doing what she loves the most. She is everything I ever wanted to be and I just hope she never stops making such meaningful tracks like these. Much love to you, Tahliah! ♥

- I'm electic & very open minded1 star

I absolutely was not able to get into this album. I purchased the entire album after breifly listening and reading multiple extremely positive reviews. There is nothing passionate, intense or dynamic about this album. I'm very eclectic in my musical tastes; love The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Drake, Tool, Chvrches etc... the list goes on. I absolutely do not like this vibe at all. Maybe you will?

- Perfect!!5 star

wonderful. And a sound so special and magical . I love you. Continue presenting us with these songs

- unoe5 star

girl unoe i bought.

- This could be a blueprint for a spectacular genre.5 star

A step in the right direction for electronic and R&B music. Dramatic flavoring mixes with edgy beats and stylistically unique phrasing.

- Amazingly brilliant and refreshingly sexy5 star

The other reviewer who wrote "Bjork meets Aaliyah" was spot on! So amazing. Perfect for relaxing or even the steamiest of sessions... What a breath of fresh air in the midst of soundalike pop crap. Must have LP

- EWW1 star

Fka twigs is horrible it just sounds like high pitched squeals why would anyone pay for this?????? NOT WORTH IT PAYING FOR!!

- Love love5 star

Love love

- Buy the album !5 star

This albums so authentic. A mix of very sensual sounds ..her voice is perfect .

- Speechless...5 star

I love her new album and her old one. Both are great album with the best songs that are simply artistic and worthy for the grammy. Love it.

- Nice5 star

At first it will set you off but as you hear it more and more it gets gripping. I absolutely love this album!

- Stunningly Beautiful and Hypnotic!5 star

Though she is a relatively new artist, she acts like she's been in the Electronic/Pop/"R&B"(depends on who you're talking to) music scene as long as some big name artists. How long as the overall musical world has been waiting for an artist so innovative and full of quality(besides greats like St. Vincent, Grimes, and Björk to name three among others)?!! Some album standouts are "Two Weeks", "Pendulum", "Video Girl", "Lights On", "Numbers", and "Hours" and "Closer." Well practically the whole album,including "Preface", is a standout!!! There's so much to say about this artist! May God bless her and her future musical endeavors! Can't wait for the Melissa EP!!

- Her eye is swollen people...1 star

What is this?????? She really scares me. Why is here eye swollen and her face is black and blue?Please don’t tell me it is art……………..

- EP15 star

Took me awhile to get use to TWIGS. But now that I really like twigs her music is so amazing and magical and whimsical makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale. Her music is genre less . It belongs to no genre that's what's so unique about twigs she belongs no where but her own genre. Which I find amazing she's talented for the most part twigs is amazing

- Pure5 star

She's different and pure with out some stupid gimmick.

- Pure5 star

She's different and pure with out some stupid gimmick.

- I almost cried...5 star

...when I first heard "Two Weeks." I cannot even begin to explain how her music moves me. I am in complete awe.

- FKA IS 😍👏5 star

This album is amazing. I'm sorry if you think it's garbage, because you're life is obviously boring and pathetic. BUT FKA TWIGS IS VERY CREATIVE AND HER MUSIC IS CRAFTED TO FIT R&B AND ELECTRONIC. SHE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEB A GRAMMY REGARDLESS OF WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT. FKA Twigs will slay all of y'all. No matter what. Stoked for EP3. 👏💯💖😩🔥

- Raw !5 star

Unfortunately, her music will NEVER be appreciated at its full potential due to the times. Especially in the U.S. The masses have gotten used to specific sounds and ANYTHING out of that spectrum doesn't resonate. This album is definitely one of the greats of 2014. She is an artist all around. The sound, her tone of voice, the dancing or lack there of, the creativity in her videos, let's be real. The girl is good. She's raw & unpolished & THATS THE POINT. The problem people are having is that she cannot be compared with anyone else of the time. All references to her relationship with Robert Pattinson is IRRELEVANT to her music.

- Unoriginal1 star

Grimes wannabe rip-off merchant.....very poor.....but great when I was high, so that explains the high rating.

- I'm heard good things but...2 star

Every song sounds the same!!! I'm kinda po'd that I bought this...

- Pleasantly surprised...5 star

Was forced to listen to this album lol and turned out I love it! Way ahead of her time. Shocked that she's dating a vampire, Robert Pattison lol. You go glen coco! I mean, fka twiggssss ;)

- Awesome5 star

I’ve never heard of FKA Twigs until she came up while I was browsing around on here. This album is seriously amazing, as well as she is. So talented.

- masterpiece5 star

forever one of my favourite albums, I love you so much tahliah.

- !!5 star


- AMAZING.5 star

I never write reviews but I was so skeptical buying this full album I had never heard of her before but it is honestly the best purchase I've ever made on iTunes. She is so ahead of our time in music. Not one track on this album is bad. This is a purchase that will only keep you wanting more. I'm officially obsessed.


I remember hearing the name FKA Twigs and thinking about how cool this artist must be and after listening to the album, she is not only cool but in my opinion a phenomenon. She comes up with electronic sounds that takes you to a virtual world. 'Two Weeks' gets you I it such a good feeling, and 'Lights On' makes you want to just hang with your friends talk about how good FKA Twigs is. This album definitely made history

- Must Have Music!5 star

Interesting and melodic as hell! I bought this after having listened to Two Weeks and did not know what to expect from the rest of the music. What a surprise! Each cut just tweaks your mind! If you go into this with expectations that you will get nothing but top 20 jingles you will be disappointed. Wrap your head around this....then wrap yours ears around it. Love an artist who thinks outside the box.

- Two Weeks5 star

For about a year, I have seen poster of LP1 all around Brooklyn, and now I understand why. LP1 is literally all types of genius especially "Two weeks"! Two weeks and pendulum are my favorite songs, they are just amazing in different different types of ways!

- thankgod i found her5 star

this girl is absolutely brilliant. her music is so calming + soothing. she is so awesome + gorgeous!

- Horrible "music"1 star

Dating RPatz ...doesn't seem like a chick he would date.. So I decided to listen to her music..maybe she got him that way. Unfortunately, I don't see (hear) it! This music is horrible!!!!! Checked out each song, and couldn't listen to a whole song:(

- What?1 star

Beautiful voice, but wow is this a jumbled, hot mess of synths and drum machines. Just another artist trying to be edgy and weird. It's overdone. Sorry, come back without the weird talentless gimmick to get attention and show us the voice; that's all we need to like you.


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Zduval - just can't1 star

Can't get into her music for some reason.

Stacey9918 - Honest2 star

This music seems to be one tone the same note over and over change it up a bit and then you would have perfection but not for me

Mark Joseph M - Futuristic5 star

On a whole different level than most works on the charts currently. I immediately took to the tracks "Lights On" and "Two Weeks", but found that "Pendulum" was the one standout track that embodies Twigs' strengths most evidently. Put simply, LP1 is a slow burning, sublime, and endearing album that refuses to be placed in any set genre.

Drithes - Life changing5 star

So, I bought this album a while ago (when it was still in pre-sale), and at first, I didn't like most of the songs, but I kept listening to them, and now I'm addicted. I'm addicted not only to LP1 but also to FKA twigs herself. The clips she shot for Dazed, Video Girl... everything! This girl is an art goddess. Buy this album, you won't regret it.

Mrs. Wint - Awesome album5 star

Well worth the money. Very Talented

geromini - bonne musique!4 star

bonne musique!

alannorr - Good5 star

But I thought this was suppose to be a clean version

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Bella Parker - Best Song5 star

I love this song so much, new fave! 💖

Callumbo the red devil - Challenging yet Alluring5 star

Brilliant record, but it's rather difficult to get into. Think Portishead mixed with contemporary electronica. Two Weeks is a pop classic.

ClaireRoseWillow - Shocking!1 star

Absolutely horrendous. Biggest pile of tripe I've listened to in a long time!!

Jessinique - Beautiful5 star

So different, easy listening but alive

--Beautiful Freak-- - Lush.5 star

It's a gorgeous album. Twigs 👍

Melllllaaaaassssaaa - Forever my favourite artist5 star

Worth the buy , especially if you just need to chill but dont as well, also it was released on iTunes on my birthday , just saying

Danny3ya - Best artist of 20145 star

This is the first album I've bought in years I love you fka twigs 😍 - @fkatwigs5 star

Pendulum is my all time favourite song. Listen to it at least 50 times a day ❤️ great album

Tru Skillz - Skillz4 star

Beautiful Album

Zedddman - Decent stuff4 star

Undoubtedly sounds different while being modern and catchy. All sounds a bit samey throughout unfortunately, being a bit monotonous eventually. good stuff anyway

Gambl27 - Buy it!5 star

The best album I've bought this year, it's refreshing to hear music by an artist who hadn't just jumped on the 'what's popular now' bandwagon.

GEOSynths - Amazing5 star

One of the most refreshing and talented Artists of recent times. Am totally blown away at the tones of her voice and the level of Production.

mrkelgreen - one of 2014’s best!5 star

I think this album is one of the best albums I’ve bought this year. her music is fresh and original in my opinion. Album’s highlights: Two Weeks, Hours & Give Up

Urbanology - I'm in love with this5 star

Can't wait for more FKA! This album is amazing if you're into shaped long electronic sounds! Beautiful

Chelle_94 - Brilliant!!5 star

I absolutely LOVE this album ❤️

**nix** - Very sexy album4 star

I love this. I think it's really refreshing, very sexy and makes we dance. Some songs are too out there for me, but the most part is brilliant. Want to see her live. Obsessed with pendulum, 2 weeks and give up.

K**TBRIGADE - Amazing5 star

It took a few listens to get beneath the many layers of music and appreciate the lyrical content. Numbers and Lights On are two of my favourites

Benardkam - 😊4 star

I really do like all of her songs. But I don't like the doll thingy on the cover

Benardkam - 😊4 star

I really do like all of her songs. But I don't like the doll thingy on the cover

Versacrifices - Unique and fre$hh5 star


Shakingkitty - Best electro album to come out this year5 star

The best

oilrockz - i tried to like it3 star

but i fell asleep halfway

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Barackhobama285 star

@NiallsOfficals @harriesavacado Stream LP1, Icarus Falls, Mind of Mine, and Walls and that’s it.

Briddyys5 star

@emmasfineline TALENT, I LOVE HIM STREAM LP1

MercedesStyle115 star

@itsjustingrid_: LP1 is criminally underrated, it is full of bops and he worked hard to release it!!! I’m convinced ppl haven’t even lis…

Isaisabella945 star

@arislyf walls fine line heartbreak weather harry styles flicker up all night take me home midnight memories four made in the a.m. lp1

Larryxfandoms5 star

@alltoobrave: Liam tiene un ep y un album donde despliega su talento de productor, sobre todo en lp1 se encargo de estar en cada detalle…

Lightswalls5 star

— lp1

Amygoner5 star

@alltoobrave: Liam tiene un ep y un album donde despliega su talento de productor, sobre todo en lp1 se encargo de estar en cada detalle…

Azutono5 star

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Aya706575665 star

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Oneaddition115 star

Stream LP1

CLouie91125 star

@whoishannahhh @thecurlyhazza @1996wildflower either LP1 or Walls plz 🥺

Isblueandgreen5 star


Shawncds5 star

espero que aprenda de su error y no vuelva a sexualizar a liam ni a nadie, en fin stream lp1

Molinacharit5 star

@musicnewsfactpl: TOP 10 NAJLEPSZYCH ALBUMÓW Z 2019 ROKU WEDŁUG WASZYCH GŁOSÓW #7 - LP1 76 głosów (5,4%)

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