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Artist :   Chris Stapleton
Album Name :   Traveller
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   14
Relase Date :   04 May 2015
Country :   USA

Traveller (Chris Stapleton) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Traveller Chris Stapleton 3:42
2. Fire Away Chris Stapleton 4:04
3. Tennessee Whiskey Chris Stapleton 4:53
4. Parachute Chris Stapleton 4:13
5. Whiskey and You Chris Stapleton 3:56
6. Nobody To Blame Chris Stapleton 4:04
7. More of You Chris Stapleton 4:37
8. When the Stars Come Out Chris Stapleton 4:16
9. Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore Chris Stapleton 4:09
10. Might As Well Get Stoned Chris Stapleton 4:37
11. Was It 26 Chris Stapleton 4:49
12. The Devil Named Music Chris Stapleton 6:07
13. Outlaw State of Mind Chris Stapleton 5:37
14. Sometimes I Cry Chris Stapleton 4:00

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Traveller (Chris Stapleton) Album Comments

Traveller (Chris Stapleton) Album Reviews

  • Old school country for the new school

    Chris has the singing and writing ability to connect with anyone across generation gaps. His smooth but Smokey voice draws you in and takes you on a ride. The songs like fire away and whiskey and you are true treats emotionally.
  • Best music

    Is this a name
    I love just listening to his music anytime but specially when I just relaxing and it gives everyone a good mood
  • Love this man!!

    klc from
    I love this guy’s voice and his songs {which by the way I admire him because he writes his own music, and that is what I look for in the new artists that are coming up in my favorite type of music, and that would be COUNTRY !! Thanks for making my day better!! I’m sure that you will be getting a lot of comments on this guy’s music from all over the country, maybe even from all over the world!! KLC FROM W.Va. P.S. kudos for Morgen and her beautiful harmony voice!! Not everyone has the ability to be able to sing like that!! LOVE THIS PAIR!!
  • Pulls hard right on the heart strings

    I do believe this is the best singer I’ve ever heard. And that’s a bold statement. I’ve heard some good music. So country music I don’t think I’m alone when I say we need more Chris stapeltons. George Jones was right when he sang “who’s gonna fill their shoes”
  • Cpearl

    100% the best album of this decade!! The only person that may ever top this is Chris himself!
  • Does it get any better?

    Seriously? Does it?
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Everything Chris Stapleton writes is an instant classic
  • Awesome

  • Parachute

    That is the best song in the entire world of country thank you for making that song
  • Hell yeah!

    A rare country musician in the midst of crap “country” music. Thank you Chris!

Chris Stapleton - Traveller Album Wiki

Traveler or traveller .