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Best George Winston Albums

1Stream & download Solo Piano Collection (Solo Piano Collection)Solo Piano Collection (Solo Piano Collection)$0Genre: FolkDate: 17 July 2020
2Stream & download Ballads and Blues 1972 (Special Edition)Ballads and Blues 1972 (Special Edition)$9.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 2020
3Stream & download Solo Piano Pieces for AutumnSolo Piano Pieces for Autumn$0Genre: JazzDate: 22 September 2022
4Stream & download Montana: A Love StoryMontana: A Love Story$9.99Genre: FolkDate: 12 October 2004
5Stream & download Remembrance: A Memorial Benefit (Special Edition)Remembrance: A Memorial Benefit (Special Edition)$6.93Genre: FolkDate: 06 November 2001
6Stream & download Sadako and the Thousand Paper CranesSadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes$9.99Genre: SoundtrackDate: 14 March 1995
7Stream & download Linus & Lucy: The Music of Vince GuaraldiLinus & Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi$9.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 07 September 1996
8Stream & download Summer (Special Edition)Summer (Special Edition)$9.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
9Stream & download Spring CarouselSpring Carousel$9.99Genre: JazzDate: 31 March 2017
10Stream & download AutumnAutumn$9.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1980
11Stream & download Harmonica SolosHarmonica Solos$9.99Genre: BluesDate: 09 July 2013
12Stream & download DecemberDecember$9.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
14Stream & download Restless WindRestless Wind$9.99Genre: JazzDate: 25 July 2019
15Stream & download The Velveteen Rabbit (Special Edition)The Velveteen Rabbit (Special Edition)$9.99Genre: StoriesDate: 01 January 1985
16Stream & download Solo Piano Pieces for Winter - EPSolo Piano Pieces for Winter - EP$0Genre: JazzDate: 18 November 2022
19Stream & download PlainsPlains$9.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
20Stream & download Silent Night - SingleSilent Night - Single$0.99Genre: ChristmasDate: 06 November 2020
21Stream & download Restless WindRestless Wind$9.99Genre: JazzDate: 03 May 2019
22Stream & download ForestForest$9.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 11 October 1994
23Stream & download Night Divides the Day: The Music of the DoorsNight Divides the Day: The Music of the Doors$9.99Genre: Blues-RockDate: 06 August 2002
24Stream & download Winter Into Spring (Special Edition)Winter Into Spring (Special Edition)$9.99Genre: FolkDate: 01 January 1982
25Stream & download NightNight$9.99Genre: JazzDate: 06 May 2022

Best George Winston Songs

1Stream & download Give Me Your Hand / La Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes FillesGive Me Your Hand / La Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes Filles$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
2Stream & download No Ke Ano AhiahiNo Ke Ano Ahiahi$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
3Stream & download Blossom / MeadowBlossom / Meadow$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 01 January 1982
4Stream & download Living Without YouLiving Without You$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
5Stream & download Japanese Music Box (Itsuki No Komoriuta)Japanese Music Box (Itsuki No Komoriuta)$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 11 October 1994
6Stream & download ThanksgivingThanksgiving$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
7Stream & download The DanceThe Dance$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
8Stream & download ThumbelinaThumbelina$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 12 October 2004
9Stream & download Valse FrontenacValse Frontenac$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 12 October 2004
10Stream & download High Plains LullabyHigh Plains Lullaby$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 12 October 2004
11Stream & download Cloudy This MorningCloudy This Morning$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 11 October 1994
12Stream & download Rest Your HeadRest Your Head$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
13Stream & download LullabyLullaby$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
14Stream & download Three Pieces from "the Snowman": Walking in the AirThree Pieces from "the Snowman": Walking in the Air$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 11 October 1994
15Stream & download PeacePeace$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
16Stream & download Early Morning RangeEarly Morning Range$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
17Stream & download DubuqueDubuque$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
18Stream & download PreludePrelude$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
19Stream & download Loreta and Desiree's Bouquet, Pt. 1Loreta and Desiree's Bouquet, Pt. 1$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
20Stream & download JoyJoy$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
21Stream & download RainsongRainsong$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
22Stream & download Old FriendsOld Friends$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
23Stream & download Tamarack PinesTamarack Pines$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 11 October 1994
24Stream & download Some Children See HimSome Children See Him$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
25Stream & download Three Pieces from "the Snowman": The Snowman's Music Box DanceThree Pieces from "the Snowman": The Snowman's Music Box Dance$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 11 October 1994
26Stream & download Living in the CountryLiving in the Country$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
27Stream & download The Holly and the IvyThe Holly and the Ivy$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
28Stream & download Spring CreekSpring Creek$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
29Stream & download AngelAngel$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
30Stream & download Variations on the KanonVariations on the Kanon$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
31Stream & download Plains (Eastern Montana Blues)Plains (Eastern Montana Blues)$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
32Stream & download SkatingSkating$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 21 August 1996
33Stream & download Night (Part 1: Snow)Night (Part 1: Snow)$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
34Stream & download The Great Pumpkin WaltzThe Great Pumpkin Waltz$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 07 September 1996
35Stream & download Carol of the BellsCarol of the Bells$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
36Stream & download ReflectionReflection$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 01 January 1982
37Stream & download Christmas (Instrumental)Christmas (Instrumental)$0.99Genre: StoriesDate: 01 January 1984
38Stream & download Ike Ia Ladana (Queen's Jubilee)Ike Ia Ladana (Queen's Jubilee)$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
39Stream & download HummingbirdHummingbird$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 08 October 1991
40Stream & download GraduationGraduation$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
41Stream & download Love Song to a BallerinaLove Song to a Ballerina$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 11 October 1994
42Stream & download Goodnight IreneGoodnight Irene$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 12 October 2004
43Stream & download Linus & LucyLinus & Lucy$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 21 August 1996
44Stream & download Before Barbed WireBefore Barbed Wire$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999
45Stream & download A Charlie Brown ThanksgivingA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 07 September 1996
46Stream & download Riders on the StormRiders on the Storm$0.99Genre: Blues-RockDate: 06 August 2002
47Stream & download Night (Part 3: Minstrels)Night (Part 3: Minstrels)$0.99Genre: InstrumentalDate: 01 January 1982
48Stream & download February SeaFebruary Sea$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 01 January 1982
49Stream & download January StarsJanuary Stars$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 01 January 1982
50Stream & download CloudburstCloudburst$0.99Genre: FolkDate: 28 September 1999

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George Winston Biography

George Otis Winston III (February 11, 1949 – June 4, 2023) was an American pianist who was an established contemporary instrumental music performer. Best known for his solo piano recordings, Winston released his first album in 1972, and came to prominence with his 1980 album Autumn, which was followed in 1982 by Winter into Spring and December. All three became platinum-selling albums, with December becoming a triple-platinum album. A total of 16 solo albums were released, accumulating over 15 million records sold, with the 1994 album Forest earning Winston a Grammy award for Best New Age Album. Winston received four other Grammy nominations, including one for Best Children's Music Album, performed with actress Meryl Streep, and another for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for his interpretation of works by the rock band the Doors. Winston played in three styles: the melodic approach that he developed and called "rural folk piano"; stride piano, primarily inspired by Fats Waller and Teddy Wilson; and his primary interest, New Orleans rhythm and blues (R&B) piano, influenced by James Booker, Professor Longhair and Henry Butler. While the majority of his recordings were in the folk piano style, Winston mostly enjoyed playing R&B piano. His musical style has been classified as new age and sometimes classical, but he rejected both labels.Winston also played the guitar and harmonica. His interest in the Hawaiian slack-key guitar led him to start his own record label, Dancing Cat Records.

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George Winston images
George Winston images
George Winston images
George Winston images

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