Collective Soul Discography

Best Collective Soul Albums

1Stream & download AYTA (Are You the Answer) - SingleAYTA (Are You the Answer) - Single$1.29Genre: RockDate: 01 January 2015
2Stream & download LiveLive$9.99Genre: RockDate: 08 December 2017
3Stream & download VibratingVibrating$9.99Genre: AlternativeDate: 12 August 2022
4Stream & download Hints, Allegations & Things Left UnsaidHints, Allegations & Things Left Unsaid$9.99Genre: RockDate: 22 March 1994
5Stream & download BlenderBlender$9.99Genre: RockDate: 10 October 2000
6Stream & download Tremble For My Beloved (Reissue) - SingleTremble For My Beloved (Reissue) - Single$1.29Genre: RockDate: 06 December 2010
7Stream & download Contagious - SingleContagious - Single$1.29Genre: RockDate: 01 January 2015
8Stream & download Collective Soul (Expanded Edition)Collective Soul (Expanded Edition)$11.99Genre: RockDate: 14 March 1995
9Stream & download This - SingleThis - Single$1.29Genre: RockDate: 01 January 2015
10Stream & download YouthYouth$9.99Genre: RockDate: 16 November 2004
11Stream & download DosageDosage$9.99Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
12Stream & download Collective SoulCollective Soul$9.99Genre: RockDate: 14 March 1995
13Stream & download Home (Live)Home (Live)$11.99Genre: RockDate: 07 February 2006
14Stream & download Hurricane - SingleHurricane - Single$1.29Genre: RockDate: 01 January 2015
15Stream & download Why Pt. 2 - SingleWhy Pt. 2 - Single$1.29Genre: RockDate: 31 October 2000
16Stream & download BloodBlood$9.99Genre: RockDate: 21 June 2019
17Stream & download Half & Half - EPHalf & Half - EP$5.99Genre: AlternativeDate: 09 October 2020
18Stream & download AfterwordsAfterwords$9.99Genre: RockDate: 09 December 2008
19Stream & download Disciplined BreakdownDisciplined Breakdown$9.99Genre: RockDate: 11 March 1997
20Stream & download Disciplined BreakdownDisciplined Breakdown$9.99Genre: RockDate: 17 June 2022
22Stream & download See What You Started By ContinuingSee What You Started By Continuing$9.99Genre: RockDate: 01 January 2015
23Stream & download From the Ground UpFrom the Ground Up$9.99Genre: RockDate: 24 May 2005
24Stream & download Disciplined Breakdown (Expanded Edition)Disciplined Breakdown (Expanded Edition)$14.99Genre: RockDate: 17 June 2022
25Stream & download Collective Soul (Bonus Track Version)Collective Soul (Bonus Track Version)$9.99Genre: RockDate: 25 August 2009

Best Collective Soul Songs

1Stream & download ThisThis$1.29Genre: RockDate: 15 July 2015
2Stream & download Staring DownStaring Down$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 June 2009
3Stream & download Not The OneNot The One$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
4Stream & download Satellite (Acoustic Version)Satellite (Acoustic Version)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 24 May 2005
5Stream & download SimpleSimple$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
6Stream & download BleedBleed$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
7Stream & download ComplimentCompliment$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
8Stream & download Perfect To Stay (Acoustic Version)Perfect To Stay (Acoustic Version)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 24 May 2005
9Stream & download DecemberDecember$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
10Stream & download Tremble For My BelovedTremble For My Beloved$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
11Stream & download Smashing Young ManSmashing Young Man$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
12Stream & download Dandy LifeDandy Life$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
13Stream & download She Said (Acoustic Version)She Said (Acoustic Version)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 24 May 2005
14Stream & download December (Live)December (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 08 December 2017
15Stream & download AdoredAdored$1.29Genre: RockDate: 27 August 2007
16Stream & download Counting the DaysCounting the Days$1.29Genre: RockDate: 28 September 2004
17Stream & download ListenListen$1.29Genre: RockDate: 17 June 2022
18Stream & download The World I Know (LP Version)The World I Know (LP Version)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 14 March 1995
19Stream & download Listen (Live)Listen (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 08 December 2017
20Stream & download The World I Know (Live)The World I Know (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 07 February 2006
21Stream & download HurricaneHurricane$1.29Genre: RockDate: 27 August 2015
22Stream & download December (Acoustic Version)December (Acoustic Version)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 24 May 2005
23Stream & download Better NowBetter Now$1.29Genre: RockDate: 16 November 2004
24Stream & download UntitledUntitled$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
25Stream & download Precious Declaration (Live)Precious Declaration (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 08 December 2017
26Stream & download Counting the Days (Live)Counting the Days (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 08 December 2017
27Stream & download ReunionReunion$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
28Stream & download GelGel$1.29Genre: PopDate: 14 March 1995
29Stream & download Sister Don't CrySister Don't Cry$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 1993
30Stream & download Shine (Live)Shine (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 08 December 2017
31Stream & download Staring Down (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]Staring Down (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]$1.29Genre: RockDate: 25 August 2009
32Stream & download Where The River FlowsWhere The River Flows$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
33Stream & download Heavy (Live)Heavy (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 08 December 2017
34Stream & download Under Heaven's Skies (Acoustic Version)Under Heaven's Skies (Acoustic Version)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 24 May 2005
35Stream & download She Gathers RainShe Gathers Rain$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
36Stream & download How Do You LoveHow Do You Love$1.29Genre: RockDate: 16 November 2004
37Stream & download Shine (Live)Shine (Live)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 07 February 2006
38Stream & download AYTA (Are You the Answer)AYTA (Are You the Answer)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 06 August 2015
39Stream & download Youth (Previously Unreleased)Youth (Previously Unreleased)$1.29Genre: RockDate: 24 May 2005
40Stream & download RunRun$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
41Stream & download BreatheBreathe$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 1993
42Stream & download No More No LessNo More No Less$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
43Stream & download GenerateGenerate$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
44Stream & download ContagiousContagious$1.29Genre: RockDate: 17 September 2015
45Stream & download NeedsNeeds$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 February 1999
46Stream & download Wasting TimeWasting Time$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 1993
47Stream & download HeavyHeavy$1.29Genre: RockDate: 01 January 1999
48Stream & download ShineShine$1.29Genre: RockDate: 19 March 1993
49Stream & download When The Water FallsWhen The Water Falls$1.29Genre: AlternativeDate: 14 March 1995
50Stream & download Heaven's Already HereHeaven's Already Here$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 1993

Best Collective Soul Music Videos

1Needs by Collective Soul music videoNeedsGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
2Blame by Collective Soul music videoBlameGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
3Better Now by Collective Soul music videoBetter NowGenre: RockDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
4Smashing Young Man by Collective Soul music videoSmashing Young ManGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
6Listen by Collective Soul music videoListenGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
7Staring Down by Collective Soul music videoStaring DownGenre: RockDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
8Welcome All Again by Collective Soul music videoWelcome All AgainGenre: RockDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
9December by Collective Soul music videoDecemberGenre: RockDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
10How Do You Love by Collective Soul music videoHow Do You LoveGenre: RockDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
11Precious Declaration by Collective Soul music videoPrecious DeclarationGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
12Shine by Collective Soul music videoShineGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
13Why Pt. 2 by Collective Soul music videoWhy Pt. 2Genre: RockDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
14Breathe by Collective Soul music videoBreatheGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
15Ayta by Collective Soul music videoAytaGenre: RockDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA
16The World I Know by Collective Soul music videoThe World I KnowGenre: PopDate: 22 June 1993Country: USA

Collective Soul Biography

Collective Soul is an American rock band originally from Stockbridge, Georgia. Now based in Atlanta, the group consists of lead vocalist Ed Roland, rhythm guitarist Dean Roland, bassist Will Turpin, drummer Johnny Rabb, and lead guitarist Jesse Triplett. Formed in 1992, the original lineup consisted of the Roland brothers, Turpin, guitarist Ross Childress, and drummer Shane Evans. Collective Soul released their Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid album on the independent label Rising Storm Records in 1993. The band went from obscurity to popularity that year after the album's lead single "Shine" received regional radio play. The album was then re-released in 1994 by the major label Atlantic Records; thus, "Shine" became a national hit as it peaked at No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock and No. 4 on the Mainstream Top 40 charts. Collective Soul released a self-titled album in March 1995. Considered by Ed Roland to be the band's true debut album, Collective Soul spent 76 weeks on the Billboard 200 charts and went triple-platinum, becoming the band's highest-selling album. The singles "December", "The World I Know", and "Where the River Flows" each reached No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock charts. About two years later, Collective Soul released Disciplined Breakdown. Although not as successful in sales as their previous two albums, Disciplined Breakdown contained two No. 1 Mainstream Rock chart hits with "Precious Declaration" and "Listen". The band released a fourth studio album, Dosage, in 1999. The album's first single, "Heavy", spent a then record-breaking 15 weeks on the top spot of the Mainstream Rock charts. The band released Blender in 2000, their fifth and final album with the original starting lineup, as lead guitarist Childress left the band in 2001. About two weeks after Childress' departure, Collective Soul released Seven Year Itch, a compilation of their greatest hits between 1994 and 2001. Collective Soul established their own label, El Music Group, prior to...

Collective Soul Images

Collective Soul images
Collective Soul images
Collective Soul images
Collective Soul images

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