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Lyrics for artist Maren Morris song 80s Mercedes coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? James Cameron wanted Chuck Norris to play the Terminator. However, upon reflection, he realized that would have turned his movie into a documentary, so he went with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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- Just can't stop listening to this Album!

💕💕💕💕💕💕🎧🎤 She is so passionate in this album.

- Fantastic!!!!

I love this album !!!!!! Fantastic!

- Refreshing

Love Maren! So nice to have an actual good female singer besides Carrie Underwood. Good job at the awards too!!


So I always hated country music but after listening to my church it made me LOVE country music now country music is one of my favs! Love her songs

- Absolute Heaven

Love love love. Every song is amazing!!! Rarely do I love every song on an album, but each song is a masterpiece.

- Dang

Maren Morris has a very unique, beautiful voice. This album is really great and it's certainly worth listening to.

- Ah-ma-zing

Definitely should've won Album of the year.

- Awesome and authentic music from talented musician

Maren Morris' Hero is a hit from top to bottom. Every song is filled with just the right tempo. The music has lots of soul and depth.

- Great!

Love every song! Not every song country, but love her sound and style. Keep making fun, beautiful music... just want to sing, sway or dance to it all. So catchy & did I say I love it ?! Ha!! Buy it without regrets👍

- Have not purchased an iTunes Album in a while...

... But this one made me do it... Whole thing just gets into my head... :-) Love it...

- Whole album rocks!

This is one of the best country albums to come out in year! The album as a whole is amazing which is hard to find. It has a blues/rock edge to it that is really awesome. You won't regret buying this album.

- Amazing Talent!

This whole album is awesome. An amazing combination of soul and intense lyrics from the smooth, yet gritty talent of an amazing woman.

- Awful

Hear her songs all the time at Target... can she only sing about driving in cars? That's what passes for music these days?

- well

this freaking rocks where u been maren?

- Country is Back

I do not like country music, I haven't since Patsy Cline. However, Maren is amazing. Edgy, full of energy and personality, with fresh lyrics and strong vocals. I'm a full on fan, and I can't wait for her to release more music.

- Brilliant! 🙌🏼

I saw Maren at bumbershoot and she was fantastic! Truly an incredible talent! Highly recommend this album; the songs are super catchy!

- Awesome album

The first song, 'Sugar' is an awesome ballad. The guitars have good tones, and I like the riff on the verse. The first single, 'My Church' has a good beat and good lyrics, I think. It's talking about all the people that she listens to, like Hank, and the songs make her feel really good. Again, the guitar tonal choices are good, but I think that the one problem with this song is that the vocals are demo quality, and the mix is kinda off, but other than that, it's awesome. 'Rich' has the demo quality vocals also. This song is pretty good, still. '80s Mercedes' sounds kinda like the first track to me, for some reason. I think it's the beat and the tones of the guitars. Though, 'Drunk Girls Don't Cry' is the best song on this album, along with 'I Wish I Was'. 'Drunk Girls Don't Cry' has guitar tones that always go good and sound good with the whole song and the higher guitar neck chords, and the mixing is perfect. 'I Wish I Was' has the organs, that go awesome with the guitars and the guitar tones are awesome. I also love it's easy beat and catchy drum beat, and in the chorus, she says that she wishes that she was these things, that she says. 'Just Another Thing' sounds like it's 'Drunk Girls Don't Cry' and 'I Wish I Was' mixed, my two favorite songs. This is my third favorite song on the album. The organs sound good, with the guitars with those tones, with the chords that sound like they're played higher on the guitar neck. The guitars sound like the ones on 'Drunk Girls Don't Cry', and the organs sound like the ones from 'I Wish I Was', while the piano doesn't sound like any other song. It sounds like the piano on one of Old Dominion's songs, but the pianos are low enough on the mix that you don't notice them that well, and yet they go with the song also, unlike 'Nowhere Fast' by Old Dominion. That piano's too high on the mix and just doesn't go with the song at all, on Old Dominion's crappy song. The worst song on this album is probably 'Once', for a lot of things. It's pretty bad. First, it has way too much reverb on every instrument, but Maren Morris' own voice. The guitars are soaked in reverb, and don't go good with the stupid organs at all. It just sounds like noise. 'Second Wind' isn't good, either. The guitars sound good with the bass on the verse, but that's just about all, with the good stuff. The chord progressions, and everything else isn't that good. I guess she included this song, because she wrote it, but she didn't do it good. 'How It's Done' and that good, except for Maren's singing. It has those clicks, soft Soul organs, and it doesn't sound like the song has any guitars at all. 'I Could Use a Love Song' sounds good with the organs, and the acoustic guitars. I like the drum machine-sounding drums also. This is one of the better songs on the album. So this album is good, with a couple of bad songs though.

- Young Bonnie Ratt

Love Maron, good friend granddaughter, knew she would be great, first time I hear her. Same blues as Bonnie Ratt!!!!

- 💗

Absolutely love Maren Morris!

- can’t get enough of her

she’s tough and yet so real. I love everything about this woman and her music.

- Hero by Maren Morris

This is the best album I've heard in years! Every song is wonderful. What a powerful voice!

- Exceptional Debut!

Just amazing.

- Second Wind

Kelly Clarkson's version is way better! Rest if the album is good! ❤️❤️

- 👍🏼👍🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼👌🏼😁😁😁


- Good but...

I remember watching Maren Morris perform live at the Firemen Fest in Pilot Point, Texas when she was about 13 or 14 years old. She was good then and she is good now. But I feel like she sold her soul to the devil. Those aren't lyrics I would want my young children singing along with. While her music is good, I don't know how anyone could label it country. I'm sure she'll be a big hit in the world we live in today, but I wish I had my money back. I hope you find what your looking for Maren.

- Great music and words

Excellent Creative unique new sound with a blend of country, Memphis Blues and contemporary

- True Texas Country !!

Maren definitely has the sound of Texas in her music! Although I'm not a diehard country music fan: her lyrics are great and there's some great irony and truth in her words! 👍 👏🎤🎼🎙

- no "Explict"

She cusses in Drunk Girls Don't Cry I'd consider buying if she removed that nose piecing

- LOVE IT!❤️

I love all her songs!!! Can't wait for more to come out!! And to all of you who say "herd better" nope!! She is the BEST!!❤️❤️😍😍🙉

- 😍😍great album

I heard "My Church" on the radio and thought that it was good but not enough for me to buy the whole album, than one day they played "rich" I was surprised with the quick on pint lyrics and vocals (not that they weren't amazing in My Church) and bout the whole album from one listen. I've been delightfully surprised because I find my self loving each of these songs! Great album!

- 🔥

Really good album 👍🏾

- Country Lana Del Rey

Absolutely amazing from start to finish. Wouldn't say this is a country album like Queen Carrie Underwood but it is a fantastic album with a pop feel.

- Amazing!! I don't know what else to say!!

This is the first time that I have been interested in country music. Other people days that this album is not country, but to me this is the first country album I've loved!!

- 👍👍👍👍👍

Best new country artist. Best new country album.

- Fantastic Debut!

Give this one a listen. Great new artist!

- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

This album is like the coolness of Sheryl Crow, the groove of Bonnie Raitt and the honesty of Adele. Maren's music is such a breath of fresh air. It's sassy, smart and sexy. I predict major accolades to come! Way to go, girl!

- I love these songs

I love this album

- She's amazing

All the songs are good!! Love love love "Second Wind" and "I Could Use a Love Song" from the new ones that weren't on the EP but they are all great!!

- Simply The best!

I have been a country music fan all 22 years of my life and there have been plenty of songs that I fell in love with, brought me to tears, made me dance, etc. But Marren Morris' music feeds my soul and no music has ever done that for me! The fact that this is her debut album makes me so excited to see what will come next for her! I am definitely a fan of Marren and have complete faith that big things will be coming her way! This album has stolen my heart and I can't get enough! Definitely a must have album!


Absolutely love this album. It says things that are are on everyone's mind. You can really connect with her lyrics. She is sheer perfection.

- Super talented

My husband and i saw her live when she opened for Little Big Town in October 2015 and she performed a lot of these songs, she was phenomenal! Such a great performer and writer, she has a big future! So glad she finally released the album!


First I've heard of her and first full album I've gotten off iTunes. Love every song!!!!

- Great Album For The Summer!!!!!

What a refreshing true country album! Great songwriting that every person can relate to.

- Must download

Love every song, she's going to be big.

- Great album

Love every single song. I rarely buy entire albums but I'm so glad I did this time!

- Really love the album

I really like Maren and loved My Church and Wish I Were but this is really Pop sounding. The production on many songs surprised me. I hope that in the cuture she staye closer to country. We need a bright new female singer songerwriter so I hope she does really well!!

- 😱

Words cannot do this album justice! This has been the best country music I have heard in awhile. Can't stoppage Bing to everything and especially "Once." Whoever wants to hate should keep it to themselves because by the looks of the reviews, your irrelevant.


This chick has such an awesome voice and overall sound!! Can't stop listening to this album. 💜💜

- Simply amazing

Best debut I've heard in awhile.

- love It

stunning first album, we got a rising star here

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Maren Morris - 80s Mercedes #KMCO1013 #mcalesterradio.


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I now own a 72 Mercedes Benz 250 & 73 Plymouth Cuda ... I need a square body truck, & a bike w custom trailer. + A classic 70s-80s Chevy Van & then my collection will be to my standard. L I V I N Like the good ole days.

☁️😷Kathy Waterworth😷☁️🇨🇦☘️🇭🇺🐨

@hollyfirestone ‘67 red Mustang convertible, ‘76 tan Corvette, late 70s/early 80s Camaro Z28 or Mercedes 450SL. The less practical side of me still wouldn’t mind having the Mustang..

102.3 The Coyote

Maren Morris - 80s Mercedes #nowplaying #listenlive.


Blue Dishwasher, Drives a Mercedes AMG-63, Favorite Brand True Religion Influenced by 80s Protest Rap, Claims that Tupac is his Dad, From Chicago. Illinois.


@Hannahbisky10 (Shawty bend back like the Matrix) Curge whip it up like the '80s, uh (Curge whip it up like the '80s) I'm in the kitchen, go crazy, uh (I'm in the kitchen, go crazy) I just want me a Mercedes, uh (I just want me a Mercedes) Pull up, we totin' .380s, uh (Pull up, we totin' .380s).


This easily could’ve been a #1 too. it actually went Top 10 in 19 weeks which is something that never happens anymore with a song by a female artist. the label just decided to pull it right when HERO dropped so they could push 80s Mercedes + it wasn’t testing well by programmers. .

יהוו בן

V12 in the benz This ain’t a regular mercedes Old soul hustle like I came out the 80s.


Now Playing: Pebbles - Mercedes Boy | #80s #disco #funk #radio #nowplaying | [[[[[ TUNE IN: ]]]]] .

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