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Mac Miller - My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Mac Miller song My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? The crossing lights in Chuck Norris's home town say "Die slowly" and "die quickly". They each have a picture of Chuck Norris punching or kicking a pedestrian.

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Mac Miller - My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) Song Reviews

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- Refreshing!!!

So glad to hear a muffukka actually being creative... Mac is a stylish dude... Tightwerk✊🏼


This is one, if not, the best album Mac has ever made!It's on a whole diff level! I'm totally digging "Dang!" & "Stay" 🔥 I recommend everyone to get it! 🤘

- Feels

This album makes me feel everything romantic

- Great!!

This album has great songs, the lyrics actually mean something and I love all the Instruments. Great job Mac

- Love it !!!

This album is great mac really did his thing 🔥 I listen to it everyday

- WOW !!👍💥💥👌

Fantastic I'm blown away I watched the interview with Mac and that's how I heard about this album I watched him preform on stage all these songs and I fell in love with the music 🎶 it's a whole different style this is my riding and unwinding music it's great check it out I don't think you will be disappointed if you get a chance watch the interview with Ted Stryker it includes all songs performed on stage with interviews it's an introspective view into Mac's life and a fantastic and flawless stage performance !!!

- Mac Miller

💙Amazing album, I love every song!❤️

- So Divine

Fall in love. You'll live forever.

- Could've been better

Im a mac miller fan and this is by far the least best out of all his mix tapes and albums

- Mac Miller

I like it, keeps every album fresh

- Dear Mac Miller,

I absolutely adore your album and I'm so happy you finally expressed love through your music. I'll forever grow with you and your music. Much love

- Y'all missing the point...dope

In case some of you haven't noticed, this entire album was written and dedicated to his lady. So of course he is gonna write some hardcore underground hits for his girl. Guy shows a little bit of soft side to his girl and y'all call him wack. Smh. This album is dope and I'm sure his girl loved it.

- DF is dope man.

We just some m'fin kids! Mac is back in this dope new album. It's got a lot of good features like Ariana Grande and Ty$. I love the vibe he put off with this, very peaceful. Thanks easy Mac with the Cheesy Raps. I missed you man. -KO

- Evolution

Different than his old music but if your not growing,changing, evolving, you are stagnant. Is you are stagnant your dead.

- This is Funk/Jazz/R&B. NOT Hip-Hop.

Dang is literally the only song that will be around a year from not (hence the extra star) and that is almost hard to say. It seems the reason people are upset isn't that Mac isn't rapping as much; Its that he doesn't sound original or how he used to AT ALL. It just sounds like he is opening his mouth to emphasize everything in a different tone than ever before. It's always discouraging when artists get famous for a certain sound, then when they get more popular they lose focus of that sound that helped them gain popularity in the first place. Actually I'm going back to 1 star because it has what, 10 songs, one being with Arianna Grande 😨. This should have been a mixtape instead.

- Different, but fantastic

Obviously, this isn't like other albums that Mac Miller has put out. He's expanded onto different genres and sounds in this album and has created soulful music far different from his older rap releases. That said, it's a very good album in it's own rights. It's actually impressive considering how much different music Mac Miller has now made that is quality. If you're the type of person that can only vibe with Donald Trump, Loud, Blue Slide Park, etc.. this album will come as a shocker and you'll see that's why people are giving 1 star reviews... If you're the type of person that loves all kinds of music, and can, per sey, vibe with Watching Movies, you'll agree with me that this is a fantasic album. In my personal opinion, this is his best musical effort.

- Kinda trash

What happened to actually rapping? I loved most of his last album good am but this one is garbo. I preorder this album and thought it was kind of weird it was called the divine feminine, but I was like what ever it's going to be great. I listened to the whole thing the day it came out and couldn't of been more disappointed, I was honestly expecting something even better then good am and maybe on par with blue slide park. This is by far the worst album he's ever released, all the songs sound the same and it doesn't even seem like he's trying. He's not a singer he's a rapper and needs to know his strengths. It's a waist of money if your a fan of his previous albums. I've always been a huge fan and have preorder his last two albums but next one I'm going to think twice.

- Love😻😻

It's one of those albums you either love or hate no gray area. It's not his usual, but it's still in heavy rotation.



- SoulFULL

Same MAC, sound is different, but the soul is still there.

- Bro why?!!!!!!!!!

Man!!!! What happened to the songs like in the album blue slide park?? Come on mac!!!

- My Alarm Is We, Stay, & Soulmate

Not sure why; I always let the song play out lol

- Ayyyye!!

In love with the album, it's different but amazing.💜💜💜💜💜💜 💜💜

- Not good

Not normal mac but he's writing it for love . It's art

- Most dope!

Great album!!

- Mac the Man Miller

Wow I absolutely love this


Honestly, I love this album. .. It's just not something he is just making up... It's something we can all relate to. Best album he's created. Not to mention to have Cee-Lo Green on a track was absolutely breathtaking. Love the original creativity.

- Such an amazing vibe !

This is such an incredible theme for an album and the tracks so amazing it's unreal ... watching mac is so talented its crazy !! Much love

- Love it sooo much!

I love this albummmmmmm omg! Soo good

- Average at best

I love Mac. He's my favorite rapper by far. WMWTSO and Blue Slide Park are two of my favorite albums ever, and K.I.D.S., Macadelic, and GOOD:AM are great albums/mix-tapes too. But this album just doesn't deliver in the way the others did. There are only a few songs that are fun to listen to, and Mac sounds bored while he's rapping in most of them. Also, the chorus of most of the songs are weak and forgettable. Not a bad album, but it's not worth listening to more than once. Hopefully his next project sounds more like GOOD:AM or Watching Movies.

- Fiyaaa

One of mac millers best. A little different then his usual flow, but change is good


This album is whats wrong with todays generation.

- I love your style

Skin is one of my favorite tracks. Check me out on iTunes (VIP lady d) maybe we can do some work together

- Mac’s Fourth Major Release

First, let me say that I am biased by the fact that I have been a huge fan since the time of the song “Smoke Signals”, so it would have been pretty hard to disappoint me either way. However, “The Divine Feminine” was truly a shock to hear without any prior information given before listening to the record. I am truly impressed(can’t say I’m surprised haha) at the way his music and he himself continues to grow and evolve by leaps and bounds with every new release. This is a work of art I would definitely reccomend to any avid listener on the fence. The beautiful jazz elements, diversity of instruments used, Mac’s singing and some fantastic guest appearances really fill this one out as one of his most cohesive and polished bodies of work yet. Much love!

- Mac Is Back

Great Album! So Creative! It just fits Mac Millers 👏🏾👍🏾

- Jazzy Rap is Amazing

He killed it on this one. It's always about a different point in his life with his albums. This one is all about love. Couldn't be any better.

- Mac is back

Thank thee lord! 🙏🏻 This is my thinking I feel that when Mac started and started becoming more and more popular he was making songs and being himself and then he kind of lost touch I think. But with this album which isn't really old skool Mac but he deff put his Mac touch on it is really Mac making music. I truly think he found his way again and the next album will only better! Good job buddy!

- Loving it all

Mac is making an amazing change! I love all his music, the rapes to the singing love it all thanks for the amazing music Mac Miller makes my life better!

- Miller❤️

Love it!!


Give this man a GRAMMY 🏆

- Mac Milly

This is the best album he's released just yet. Great sound !

- FIRE!!!

this album is literally fire 🔥🔥🔥 I love this new R&B style! I've never been a fan on Mac Miller but after listening to this album, I've been swept away!

- 👎👎👎

R u people serious about him being good?? Awful awful

- Ehhhhh

Not a fan but I'm not bias to music being a patron of the art. Album isn't really that great and musically it lacks in so many areas.

- Yelawolf just went up a spot in my mind

As far as top 5 white rappers. Mac drops a spot

- Different sound

Max came with a whole different sound. I can play this with the wife, it's a lovely sounds.

- Brooo

I DONT EVER EVER EVER EVER write reviews... MAC bro what happend? This isn't the same music and I feel like this isn't the same person? I absolutly hate reading negative reviews as im sure you would too but something's off.... I hope something changes soon 'cuz you're talented as hell

- 12/10

this is what music is supposed to be, mac never fails to amaze me

- ...

Ive been listening to mac since I was in middle school. I loved all his old school stoner albums. Sure I miss the old mac but hes maturing. That being said Im a little dissapointed by this album. Its not a bad concept album, and i like when rappers combine different kinds of music like Chance does. Im still a loyal Mac fan and will always support him but i dont feel like its his best product considering that hes gifted musically. p.s. Ari only on thre album cuz there smashing.

- Divine

i cant say enough for this album so ill just say listen all the way through and enjoy!

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95.7fm The Boss (KOWN)

Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande - My Favorite Part (Clean) #nowplaying #listenlive.


Bc its mac's bday today I'm giving u my top 10 songs 1. God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty (Feat Kendrick Lamar) 2. The Spins 3. ROS 4. My Favorite Part (Feat Ariana Grande) 5. Weekend (Feat. Miguel) 6. Dang! (Anderson .Paak) 7. Good News 8. Circles 9. Skin 10. Stay.

Jen ✨

Rip mac 🕊 .


Mac Miller - My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) [Official Music Video].


Her favorite album .


Mac Miller - My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) [Official Music Video].


Mac Miller - My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) [Official Live] via @YouTube :(.

❀ ⳽եɾꤕმⰿ Ⱀ꤀⳽౹ե౹꤀ᥒ⳽ #FreeAlPositions©

Stream 🥺🥺🤍 .


Mac Miller - My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande) [Official Live] via @YouTube foda se.


Happy Birthday Mac✨ .

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