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Fergie - Love Is Pain Song Lyrics

You don't know what it feels to be me
Wish you could feel it
You would never survive this burning
Fever growing inside this shell that you call a body
What have you done to us?

You know when I'm most i..

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- amazing5 star

reading this negative comments make me so upset! this is such a good album fergie fergie is back!! don’t let her flop this album is full of iconic bops

- Ferrari Fergie5 star

She's back...long live our queen. The smash hit, multi platinum, Stand alone artist is back and I'm SHOOK. Are you shook? You should be. Enchanté, Love is Pain, and Like it ain't Nuttin are some of her best from this album. And the music videos just make it so much better! Thank you Fergie!

- Love It5 star

You can really feel the emotion in a lot of these songs. I’m not sure why some Much hate for this album! I’m personally enjoying it!

- Takes a couple spins, but overall 👍🏻👍🏻5 star

First and second listen wasn't impressed. Glad I did buy the entire album though, good work!

- Does5 star

ETrrdśt sE

- Fanastic in some songs.4 star

most of the song was good, but nicki minaj ruin the song for me. sorry if she colaborated with someone else maybe it could be better. But i love mostly save it till morning, love is pain, enchante, M.I.L.F., and a little work, which are my favorite out of all of the other song

- Don't listen to the haters4 star

True to Fergie's style she brings it! I enjoy the richness of the EP. Up tempo songs, of course but she also has a few melodic drops. For sure an add to your collection.

- AMAZING5 star

Listen, listen and listen again

- Queeeen5 star


- Elephant in the room... Beyoncé Lemonade Visual album knock off1 star

I missed Fergie but these songs leading up to this is really in G L A M O R O U S. We be flying coach with this album :(

- Great Stays Great5 star

I was young when Dutchess was released, but a lot of the songs on it stick with me to this day. This follow-up album shows her talent. Every song is worth listening and repeating. Let the jokers joke and the haters hate. Fergie is fantastic.

- Great release5 star

not better than the dutchess, but this does it.

- Solid album5 star

Personally I really like this album, there’s a couple songs I’m neutral towards, but that’s because I’m not a fan of ballads. What I appreciate most is each song sounds like it was produced by a different person. Tension sounds like it could be a Kylie Minogue song in track and vocals, I consider that a huge compliment. Enchante is adorable with her son’s singing along and has a remixed 60’s Disney musical feel. Hungry uses a haunting sample, it’s a filthy good track

- Double Dutches5 star

Say what you want but this album is jaw-dropping. Fergie did absolutely amazing on this. The Dutches was rock solid and very consistent and this proves to be just a pleasing. I honestly can't pick my favorite track because every song is unique and different. The production, the lyrics, and the themes of each song are equally both the same and different. I'm really into this album.

- Fergies back5 star

So worth the wait! Probably going to be the most under appreciated album of 2017

- Disappointment2 star

As a super fan of Fergie's first album I went into this with huge anticipation and was severely underwhelmed. The rap/danceable tracks lack any kind of lyrical substance and rely heavily on people just liking the beat. The Ballard type tracks are lackluster at best. This is a collection of noise. Nothing to see here.

- 🤷🏻‍♀️What The 🤦🏻‍♀️1 star

I'm a Big Fan!!!! But Nononono Fergie Aww Noooooooooooooooo😝

- Heart, Soul, and Pain.4 star

There are a few tracks that I could do without but “Love is Pain” makes up for those few. Fergie is pouring her heart out on this album. She has some radio hits, of course, but this...this one was for her. I fell like she had to get her feelings out and this was how she did it. Way to go! 👏

- Siiiick5 star

Fergie Ferrrg

- Feel cheated1 star

With so much talent, I’m disappointed with this album. Just doesn’t do it for me. Vocals are subpar!

- Fergie-Flowin-Fenom!!!5 star

Take a girl w/a dream..Makes it come true with B.E.P...then courageously goes solo and blows us away and takes time to live, get married, a baby and some singles (awesome) in between and now 11 yrs later a new full length "gift" of Fergie's Incredible voice varying from her "rap" style to beautiful ballads to her sweet twist on reggae..Thank You!!!

- Nope1 star

HUUUGE disappointment! And I loved her first album..not a single song on here you even want to bump, or sing along with. I actually want my money back. She had like eleven years to make this and it seems like she just threw it together over the summer.

- Fergie really needs to sit down1 star

This is an album full of artist features I don't see this album making it wasn't impressed. Also her having Nicki Minaj in her song try something new there are other female hip hop artists. Nicki Minaj couldn't save Madonna's last album I don't see this any different

- Meh1 star

Dang was hoping for more. Oh well, on to the next one.



- Same as other mainstream1 star

Well orchestrated beats... POOR lyrics.

- Tragic1 star

She should stop making music Bc her old music was way better

- Wait what?1 star

Hard to believe this is the woman behind the iconic album The Duchess. This album is seriously uninspired and depthless. L.A. Love was terrible when it dropped 3 years ago, why is it here? Sigh, you had a great run Fergie.

- Dope album.5 star

Like it ain't nuttin!

- Lit Album5 star

I love this comeback album!

- Made it through 3 songs1 star

So terrible I couldn't even finish listening to it. The videos look cheesy and rushed. The songs are just plain terrible.

- LOVE IT!5 star

Every song makes me want to move! Got new music to work out and get motivated! This is right with all the right sounds and beats...I got the new iPhone and sounds awesome. 💕🎶😀

- Fergie is a legend5 star

love her new abulm

- DOPE5 star

Dope, every song is awesome and almost every video is amazing. ILY Fergie, XOXO.

- LOVE IT!5 star

It's awesome! The Target exclusive songs add so much to it! Definitely one of my favs from this year! <3

- Horrid1 star

Wow this album doesn’t deserve a star. What the heck. This is not music or talent. She needs to concentrate on her family and kid. She needs to retire. I am a fan but this album is just plain pathetic.

- Try next time2 star

It was a good attempt but better luck next time.

- Never thought she’d be back!!5 star

This album is fire!! 🔥🔥🔥

- Fergie!5 star

This is a pretty good album. Songs are pretty catchy!

- Sell out1 star


- She can do way way way way way1 star

Way better way better

- Amazing5 star

Visuals and great music. Personal and yet taken to another level! Love it Ferg. You did that!

- A little bit of everything!5 star

Love Double Dutchess: The Visual Experience!! We've got slow songs, upbeat songs, personal and lighthearted. A Little Work and Like it Ain't Nuttin are two of the best videos I've seen in awhile. Also Love is Blind video cracks me up! I'm obsessed with it all! Proud of Fergie and her hard work!

- No Hype2 star

no one even knows this album is out until you keep searching for the new albums

- Best of 20175 star

Recommend the Target deluxe edition for the bonus tracks. kleopatra is a boP

- LOVES IT5 star

Fergie 😻

- The Dutchess is Back!5 star

Real talk, this album is really good. I'll always love the first one, but this one is good and you can honestly play through the entire album without skipping. Welcome back Fergie!

- Yes!!5 star

I'm a huge Fergie fan I love this visual album!!

- full of bops bops bops bops5 star


- Fab5 star

I absolutely love this album. Pure heaven to my ears thanks Fergie for making an amazing come back. Keep it up


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