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Justin Timberlake - Say Something (feat. Chris Stapleton) Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Justin Timberlake song Say Something (feat. Chris Stapleton) coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris could drop kick you thru the telephone on an international long distance call, reverse the charges and you would accept them.

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Justin Timberlake - Say Something (feat. Chris Stapleton) Song Reviews

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- He still has his looks thankfully!

Thankfully he still has his looks, the three songs available for preview are pretty bad!!

- Yip yip

Sexys’ Back !! Or should I say be brought the sexy back 😎

- Great album

Exactly what you want from a new JT album. Progressive with a hint of the old school. Midnight Summer Jam and Wave and particular stand out songs. Bravo, JT. Bravo.

- Finally!

It’s JT. 5 stars. Nuff said.

- He got wood!!!!! No doubt

Here we go! ... stinging ringing beats..gets your toes all revved up for wanna dance feeling.... right across the board this hits it, hits you, hits a hit!.. keep doing what you do feller, cause it’s wanted big time.... Dr Veller

- Not liking the change in style!

I love Justin and since Justified have welcomed his music evolving. I'm not sure about this new album though from the few tracks currently available! I've been awaiting this one as its been a while since the 20/20 albums, but I think I'll await the official release and try listening to more tracks to decide if I'll buy it.

- Give it a chance

Isn’t as good as his old and I thought it was awful the first time I listened to the album...after listening to it 3 more times I now love most of the songs so give it a chance and turn the volume up loud to really get the full enjoyment of this album

- Yep!

The mature Justin! It’s about time...other than the first track.

- Oooo look....

....Justin's gone all Brokeback!

- What?

What on earth is this shambles? Sounds awful

- Pure class

Justin is back and better than ever!!

- awesome!!!

great tracks so far and cannot wait until friday

- Finally!

Brilliant as ever & doing his own thing as usual rather than following the trends. 3 great songs so far, eclectic and unique in their own way. Shaping up to be yet another solid album from Mr JT.

- Bad bad bad

Such a disappointment he can do much better and create much better music than this album. Most of it is auto tuned and electronic, can't even hear his vocals properly. Bring back old skool JT music now those old albums are worth it.

- Grows On You

Supplies is better to listen to as audio than filthy. Filthy needs the mv for it to work. 20/20 experience still the best though.

- Funky - JT is back!!!!

JT is back and pushing the boundaries!! He is an innovator and isn’t afraid to try new sounds!! This is so different to anything that’s out there right now!! JT is the King and I always get excited when he releases new material!! The two songs that have been released so far ‘Filthy’ and ‘Supplies’ are amazing funky tracks!! Love it!! Get it, you won’t be disappointed!! *****

- JT is back!


- Astounding

The sounds and the melodies that Justin and The Neptunes create on this album electrifies the senses, it’s great to hear new sounds meshed together; but that is to be expected from a musical artist like Justin Timberlake. I can’t wait to hear the album in full and see him on tour!

- Welcome back!

Loving the new album, some old vibes with some new. Love the concept of the album, Welcome back JT!

- Love ❤️

Love it ❤️❤️

- Love it xxxxx

Great song xxxxx

- He’s Back with a new sound!

When I first listens to Filthy on The radio I wasn’t too sure, I then listened to it twice and started to nod my head a lot to beat! Now I love it! I’ve grown up listening to Justin Timberlake and now I’m ready to listen to his new music style!

- Underwhelming

There's no real stand out single on this album. Young man is a great song, as well as the features with Alicia keys and Chris Stapleton. It's just a very average album...perhaps it's a grower?

- What on earth?!

I’m not being horrible because I like Justin Timberlake... but this track is awful, you can’t even tell what he’s saying properly as the music/auto tune takes over. It’s like the radios being dodgy every time they play it! Nothing like what he’s sounded like before 🤦🏽‍♀️

- Awful

Nuff said

- JT is back!!

Say something, is a bloody fantastic song!! JT at his best! Love how this guy just keeps evolving!!! 👏🏻👏🏻

- Wow old school Justin

Loved this track the first time I heard it. Can’t wait to hear the whole album

- JT- new direction, same class

Songs of Eclectic, fusion, old meets new, bangers, mellow and vibing. So good to have JT back on the music scene! Fantastic album!

- Pure class.

Loved this production team for years. Danja. Timbo, Pharrell, and JT. Genius, haters walk. This is great pop music. Xxx

- Argh!

Sorry JT but I am not a fan of this new album. All sounds the same and just doesn’t seem your style. Sometimes the old stuff is just the best 🙃

- Love everything about it!

Say something 😍😍😍

- Not sure

I'm not giving any more stars until its released. A common trick is to release the best song first to make the album seem better.

- His big third leg

Trouser snake does it again oooo la la

- Love it!!

I absolutely love this song. Heard it for the first time yesterday with my 2 and 4 year old and we were all doing the robot dancing. Well done JT for creating another belter of a tune. Can not wait for the album 👌🏻

- Wtf

Is it country is it pop is it r&b ? Who knows there’s no cry me a river , what goes around, mirrors , tunnel vision or tko on this album, to me it’s like all the bad parts off all his other albums on one album , should of opened up with Montana as well as it’s the only song I will listen to again 👎

- Ugh

This is awful


Justin Timberlake is back! Or should I say ‘...sexy back...’ 😉😏😍❤️

- Very Poor JT

Apart from a couple of tracks, this is a very poor Album for a man with so much talent at his disposal. I always saw him as the white Michael Jackson and his Album Justified was simply fantastic. Since then it has gone severely downhill. Look how funky and successful Bruno Mars is with his talent and consistency! Come on JT, you can compete at the highest level but not with this material. A real shame! 😕

- Wrong direction

Don’t like the directions this album has gone in, just not feeling it which is a disappointment as I usually love his stuff

- Honestly?

That's just awful

- What the hell?

I don't know what's happened to his music. I really don't like this.

- Hmmmm

Ill take montana and higher higher and leave the cringy rest thanks

- Saz Jt fan

Another great album with new sounds never boring absolutely love it ❤️👏👏👏 well done jt

- Stop giving hate when you can’t sing as good as him

Keep killing it 🤘🏽

- Not Good...self indulgent...

Downloaded the album at midnight. Excitement turned to disappointment and have deleted all but 6 songs. The majority of the songs are just self indulgent...should have been kept to himself! Yeah we get it...you’ve a lovely wife and son..

- Not sure about this...

Was really looking forward to this album, but really not sure it’s an improvement- all sounds bland and repeated, think JT would of been better doing a country album

- JT is back!

The Prince of Pop is Back!!

- Worst Album by far

I wasnt keen on Filthy but having heard the album its the best track on there Boring and forgettable which is not what Justin Timberake makes

- Innovative - Experimental

LOL@ people complaining about ‘Filth’. This song is already better than 95% of songs what came out last year. Fresh. Innovative. Different. People’s minds are framed into EDM or recently very popular Latino style music and cannot handle this! Very good solid production! Maybe not the best lyrics but this is only ONE of 16 songs on the album and judging album by the album cover (just order Japan or Target edition!) or by one song is just childish but as I said new younger generation is not or was not ready for Justin’s style!! Most of the comments comes from not happy Lady Ga Ga stans because they wanted Joanne like songs to have another reason to drag JT or to praise Lady Ga Ga and her Joanne cheap country like album and apparently her influence or that she has an impact 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a BS! Well Done JT & Timbaland & Danja & the Neptunes!

- 💯💯❤️❤️

Just Love!! JT can do no wrong 👌😘😍❤️🎵🎶

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