Nicki Minaj - Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne)

Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne) by Nicki Minaj Song Info

“Rich Sex” was released as a promotional single in anticipation of Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio album Queen. The song features fellow Young Money label-mate, longtime friend and collaborator Lil Wayne and was teased through social media.

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Nicki Minaj - Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne) Song Lyrics

Full blown, run rich, Brinx
Yo, Mula, yo, yeah

I know what these niggas like, and it ain't my charm
I ain't stupid, this $250 on my arm
I like money more than dick, nigga, that's a fact
You think pussy's everything? Well, let's have a chat
A-a-ass out, pussy fat, point me to a rich nigga
Who gon' Rico, Ace me, pay in full my money, Mitch nigga?
I'ma help him fuck the check up..

Nicki Minaj - Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne) Song Comments

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Nicki Minaj - Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne) Song Reviews

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- Queen of rap 🔥🤪5 star

She’s the mf queen of rap this album is fire 🔥✨🗣

- Queen Tingz5 star

Loved the album. Got me feeling pumped and in the feels at the same time. Queen tingz, and that’s on PERIODT

- Love5 star

Love queen

- amazing 💓💓5 star

work of art

- Queen Nicki.5 star


- help..1 star

Nicki Minaj has gone missing: Missing: since The PinkPrint

- QUEEN5 star


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Album is straight up fiiiiire!

- Yeeee buddy5 star

Spicy Love it!!

- OMG5 star

Yay it's finally here I love Nicki Minaj

- QUEEN OF RAP👸🏻🔥5 star


- Queen by the Queen5 star

Nicki Minaj snapped with this album, there is not one bad song on this album. Every single solo piece on this is 🔥🔥🔥

- Sh**t1 star

Dont buy it waste of money

- 👑5 star

#Queen - need I say more? This is going to be amazing ❤️

- QUEEN5 star

Not even out yet and my wigs already snatched

- Queen5 star


- W5 star

Bc she is better then cardi b


5 star because Nicki is queen 👸🏻

- Queen5 star

Aaaamazing this will be nickis best work yet


Really love the song “Bed” with Ariana Grande so i really need a clean version to download this song so can we please get a clean version for the album PLEASE!!!!

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star

gonna be bomb 🤪

- best album 20185 star

one of the best albums of 2018/2019

- Yassssss .!5 star

Queen we love you .! 〽️〽️💛💛

- Queen of Rap5 star

Obsessed with this album!! 💘

- QUEEN.5 star

underrated album. LYRICISM HIT! we love a lyrical queen

- Trash1 star

As usual. I’m not surprised at all...

- Queen5 star


- Queen5 star

How y’all ain’t know a queen from a rat.

- This bi**h f’ing slays5 star

Chun-li 😍

- love this5 star

best album of hers to date


Queen just shows you how much Talent Nicki has! With little promo this album sold and charted well! This one is for the books! Nicki is so versatile in everything she does!

- Queen5 star

This album still sounds fresh as hell.

- Queen Of Rap5 star

Es increíble como siempre nos complaces con tus inspiradores,hermosos y maravillosas canciones.Eres la Reina,obviamente y para siempre la Reina del Rap.Mis respetos Queen.Love You For Ever!!!

- nicki>cardi5 star

enough said

- One of the greatest albums ever5 star

Lyrically amazing

- Nope1 star

A let down

- The Queen of everything ❤️5 star

I can’t do anything if I can hear her

- Same sound if you ask me nothing seems groundbreaking 🤷‍♀️1 star

Eww eww and more eww go listen to QUEEN LIL KIM 💥🔥 #9

- yes5 star

it’s been a year and this album is still so good 😍

- Wueeen5 star


- QUEEN OF RAP 😭🔥🔥5 star

Legendary 😩🔥

- An awesome collection of work5 star

This is musically the best album of 2018! Nicki Minaj definitely delivered.

- Trash1 star

Lil’ Kim Empress of RAP

- Terrible1 star

Wack album

- These people5 star

I’m sorry but it makes me sick to sees these people out her saying these things about this woman . You obviously have the right to your opinion but like could you be nicer about it . This woman worked her way up from the bottom . She built a empire from nothing . Without Nicki there would be no female rappers . Cardi b wouldn’t have had a runway for her career to walk on . Nicki May have done things which people don’t like but come on people she’s not perfect . The fact that you guys can come in here and call her a old hag and tell her that she is trash and that she needs to stop doing what she loves is disgusting. How would you like it if you spent months of your time working on something to make people happy and then when you post it or show it to people , someone has the audacity to call you a old hag with no skill or talent ! The people who say these things genuinely make me feel terrible about the way we as people interact . Nicki if you reading this I’m sorry I think this album is and will always be amazing . I hope you can look past these people and you enjoy your retirement.


👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 I’ve never really been impressed when she’s dropping an album. She’s more of a feature artist.

- uh uh1 star


- Cassy5 star

Love every song on there

- QuEEN5 star


- Amazing body of work5 star

Out rapped every current large female rapper in the game, lyrical ability is unmatched. The true queen of rap. Her legacy can never be undone!

- QUEEN5 star

she did that

- Bops after bops5 star


- amazing album!5 star

Underrated and a masterpiece. 1 star rating are just haters. A amazing piece of work changed my life! Made me more comfortable with myself!

- BARBIECharts5 star


- QUEEN5 star


- Queen5 star

I love this album. Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap.

- Nice5 star

The best music

- Greatest Rapper ever! Period!5 star


- It’s good but.........4 star

Good but she could have want more personal and hard

- Nope1 star

Issa no for me


pink friday and pick friday roman reloaded expressed her rap and singing talent, the pinkprint told a story, and this expressed her true love for rap and being a queen. luv u nicki kween

- Picky nicki4 star


- Trash!1 star


- Amazing5 star

Such a good album, especially lyrically

- BardiBarbzGang3 star

It’s ok and I like how it has foxy feature 🔥and Eminem, but for 4 years this wasn’t it chief😬

- Best album of the year5 star

Wow! This is nicki’s best album ever in my opinion.. I don’t like slow songs that much but I do on this album. I actually rock this whole album. Not a bad song on here. Worth the money! Rock it girlfriend. If I wasn’t married I would let nicki have her way with me. Lol... this album it the bomb!

- Amazing5 star

Best album ever

- Yaaasss5 star

Queen Just slayed!!! Coming for blood Stop hating!! This is a really great album don’t care what you think

- QUEEN5 star


- Megatron5 star


- Trash1 star

She’s so trash


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MissShanay - Expected better2 star

I love Nicki but I expected better 🤷🏽‍♀️

🇻🇨❤️natural barbie 🇬🇾🌹 - Queeennn😘5 star

I love it - Queen5 star


ann-gael - Queeeeeeen5 star


anna809 - Really good5 star

She’s a queen

uffjgst - Queen Onika5 star

Best album ever!!!!!!!!!!!

O.P.M - No1 star

This is awful

swigidi - Flop1 star

Didnt even listen to it

Faefee - Queen !5 star

Majesty 😍😍😍😍😍


Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best album to be released in 2018! Not a single skip, the Queen reigns again.

Consumer warning - Addictive5 star

The Album has the perfect name. Best female rap artist ever. Love this.

Kalylajones123 - Loving you since 09’ ❤️❤️❤️5 star


nsbrksiskkjsnsnqueen - QUEEENNNNNNN5 star

Killinnn it!

IsmaelBrezier - QUEEN5 star

Nicki Minaj is the BEST female rapper to live. She really needed to push this album to the limit and she did. 💙

behnam nori - Iran5 star

I love you and you songs ❤️💋 🇮🇷IRAN🇮🇷

Darth 13 - Queen5 star

There’s only 3 songs out of 19 that I wouldn’t listen to again this album is a classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

DannyBoy Forever - 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

My absolute favourite is “Majesty”

RapHater No.1 - _1 star


Jilly142002M - Not bad3 star

Ok album

MassimoLortie - already a classic5 star

This is the best rap album of 2018 tbh! Invasion of Privacy is also one of the best, congrats to Nicki for this amazing album. This is amazing!

jamie.pece - ♡5 star

Nickname$@ - Nicki Litty5 star

LiT 🔥👸🏾

IheartNickim - Loved it5 star

Ganja burns is one of my favourites

Nightstalker_55 - What even is this crap?1 star

0/5 stars.

River jack - This Is Her Classic Simple As That ...4 star

With a sound similar to that of her 2ed record ... Nicki confidently defines herself as THE female rapper to top. Hell, this is one of the best (if not the best) rap records of the year. Her male competition needs to look out now. Hard, braggadocios, witty, and insightful music - a mix of hip hop and pop records.

trenchshouldbenumberone - garbage1 star

idk why this hoe is alive but for some reason she is. she's wasting air by creating this "music" and this fanbase is extremely cancerous. very disappointing i can't give 0 stars

0Eray - eww1 star

Just wrong.

PayneMusically - OLD NICKI IS BACK5 star


No Tears Left To Cry - she did what she had to do5 star

she snapped! stream queen and sweetener

NickisupporterONIKA - Best work to date5 star

She manages to top herself every time

mirahaskour - Every track is a masterpiece 😍5 star

I love everything about the album ❤️

queenfannn - OMFG BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

This album is the reason ur called the queen. Fav songs: ganja burn, chun swae, miami, come we about me and BARBIE DREAMSSSSSS

nicki minaj fan!! - Queen nicki minaj5 star

THIS ALBUMStracks outsold retardi bs invasion of payola in 1 day!!! hahhaha queen minaj

MAMAMEEMAMAM1234 - Queen5 star

Nicki came and did what she needed to do! You won the war Queen, Congrats! ❤️

Xxbjx x xbdjdbdn - QUEEN5 star

It’s called queen for a reason 🦄👑



rorygould - Barbie queen kicking it5 star

In love with this album full of different feelings and emotions from rave to sad truth a real album you can feel!

Azaac Zmr - My QUEEN5 star

Queen Tingz....exceededs from my expectations.

Silvio Binga - Straight heat5 star

The queen is back

Isaac Vague - Queen 👑5 star


royalty.queent - Royaltyqueen5 star

Great album

Ashleydog1 - QUEEN5 star


lol stop this ew - Queen5 star

The best❤️

Jo1677699766 - Omfg !! I love this album 😍😍😱5 star

The best album I’ve heard so far ! If I had to choose one song it would be come see about me ❤️

sodomewiththis - amazing, every song is a banger5 star


ismaelelmi - Queen5 star

Nicki did amazing as always! It’s not a comeback it’s rather a consistent queen flow!

hariph - George5 star

Hi am available

CarrMusic1234 - Outstanding Record5 star

Nicki continues to deliver meaningful, witty lyrics and diverse flows despite the fact that consumers and artists alike are lowering the bar for skill in the rap genre. She’s one of the best to ever do it, male or female, and truly does not get the credit she deserves for her ceaseless efforts in the pursuit of artistic perfection. No matter how much they try to take it away from you, you will always hold the crown Ms. Minaj.


No words can describe how great the album is

Nicki fire - Nicki5 star


ansh70 - Onika is the Queen5 star

This album is everything you guys. I love this sm. can’t pass a single day without listening to any of these songs. Nicki has the mf crown of this rap game. periodt.

troyesharma - Queen of Rap5 star

The best album

Kokoklomno - Queen.5 star

One of the best hip hop albums I’ve heard till date

mohan Aasissh - THE BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

Nicky minaj is the real queen rap 😘

Ishan8828 - queen5 star

Nicki Minaj is the real queen of rap!

anshsingh123 - THE BEST ALBUM EVER5 star

I swear this is what I was waiting for! Totally worth a worth!! I am loving all the tracks. Barbie dreams literally gave me goosebumps. Totally worth everything. I loved it. You guyz really needa check this out.

matthewRinawma shi2 - ONIKA QUEEN5 star

Best album ❤️❤️❤️ ChB Nicki ❤️❤️

dhruv heenhawn - Pure excellence5 star

This is the best album i have ever purchased. Deserves so many grammys!

mohitkumar - Woohoo5 star

Time for me to sugarcoat myself, i have got a hunch this album will kill me with cheesy diabetics!!!

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Cooperyea44 - Goddess of Rap.5 star

One of the best rap albums PERIOD.

🍑💗🔥🔥😍 - New album5 star

So good love her music

0liverbr0wn - OBSESSED5 star


Jcdgjjnbsetulnx - Trash1 star

Fell off big

murder2themind - QUEEN OF RAP. Period.5 star

Queen is gonna snatch wigs, snap the haters and not ONLY DAT, she is going to attack back y’all she AINT PLAYING



wemff - 😢1 star

You can tell nicki is tying so hard this era

Hellonickiminaj - Queen indeed5 star

Okay well the title was earned, its really good

African Spice - Yaaaaas5 star

This album is lit AF🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Eminem, Ariana 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

nadagabrielle - I see why she named it Queen.5 star


Jaymaraj - BADDEST5 star

Felt like I’ve been waited all my life 😫♥️

@JuneMinaj - UNMATCHED5 star

Queen still REIGN here

TanaMuponda - HER BEST album by FAR5 star

SHE brought fire into this album.. every track she finessed! she’s the Queen, Nicki spits bars JUheard... I am inloooooooveeeee

ONIKA IS THE QUEEN, yep - Masterpiece5 star

QUEEN OF RAP. She did that. She really coming for y’all necks.

KIRA_89 - Thank you5 star

Always excel quality ❤️❤️👑

jeff256098 - 4 YEARS WAS WORTH IT5 star

Bout to be the best female rap album EVER!!

Catley92 - Why she change the release date3 star

Nicki hurry up and release your album

Sarahlarose - Amazing5 star

The queen of rap outdid her self , she continues to amaze and raise the bar for rap . Yep the queens back whAts happening

Piano tiles is the best - Amazing5 star

As always

barbie gang b - Queen5 star

She did what she had to do!

Josephhf - GO QUEEEENNNN YESSS5 star

tHE QUEEN IS BacK!!!!1!!1111!!1

andytranty - 💥5 star

She’s back 💥😍

MaximCharles - Album of the Year5 star

The Anticipation rises for the release of Nicki Minaj 4 - ‘Queen’ - We’ve already had Huge Featured artists, New hip hop beats and supreme rap verses... with 15 Songs still to be heard. An international Tour with the record breaking Future accompanies the Album and is already said to be one of the greatest hip hop duo performances of all time. Fair to say, Nicki is set to dominate the music Industry once again - Reigning Queen.

Josh ❤️ - KWEEN!5 star

Love the singles thus far! Just keeps getting better 🙌🏼

zhafirex - SHE IS A QUEEN5 star

I love nickiiiiii

ryry2112345 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Can’t wait for this sht

Melliejane1974 - GODDESS OF RAP😍5 star

Nicki nicki nicki agh what a damn queen 👑

JAARROD_ - 💕5 star


hagduck - Queen Nicki and Grand-e Ari!!5 star

Love ‘Bed’ a lot, it is my favourite song!!!

A """""" - No1 star

Just no it’s garbage

nickiminajcc - QUEEN OF RAP5 star

the queen

Seagrubby - Hey Binibona5 star

Animal mb to innjuaag

Stanford14 - Her best piece of work to date 😍5 star

Always raising the bar

Gamestory012 - Queen is unstoppable5 star

Haven’t even listened to it yet and my wig is already snatched

Kazza fun au - QUEEN OF RAP.5 star

Awesome sound and dope lyrics.

iTunesboy92 - 👑5 star


scmasey - Yes the Queens back what’s happening?5 star

She’s about to make these rap b**ches rap again!!!

daph minaj - YAS QUEEN5 star


Alexandra. J - Cardi B No More5 star

The queen is back!!!! This is fire!!! 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

Chadleyvice - Theres a reason she queen.5 star

The album is a masterpiece.

JK99) - YESS5 star


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Brickhill - Queen5 star

This album is a legend she’s a true Queen

Pxtrick - Queen of rap5 star

One of her most consistent albums, but I do kinda wish she not make full songs on her singing not because she’s a bad singer, just I much prefer her rap. Still a must buy for any Nicki fan.

mdf5 - trash1 star

i could rap better than her and i’m deaf

sashimi san - Queen of rap5 star


Roshie👑 - Amazing5 star

Album is amazing

Phillboy - Phillip5 star

Opening words to Ganga burns. Ye who’s gunna actually say we all can’t afford top rated fashion.

Jayythedancerr - Trash1 star

Big L your not a queen of rap bye

jayisbaee - QUEEEEEN5 star

Ahhh! LOVE IT💖💖

Leaman1986 - Queen 🔥💜5 star

This track is just amazing 👑

yankeysx - Straight Fire🔥🔥🔥5 star

Queen is back with them bars!

Mike Sierra 123 - She outdid herself5 star

Enjoyed most of the album beside three tracks. The production was great, I love how she never follows trends and continues to be versatile with her music.

lee_stevens - Queen of Rap 🤣5 star


puta mina - Loved it5 star

I wasn’t expecting a lot from this album but I was proven wrong, I like almost every track in the album and my personal favourites are Chun Li, Barrie Dreams and Coco Chanel

*am43r* - Queen5 star

Queen, end of.

maxyboy8 - amazing5 star

best album ever

Hshysscjkss - Queen of Rap5 star

Best of the best

Joshydanxe - ICONIC5 star

so amazing, so catchy and so unique 😍


We love a queen that writes her own raps! This album has no skips, has a bit for everyone :) ALL HAIL MINAJ

oscc77 - Unmatched5 star

No comment required...

Alli200 - Nicki Minaj 4th album5 star

Great music

ex nicki fan - Worst album ever!1 star

This is the worst album I have ever heard in my life I wanted to cut my own ears off after listening to this! She sounds flat and out of tune I am very dissatisfied with Nicki and I will never be buying any of this trash again! I am now listening to the best album in the world invasion of privacy by Cardi B, I used to be a fan of Nicki but I think the weed is killing her vocal chords and her brain!

Georgeforster - Very good5 star

Not just the female rap album... but the rap album of the year

TeganOof1 - OOF5 star

Cardi b aka rat could never sis.

kingkhalid260 - Nicki is the queen5 star

Such an amazing album😍😍. But pinkprint will always be the best

Mildstacey - Queen of Rap 4ever!!!!5 star

A true Queen who reigns supreme in the midst all “Malice & Storm” . Queen album is indeed a master piece.

Jokemapopx - Where is your ...1 star


Nevertoofar2 - Dire1 star

She has nothing left to rap about so this bloated effort could easily be a 4 song EP. She’s abandoned her core audience of little girls and has been found wanting.

Ben_Patrick - Terrible1 star

As awful as her personality. Dire.

Vishk19941 - THE QUEEN IS BACK5 star

Buy the album now!! Love it

What the hell is that! - Cardi exposed Nicki1 star

Im really sorry, since Cardi, Nicki’s music just sounds a complete mess

Upperechelons - AMAZING 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️5 star

This album is a prefect Piece of work ❤️🔥

Kevin Blanco - Queen of what cos that’s not rap.1 star

When all else fails I’ll copy Lil’ Kim again. First time she was Kim she sounded better though. This sounds trash compared to her older stuff.

Bloo Mountain - Junk1 star

Would give it zero if I could. A symptom of the diseased industry.

Nakfuture - Queen tings5 star

The Queen has retained her crown love it

LeiJennings - Queen Nicki5 star

Amazing album, lyrically her best since Pink Friday. There was great time, effort and energy put into the production and the overall sound of this Queen era. I was also really impressed by Nicki’s melodies of the hooks where she uses her vocal talent! Overall 10/10! 👑

missonikaminaj - Her best album! 👸🏽5 star

She really is the Queen of Rap!

lewi5hunt - Album of the Year5 star

The Queen is back! Majesty, Coco Chanel and Hard White by far the best on the album. Can’t wait for the next one to come out!

darrelljon - Queen just what she is5 star

What an album this is tell you this is going to set fire all over coco Chanel feat foxy brown “foxy”proper smashes that track up and Nicki well she hot all over this well done Nicki Minaj

bladclart - Flopped1 star

Even after “Queen” did tour bundles, free tidal subscription, posters, pin and album for $5, went on multiple interviews the week it dropped, namedropped half the industry on barbie dreams and even went ahead to add fefe a 6ix9ine song to her album to boost streams, she wasn’t able to surpass travis 2ND week sales. She is a living L and this album only had 1 good song which was good form.

@ceresss - LITmus5 star

christmas came early... merry LITmus

geoffreyky - true queen5 star

so deep love it

Lordgrv - Queen is back Y’all5 star

Every song is lyrically dope

meg_an_ - Fire album I can’t stop listening 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Amazing comeback love this queen

nadinetaylor92 - 🔥🔥🔥5 star


Natoo2011 - Dont get better than the best!!!5 star

Nicki 🔥🔥🔥

Cat destroyer69 - Big l1 star

Nothing special

ovosorayah - trash1 star

absolute garbage. Travis outsmoked and finessed them album sales. Y’all queen ain’t got nothing on Travis.

Midget_22 - QUEEN 👑5 star


iiswhoiis7 - 5/5!5 star

Amazing album ! 😍🖤

MrSealJealDeal692 - QUEEN. OF. RAP. PERIOD.5 star

UH OHHHH She's Back Again. Nicki Minaj Delivers a VERY skilled body of work with incredible production behind her to. She releases her 4th Debut Album with amazing features and perfect lyricism. Good Job Nicki x

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kaeeyah - QUEEN❤️❤️5 star

So sad the album is underrated

evateeray - Who is the queen ...nicki Minaj is ❤️❤️5 star

Nicki is the best

Jesyka🦄 - Queen5 star

The QUEEN reigns 🦄🦄🦄💥

kikitayo - Queen is back5 star

The queen is here to stay people

Fricana - Versatility!!!!5 star

Nicki is and will always be one of the best rappers in the game and this albums proves it.

0m4r122 - Riri5 star

This album is a great hip hop piece but still versatile 👑👑

kanuanton - Queeeennnn5 star

The best album ever

ClintDaBest - Clinton1235 star

Nicki did that. Now we all know who the mthfckin QUEEN is

Kevyn Morgan - Queen5 star

My Queen I bow to thee.... #MINAJESTY

Queenkaosarat - QUEEN5 star

Nicki is the queen damn what’s not love is it her versatility the fact that she can switch it up whenever and still make sense y’all can argue with your keyboards. She’s from New York so she’s cocky hahahahaha.

Yodaaaaa😷 - MADD 💯💯4 star

Nicki kills⬆️⬆️👌💯

Monroe republic - Bomb ⚡️🔥🔥🔥5 star

Lit as per usual.

DANE❤️ - The queen is back5 star

Best album of all time Watch out for the explosion ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

jaie.o - Classic!5 star

Best female rap album!!!!!

Diznayee - Nicki has never disappointed me and I know she wouldn’t this go.5 star

We bringing that New Yawk sound back, ya heard!

Patttt106 - QUEEN5 star


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About Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne) Nicki Minaj Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Nicki Minaj, album Queen, song Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne), released 11 June 2018. Listening online to Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne) - Nicki Minaj song preview is free and does not require registration...

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