Nicki Minaj - Sir (feat. Future)

Nicki Minaj - Sir (feat. Future) song lyrics
Artist:   Nicki Minaj
Album:   Queen
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Track No:   16. / 19
Duration:   3 minutes 44 seconds
Relase Date:   10 August 2018 (USA)

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Nicki Minaj - Sir (feat. Future) Song Lyrics

Damn, damn, damn right
Huh? Pluto, yeah
I can see it
All these green, sir
Blowin' weed, sir
Big ol' rings, sir
Metro Boomin want some more, nigga

Yo, headline tour, sir, with the bands, sir (band, sir)
I ain't pressed, sir, over a band, sir (band, sir)
Get her a ticket, sir, she's a fan, sir (fan, sir)
Can't keep her man off my Instagram, sir ('Gram, sir)
New slaves, but I'm still the master (master)
I'm whippin' foreigns to make 'em go faster (faster)
Miss Aretha, I think I just passed her (passed her)
Icy Patek, tell 'em, "Kiss my ass, sir" (ass, sir)

Pretty gang, sir, pretty gangster (gangster)
Said she was better than me, what a prankster (prankster)
He said, "You bad, Nicki," I said, "Thanks, sir" (thanks, sir)
Stay in some fresh prints, Ashley Banks, sir (banks, sir)
Call me A.I., sir, I'm The Answer (Answer)


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