21 Savage - 4L

21 Savage - 4L song lyrics
Artist :   21 Savage
Album :   I am > i was
Genre :   Hip-Hop/Rap
Track No :   15. / 15
Duration :   4 minutes 48 seconds
Relase Date :   21 December 2018 (USA)

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21 Savage - 4L Song Lyrics

Solid nigga, real street nigga
A hundred percent, a hundred and ten percent
Ain't no cut on this shit, nigga
This shit blue magic, nigga, like Frank Lucas nigga on god

21 Savage
Four trap spots at the bottom of the hill (Straight up)
Tryna diss Savage, that'll prolly get you killed (On god)
I get my shooter smoked, I think he finna spill (Swear)
The beans, I got X, dawg, 75 cents a pill (21)
Tez took a 15, finna come back on a pill (Free Tez)
Pop took 19 'fore he was 19, made me shed a tear (Free Pop)
Blew up on me own, no cosigns I was stiff (On God)
I swear I went like six times platinum 'fore I signed my deal (Straight up)
We used to cut MAC 90s before they made them D[...]

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