Billie Eilish - Bad guy

Bad guy by Billie Eilish Song Info

"bad guy" peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart in the Summer of 2019.

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Billie Eilish - Bad guy Song Lyrics

White shirt now red, my bloody nose
Sleepin', you're on your tippy toes
Creepin' around like no one knows
Think you're so criminal

Bruises on both my knees for you
Don't say tha..

Billie Eilish - Bad guy Song Comments

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Billie Eilish - Bad guy Song Reviews

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This album was absolutely amazing, the tone of her voice and then the beats and keys to the songs, she KILT THIS ALBUM. ALSO ILOMILO is my favorite song so you should definitely check it out!

- Who cares if she is different?!5 star

Billie Eilish is different. She likes different stuff, but that doesn’t mean you have to judge. She has an amazing voice and when she’s different that’s what makes her amazing. This album was amazing and when she whispers it’s her song, you can’t judge. If you don’t like this song stop listening to it. Find a different song that suits you. -Kayla 🥰

- Alright, READ THIS.5 star

Ohh, I don’t know, have any of you gone through depression? It’s NOT EASY. Some of you have to find a way to get it out and this amazing person found music. It’s what she loves to do, and if any of you have a MINDFUL HEART you would understand. I’m tired of reading these reviews where you say this music is trash. Her style is different, and that’s because EVERYONE is different. And if I was a singer I would NOT like all these crappy reviews, and I know you wouldn't like them either. I have spoken my peace. 🤚🏼

- If you wanna hate, have a reason3 star

This is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re going to trash her, at least have a sensible reason. And please stop with all the “this is only for self diagnosed depressed teenage girls” stuff. I think her music could use a bit of work, but she is doing something very different in the music industry (at 17 mind you) and I love it. The voice throwing (is that what it’s called?) in “xanny”. The sound effects like the knife sharpening sound. The altering of her voice enough but too often. Every song has a unique quality. Though some do sound similar, which needs some work. And stop saying, “she just whispers! Even I can whisper! No talent at all!” The stuff she’s doing requires a lot of control in a voice and she delivers that perfectly. (I think it’s hauntingly beautiful)

- You should see me in a crown is a bop!4 star

Though Billie isn’t exactly my style of music, the fact that she is eighteen and has already achieved so much is extremely impressive! It’s cool to see a sound that is different from the usual mainstream music played on the radio, and though I haven’t listened to all of the album, some of my favorites are “You should see me in a crown” and “When The Party’s Over.”

- absolutely love5 star

i used to listen to her music here and there for the past few years and i decided to go to her concert in march and ever since then i’ve been addicted! it’s completely changed my view on all of her music and i listen to it like all the time!

- Love you Billie!!!!!!5 star

I love this song so much!!! And!!! I!!! Am!!! Singing!!! It!!! Every!!!day!!! Love it 😻 ❤️ 💗 💕 love it!!!!!!!!!! Luv it!! Ok m singing it right now Billie makes me 😆 happy!!!!

- Billie rocks5 star

OMG i love Billie so much her songs are the best they have emotions and feeling to each one I would recommend this to anyone that likes this stuff or anyone because BILLIE THE BEST

- great5 star


- Best album of 2019 with thank u, next5 star


- Amazing!5 star

i love Billie snice 2018, i mean in 2018 i saw her music videos and u though they were cool. After that i start getting OBSESSED with her and in 2019 i’m officially a fan. And i’m happy i can say that. I love Billie so much, her music is soo retable and i just love how real her songs are. And i’m impressed how she isn’t scared to say whats in her mind. She just wrote a song about it and keep it movin. I just love her so so so much!🌏🖤


IM the badddd guyyyyy...DUH (I’m literally the bad guy DUH)

- Nothing but love5 star

I love Billie Eilish si freaking much I think she is amazing (cuz she is amazing) I love it it moves u so much I love her please if ur reading this listen to her and get this album it is totally worth it her voice is groundbreaking

- Great album5 star

Duh. It’s a great album

- Real lyrics and beautiful melodies5 star

I can’t explain how refreshing it is to hear an album about real emotions and experiences, one that waves off the idea that the only lyrics that sell are cheap lines about drugs, sex, money and fancy cars. Her voice is phenomenal as well and there are songs for chilling to and cranking up in the car, best of all worlds.

- 🤡🤡🤡🤡1 star

This girl is weird

- Best voice of 20205 star

Billie Eilish and her brother put a lot of work I love her so much 💚🖤💚🖤 she is the one of the best teenager that has gotten this far two albums and that are both are amazing 😉

- Hi5 star

I just want to boost billies ratings

- YES5 star

She helps me through depression and heavy anxiety. I’ve lost a lot of friends recently. She makes me feel like I’m not the only one going through this. I love her music, so if you think she isn’t amazing and creative then..... that is your opinion. I’m not going to judge. But she is awesome.... that is my opinion. LOVE HER ❤️ 😍 😊 ❤️ SHE IS GREAT

- ...3 star

You call this music? I call it... very psychedelic.

- I honestly love this album5 star

I really love how different and weird Billie is. Her style of singing and dark themes are interesting and intense. People who don’t get it need to understand that there are other genres aside from that god awful dubstep. You’re doing great Billie!

- My favorite artist ever5 star

I’ve never liked someone’s music as much as I love Billie’s! It never gets old and there isn’t one song by her I don’t like. Listen to this album just about everyday, even a year later 💚

- Hugs4 star

That’s all I can think of when I listen to this... Not as a fan but as a mom.

- Finally soeone who respect younger kids are listening5 star

I think she's good yes she does look dead but she's a real person and her voice is good im alomost a teenager and her songs and some other people's songs are appropriate finnially someone who doesn't guess

- AMAZING5 star

Love all the music amazing

- Sad1 star

I can’t believe music has become so lame, boring and lifeless. This should not pass as good music

- I am now a huge fan!5 star

Wow, amazing! I was introduced to this album last summer and I’ve loved it ever since. Now I’m a huge Billie fan! My favorites are: i love you, when the party’s over, you should see me in a crown, and my strange addiction.

- Overrated1 star

Billie Eillish is basically the definition of overrated. All she does is whisper into the microphone and yet people find that interesting. Most songs on this album are sampled or just made carelessly.

- Cool5 star

You are the coolest person I ever met will did not met you yet but you s the coolest person I met

- My idle my role model5 star

I love her so much her music makes me happy when I’m upset and my vibes can just relate to her

- Fine but i have something to tell u........3 star

While... I just peed my pants in front of 32 people so i am not in a good mood

- Love her5 star

I love this album! 😍😋😜Also it is pretty funny how the last 3 song titles correspond to where they’re placed lol 😂

- IM THE BAD GUY5 star

Billie has the best voice! Anyone who dose not like her, you are crazy!! Bad Guy is probably my favorite like, “IM THE BAAAAAD GUY, DUH!!” Keep up the good work Billie Eilish!! ❤️❤️

- This is so cringe inducing.1 star

One day she’s going to grow up and be like “oh my god why did I make this”.

- All Good No Bad5 star

I am so so happy for Billie and proud of her. This is an beautiful work or art. I listen to her songs pretty much every day and I can't believe people actually have bad things to say about her or her music but hey I'm glad people hate, I'm glad people have bad taste, otherwise we wouldn't know what good taste is right

- Love this5 star

I love Billie Eilish she has such an amazing voice But one thing is why do we have to pay for it?

- The best5 star


- Weird2 star

I don’t like the songs and I don’t think she is good

- Love Billie Eilish5 star

It’s The best Music. I’ve ever Heard

- Beautifully Haunting Vocals5 star

I am a 36 year old mother of 4, so not her typical audience, but I LOVE her music! I’m not depressed and I don’t get that sense coming from her songs. Some are haunting, some are beautiful and some are fun. But they all evoke emotion, which is the point of a great artist! And her VOICE!!! She proves you don’t have to belt out every song to be great. How many artists can softly sing so beautifully like that? Not many! That is a talent all on its own, not a downfall. Also, can we give props to her brother Finneas? He is an amazing musician and such a loving brother. Those two created all their music in their bedroom...and still do! They don’t need fancy studios and buckets full of money to produce great music. Everything they put out comes straight from the soul, and I can respect that. I’d love to be able to sit down and watch them create new music together. I bet it’s a fun process. Love you Billie and Finneas! ❤️❤️❤️

- I don’t het it1 star

I can also whisper into a mic with auto tune


Incredibly good and unique

- gorg5 star

beautiful like always♡

- Best artist ever5 star

I love Billie eilish

- 🤯5 star

Billies music is amazing and her voice is awesome. when i listen to her i get this really happy feeling in me. tbh i don't know if it's just me but billie eilish makes me really happy and i hope she continues her amazing music career😊

- Love her5 star

I like bad guy everything I wanted and ocean eyes!!!❤️❤️

- AHHH I LOVE IT5 star


- this album is sO good5 star

her music is so different from anything you’ll ever hear in your life. it’s amazing. her voice is so unique, her lyrics are beautiful and poetic, and it’s just so so so good.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WWAFAWDWG!! I love this album with my whole soul and I can’t believe it’s been a year since it’s came out. I remember listening to it the second it got released and was jumping all around. Listen to it if you haven’t!! Love bil so much 💞

- LOVE5 star

I love Billie she is simply a icon 😭❤️


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Gdiddy72113 - Awful1 star

Makes me wish I was deaf after listening to this crap.

hdjejdgejchdbxie - I love it5 star

I love it soo much

cryingonbieber - !5 star

Great album

hhfggcdfbihv - Yesss5 star

These song are so good

GodOfDum - Despacito1 star


billies number one fan - best album in the world!!!!❤️❤️❤️5 star

her music is just so good !!! and she’s amazinggg !!! i love u billie💗🤩

Isabelle D. ;-; - Five stars!!!5 star

Billie I love you’re music so much, it’s the best music I ever heard!! But there is one thing I’m asking. Are you ever gonna have a concert, if you ever did and I have not heard of it please let me know! And one more thing to. Is there a dance to this song, I wanna know because on just dance 2020 I don’t know if you chose the dance on it or if they did so these are questions please right me back

quooquoo - I listen to it every day5 star

It’s SO COOL. I like the bad guy the best.

rhorngdj - overrated queen1 star

i love her music but hate billie

Unicatpie - So good 🥳🥳🥳🥳5 star

This album was amazing the last songs always have me in tears 😅

Fckck - Love her5 star

Great album. This album must win 🥇 awards. Billie is amazing . Wow

karl tiu - I’m a fan5 star

I like your songs

BdjsoN?ueiiz!b - Billie elish1 star

Billie elish more like trash if you search the word trash it’s got pics of her but no one searches it because how sucky she is

Allee G. - best album5 star

this album is literally so unique and perfect. billie and finneas both did so much to make this album amazing and they really are some of the best artists of this generation

Awogirl - Love Billie5 star

She's unique and she living up to her fullest potential

A$H1997 - Highly overrated1 star

I’m confused for why the Apple Music award was given to her. I was expecting to have the award given to a decent artist with actual talent but never mind. The album has way to many FX and honestly nowhere near any talent

Biggest Billie Fan 4 ever - Buy this!!!!5 star

I absolutely love Billie Eilish and I buy all of her merch! Even tho I have her album already I can’t listen to it when I’m at the gym! So this is great for that! Buy it!!!!

Cute gamer 75 - Soooooooo amazing5 star

I mean just her songs are the best of The best she is my everything I look up to her

#heartbites - Unreal5 star

Mysteriously Exciting

please see one - YOU DA BEST.5 star


princessmoshi🌸 - Wow5 star

Great job Billie! You’re music is so different and it stands out🤗 Keep up the good work

tiopllkgt - I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

The Best Song Ever In This Entire Universe

bugheadshipper233 - WOW5 star

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a very long time especially from an artist releasing her first ever album!!! And this album hits close to my heart bc this album is about billie’s journey with sleep paralysis and I had that too so I know what it’s like 😍😍

Imma_BaNaNa - De best!5 star

Love u Billie ❤️😘

bilscute - I LUB ITTTTT5 star

Lub it

Bosco197469 - Bosco1974691 star

Wow. Unbelievably bad.

inknown58642 - Noise pollution1 star

I’m actually a musical person and this garbage ain’t music one bit. Anyone could create this noise pollution.

ringettecat - AMAZING5 star

I love this music and it has helped me with my depression and all the hate I get in this world! I don’t get why ppl are writing hate reviews?!

**MissLavigne** - I was so skeptical, and then a total FAN!5 star

Wow it only took 2 months from the time I discovered who Billie Eilish was, to decide to go see her perform live. She is amazing!!!! She's got some kind of a strong magnetism which I cannot understand, BUT I am such a fan right now it's crazy. I'm 29 by the way.

Jayla 🦑 - Amazing 😍5 star

Every single song is perfect in its own way. My favourite album of all time besides don’t smile at me.

Tacoish28 - I like Billie, hate her music2 star

As a person Billie is motivational and has characteristics and interest that I like. But when it comes to music I get scared and can’t handle her slow monotone voice.

Diyon Fernando - It’s ok3 star


puppycorn3000 - ILY Billie5 star

To all those horrible, horrible comments; I just want to say that this music is way better than what emotion ever make, hater. Billie’s music can be quite dark and all, but I love it.

Rosebud347 - Billie is queen5 star

Great album by Billie. She brought uniqueness and emotion. I love it

therhinestonecowgirl - Overrated and ridiculously bad1 star

Why is she famous? Her singing is pathetic just like her music. It’s noise pollution.

GalaxyTomboy4466 - Don’t Listen To The Haters5 star

The Haters Are Jealous Because They Aren’t As Good As This Amazing 17-year-old. And If You Hate This, Don't Write A Review About It, Cause People Will Start To Hate You.

💜BTS - It’s ok3 star

A bit to creepy for me, and I only liked bad guy, but she worked hard on this and people need to stop hating just cause it’s different 🙃

dimitri⚫️⚫️🔴ty - I love Bad guy4 star

I love bad guy

Your boy Sean - I love this5 star

Hey it’s your boy Sean and I love Billie Eilish she is so unique and she smells like tomato sauce no joke. If you like tomato sauce then you will like this album. Sincerely, Sean

Reid Krauss - BILLIE5 star


Dyl-Byl - i love billie5 star

u haters need to shush bc this album helped me and so many other people. best album imo lmao.

Heyitsme!q - Good song3 star

I think it is a good song but it is overused...

Change this pls - YASSSS5 star

My money was so worth it I am hooked on these songs they’re so good keep up the good work Billie!

Jaya7xfoREVer - Music?1 star

How is this music?

Mine craft player iOS - Awesome! (Ik my review name is cringeworthy)5 star

My fav song is !!! 😝

Summergirl2007 - It is amazing1 star

It’s perfect isn’t it

Pitterpatter84 - SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!1 star

Save your money. The “bad guy” song is horrible. Terrible music. What was the point of it? Pure emo trash. If you are suicidal? DONT listen to this album. If I could give it 0 stars. I would. Who is this girl? Terrible singer. She needs to find who she truly is before releasing another album. This is pure trash.

heyinallver101 - Best5 star

Best album ever. Now i am installing all songs.

Coop poo poo pig yo yo - Awesome5 star

It’s the most epic music cause it’s so different in every good way possible

Im5tran6er - Billie is Overrated1 star

Just PLEASE STOP trying to act creepy! You ain’t Marilyn Manson you frickin weirdo.

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Finn--- - L o v e it5 star

Never get bored of it and can listen to the whole thing in one go. I love how she isn’t the same as all other artists like they all are. She’s unique and isn’t afraid to show it (through her music and clothes). People leaving bad reviews because of her being different really shows the society we live in.. ILY Billie, proud of you. ♥️

HoppyLiam:) - Billie5 star

Originally produced, a raw, vulnerable and exciting... but ‘don’t smile at me’ was better 😬!!

Tesa Tiger8 - AMAZING5 star

I love this album. I think the song are really personal and emotional they really do tell a story through an amazing tune. The songs are all so different and unique it’s brilliant. The songs are ones that you can put on again and again and never bored. 🖤This album is the best 🖤

yoshikage kira😳😳 - WAW😍😍😍😍5 star

Story time 🕛🕛 sisters 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️so basically I was in class listening to billie eilish ❤️❤️and my headphones got unplugged 😩😩 and it played bad guy out loud 🔊🔊so anyway it was playing out loud and all the girls 👭 👭 were completely vibing to it💏💏 and they were like slayyyyy🔪🔪sisterrr☠️☠️and i was gonna say something back when a boy🤮🤮approached me and said🗣️🗣️ "uh billie eilish is so cringe why don't you listed to xxtentacion?" 🧐🧐 and i was SHOOK 😳😳and completely flipped the F OUT 🤬🤬 i said "you dumb ignorant MALE billie liter ally saved my life 🙏🙏 i was cutting myself for my DEPRESSION since daddy didn't get me tickets to coachella👴👴 and a pentagram ⛧ formed on the ground and billie rose up from it🧖‍♀️🧖‍♀️ and she said "put your faith in allah for he is the most merciful 💣💣" and then she left and i was so inspired that i read the korean promised to slay every infidel in my path🧕🧕 until shariah law was implemented world wide" he then was like I won't allow a mujahid to spread the gentle message of mohamabamba and then summoned a djinn 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️ in the shape of jahsehs foreskin and he said he was the servant of shaytan👹👹well i wasn't going to let blasphemy😡😡go unpunished and chanted oh allah the most kind and beautiful please banish these heathens back to hell🔙🔙 and suddenly the heavens opened and we loooked and it was billie🤩🤩she said "i am allah and i was disguised as billie to give hope to all 14 year old girls"😜😜but then i felt an evil force rising😳😳it was xxxtentacion😲😲 he said "spotlight uh moonlight uh beat woman cos they have no rights uh"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and then allah and X fought and of course allah won 😉😉 and spread World peace ✌️✌️ so anyway that's the TEA sisters ☕☕stay tuned for my fenti beauty 💄💄 giveaway 🎉🎉and remember praise allah everyday🤗🤗

cows = david guetta - Crap1 star

Almost as bad as old town road.

DaynaHolgate - Horrible1 star

My favourite rock band said that your a great singer!!! Not to me!! Ugh 😑 who would call this music? It’s horrible and I can’t stand this type of stuff. I wish the industry would STOP with this type of genre and have real musicians who can actually sing and have talent!!! It’s just a joke nowadays...

Anxiety! At The Coffee Shop - Meh2 star

She just whispers along to a tune that a 5 year old could make on GarageBand. But Bad Guy is good though (at least the chorus is). The rest is pretty trash.

hannahsolo11 - I love Billie Eilish5 star

Amazing songs

Ellsud - BAD GUY !!4 star

I love this song sooo much Thx Billie for this amazing song

subtle guy 36749494 - Fabulous5 star

I think that Billie Eilish was famous after Glastonbury.

whereisindy - Purpose.5 star

Eilish is something of a acquired taste. While her album has been hotly anticipated her hype has just excelled. The debut follow-up lands with an immense level of low sounding fuzz, moody, melodic and creepy nature which is highlighted in the elements used in the songs. The capricious nature of the track list sets it apart from a lot of her contemporaries. Lyrically enjoyable and fun, with bops and beats to match any rave/club filler but the production gives it something far more than something mainstream. Eilish’s introverted nature shines in moments of glee and despair; it’s captivating and alluring, it goes through the motions while giving a very strong sense of purpose. She also easily manages to include her issues with sleep and sleep paralysis. Which in turn gives the album album it’s intended meaning. It’s about her and her coping mechanisms as well as her issues.

I love music😂3 - Billie Eilish3 star

Ok, my first review was bad-mouthing this, but I've listened to some of this, and I don't know why but I want to listen to it and I'm finding myself liking bad guy, and I really don't want to like it 😭

StarAmy397 - Talented5 star

Billie Eillish is so good absolutely tAlented!!!!

Trevkids - I love you5 star

These are the times ,I love .. when the album that flows from start to finish. I’ll look forward to the next album. Thank you.

PieTunes2 - Depression as a fashion statement1 star

Someone was getting fired at interscope and they swapped one of the rejects for a chosen act. It sounds like it was written and recorded by total chimps and guesswork. She has her promo pictures taken looking like she's on valium or lorazepam, claims she has depression but act aggressively in interviews. Any shrink will tell you one of the basic signs of most psychiatric disorders is a withdrawn attitude. The opposite of this person. Billie Eyelash is a fraud.

frankie 🤠 - Amazing5 star

songs are amazing, bil never fails to impress, the attention to detail is perfect, songs are great to cry to and lyrics are very relatable. recommend you buy the album ❤️❤️

Boydyonline - STUNNING5 star

Just buy this album it’s fantastic.

jfletieudit - I love billie eillish5 star

Billie I love this track it is amazing I will listen to it everyday from now on and and listen before I go I love you goodbye.🎶

Unicorn Emoji 🦄🦄🦄 - Absolutely Breathtaking 💖🤩😊5 star

Wonderful <3

Tristiepop - About time...5 star

Love this girl for being different and sounding different 👍🏻

Mm yes - Absolutely love this album5 star

I’m 12 years old and billie is such a inspiration to me;I love singing and she became a singer at such a young age,it makes me believe that maybe I could become a singer,in maybe a few years.Also her songs are just amazing and so catchy. Every single time the radio comes on no matter what song I will always sing and dance to it.

did you send the number - 😍😍😍5 star


Minecrafter362312 - Genuinely fantastic5 star

Don’t listen to those one star reviews because that’s just rubbish. This is a seriously good album!

Pulk / Pull - :///2 star

i mean... yeah i guess the album is *okay* but is this really alternative? Is this, an album that is literally edgy top 40 songs, alternative now? lmao

Electrokid 66 - Bad Guy-Bad song1 star

I've heard this several times on the radio, sometimes when I hear a tune I may not like it straight away, but quite often it will grow on me, but not this one though, the more I hear it the more tired and bored I'm of it. It's certainly not a dance track, and it's too monotonous to be considered as a chill out number.

da boy from the hood - Trash!1 star

Sums up how bad the music industry is nowadays! She can’t sing! Wear stupid clothes!

skiing06_x - ✨✨✨✨👍4 star

Love this song, the chorus is catchy and everyone is singing it at school. Billie Eilish is such a great singer don’t get me wrong, but

ZazaF152 - Amazeee5 star

Such an album! Want more 😩

Lolplayzyt - Yes5 star

I haven't downloaded this, I have ordered it and am pumped to hear it on my radio 😏

love hs songs 🤙 - Terrible song1 star

She needs to make her songs less creepy and maybe I will like them 😳😳

Anonymous🤘🏻🤪 - Amazing5 star

I don’t understand why all the people who reviewed this as a one star can’t even get their facts right and are just whining because it’s not they’re style of music. Firstly you can’t get EVERYTHING you expect to see in an album. Artists are trying their best to get what the public what but on the other hand they want to be original as well. In my opinion I think this album is great! For people that say this is too ‘sleepy’ well that’s the whole point if you didn’t know :) I love Billie Eilish and I would definitely recommend this to other people!

i loveqweenaridangerouswomen - Yass5 star

Queen billie has done it again

Always_You_Lou - 𝕭𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖎𝖊 𝕰𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖍 — L E G E N D.5 star

I admire and adore Billie with all that I am. My first songs I’ve ever heard were OCEAN EYES and BURY A FRIEND, then I was hooked. I swear, I love her craziness, and she has such a beautiful and unique voice. Recommended Album, everything she sings is magic in its own way. Love you Billie, never change. 🖤🕷⛓

betbet111 - Great5 star

I just hate the idiots who say 'its soo boring'! I just wish they would shut up, it’s a great album

Calbri - Quite like it.3 star

3 great songs on here, you should see me in a crown, wish you were gay, when the party's is pretty mediocre imo. very gentle and subtle vocals but let's not forget the real talent here, as much as I lke Billie herself, her brother Finneas, what a really good producer and hats off to him for some really imaginative production here.

Patroller - Not too bad but..2 star

It all sounds a little ‘I’m gagging to be the next big thing’. A little desperate to be cool and current. She states she wants to be different but releases the kind of album that everyone else seems to be doing i.e. sparse electronica with moody vocals. It’s all soooo very ‘now’ and that is its downfall. It’s not terrible, it’s just not doing what was promised, and some of the songs sound so forced. She does have an enigmatic voice that can draw you in quite easily, she just needs to be a little more natural in how she instruments her songs and delivers the vocals. Maybe she should listen to some Bjork, Tori or Kate Bush for some much needed inspiration if she so desperately wants to be different yet remain cool. At the moment, she’s far too of an ilk by going with the grain than against it. Good luck next time.

JTD1903 - What hell is this🤬💩1 star

How can u call this music. Music is dead these days wish we had Freddie Mercury and David Bowie.

Lucy_xoxo❤️ Ari - ❤️5 star

I never liked her songs now I absolutely love them

Fries can fly - :)5 star

You’re amazing

Boostaryee - Why1 star

Trying too hard to be edgy, just not good music

badiieee🥰 - Wowzurrr4 star

This song is such a mood🤩🥰

Reuben_Lover_73 - BEST EVER5 star

i love this album ssssssmmmmm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Music_Luver😇😇 - Amazing 😍5 star

The best artist out there - Eilish is set aside from the cheesy pop stars🤩

itsmeagainagain - Love love love it!5 star

What a fabulous album! I’ve been waiting for something like this 👌🏽

👎NICKNAME👎 - Overhyped and Overrated1 star

WHISPERING INTO A MICROPHONE WITH A FAINT BACKING TRACK IS NOT TALEN. Literally a collection of some of the worst music I have ever heard, anyone with even a bit of music production knowledge could do this. Bille Eyelish is nothing special, she is just an overhyped edge lord.

Joexef - Startlingly good5 star

Billie and her brother (producing) have captured the zeitgeist of disaffected youth here. Blending Trap with 50s-style suspension harmonies; dealing with depression, night terrors and trying to make sense of it all. This is a really, really clever album. Smart wordplay and interesting production. The master stroke is the album closer, which travels backwards through the hooks from the album thus far; putting a near-perfect full stop on the record. Eilish’s plaintive and confessional whispered vocal is brimming with angst, ire and humour. The result is a pop album with just more than a little punk to it. Just brilliant.

Azacar - Excellent5 star

It’s very rare that I find pop music so compelling, but honestly this is a true breathe of fresh air on the otherwise stale pop landscape. Even if this is just a record label plant to the extent that Billie and Finneas are just actors playing characters and have have nothing to do with the music; at least it feels like a product I can finally get behind. I don’t believe that’s true, but even if it were; I finally feel like a major label is selling us something that doesn’t feel insulting, for once. Best pop album of the decade.

Rich33333 - Blue barnet and creepy whispers1 star

Plus it looks like she works in KFC

My mum likes it - Ehh??2 star

I’m not really sure what to think.. I like her music kinda? It has a lot of potential and I can see how people like her music, but I think she’s not using her full talent. She doesn’t really seem to be singing in these songs and is kinda just whispering or talking which is a shame because she can sing well. The lyrics are alright I guess, nothing spectacular. I feel like she’s a bit overrated, but I like her more than most popular artists at the moment.

yagol patc y bont rules - This is my second best song5 star


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