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Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber song I Don't Care coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris doesn't throw up if he drinks too much. Chuck Norris throws down!

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care Song Comments

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Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care Song Reviews

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- I Love It 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️👏🏼5 star

I LOVE IT 👏🏼🔥🔥🔥 really great album Ed Sheeran does it again my favorite tracks are I don’t care and Beautiful people

- Love5 star

Love everything about this

- Andrewwhittt.yt5 star

I love ed Sheeran’s music and It is so good so that is y I am giving it a 5 star

- Unique and Fun5 star

Great collabs and so different from Ed’s major albums, which makes it so fun. You can tell he had a great time making it. Each song is different from the next and his voice is just as phenomenal as before. Love this to hold us over as we wait for Subtract. Take Me Back To London is my personal favorite and also I love Ed’s acoustic version of Beautiful People (not on the album, but available for download). I prefer the acoustic version because I feel like it goes better with the theme of the song. Overall, great album! By the way, iTunes shouldn’t let people REVIEW an album until it actually comes out and they can actually review it. Asinine.

- South of the Border!5 star

South of NOthing. This song is great north south east and west...in ALL tempos!

- .5 star

I’m proud of Ed for reaching out and trying something new! I think it turned out awesome for him regardless of what negativity y’all are putting out there.

- I don’t care song3 star

I don’t care is great but Justin is a rude person to be singing in a studio with

- Why?1 star

This is REALLY selling out. Usually these accusations by salty, deranged morons are ridiculously over the top. But this isn’t a small tweak in style. Usually bands or artists change their sound a bit at a time so they don’t repeat themselves over and over. And idiots always call them sellouts. But THIS, this is selling out. Totally moved with the garbage mainstream music and abandoned all real singing and use of real instruments. I mean, I like Eminem and SOME other artists on this album, but Justin Bieber and others? No. Why even collab with them other than to get more stacks?

- Love it5 star

Really like the variety and creativity and collars of this album! Good job Ed! 👏

- Love It5 star

South of the border is a bop ❤️😍

- Dear Eddy1 star

I absolutely enjoy your music your voice. Multiply brings me back to a great time in my life. I wish I could say I loved this album ; I really tried to. It’s not that it was bad it wasn’t, it just didn’t seem personal. When I hear your music I feel like your singing directly to me like I am sitting front row in an empty auditorium and your on stage with a spot light looking and singing to me. But this entire album is crowded and the auditorium is no longer empty and I’m not in front row I'm in the parking lot trying to hear. Everyone has a right to try something new; all I ask is for your next album just one song at least solo so I can feel like it’s just for me. Xoxo :)

- Love it!5 star

Loving all the collaborations and the songs are great! This album is 🔥!!!



- Nooooo Ed1 star

I’m royally disappointed, this new effort of yours is just plain awful!!!

- Fire5 star

Can’t believe an album can be this good to a rap lover like me! The songs that aren’t singles are kinda underrated Remember The Name be epic

- Wow5 star

I can’t believe that’s Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars w/ Chris Stapleton! Sounds heavy as hell! It works very awesomely!

- Best part of me5 star

What a beautiful song in raw pure form. It touched me. Keep them coming Ed. Don’t listen to the haters. Your beautiful voice comes through and moves those like me not easily swayed.


Take me back to London!!! 💕

- Love all the collaborations5 star

Great album! The album has been on repeat for weeks. It’s so diverse from other albums.

- Banger!!!5 star

I don't know what the haters talking about. This album goes in💯Ed did his thang on this. Good music to vibe to. Straight listen from beginning to end. And I listen to slot of music. This is a winner

- It’s not one star5 star

5 star

- Good5 star

I like cross me

- Well surprised.5 star

It’s refreshing to see an artist who doesn’t need to evolve, experiment, or even try all that hard do something new and risky to their past in order to shake up their future. Apparently he is not just heading toward 35 years of greatest hits concerts. Well done. Country western next.

- Don’t have every song4 star

The songs I have are from the best to the ehs are Cross Me Put It All On Me I Don’t Care Beautiful People South Of The Border Remember The Name Feels I Don’t Want Your Money All the rest are like “nah”. Overall, the album is great.

- So plain and repetitive.2 star

It’s straight up plain and repetitive. 😒 Ed sounded amazing though.

- ummm3 star

This album is not what I expected it to be. I enjoy Antisocial and I Don’t Care, but the other songs leave me unimpressed. I love Ed Sheeran and his old music. I enjoy that he is being creative and stepping outside of what he normally does, but I wish he had more songs on this album like his old songs.

- This is music at its best5 star

To anyone that trash this album, listen to it. Feel it, vibe with it. Ed can unite all genre of music. RnB, POP, Rock, HipHop, etc. Rock on Ed, this is your best work and keep grinding for the future!

- If I could give zero star I would1 star

First when I listened to musics I liked them But if I could give it zero star i would . By that I mean they are so meaningless Where are we going to? It’s all for money

- LOVE5 star

Ok so I’ve always been a fan of Ed and have all of his songs saved, all of the negative reviews are from either people who listen to heavy metal or people that don’t like pop, :/ all of his albums are awesome, are real good my favorites would probably would be take me back to London, cross me, I don’t care, remember the name, BLOW, best part of me ❤️ I’d say maybe if the negative people would actually listen to the music they’d like it to but you know how that goes..


I am soooo into this release! Fantastic compilation of artists! I can’t help but listen to this over and over....addicting!!!! Thank you Ed!!!! I don’t understand all the negative reviews. This collaboration just shows you what a real musical genius Ed really is. Loving every minute of every song!

- 1 star or 5 stars not a lot in between;5 star

.the mark of someone who generates thought, emotion and curiosity. Great job creating and collaborating. Please Keep pushing yourself.

- True artist5 star

For all you that are negative regarding this album..a true artist evolves, takes chances, and doesn’t stay in a box created for him by fans. The true greats have always experimented and evolved ie the Beatles etc. Ed is one of the greats making timeless music

- Not a fan of rap3 star

I do like this music in a qualified sense. I love everything Ed does, he is so talented! I just don't like rap. So his choice to colab with mostly rappers kind of ruins this album for me.

- Still not over IT!5 star

This album is masterpiece.....it has everything you need to feed ur soul & mood❤️


Ed yet again shock us yet again. This album was simply phenomenal! 👍👍👍 Remember the name is also incredible!

- This song is only good the first 2 times u hear it1 star

WAY OVERPLAYED LITERALLY EVERYWHERE I’m so so so so so so tired of this song. I hate it so much.

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star


- Move1 star


- Okay2 star

some good songs, yet others are very obnoxious

- An album for anyone5 star

This album contains basically artists for any sort of genre and Ed Sheeran makes amazing production. Remember the Name and other tracks are amazing! It’s also great to see 50 Cent come on a track like that one. I suggest this album to everyone and see what kind of songs you enjoy.

- Awesome5 star



this album was different but amazing. so fun to listen to in the car and with friends. i don’t care wasn’t for me (too mainstream) but i absolutely love the other songs. for those who love his songs like photograph and thinking out loud, the song best of me is pretty beautiful and similar to those.

- Open-mindedness is the key4 star

This album was very experimental. Ed knew that because in the description he says that he had to step way out of his comfort zone for this. Saying that, there are 2 things the haters of this album need to be aware of: 1) this is called a “collaborations project” for a reason; that word means that there’s more than one person on each of the songs. 2) Ed is only gonna go so far with lovey dovey guitar songs, which is why his fans need to be open minded as he experiments and tries new things. For example, his songs here that blend his style with hip hop have been heavily criticized and disliked by his die hard fans. I for one, however, really really like these songs (especially 1000 Nights) because I have an ear for Ed and hip-hop (as a matter of fact, they’re pretty much the two main things I listen to). Now, not all Ed fans do have an ear for hip hop (not many at all I think) which is where being open minded comes into play, rather than immediately telling Ed to go back to his style and hating on the entire album. It has its flaws, but this album I believe was a very smart risk for Ed to take.

- Well done Ed5 star

He stepped outside his box and flourished just like he has with every other cd he has put out. His ability to flow on one song and then hit every note in a slow romantic song is amazing. He still had a cpl great older style songs on this new album but his new collaborations were great. Haven’t found one cd yet I didn’t ready like. Great job. Puts in the best concert I’ve ever seen too. Hands down now question.

- Beautiful people!5 star

Ed has the most refreshing voice I’ve heard in years! Collaboration is key! I’m in love with 4 songs on this album so far. Music sells, business is business and when it comes right down to it he knows business!

- Amazing5 star

Ed is so talented and I love all of his music!🤘✌️

- Why does there have to be cuss words???4 star

There are some songs with cuss words in them .

- So bad1 star

He can really sing well so why is he collaborating with trashy artists like Cardi B and Khalid?

- Dave5 star

Amazing album!! 🙏🏻

- A great album, sounds a lot like No. 5 Ed Sheeran5 star

The album is different from what you “expect” when you hear Ed Sheeran came out with a song. I like it a lot, very catchy and filled with great beats. You have to hear No. 5 Collaboration before you hear No. 6 or you’ll be one of the dumb people in the comments saying “this isn’t ed”. Listen to the album for yourself. If you’re a true fan, you’ll know what to expect.


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bundpangeala - DDT5 star


Sheelarvin - J3 star

T a day for ecgin ccctc t cvvc taxwbc

Ishan43 - EM ED 505 star


SHAMIM MOZUMDER - Beautiful5 star

Beautiful is also beautiful

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Norsien - Trash1 star

Awful songs so far.

slayyyyyqueeeennn - Dumb1 star

Susan Boyle is better

JK99) - Please stop making music1 star

All so generic. No substance to this guys music at all

Matarata400 - Great songs, I’m excited for the rest of the projects5 star

Great song, I’m excited for the rest of the project

TrevahB - Salty5 star

The people writing salty reviews clearly have nothing better to do than sit behind a screen and drag Ed Sheeran down and who knows who else they’ve talked badly about. They should grow up and learn to appreciate great music. Their opinions are unwanted nor asked for. Bye girl.

RefinedArts - Actually Zero Stars1 star

Ed is so over-rated from the red headed boy next door to the tattooed sell out artist of the decade his output quality just gets lower....and lower.

That's Mr P to you - Over rated1 star

Another classic example of an artist that is so over rated. Mediocre isn’t even close to describing how basic, mundane and unoriginal the music on this album is. And an album full of collaborations (eye roll) how tragic and desperate. Forget. Ed’s fifteen minutes of fame has expired.

The beast gg - Welp5 star

I was hoping it would be called subtraction...

shsmsbjsjcjaksjn - i’m so excited for this5 star

can’t wait

Mario95832 - So excited5 star

First 2 singles are amazing. Can’t wait for this project!

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