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Lyrics for artist Killswitch Engage song Take Control coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? "Brokeback Mountain" is not just a movie. It's also what Chuck Norris calls the pile of dead ninjas in his front yard.

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- KSE greatness5 star

Amazing stuff from KSE beginning to end - there isnt a song I do not it!

- Best album to date5 star

Every song on this album had me hooked and it’s Jesse’s best work to date

- Amazing from start to finish5 star

This album is amazing, always stoked for new Killswitch Engage

- Yes!5 star

Waited til I heard the full album to rate it & it is great! Love every song!! 🤘🏼🔥

- What a rip off1 star

I got ripped off! I would like a refund! It says that all the songs that I preordered from is not available in your country!


The new album is incredible, 3 years later after Incarnate and they managed to deliver 11 amazing songs! They are the greatest metalcore band. Adam and Joel have had the best guitar tone since The End of Heartache album, such immersive sound, so much talent, Jesse came back and sounds better than ever with a better voice since vocal surgery, huge choruses, heavy breakdowns and sick verses! Thank you Killswitch!

- Not good1 star

Trash dont listen

- Awesome!5 star

ANOTHER great album from KSE!

- This album is weak3 star

There isn’t one song on this record that grabs you and makes you want to listen to it over and over again. When Disarm the Descent came out, things were looking promising but the two that come after that have been mediocre at best. This song getting praised by everyone “I am Broken Too” is hot garbage, really?!? That song doesn’t even make the cut on previous albums.... Those riffs are weak. Wish I was happier about this release but sadly it’s just a fart in the wind in terms of as far as memorable albums go.

- The boys are back in town5 star

Been listening to Killswitch Engage since Alive Or Just Breathing and can say this album is easily their best since As Daylight Dies. Less filler, more killer than the last three albums. The dueling guitars sound better than they have in a long time. Jesse's vocals are top notch and the best they've sounded since Alive Or Just Breathing. The guest vocals from Howard and Chuck Billy (Testament) are a nice touch to an already amazing album. Can't wait to see some of these songs performed live.

- Metalcore pioneers in overdrive5 star

Perfect metalcore album from start to finish. KSE has done it again and delivered one of their best albums to date, which is really saying something.

- Still crankin out tunez5 star

KSE never disappoints, it’s been a long wait since they announced this album, but it was worth it. Heavy and melodic at the same time.

- Possibly the best album by KSE to date!!5 star

Killswitch again releases an amazing album, with the best album artwork and the most intense, heavy material they’ve ever put together. Disarm the Descent in my opinion is their best album, but Atonement might of taken over that. Even though I think “I am Broken Too” and “Take Control” are the weakest songs, their still good songs, but the rest of the songs are awesome and energetic. KSE forever!!!

- Amazing as always!5 star

Been waiting for this album all year and it doesn’t disappoint! Great album start to end every song is perfect! Thanks!

- The kings!5 star

My jaw literally dropped listening to “The Signal Fire”. Amazing. Love the sound of the record and Jesse’s vocals are as fierce as ever.

- The Guitar though!5 star

Killswitch is back! Possibly my favorite album, yes I said it.

- New/Old Fan5 star

I discovered KSE when Howard was lead singer. I had a hard time accepting Jesse but after separating the 2, I have come love both singers. I would love to see a side project of Howard and Adam. That way I could have it all and eat my cake. I really appreciate Jesse and his voice fits these songs so well. Keep it going.

- Stoked5 star

KSE will never disappoint. Always #1 on my listening agenda for each day. 🤘🏻

- Finally new KSE ! ! 🔥🔥5 star

This album doesn’t disappoint !! Very good lyrics an riffs !! Glad to see a feat from Howard Jones as well ! ! ! 💯🤘🏼🔥

- Killswitch, Engage!5 star

Jesse Leach rules! This album rules! And this band is amazing. That is all 🤘🏻

- KsE5 star

This has got to be one of the sickest album covers ever

- Good stuff5 star

Great track ... killswitch still rocks U fakas 🤙🏽 whether it jesse or Howard Or both ... keep rocking , these fakas kick As no matter who’s rocking the mic ....🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

- So far so good!5 star

Can’t wait for the rest of the album but the 2 singles are amazing!

- Espero más4 star

Todavía no puedo decir que tengo una canción favorita porque me gusta el primer single el segundo no me suena a killswitch engage espero tengan más canciones pesadas y no todas suaves porque todas las bandas ahora están tirando música suave

- Very promising4 star

Unleashed is a great track. I really love the message of I Am Broken Too but I was expecting a bit more heaviness. It’s all good though, sounds like this will be a killer album.

- Clown5 star

I love the negative album reviews before the album even drops. Clowns

- Greatness !!!!5 star

New song is awesome !!!! These guys are talented !!! Jesse can write some amazing lyrics ! I am broken too speaks to millions !! Very well written also !! Album is looking to one of there best !

- Amazing5 star


- Killswitch on5 star

Heard this and immediately got excited for the rest this band never lets me down

- Yeah5 star

All these haters hating on Jesse and the band GET OUT OF HERE. This record is NOT for you this record is for TRUE Killswitch FANSSS!!! Buy it and support Metal and first week sales it helps the band ALOT! Love me some Killswitch my favorite band of all time!

- Happy Birthday Jesse! 🤘🏻5 star

I’ve been a fan of KsE for over ten years and counting. They have got me through some of the darkest times of my life, and I cannot thank them enough. “Unleashed” is just so pure, dark, beautiful, and prolific to say the very least. It reminds me of Times of Grace. I know the other tracks to Atonement will be heavy, so those who doubt just from listening to “Unleashed” are in for one hell of a ride when this album releases! Thank you KsE! Happy Birthday Jesse!

- Finally5 star

Kool song

- Emotion5 star

Everyone that is saying there are passionless are fools. One can hear their passion as each verse and chorus gets heavier. While this isn't the first selftitled or AOJB killswitch anymore, they still hit home and have passion for the music they make for us fans. They're my soul band and coming out with Atonement during a period of my life where I need to atone for my actions of the past year is glorious. Can't freaking wait for this!

- Mehhhh1 star

Very generic No more passion from these guys

- KsE forever5 star

Always stoked for a new Killswitch album. Especially excited to hear a new track with Howard. All these people complaining about the different vocalists are fools, Jesse and Howard are both great in their own ways. Accept the growth and evolution of the band, KsE forever!

- Unleashed3 star

Unleashed’s opening lyric sound, reminds me of “Blondies” song “Call me”

- Y’all crazy.5 star

The tracks on point.

- Ehh2 star

Killswitch used to be my favorite band, then Howard left. Just not the same. Not bad, just not what I grew up with.

- Epicness5 star

Definitely going to be a beast of a album

- Can’t wait for this album5 star

The new single is amazing. Can’t wait for the one with Howard In it

- Killswitch \m/5 star

Love these guys. The music they provide is always needed and beautiful. Especially with Jesse singing just makes the feels stand strong.

- the newer it is, the less I grow away from this band3 star

every album since jesse came back I feel it just isnt the same anymore, I think what this band originally had is gone, they just sound like a metal band more then it sounds like killswitch, honestly I wouldnt know it was killswitch unless someone told me. Bands like Korn, slipknot, deftones, breaking benjamin, all have a sounds that is unique to the band, even without the singer id be able to know what those bands are, old killswitch songs I could tell, these new ones I cant. Im not saying its a bad album, sounds ok but it isnt great.

- Hell yeah!!5 star

I haven’t even listened to the song yet. Just downloaded it. Waiting to hear in my stereo system. Killswitch will always be a band that progresses i mean, look how detailed there music is. Literally. Let the haters hate. I love all of kse music. All hail Killswitch engrave.

- We back4 star

Unleashed is a great song. I just think it was a left over from their last album Incarnate. (Which is not a bad thing in the slightest). I am feeling really good about this album as a life long fan. I can’t wait!

- The boys are back.5 star

Jesse and the fellas have brought us another banger. The primal emotion on this track is moving. I also feel like Mike has been turned up! Which is something I’ve always felt was missing, his bass was lost in the downtuned guitars, not anymore.

- Strong Start5 star

Great start to kick off the new album, very good song, Jesse and the rest of the band have so much passion and it shows through their music. Can’t wait for August 16th.

- Meh2 star

Meh stars out of 5. Come on you’re better than that guys. Give me a new times of grace instead

- I can’t wait!!!5 star

I see Featuring Howard Jones and I am already psyched! The single is awesome too!!

- Boring1 star

A real snoozer to kick off a new release. They’ve gone way down hill starting on the last record. No more passion.

- Love Killswitch5 star

Unleashed sounds good, I also can’t wait to hear the song with Howard


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