Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

You Need To Calm Down by Taylor Swift Song Info

"You Need to Calm Down" is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on June 14, 2019, as the second single off her upcoming seventh studio album, Lover. Swift wrote and produced this song with her co-producer Joel Little. Swift addresses her haters and homophobes in the song.

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Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down Song Lyrics

You are somebody that I don't know
But you're taking shots at me like it's Patrón
And I'm just like "Damn, it's 7 AM"
Say it in the street, that's a knock-out
But you say it in a Tweet, that's a cop-out
And I'm just like, "Hey, are you OK?"

And I ain't trying mess with your self-expression
But I've learned the lesson that stressin'
And obsessin' 'bout somebody else is no fun
And snakes and stones never broke my bones so

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
You need to calm down
You're being too loud
And I'm just like oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
You need to just stop
Like, can you just not step on my gown?


Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down Song Comments

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Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down Song Reviews

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- First Taylor’s Album5 star

This album makes me love Taylor Swift, and she just put her happy feelings there. This deserves to be #1 for many weeks!!

- Album of the year!5 star

Each song has a meaning, and fits into this part of her life so well, I love all the songs, none of them are bad, 5 stars!!!!

- Love it!5 star

Every song is so different and enjoyable to listen too, I am a huge fan and I really love this album. Definitely recommend this to any Taylor fan. No regrets! 🤩🤩

- Album of the year5 star

Definitely the best album in 2019, I think Lover is a combination of Speak Now and Red.

- Amazing5 star

This album is beyond amazing

- Love it5 star

I love it. It sounds beautiful and hopeful, and I love that she’s making a political statement in her music.




she done did it again, thank u for 7 beautiful albums 🥺🥺🥺🥺

- LOVER5 star

SUCH A GOOD ALBUM! Love it sooooo much! no songs that i’d skip

- Perfection5 star

Feels like all her albums were leading up to this!!! Love it + I’m happy for her :-)

- Perfection! 🎆5 star

This album is perfection! So many bops, so many sad songs, and so many that are so much better when you read the lyrics with it! Cruel Summer, Lover, This Man, The Archer, Paper Rings, London Boy, YNTCD, Afterglow, and Miss Americana are my favorites, but every song on the album are masterpieces in their own ways! 😀

- Work of art.5 star

This album is amazing. It really hits your heart and is full of emotion. Of course, i expected nothing less from Taylor, but she really set the bar high this time.


It’s absolutely amazing I love all the songs was definitely worth it

- SHE DID THAT!!!5 star

This album is so powerful and colourful, here lies a mixed feelings of love, sad, fun and happiness.

- A work of art!5 star

The three promotional singles that Taylor Swift has released for this album have all been vastly different and works of art in their own respective ways. From ME!’s “effervescently happy” beat and message, proceeding with You Need To Calm Down’s fun and sassy vibe and finishing with The Archer’s vulnerable and heart wrenching lyrics. All 3 singles show Taylor’s astounding song writing ability and are a testament to why she has had such an impact in music in the last decade. I am extraordinarily excited for this album to drop and have high hopes for it.

- BEST ALBUM EVER!!!5 star

Can’t wait for this Lover album to come out Queen T, I want to see what tracks you’ve got that are good and hopefully you will win a Grammy award for this album in 2020

- Pastel Pop Perfection5 star

Despite only having two singles released, Taylor Swift's much anticipated 'Lover' album is matching the high expectations of Swifties around the world. 'Lover' will be an unparalleled musical journey which will own the 2020 Grammys.

- Tay Tay Gold5 star

Taylor Swift back with the catchy ‘You need to calm down’!Up there with her best music 👍

- :03 star

Taylor is back and she getting famous.i can’t wait for more songs from her. But I don’t think spelling is fun

- Queen5 star

Grammy award winning content

- Anyways5 star

Honestly this album is very good! No I haven't heard it yet but I have faith


holy moly i’ve waited for this for so long

- Fabulous5 star

With the sonic cohesive pop sounds of 1989, the love song writing of Red, and the confidence of reputation, Taylor is back again with another fabulous album.

- AMAZING5 star

a masterpiece. What more can I say?

- Her best album yet5 star


- Masterpiece5 star

The lyrics, the music, the voice... perfection!

- One of her best5 star

Will always love and support the queen of pop

- Album flop1 star

Stream Soul Lady by YUKIKA instead. Lover is just a no in my list

- nope1 star

flop no one likes you


This album is filled with excellent songs.

- Breath Taking5 star

My god this album is a masterpiece. Lover her so much. 💕💕

- Best album ever!5 star

She’s only getting better

- Masterpiece5 star

A lyrical piece of genius!! Some of her best work I can listen to it forever and ever and ever!!!!

- Give this album a chance5 star

I was one of those long time Swift fans who resented her turn to pop. I’ve loved every album and I finally decided to give this one a chance. It has WOWED me. If you are a fan of Swift’s lyricism and don’t think you can find it here — YOU CAN. BUY LOVER.

- people can be so biased5 star

please listen to the full album before u listen to one song that mightve just not been ur thing :)

- best album5 star

so fun

- Lover in Hindsight5 star

When I heard the first singles that came out, I was slightly worried with the direction the album was going to take. However, when the album came out, it had some of the best songs in Taylor’s discography. The songwriting on the album tracks is sharp and perhaps the best it has been since she made the jump to pop music.

- fantastic5 star

beside the fact that the track list is messy, this album is fantastic. it really shows how much she’s grown as an artist not just since her debut, but even since her last album, reputation. the lyrics here are deep and meaningful, even if people don’t seem to quite understand. there’s songs about feminism, homophobia, self-love, cancer, denial, American politics, and self-reflection and people say this album isn’t deep? just because the sound is poppy and fun doesn’t mean the content is shallow. i don’t think this is her best album, but i do think she is showing tremendous growth and, despite this being her SEVENTH album, she isn’t planning on slowing down. she may never reach 1989 success again, but it won’t stop her from trying and i admire that.

- Cheesy garbage1 star

She doesn’t have a good voice- and now the lyrics sound like an elementary schooler’s. Isn’t she like 30??? What happened to her?

- LOVE IT5 star

I love this album so much!!!!!!!!!!!

- absolutely amazing5 star


- Great except for ME!5 star

Cruel Summer. That’s it, that’s the review.

- Beautiful5 star

Such a beautiful album

- yeah no1 star

“You need to calm down” is just a petty mic rant. And she will never top her other mediocre album 1989 anyway. And someone on here actually had the audacity to call us “homophobic” because we see the truth behind her crappy music. what does that have to do with anything?😂😂😂

- But1 star

Okay I like that it is good but I do not like to pay

- Horrible1 star

All her songs are only about her. She’s living the most fake life ever. I pity her. She is not mentally well

- Love this Album!5 star

This is album is the best one I’ve ever heard! Love tay tay!

- Airy and beautiful5 star

I love the lightness of every song!

- Loving the Album “Lover”5 star

The Album Lover is the best album in the year of 2019 Taylor writes really good ass music “I love you Tay Tay” ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

- haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate5 star

amazing album. 😍

- SO GOOD5 star

You think so much of other people and differences between people and you support them and i think that’s just so kind of you people who are saying people have opinions are rong because it’s their life it’s the person that’s different and haters can’t change it stay strong 💪😘👭👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼👬

- Lover5 star

The The song is its relaxing

- TAYLENA 4 EVER5 star


- Great album5 star


- Amazing!!5 star

This album is absolutely amazing. Taylor Swift is a true story teller and that is very clearly evident in this album. Everyone who is able should get this album.

- IT’S A YES FROM ME5 star

taylor swift is a phrase that is synonymous to words like queen, icon, and genius

- Yup, she's probably happy3 star

And that's why this album is dreadfully dull. None of the brilliant lyrics one expects. No unforgettable hooks in the music. She needs to get over those illiterate British accents and dump her latest man-child. Be miserable Taylor. Do i for me.


Come on people just because you might not like one song doesn’t mean you have to be rude. I mean I’m not her biggest fan but I still love her songs, and spent time and efert to make this new album. So jus calm down. Think how Taylor feels, I mean I would feel sad if I read the reviews for my new album and se all theses 1 ⭐️ reviews so you need to respect her. Pleas?

- Fantastic5 star

Can album get any better it’s so good already I love it so much it has the perfect combination of nice upbeat songs and said that her seller but are still great I love the trailer so just getting back out there again you go girl


this album is a beautiful, timeless piece of art. just an undeniable masterpiece i will be listening to for years

- Swiffers Have Taste5 star

This isn’t my favorite Taylor album, but I still love it with everything in my heart ❣️ Stop Spreading Hate 💔

- A Masterpiece5 star

Taylor has done it again! She never fails to disappoint and is one of the reasons why she’s artist of the decade. Swift has been though many feuds and breakups, but on this album she brings in a new perspective on love and happiness. She couldn’t be more happy yet careless what others say or think at this point. She’s had her success, awards, and achievements & it’s clear that isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

- 💖LOVER💖5 star

This her best album yet!!!! I thought nothing could top reputation but Lover is outstanding!!!! ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!! I new to expect big stuff for TS7 but I was really blow away!!!!!!!! I’m Taylor’s biggest fan!!!!!

- Lover5 star

Her best album ever

- 💕5 star

Queeeeeen!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

- There is not a song on this album that I don’t like5 star

And she’s done it again. She is such an amazing writer, so talented. I love this album!

- LOVER 🇧🇷5 star


- Ewww1 star

It’s not good at all 🤮

- 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Keep making great music Taylor Swift!

- just godly5 star

just godly that’s it that’s the review.

- Great album5 star

Full of bops

- amazing periodt5 star

great album


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Ode64 - Her Best Album!5 star

Clearly her best album, all the tracks are amazing, i love every single one of them!

@nathanpiasecki - Bomb5 star

Tbh this is a solid album


So bad

maggiemay- - 🙏🏻5 star


EmmaSadoria91 - LOVE(R) IT5 star

I really do like this album, i don’t just like one song I legit love them all. My my favourite is “Paper Rings” And I do miss the old Taylor but I think that the new is doing better than ever! I really would recommend the album, every time I hear this album all I want to do is dance, so I give this album 5 stars

jeffhatesjustin - Pop gold5 star

How she writes the most relevant and catchy songs every album, I’ll never understand. She’s pure magic.

Timmy Shortboie - Great!🎵5 star

Great album!👌🎶🎵

Alirezahassani13770 - Appreciation5 star

Awesome in one word

Rjay2001 - ❤️❤️❤️5 star


Far far away farm - 💗💗💗5 star

I love this album so much

relaxbybeloved - Bad5 star

can i stop seeing her on my itunes

cursayer - Taylor’s best yet5 star

This album is what would happen if the extraordinary lyricism of Speak Now had a baby with the upbeat sounds of 1989. Incredible album.

Dahliabee - SHE IS AMAZING!5 star

What a pleasure to listen to. So unique and so delightful.

JM-♋️ - So goooood5 star

Taylor’s new album is just sensational

Gill unique - Queen of pop5 star

Lyrical Genius of Taylor

luke4205 - Fire5 star

Best album ever

fantasy freak - Give it a try!5 star

The lyrics are fantastic! Really pay attention to the metaphors and meanings.

401Bayview - Great!5 star

After the unlistenable disaster that was ‘Reputation’, Swift returns to form with ‘Lover’. Her best since 1989.

Knezacek - I love you need to calm down5 star


Sofie_Algar20911 - Legendary5 star

Taylor really out here serving us with album of the year

Sandra Cretu - A nice and light, but forgettable album3 star

While songs written to be hits, like ME! or You Need to Calm Down are indistinguishable from other mainstream songs playing on the radio, other better and more personnal songs are unfortunately not catchy enough to dance to them or to even remember the melody. The album is certainly better than average pop, but just not good enough for me to give it more than 3 stars and not worth listening to more than once.

Madmadisss - beautiful5 star

Out of every album Taylor has released, this one is definitely the hardest to pick a favourite song because every song is so unique and well written. Lover and Cornelia Street were written solo. And the next single is probably either Cruel Summer or The Man. 10/10 from me! Lover is a great album!

#iheart - This is literal trash1 star

Ew! I hate this it is the worst album ever

duttp - Brilliant5 star


Indiana jones 77 - Keep Evolving5 star

Easy does it on the negative reviews. Think it’s great she evolves and tries something new. Doesn’t sound like anyone else making music right now and that takes straight up talent. Buy her music or don’t, but dont cut her down either way.

AZNKIM - She does it again!! ❤️5 star

Taylor’s albums have been the only albums I’ve only ever bought all of it in full. When I heard the song “The Man”, I was like, YASS QUEEN, this is exactly how it is and I love her for always never being afraid to tell her truth. Keep killin’ it Taylor 🙌🏼

alice wishtalon - Good4 star

I like this album really much. I have a hard time telling how country a song is though, because it looks like this is leading her back to her country roots.

emilie0208 - 😱❤️🥰5 star


Gillis37 - Utter Masterpiece5 star

Taylor is one of the most evolutionary artists of our time. She dives even deeper into who she is with “lover”. The specificity of her lyrics has never been more clever, her rhymes never sharper. her vocals sound incredible and The melodies are highly unique and total ear worms. Lover is upbeat and dynamic and explores the concept of love in all of its beautiful and tragic complexity. She is an artist for the ages and lover is the pinnacle of her career (so far).

Joyjoyjoy7 - Disappointed 👎😕1 star


Eeg:) - TAYLOR IS MY QUEEN5 star

This album is so breathtaking, the lyrics are so good and meaningful and it’s so beautiful It’s like a mixture of Speak Now and 1989 and I love it so much! Been a swiftie since I was 5 and I’m SO HERE FOR THIS ERA 🥳

RebeccaHonour - 10/10 would reccomend5 star

Taylor. Keep doing what you are doing. It’s amazing. This album SLAPS.

Eger44 - Amazing!!!5 star

This is the best album I have ever heard it has been on nonstop since it came out!!

Chargingmorons - Lover5 star


Raachiieemarr - Love every single song5 star


Ameliab611 - idk2 star

i’m not that into cheesy pop music sorry

gugesegh - Taylor Swift is the only reason I’m here5 star


Umbregrl - Really good.5 star

Really love Taylor's new album. Fave You need to calm down.

Tyesha Day - Taylor5 star

I love it! I love it! Your the best.

riadrapete - Wow5 star

issa vibe

emmusic17 - A Masterpiece5 star

The sonic cohension within the album is remarkable!! It sounds light and airy a perfect album for a sunny afternoon or cozy evening. Taylor takes you on a journey through the emotional complexities of Love. You'll smile, laugh, feel empowered, cry, rejoice, and replay since the album gets even better with every listen!

fopifop - Why?1 star

Why is she sound exactly the same in every album? She has zero creativity and zero innovation. This album is so boring, and we are tired of hearing her past relationship. Bye felicia

bbcgtt - Whoops5 star


FamilyGuy1428 - As Generic As They Come....2 star

Every song almost sounds the same, her vocals (when she’s just talk singing) are 1 range, she doesn’t even have the spice to her songs or the ability to sing like Ariana Grande, with unique talent out like Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish that stand out with different sounds; Taylor Swift is as generic and basic as they come.

David0666 - Here we go again 🙄1 star


Shiva Rahmani1 - Lover5 star

The best album ever.I love it.you can feel love with every single song.My favorites are cruel summer,lover,afterglow,archer,the man, London boy and miss americana&the heart break prince.

Teenage dream 0000 - QUEEN IS ALIVE AND WELL5 star

This album is just perfect!!

A Random Canadian 13 - Outstanding and Bold!!!5 star

This album is incredible! This album put such a huge smile on my face and I will forever appreciate the song Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince! Thank you Taylor for such an amazing album and keep up the hard work!💖

maliaopitdiufhurfjih - Absolutely amazing5 star

Sure the old Taylor is still not here but in some songs you can hear her coming back again. Taylor swift has done a perfect way of adding all these songs together and making them amazing. Soon you’ll get better brought me to tears and I forgot that you existed is very hard not to dance too!! I love this and so proud of her

bamb077 - Meh2 star

Lover had me excited it seemed like a new direction for TS but the rest of the album is pop garbage

Lamphell Red - A love letter to a lover5 star

🧡 one of the best albums

taylorswift13_._ - You are my, my, my. LOVER ❤️5 star

I love this album mixture of both old and new Taylor. She again proved that who rules the music industry. My most listened and fav. track is YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN.

Mariahmarieholidayjoplin - She is bacc y'all !!!!5 star

Oml this albums amazing!!!Loving Taylor since my last preteen year and this is first era of hers that I completely stanned so it will always have a special place in my heart and tysm to Mother of Cats for getting me hooked to the Dixie Chicks and I couldn't be happier that Annie Clark(St.Vincent) has contributed to the album , it's like 1989's 'Clean'(I'm not saying they are similar just pointing out they have another amazing singer songwriter in the writing credits) which Imogen heap had cowritten . And right now I'm going through a self-doubt phase and 'Daylight' is helping me to make it through. Just wanna thank her for putting this brilliant piece of art and emotions out for us to listen.Btw Lover's Lounge was heartwarming, her voice is sooo articulate.

Mayank Swift - Loved the Lover5 star

Lover,Cornelia Steert,False god are gems of songs

sunnybabu - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

Taylor Swift is my favourite artist ❤️

Diya.Nigam - This is Love(r) 💕✨5 star

This album is going to stay with me for my whole life. It’s a masterpiece, it’s one of the most beautiful piece of art hanging in here. I’ve known Taylor for half my life and there hasn’t been a single second since then that I’ve NOT been wonderstuck by her. The writing is brilliant here (I wish my life was written by Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift 😂). In Lover (the album), Taylor has looked back at all her old selves and mentioned each one of them in her songs. It is the answer to “What would you like to tell yourself if you could go back in time?” She has come a long way. And is still moving forward, going higher. And even after so many years, she hasn’t changed the good in her. I always used to say- I will always love Tay, even if she changes, I will love her and support her, not for who she became, but for who she was. I’ve grown up with her. She has grown beautifully, you can hear it, you can feel it, when you listen to lover. I listen to Lover everyday, and I mean, EVERY SINGLE DAY *written in red, double underlined, bold* You just cannot compare Red or 1989 or Speak Now or Fearless or Reputation or her debut with Lover. Somehow, they all are very different. I personally can never tell you my favourite Taylor Swift album. I change my mind everytime I listen to anyone of them. Cornelia Street is my favourite on the album, it’s the happier All too well of Lover (not the best way to put it, I’m trying my best here 😂) *Fun Fact- Taylor wrote the whole song on her own while she was taking a bath. YES, SHE WROTE IT IN HER BATHTUB!!* There are so many things she has hinted in this album. You know, it’s always like this. It’s Taylor Swift 🙄, the “Easter Eggs” Queen. Anyway, THE ALBUM IS THE BEST ONE EVER! *me, literally going against what I just explain in this whole thing* I used to dislike Me! in the beginning (It sounded too childish) but with time, I started liking the cringy-ness (lmao I don’t know English lol) of it. My classmates know the lyrics of You need to calm down BY HEART because of me. Whenever someone is doing some nonsense in the class, everyone goes like- YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN, YOU ARE BRING TOO LOUD! CAN YOU JUST STOP? LIKE, CAN YOU JUST NOT STEP ON OUR GOWNS? 😂 it’s so funny and wonderful. I love it. The Archer is a good song too. There is nothing much I can say about that. The idea is nice, song is not my favourite (music wise), but it’s really good. Lover, oh lover. That song- wow. I didn’t know that I needed it so much in my life. Lover is a timeless classic. It will always be ineffable. These are all the singles of the album till now. The Man or Cruel Summer can be the next single. We don’t know, you never know with Taylor Swift. She doesn’t tell anything easily. It’s a difficult life as a swiftie. Both are AMAZING songs. The Man SHOUTS Equality and that’s so cool! 18 tracks, the most on an Taylor Swift album. All the songs are love(r). I forgot that you existed (I was screaming when I first heard it), Cruel Summer 💛🧡💛🧡, Lover 💖, The Man, The Archer, I Think He Knows (Does He Know? 😏), Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince (It was my favourite for the first two weeks, I legit mean, It was on repeat for 24x7x2), Paper Rings :’) ♥️ (I wear paper rings), Cornelia Street (THE BEST SONG EVER 💕💖💗), Death By A Thousand Cuts (haylor ♥️) (memes!! 😂😂 ya’ll, the traffic lights speak!), London Boy (BBC lounge performance!! AAAAAHHHH), Soon You’ll Get Better (The Best Day 2.0 +💔+💙) , False God (Underrated AF, I loooooovveee this song), You Need To Calm Down, Afterglow (my HAYLOR heart 😭💕✨*I know it’s not related to Meet Me In The Hallway but I live for haylor so go with it*), Me!, It’s Nice To Have A Friend (🖤), Daylight (this is that thing... it’s called... A MASTERPIECE!) “I don’t know how it gets better than this” 💕✨

Zainab ♥️🌸 - Best album!💕5 star

I think this album’s gonna win grammy this time for the album of the year! Right swifties? Taylor swift you really did that! All hail the queen💘🙌🏻

tawift - She killed it💕💕💕5 star

Completely mind blown 🤯 with this album of hers. Lover you are my love from now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jai romar - Lover💘💖💗💓5 star

Need Taylor’s concert in India this time please

nipun tamba - The best from Taylor swift5 star

This is my most favourite album ever . I am it’s LOVER now and for all of my life . This album is a perfect mixture of all the type of emotions whether it is happy , sad , nauseous , ring shady , being jealous , learning , mistakes made , etc you will definitely find all of them here . She has done a wonderful job , AGAIN . Make sure to buy this album and show your love and support to her 😊 🇮🇳

Prabh1306 - Prabh135 star

Pop perfection..only Taylor swift has the power to make heck of an album..!!

5wathi - Amazing!5 star

Probably the best album to come on 2019. Treat to Swiftes.

skatjatj - Awesome Songs5 star

Too obsessive!!!!

stylesxcvii - TAY’S BEST ALBUM !! CHANGE MY MIND5 star

she’s a lyrical genius! no one is doing it like her tbh

G.Moksha - Love u Taylor5 star

Taylor songs are always amazing I love u soooo much Taylor

L33SF - Lover......5 star

The best album♥️

RIwrld - Taylor’s Lover5 star

Thank you to all those people who inspired Taylor to write these songs and Taylor to share it with us.

cruelovers - 💗5 star

omg her best album late ease 🙈😌

K♥️A - So resonating and diverse!5 star

Taylor’s best... It has got everything and most importantly it captures the diverse faces of a sustaining love, and not the frail, hanging by a thread kind of high-school romance like her previous albums giving hope to the broken hearted. I am glad her life has led her to a settled and loving phase leading her to gifting us this album and making us believe in that “one love” which is important in life.

nitinratheehere - OMGGG5 star

Grammy says hello to LOVER

Nikhila96 - TS75 star


Duffvril - She’s done it once again 👏🏼5 star

My expectations were exceeded and I’m not complaining. Somehow she keeps winning and I ❗️AM ❗️HERE❗️ FOR❗️ IT ❗️ Fav 💘: Cornelia Street, Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince, Daylight, Cruel Summer

jassssssk - 😍😍😍5 star

Just amazing. The most complex yet simplest is you. You always win everyone’s heart by your vulnerable singing.❤️❤️❤️

rf_11 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Album of the century

Vatsayy - Lover5 star

How can all of the songs in one album be this good?❤️

payalgupta13 - TAYLORRRRR5 star

Literally the bessssssstttt album

Jay Cobe - Taylor never disappoints 😍5 star

Her best to date

hkrlll - WE NEED LOVER TOUR INDIA🇮🇳💗💗💗💗💗💗5 star

I mean, does a taylor album need review???

letsdancethroughanavalanche - she’s coming to save all of us as well as the music industry.5 star


raaahuuul - Indian swifties5 star

Love this lover

gkayyyyyyyyyy - Queen5 star

Best album ever

shreeja guha - The Queen is here to save us and serve us!5 star

I can already see how amazing this album is going to be. With track 5, called “The Archer” we get a side of the album that’s deep, emotional and hits you in the heart 💘 With “You need to calm down” and “ME!” you get songs you bop your head to and dance to in the shower. She’s showing us how versatile she can be with her sounds. Her talent knows no bounds. She’s a beautiful songwriter and a gorgeous singer. She has inspired me to write about my feelings and share my vulnerabilities through words. I’ve been a fan for 9 years now and if there’s one thing I know about my future, it is that I can never get tired of Taylor Swift 💓🌸

Newton Lobo - Love the archer5 star

In love with the new single

taybianca133333 - Biancaaaaaaa5 star

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maytayy__ - Exciting5 star


Tapur💗 - For Tay5 star

Can’t wait to listen to this masterpiece next month

Swift's girl - Awesome5 star

can't wait for the album

Priyanka Bhadane - Taylor Swift ♥️5 star

Taylor has got an amazing taste in Music. She has been the greatest idol for me since 10 years. I can get connected to each & every song of her. Everytime she has something new to say/sing. Her videos have lot of creativity too. AMAZING SHE IS! Her songs are just PERFECT! I know this time also her album 🦄LOVER🦋 will hit the list.

batman77799876 - High class5 star


NavFlash - Please Taylor come to India5 star

We want you to bring the You need to calm down tour in India Plz 🏳️‍🌈🇮🇳

ruchi222 - Waiting5 star

waiting for this album 23rd august what a date.this song is everything i mean listen to it

_taylorhere_ - katha5 star


siddhi113 - Love it !5 star

Has miss swift ever not delivered?!!! Now we need a YOU NEED TO STAY CALM TOUR INDIA 🇮🇳

wungmi - Best album of 20195 star

Hey queen! You have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised but I know who you are. I’ve seen it up close and personal. Girl, you make me so proud and I love you.

Rathaus bacos - ❤️❤️❤️5 star


Malougust - YAAAAAASSSSSSS5 star

I cannot wait!!!! I’m literally shaking I’m so excited 8/23 is five days before my Birthday what better present can a 30 year old gay dude can possibly get. Thank you Queen xx

downtheblock13 - CANT WAIT5 star


Kam 💋 - ITS AWESOME5 star


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Puck Chen - So good.5 star

Every song is good

Klancie Star - Lover is Awesome!5 star

I love it soo much! It’s the best Album ever!

Alexandra. J - Pop Perfection5 star

Taylor’s best yet! Makes me want to listen to all her albums again

BonJoviFan_92 - Best album yet5 star

Absolutely love love love this album! My favourites are ‘Lover’ and ‘Paper Rings’

susmitarai - Lover5 star

Great album ❤️

Sonia Gnanakuru - LOVE(R) THIS ALBUM5 star

Taylor swift is literally the best singer/songwriter ever and this album proves it. Been a swiftie for so long now and every time she releases new music I know why. I can’t even choose a favourite song cause they are all so catchy and karaoke approved 😉 I wish I didn’t sound like a goat when I try singing all these songs 😂 LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT 💗💗💗

koalalife - Not bad3 star

I’m not the biggest “TAY TAY” fan but I would listen to this once a week

EmJSan - I LOVE IT5 star

best taylor album ever

nooitsmel - MY FAVOURITE5 star

This is an absolutely incredible album and I there isn’t a song that doesn’t get stuck in my head. I shout “I LOVE THIS SONG” at every song because that’s just how good it is.

Chili's fangirl - Amazing album, love it5 star

Almost every song is a favourite from this album, if you love her old stuff, 1989 or her emotional songs on reputation, you’ll love this

Muldog101 - Best album yet5 star

Why haven’t you brought this yet? Do yourself a favour and buy it.

Westcoasty - I am obsessed with this album!!!5 star

Lover is a true masterpiece of pop music, one of the best albums of the year. This is Taylor Swift at her very best, both in terms of songwriting and vocal performance. Every song has something to say and something for you to connect with. On Lover Taylor shows why she is one of the most skilful an creative songwriters of her generation and one of the most iconic recording artists of all time.

Charlieycx - The best album of 20195 star

It's an album incluing so much genres and great lyrics! I just love it sooo much!!!

Savannah Murray - This is the best album yet5 star

I have always loved Taylor and her music but this is next level amazing!!! Her new songs feature artists like the Dixie chicks and Brendan Urie, it has already explained everything in the album name ‘lover’ being the centre of the album all about love. The songs expressed this in the lyrics and melodies. This album is telling a journey about love and the emotion of being and falling in love. It expresses topics such as gender equality, and sexism.Taylor goes above and beyond with lover telling stories that make us cry but also laugh, I truly believe that lover is Taylor swift’s best album yet!!! Love it👍👍👍👍

MariusSantos - 13/10 STARS 💛5 star

A MASTERPIECE. Songs are very relatable 🤩 Fave song is Cornelia street!! Can’t wait for the Tour!! Twitter: @TaylorLoverTour 💘

Em928 - Love Taylor5 star

Her best album to date

Seanijo - Not her best3 star

It doesn't surpass 1989 or even 'reputation', but it's ok. Better off streaming it than purchasing the whole thing, only two songs really worth buying. Hopefully the wait between this album and the next isn't too long. A lot of the songs feel sloppily and lazily written which is really strange for Swift who normally writes very structured and concise songs, however a lot of the tracks featured on this album just seem juvenile. Referencing high school in a song, at age 29? I'm sorry, but putting some of your 'fearless' reject singles on an album is a bit... lazy.

Superdan09 - Brilliant5 star

No other words can describe this album. Pure masterpiece.

danical90 - Such an amazing album 💖💖5 star

Best album

long live taylor alison swift - incredible5 star

this might be one of her best albums ever there are no skips on it all the songs are soo lyrically beautiful and there all bops

skskkskkss - Obsessed5 star

I am in love with this album and am so proud that Taylor owns this work herself. She’s come so far musically as an artist and her new songs represent this new stage in her life beautifully

greensryum - Masterpiece5 star

This album is so pure and magical. Thank you Taylor for sharing your art with us.

Kachiwza - A TRUE MASTERPIECE5 star


brittanykate1994 - Incredible5 star

Swifty has done it again

halfmarco8 - Brilliant5 star

Such an emotional roller coaster. It’s an amazing album. Best of the year for sure! Well done Taylor.

alanaeleven_ - Amazing5 star

This album is just perfect. It displays her maturity as she reaches the age 30 and all that she has learned and experienced in a perfect manner. She’s been through so much undeserved and unreasonable hate and has survived through it all. That’s a true queen.

chloeswiftie - Perfection5 star

Taylor Swift never ceases to amaze me. This album is definitely one of her best so far.

TahliasiPhone - Best album of the year!5 star

It’s as if Red and 1989 had a baby in the 80s and this masterpiece was born. Well done!

nji007 - Our American Girl5 star

Our beautiful American girl at her best!!! Love this album. Tay Tay at her song writing best. We love you ❤️

charlotte thorne - SWIFTIES GRAB BACK ✊5 star


Cybelle Marie - So different5 star

Amazing collection of different sounds, styles, moods from a grown and mature Taylor!

vvvictoriazzz - LOVER is my new lover5 star

As soon as this album released I listened to it and I knew I’d be addicted to it. LOVE THIS SO MUCH keep up the good work Taylor!

nicolewashere84 - Lyrical Genius5 star

That’s it, that’s the review.

celina yong - Love Taylor Swift 👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️5 star

😘😘😘🎼🎼🎼taylor swift

Kerry 💜😺 - This ones a grower 😕🤷‍♀️3 star

I am a long term TayTay fan (have even seen her in concert) and I have always looked forward to and really enjoyed all her albums to date... But this one I think I will have to give it a few listens for it to really grow on me unfortunately 😕 I really wanted to 'lover' it 😜 but on first full listen I would have to say it's only 3 stars for me... Hoping it will grow me me though so fingers crossed 🤞

giorgy_girl1 - Slay Queen 👑5 star

Hands down my favourite Taylor Swift album!!! Can’t stop listening!! All hail Taylor Swift 💕😘😋❤️

jayfizzledizzle - Yet again, perfection!5 star

Can’t fault this album. This is possibly her best work yet!

DominicDBYD - Soo good5 star

As a swiftie I love this album because it reminds me of old and new Taylor

Jrad87 - Best since Red5 star

She’s actually amazing. My friends and I can’t pick a song we don’t like! False God is my standout...

dehfan - Taylor’s best work5 star

This album is a truly a masterpiece. It will make you dance, laugh & cry, and leave you wanting to listen to it again.

Alyssajswan - She has done it again.5 star

i have been a Taylor Swift listener for nearly 10 years now, and every album she delievers a whole defintion to the word "serve". Pop perfection, every listen i get attached to a new song and fall more in love with her. She is so happy and in love, and that fact is so evident through almost every song. Miss Swift has raised the songwriting standrads so incredibly high, I'd like to see many if not all the pop singers this generation aspire to this. This album is a journey, and i feel so blessed she has allowed the whole world in on that.

beccstar - Brilliant5 star

Loving this new album

K-MH - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

This is a perfect album, can’t believe I love every song on it. She’s a master of writing.

welp love it - ITS OUT OMG SHE IS BACK5 star


thearcher_andtheprey - The best5 star

This is definitely the best album out by Taylor! Whether or not you’re a die hard swiftie or don’t normally listen to Taylor, everyone must listen to this love song to love itself. It’s raw, beautiful and loving. It can’t get better than this, can it? Knowing Taylor, it definitely can always get better. Listen to Lover!

Lukie29 - She continually gets better and better5 star

This album has had me excited since April. The gradual release of song for the last 4 months is only heightened by the unreleased greatnesses of Miss Americans, The Man, Paper Rings, London Boy & my favourite You need to calm down.

F1Sprint - I LOVE THIS ALBUM!5 star

one of my favourite Taylor Swift albums and the second I heard it, it contained so many instant classics! So many awesome different sounds that I love. This album feels so genuine and listening to it is so wonderful!

Caity Summers - It’s Amazing5 star

Everything I expected it to be!! There is no way you can feel sad or hurt listening to this album. Even the more emotional songs leave you feeling a sense of happiness and gratitude. She is one of a kind!!

rockettbootz - Perfect5 star


taylorrshhhh - !!!5 star

Taylor keeps raising the bar for EVERYONE

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Fskfndjc - Eh1 star

I just didn’t like it that much

Mia_af - Sorry but no1 star

Her worst album soz t

mm mas sssssshh - Really good I love the instruments5 star

I like all the instruments they are so good

samburnsx - Cannot believe this.1 star

terrible terrible album. i played this to my children and my one epileptic kid almost burst into a fit. will not be recommending this to anyone- however the new lana del rey album 'Norman F***ing Rockwell' made my children cry out of happiness. despite the name of the album, this is a very family friendly album. buy NFR by Lana Del Rey.

puppy lover🐶😜😀 - I love your new album it’s amazing5 star


graxxianess08 - Ringtone5 star

Hope you'll make a ringtone out of this song please

LDR fan 420 - downhill1 star

how could TS write songs on her bedroom floor at 16 that could make me cry but now with fame and fortune and an entire team of songwriters she writes stuff like “you can’t spell awesome without ME” i understand she’s trying to break to a younger demographic but her lyrics have gone downhill in my opinion. catchy songs though

_Winnie_ - Fantastic!5 star

I love this album 💖

Beabennett19 - Okay2 star

This album was okay some catchy songs that is always expected with Taylor swift, but was meh over all and being British myself ‘London boy’ made me cringe, not for me

Rohan Hunter - Hated It1 star

The Lyrics and vocals on this album were horribalt

Owenlloydtays - Trying too hard1 star

Trying to become a gay icon just isn’t working out for her...

@mollyloveskaryn - twitter - A MASTERPIECE5 star

The ongoing daylight metaphors throughout the every song really set an appropriate tone for the whole album. And then to end on the song Daylight where she says “step into the daylight and let it go” ties the album together perfectly! Songwriting this good is rare in modern pop music.

sammii-lou - Pretty Vapid1 star

Nothing of substance or anything that suggests she’s not still 16. It’s a shame.

Amber Redhead - TRASH1 star

stream nfr instead

mrmadonher - Okay...2 star

A couple of great songs but the rest is very forgettable sadly.

saullaz - Yes5 star

This one is not yours brune

Whiteking1 - Stunning5 star

This album is amazingly stunning all the way through queen t to rule xxx❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

luke9099 - La1 star

Not her best album, full of filler songs. Least favourite album

britney js - Terrible1 star

I am a fan of Taylor swift but you can really feel the absence of songwriter Max Martin who wrote some of her biggest hits. The man is the only decent song the others are truly forgettable Just wish I could get a refun.

Lucyyyyy;-) - art5 star


ShoutyDog - 5 stars5 star

One of the best albums since reputation

Bionic love bug - Masterpiece5 star

I have been waiting for new music for Taylor and she made a comeback album. This is in my top 40 Album

Crudygamer - Amazing5 star

One of her best albums to date

nowfan123 - stream it and buy it5 star

can you say legendaric? things she did with this album: that

Nfdyhsusjsns - Boring3 star

A little boring but some good songs still

Toby roo - Scooter Braun is jealous cuz he doesn’t own this masterpiece5 star

Each song is lyrically amazing. And the production is some of the best weve EVER heard. Please buy this heartwarming album!!!!!

kevvvvie - Taylor’s best album5 star

Sonically and lyrically this is her best album to date. Everyone should give Lover a listen.

Lozzy2004 - AMAZING5 star

THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING. The lyrics, the production, the vocals. Everything omg . I love you so much Taylor

overaite - Heart stopping5 star

Truly amazing, iconic. Amazing lyrical depth, amazing production - the first album she has made that is completely owned by her. Such nice pop, very nice on the ears and is such a vibe for car journeys. Tell me that Afterglow isn’t the best song of her career and I’ll tell you you’re wrong

Fitness App Review - THE BEST ONE YET5 star

Taylor Swift has outdone herself, as always she puts her heart and soul into her music and this album is no different. It covers the whole spectrum of emotions, there’s songs that make you want to cry and others that you want to scream at the top of your lungs. Honestly don’t even think about not buying it, purchase this album immediately because I promise you will not be disappointed. Ps. There was 5 holes in the fence and 7 palm trees

Spiceism - Writer5 star

Taylor remains one of the best writers of all time yep that’s it that’s the review; this album is exquisite.

lovers2903 - Taylor Swift5 star

You are always so good and talented

Gabbys2000 - Congratulations Taylor!5 star

Lover is the perfect mix of all of her albums! The only bad song is ME! but overall a solid body of work.

Heather McLaughlin - Incredible meaning5 star

The lyrics in this album are tremendous, so intense and heart wrenching. Provoked the feelings inside me as she sung them. The melodic tones and synth beats tie in gorgeously with one another. A must listen.

Ryan 333 - taylor swift4 star

pleasantly surprised its a very good album a few not so great songs but overall am impressed

skt93 - Lyrical Genius5 star

Once again, Taylor has produced a lyrical masterpiece with catchy tunes.

Dave Holland. - Incredible album. True love on repeat5 star

WOW I’ve got this album on repeat 24 hours a day and that’s the truth. WOW

jess o'donnell - Lover is beautiful5 star

Lyrically detailed with the catchiness of 1989. There’s not a single bad song if you get past your reservations. I have had it on repeat for days. Great job Taylor!

alxnym - Amazing album5 star

I think it’s Taylor second best album real TS6 is TS7

sammarks23 - Musical masterpiece5 star

This album means so much to mean right now. I lost my partner 1 month ago and this album is helping me so much to get through the grieving. I can’t thank you enough for the work you do and the effort you put in to produce such a wonder vision for everyone. Don’t stop doing what you do best and that’s saying it how it is supporting the community’s and just being a genuine person

tomgreen12345 - Taylor Swift is supporting the lies of leaving neverland2 star

Please don’t be Taylor Swift fans she is supporting the two liars off leaving neverland and please stand up for Michael Jackson legacy

Worked perfectly - QUEEN5 star

she’s making it harder and harder to outdo herself

Buns7744 - DON’T BUY ALBUMS RELEASED BEFORE LOVER!!! (Keep Original Copies)5 star

Lover seems like a nice album from what I’ve listened to. Not listened to it all, yet though. However, this is Taylor’s first album on Republic and she OWNS it. Don’t buy albums Taylor Swift - Reputation as Scooter owns them and he is a bully of Taylor’s. One of Reputation’s new reviews claims that the new version is funding the genocide of Yemens 😱😱 that’s not ok. Can’t wait for the re recordings on her new label starting from November 2020 Taylor’s best song is You Need To Calm Down.

Vickiwiki - Masterpiece.5 star

This album is a work of art. Well done 💗

Gigi the swiftie - A MASTERPIECE5 star

I AM SO PROUD OF TAYLOR FOR MAKING THIS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ALBUM. My personal favourites are Cornelia Street and Daylight but I think all the songs on this album are absolutely wonderful.

Rainbow llama 🌈 - Omg5 star

Omg this is so good yassssss taylor........best album yet....queen

Paris_Brunette - It’s not bad but it’s not good either2 star

This is a very pop album. I liked 2 songs but then I got bored. They just sound the same. Taylor really needs to start doing country music again. Nobody with taste would like this album.

Ckingwell 01 - amazing5 star

Honestly one of her best albums if not the best it's the most beautiful collection of songs I've personally listened to 💙

PMCGee - Does anyone actually buy this bull..1 star

If I could only rate one star

AmarLott - Absolutely perfect5 star

I’ve been to listening to this album since it came out no skips at all ovbs their is one sad song that very personal to Taylor and sometimes I find it difficult to hear that song too but otherwise the album has lots of bops and new sounds!! Have a listen to the best summer album

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Abdull3D5 star

@bz_olamide: Relationship advice everywhere you people need to calm down sha😂.....ya'll are ruining business for relationship counsellor…

Taylordeluxe135 star

@katyworIdwide: "But you would rather be in the dark ages. Makin' that sign must've taken all night" - You Need to Calm Down by Taylor S…

Calendulamirror5 star

@katyworIdwide: "But you would rather be in the dark ages. Makin' that sign must've taken all night" - You Need to Calm Down by Taylor S…

KatyworIdwide5 star

"But you would rather be in the dark ages. Makin' that sign must've taken all night" - You Need to Calm Down by Tay…

Femivita0075 star

@FunkeOnafuye He did, you need to calm down

MGbadesire5 star

@MrOgbeni: “Bro you need to calm down with this Jesus thing”

Vanillashino5 star

some of you need to calm down at being h word on the tl 💔💔

Omoesiri_5 star

@MrOgbeni: “Bro you need to calm down with this Jesus thing”

Wilson_Trend5 star

@Blessing__ede: Having a friend who understands when you need to vent and is there to listen and calm you down is so underrated

OnGlick5 star

@chumysart @KimChi_Chic The comment was clarified by @Bhytes1 so you need to calm down

_Jessica_Louis_5 star

@MrOgbeni: “Bro you need to calm down with this Jesus thing”

Lots475 star

The biggest thing I remember about Doomsday Clock is that a teenager saw some dick. DC you people need to calm the fuck down.

Eioluseyi5 star

@MrOgbeni: “Bro you need to calm down with this Jesus thing”

Haoxuanbabie5 star

@joonssmoonchild: here’s a breathing exercise to calm down if you need it

EPAradio_pl5 star

Taylor Swift, Clean Bandit - You Need To Calm Down - Clean Bandit Remix

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About You Need To Calm Down Taylor Swift Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Taylor Swift, album Lover, song You Need To Calm Down, released 14 June 2019. Listening online to You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift song preview is free and does not require registration...

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