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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita Song Lyrics

I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every touch is ooh-la-la-la
It's true, la-la-la
Ooh, I should be runnin'
Ooh, you keep me coming for ya

Land in Miami
The air was hot from summer rain
Sweat drippin' off me
Before I even knew her name, la-la-la
It felt like ooh-la-la-la (Yeah, no)

Sapphire moonlight
We danced for hours in the sand
Tequila Sunrise
Her body fit right in my hands, la-la-la
It felt like ooh-la-la-la, yeah

I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every touch is ooh-la-la-la


Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita Song Comments

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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita Song Reviews

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- Wow5 star

Very nice

- Best5 star

This is the best song ever!

- I love it!!!!!!!!!5 star

This is like the best song ever, I totally ship Camila and Shawn😂❤️

- Bruh5 star

BRUH you think this is good, watch the music video and HOH 🤤🌶 She spicy 👀


Honestly the best song ever. I was so excited and was talking about it all day. Literally cried watching the video and it’s been 4 hrs and I still can’t get over it. 5 stars is not enough! It’s a beautiful song sang by two beautiful artists. My favourite people wowed me again. They honestly never fail to impress me. #señorita will be with me till I die

- I LOVE it when you call me SEÑORITA5 star

I absolutely love señorita because I am a dancer and if you are a dancer too you probably know about those songs that just make you want to get up and dance forever! For me Señorita is one of those songs. (I ignore the lyrics)

- Señorita5 star

Señorita is the best song ever 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃😃😃😃

- Just sad1 star

Like others have said, this song is about sex, not love. They are not the same, by any means. If you want a love song, check out “Gone, gone, gone” by Philip Philips or “Walking the wire” by Imagine Dragons.


I listen to this song everyday, wait for it to play on the radio 📻 then,DANCE to the song XD

- Nope I’m done walk away1 star


- Boomer5 star

Love it it’s great

- By: Jena Marks5 star

This is a very beautiful song about love if people don’t like it that is their opinion but Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello worked hard on this song to make it how it is now. It may have a little baby bad part but I still love to dance to this amazing song he worked on to make for his fans so we should be thankful that Shawn Mendes actually cares about his fans. So what I’m trying to say is that amazing job everyone who worked extremely hard on this song!❤️❤️

- Great song!!!!!5 star

Love this song!!!! Great lyrics!!

- Wow5 star

Whoever you idiots are that give this one star without a reasonable explanation at complete pieces of crap. So thanks purple pikachu for the explanation.❤️

- Best duet!❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

This omg is great They are great singers and they can make a good song!

- Wow4 star


- Not a bad song4 star

It’s not a masterpiece but it is really catchy and it sticks in your head in a good way

- Love this song by Ean Avila5 star

Its just soooo good that i cant stop hearing ot but im only 9 years old but i cant stop listening to this

- Beautiful5 star

I LOVE this song.No wonder my friends always are talking about it!

- 😐3 star

it gets boring after a while

- nope1 star

literally I can’t stand this song it’s so bad

- why1 star

Does NOT deserve to be on the charts.

- BSE5 star

Get this song it is better than ever people. When you hear it, it makes you feel good like when you’re not home and somewhere else.

- I agree....😅1 star

Sorry but this is no love song.Its mostly about sex.

- To the haters out there5 star

Maybe there just jealous because they can’t sing as good as them 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🙍🏻‍♂️🙍🏻‍♀️🙎🏻‍♂️🙎🏻‍♀️ But over all this song slayed Edit:its been on the top charts for 4 months 😵😲😮😯(so suprised (not really cause this song is my #1 song)

- OMG!!!5 star

I love it so so much😘😍🥰😳!

- 👎🏼2 star

Can’t Camila write something other than love 🙄

- Reeeeeeeeesed4 star

Ok but baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

- Song5 star

Awesome song

- Meh2 star

This song could’ve been better I agree with everyone here singing about sex is so generic and it doesn’t make a song better it makes it worse I liked the song until I saw the music video . 🙄😑😑😑😑😑 it was horrible I don’t know why you thought being on top of each other and sleeping together and kissing in the mv would “spice it up” a little this was horrible this song was 🤢🤮 and I can’t believe a person like u would try to collaborate with a girl and kiss camila in the mv to try to proof your straight . YOUR STRAIGHT you don’t need to prove it and if ppl don’t believe it don’t mind them okay Shawn but this song was .......

- Overplayed1 star

This song is always on the radio and I always change it to another channel.


I LOVE THIS!! can't get it out of my head, and it is the first song that's done that and DOESN"T annoy me! also, LOVE Shawmila! also, just because it isn't a giant life lesson, doesn't mean that it isn't a good, catchy tune! #romancelover

- Best collab of the year5 star

This collab is amazing and one of the best songs this year

- Why?1 star

So what the heck? Like I need some stuff you don’t want to share. Real personal embarrassment type of personal. That’s where we will relate. That’s true self artistry.

- ❤️❤️🌈5 star

AWESOME I can’t stop playing and thinking of this song

- It's very catchy4 star

This song can easily get stuck in your head. I actually like it. Shawn and Camilla are incredibly talented so I wasn't surprised💙

- AMAZING5 star

Its just wonderful

- Ok but very catchy3 star

I love this song but its anyonning

- Don’t listen to what they say5 star

Five star

- Garbage on fire1 star

Annoying and repetitive. The most annoying song of the year award

- Eh😑2 star

It’s okay. I don’t like that it’s about sex at all, but it’s very catchy. Honestly he could have done better with the lyrics........ maybe he was thinking about Camila 🤔 but still not very appropriate. Not to happy😔

- The1 star

Only people who love this song are stupid Cuz this song is retarded

- Autotune and Pretty Bois1 star

Camilla Caballo is just an autotuned female singer who had one big song, and Shawn Mendes is only famous cause people think he’s pretty. His vocals are always nasally and weak, and now he’s mainstream

- Shawn Mendes likes it when you call him senorita?5 star

Weird flex but ok

- Amazing!!5 star

I absolutely love this song.

- Ugh I’m so tired of this1 star

Omg sex songs are so unnecessary and it’s just stupid how all these artists just keep throwing them out at us. They may have different words but they’re all the same and I’m so done with it. I never like it in the first place and I’m tired of hearing it!!! Like have some variety guys for real😒. There’s legit no meaning here whatsoever. And all you people who apparently like this crap are just perverts🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

- Review5 star

To all you suckers who hate this song SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!

- Her voice is so cringey2 star

It ruins the song

- It’s awful1 star

I just don’t understand how this is so high on the charts. It’s a horrible song, and the lyrics have no meaning. I’m a huge fan of Shawn, and I know he can do so much better than that. 😔

- baddddd1 star

this song is literally so basic. if shawn did this song by himself, it would be sort of better but the fact that you can literally mostly hear camilla’s annoying voice ruins it. i do NOT recommend

- Oh my goodnesses5 star

This is so good 😊 it is soooooo satisfying Camila Cabello was one of my favorite artists but with the new boy it sounds even better I have an aunt that is Mexican and she played this song and I am a wow to this song so good I hope you write more together I wish you the best of luck

- AMAZING5 star


- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

I LOVE IT 💞💖💕💘💗💞💘💖💗💞💖💕💖💗💝

- Amazing5 star

Love this song, their vocals are EVERYTHING

- !!!5 star

a beautiful duet, i’m so happy for them <3


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morese1739 - love it5 star

amazing!!! i’m obsessed with it! definitely my song of the summer! listen to in and watch the music video you won’t regret it. shawn and cami are amazing!!

idksierra - I wish it wasn’t so damn hard to stop playing!!5 star

They went alllll the way offff

B e n ji - Amazing5 star


tequila sunrises :) - Love it!5 star

The perfect song for summer. Shawn and Camila never disappoint!!! Will be on repeat for weeks and weeks 💃🏻

Eloise lazier - Amazing song!!💃💕5 star

It’s an amazing song and I couldn’t be prouder to have heard it the second it premiered. It’s going to be a summer bop

Marshiinito - SWEET JEZUZ5 star


costamassi - LOVE IT!!!5 star

Beautiful sexy song! Song of the summer 🔥🔥

alyssbabe - This was very hot5 star

On replay, like wowwwwww😛😚

lit313 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star


MWNWN - Damn!!5 star

Camila has some type of magic touch cause every song she is on just becomes so amazing!! Her voice is so sexy and mesmerizing. Her and Shawn fit so well together!!!!!

Fabbfab44 - Love5 star

So different, so sexy, sensual, really hot for summer! Melting

Cadence1999 - Soothing song, adorable music video! 😍😭💜5 star

Wow!!! I love this more than “If I can’t have you” but both songs are amazing! !! Shawn knows how to charm his audience with meaningful lyrics and real instrumentals (let’s not deny his sexy physical appearance 😍😍💦!!) I love the collab with Camila, they fit so well together!! 🤩💯

Advice😉 - ITS HOT!!!5 star

wow shawn and camila truly changed the game, fire song

samanthabey12 - Best song5 star

This song is definitely in my top 5 of my favourite Shawn mendes songs. This song is so 🔥

great great music :) - Great song5 star

Both voices are astonishingly amazing! So so good!! I love this new song! 💕💕

mohlik - Love5 star

Holy I love this song and then tog

_music2001 - Bad1 star

I don’t like this, Shawn could have done better!!!

selena2910 - It’s the song of 20195 star

It’s so beautiful and amazing. Their voices combined is just beautiful. It is a blessing to be able to listen to this. “Oh la la la” 💕

Iced Teagan - love it5 star


if i chy - AMAZING5 star

This is the most amazing song I have heard and the video is 🥵

samaan ahmed - Fabulous5 star

its a lovely and awesome song

Alif Alam - Star song of 20195 star

Listen this song Everyday & Night.Love this song🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻.

napper 78543 - Best song ever5 star

Lovely song must listen

Vrushant sawant - Senorita5 star


forhad0725 - Quality5 star

Nice song

Swiftsparrow007 - Awesome..👌4 star

The coolest song

Solitairefroot - Cheap1 star

Cheap lyrics, cheap music, and obviously cheap narrative

yedhukrishnan - Kidu5 star


Ayush3006 - Summer Bop5 star

This is fire af!!!!

shivu220 - Awesome♥️5 star

My current fav. Song🥰

Achoz_7 - Nxt lvl5 star

Vera level 🔥

Ashu_1103 - Rom-lust song5 star

One of the best songs of shawnmendes and as expected from camila and the Lyrics are sooo mind melting

Afsu2020 - Awesome5 star

Fantastic and super song

bhaskar_M - Lust on this5 star

Very emotional 💋💋

tanuja s. - lovely song!!5 star

it gives beachy miami vibes and is the perfect song for summer!! 17/10 would recommend.

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Miss.Bia27 - WIG FLEW🥰🥰😍😀5 star


Jacksimsslays - 😍😍5 star


Dec12er - Middle of the Road Pap ☹️1 star

I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and wish I hadn’t bothered now. Another generic streaming/chart ‘hit’ that isn’t going to stand the test of time. Plus the use of AutoTune is seriously off putting. Can no one sing these days without using it?!

xSophCabello - 🥰🔥😍5 star


witness👁234 - Camila honey no3 star

The song is a bop.. nice and calm but Camila voice is really annoying when she sounds squeaky honestly she should’ve just kept it smooth, her oh la la la hurts my ears.. had the potential to be a really good bop but Camila just ruins it

Iri Hussain 👼🏻🌹 - mind blown 😭5 star

it’s so catchy and the music video is EVERYTHING!! y’all need to make it into an actual movie fr. love this song sm 💗

Lucy_xoxo❤️ Ari - Summer time5 star

Such amazing and talented voices there voices both Colab so well. WELL DONE THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING SONG!!!’❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳

arabesquee - 🥇5 star

I Love it ❤️

tanushri29 - Absolutely amazing4 star

Perfect for the summer

tianaelise - sexy summer song señorita5 star

makes me wanna step off a plane in spain and sip a large cocktail, absolute class xx

DotJJ - I love Camilla1 star

But this is so basic and boring sweetie you can do better we know it 😩

Artgirl09 - Song of the Summer 20195 star


Remi Borrer - So perfect!5 star

The two of them together on a song never disappoints🥰

Imaannxxx - No Camilla.2 star

Her voice is so squeaky and irritating

1998mendes - LOVE THIS5 star


Graice loves canola - It’s amazing5 star

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are an amazing pair. This song is such a bop that everyone will love

Ilillyolo - Incredible5 star

i love this song so much!

cybesson - It’s so gooood5 star

i have had it on repeat for the past 5 hours 😂

Florence Madrid - Fire song5 star

10/10 would recommend

Shelly94x - Amazing5 star

Just what I expected. Love it!

libbboooo - Amazing5 star

One of those songs you can never get bored off had it on repeat since 5am

violet louise - Violet Louise5 star

This is amazing omg

Cullengirlvfff - SEXY SONG OF THE SUMMER5 star

I stan this i cannot get enough

Kian 🙂 - stream CC2 when it’s released5 star

ugh stan list✨

louistaylorr - Generic1 star

Shawn and camila could do a lot better, this song sounds like a lot like a regular song on the radio. Nothing special.

Bambino_lucyyyyy - Love this song💃🏻5 star

A great song, a great vibe, great artists. a bop for summer🌹



Frankie097 - slaps5 star


emilygrabham - SONG OF THE SUMMER5 star

Been waiting for them to collab again for forever. And what a song they’ve delivered! It’s such a sexy summer bop and I hope it gets all the success it deserves

@reyhanhxssan - omggggg5 star


CJ loves tattoos - Sensual as heck5 star

Great potential to be No.1🙌🏻😇😍😈

FlashArrow14 - 🥺🙌5 star

Omg I’ve never felt my ovaries feel like This this so is actually AMAZING

peakyfookingblinders - Noice3 star

Shawns vocals have me chills

Starshinexoxox - camilas comeback5 star

Get this to no.1 camilizers!!!!!

sheurnrya - Portugal king5 star


VampetteSwiftie13 - Really good summer vibe5 star

Summer bop

Ryan 333 - shawn mendes and camila cabello5 star

the song gets better and better the more you listen to it

big fat sexy jungle cat - Fallinruel on twitter deserves a shawn follow5 star


jaidonscabello - love this tune5 star

I’m obsessed with Camila and Shawn’s vocals, such a catchy song, an absolute summer bop 🙌🏻

KingDylanDean - Señorita is such an interesting song!💃🏻🕺5 star

Proud of #Shawn&Camila!!! They’re bringing me back to life!

Tash2399 - Amazing!5 star

This is definitely a song for the summer! It’s sexy and it’s a bop. They really did that!

Luxury soap - AMAZING5 star

Love this song so much, the music really captures the lyrics of the song and the general vibe of the music is captivating

Zigiforlyf - Meh1 star

Expected something better

alice03x - BEST SONG EVER5 star

I love this so much! Such a good song to dance to - it really is the song of the summer and such a good comeback after IKWYDLS!

Camrell🙏🏽 - Oh my god5 star

Shawmila I’ve been waiting for this and it’s finally here 😍😍☕️ I love their voices

charlottexxox - AMAZING MUSIC5 star

So proud of my baby🥰

the hard core truths - Amazing5 star

Best single ever

Mendesfan22 - Love the song5 star

Love the friendship so much

shawnsenorita - Senorita5 star

Fk me. Wow. this is incredible. I just orgasmed

dan whittker - Wow just wow5 star

This is insane thanks for this masterpiece camila, follow me on Instagram- I write music too. @vowelmusic_ my new album summer in May is out now- dan whitt

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Senorita_ain5 star

@QuickTake: WATCH: This Lebanese wedding photographer captured a bride and groom getting married just as a massive explosion rocked #Bei…

Almupupo5 star

@vicomm_: Un día eres joven y al otro te has convertido en la señorita matsuzaka

Magicallane5 star

Buenos días, señorita.¿como está?

Ansari5Mina5 star

i love it when you call me Senorita♡

Illicittmendes5 star

@vicomm_: Un día eres joven y al otro te has convertido en la señorita matsuzaka

Poppixiee_5 star

@bbubbllegum Gidle talented Gidle beautiful Gidle the best Gidle hann Gidle oh my god Gidle latata Gidle senorita G…

Poppixiee_5 star

@bbubbllegum Gidle talented Gidle beautiful Gidle the best Gidle hann Gidle oh my god Gidle latata Gidle senorita G…

Bbubbllegum5 star

@Poppixiee_ Gidle talented Gidle beautiful Gidle the best Gidle hann Gidle oh my god Gidle latata Gidle senorita Gi…

Poppixiee_5 star

@bbubbllegum Gidle talented Gidle beautiful Gidle the best Gidle hann Gidle oh my god Gidle latata Gidle senorita G…

EmielRegisTW5 star

@oxrnightmare — Todos los pensamientos relacionados con Oxenfurt se desvanecen cuando Adeline se despierta y le sal…

Senorita_lalla5 star

@uonmymindlouis: them: pictures can’t make you cry the pictures:

Senorita_ddlj5 star

@sarkar_swati: Nehru’s altar ego Krishna Menon used to run the “India League” in England. It was to the left of the labor party & social…

Bbubbllegum5 star

@DO666WOON Gidle talented Gidle beautiful Gidle the best Gidle hann Gidle oh my god Gidle latata Gidle senorita Gid…

LuciaSobera5 star

@celilobato20 hola señorita, te lo recuerdo 😂

Jose_Moyita5 star

@Lauri_AM usted tiene el pase vip, señorita Lauri, adelante

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