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Lyrics for artist Beyoncé, SAINt JHN, Wizkid & Blue Ivy Carter song BROWN SKIN GIRL coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris had to stop washing his clothes in the ocean. The tsunamis were killing people.

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Beyoncé, SAINt JHN, Wizkid & Blue Ivy Carter - BROWN SKIN GIRL Song Reviews

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- Not your average album

The songs on this album are beautiful and explores the amazing talent from musical artists in Africa. My fav songs are Mood for Eva, Nile and Brown Skin Girl. My girl Beyoncé has done it again!!

- BrownSkinGirrl

A beautiful album. The vocals and different talent on here is insane! Amazing

- Great album

For those reviewing, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A SOUNDTRACK. This is an afro-beat meets american hip hop album. The music on this album is great! Her verse in MOOD 4 EVA, her voice in WATER, the inspiration & vocals in BIGGER. BROWN SKIN GIRL is such an uplifting song for our beautiful brown skin girls who have always been put down for their gorgeous skin. ALREADY just gets me in the mood. I personally loved everything on and about this album. Beyoncé just keeps doing what she loves, and creating great things with her passion and love for music. I love to see it!

- I’m so unbothered, I’m so unbothered!

Beyoncé took the time to hand select nearly 50 producers, vocalists, rappers, and more from Africa to truly bring Africa to this album. The themes of every song match the pace of the movie, from “I took a swim in de Nile” coming after Simba runs away to “You’ll never take my power” playing alongside the fight scene. Beyoncé serves amazing vocals and even bars on Mood 4 Eva with Jay-Z. Watch Making The Gift broadcast by ABC, written, directed, and produced by Beyoncé to see how she put this masterpiece, THE GIFT, together.


I never leave reviews but I had to drop a line because the hate in here is out of control. I understand if the style(s) of music is not your vibe but the level of distasteful comments is unfounded. Just say you hate black women and go. Nothing on this album merits that much hate. There is meticulous artistry and talent in this work. That’s why the “bad” reviews skew high— the five vs one star ratings are polarizing—but there’s no actual critique. You could argue the album maybe doesn’t need so many interludes with dialogue from the movie— that’s a legit note— but the talent in undeniable. Saying it’s put together for publicity when it’s barely been marketed is just inaccurate and clearly showing a lack of actual attention when listening to the album. BIGGER, OTHERSIDE, AND SPIRIT should go down in history as some of the most beautiful poetic musical pieces of this era. The melodies transcend this Earth and the harmonies take us beyond. TRULY DIVINE. A GIFT INDEED!!

- Beyonce

Beyonce Beyonce has done it again !!!

- 🔥🔥


- Respect

This is not just about the lion king. You guys don’t seem understand or appreciate afrobeat music. And if you actually took time to read the summary of the album maybe you would understand why Beyoncé made this album. I think this album is great especially to someone who is actually African American. And maybe some of you who wrote one start reviews are also African American, but I know not all of you are. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to disrespect the people who make it. I’m not an expert on afrobeats or African music but I’ve recently started to listen to some and I like some of it. I don’t know the history behind all of it but I find it very interesting. I think listening to music from different cultures is very cool and something that should be appreciated nowadays since this kind of music and other cultures might one day be gone and taken over by the millennial generation. Being a millennial myself sometimes it’s hard to see the significance of some things that are of the past. I just think it’s important to at least respect other types of music other than the modern music we hear today.

- Definitely Something Bigger!

Love it! 💛💛


Loved the whole album from beginning to the end. If you don’t get it - IT wasn’t written for you. There is a new Lion King sound track... this is not it. This is simply The Gift and it is triumphant!

- Love it

Love everything with Beyoncé on it.

- 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Brown skin girl

- Yes

If you don’t vibe with this album then it wasn’t made for you. This is a celebration of African culture and music.

- Classic


- Love it!

I love this album ! The movie was alright.

- Some great songs!

Although a lot of this album is decent, some of the songs including “FIND YOUR WAY BACK,” “BROWN SKIN GIRL,” “OTHERSIDE,” and “SPIRIT” are absolutely fantastic! I’d call this a win! 😁

- This the groove!

I enjoyed the album. Find Your Way Back is my favorite song. Wished it had a physical release as well.

- Love it b!!!



Yes yes yes and even even more yes

- Beautiful!

My kids and I absolutely can't stop listening to this album, especially after seeing Lion King. We relive the movie in the album's interludes. The contributions by the African artists make me a proud African!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

- Thanks Beyoncé

It has been a long time since I actually listened to music that moved me to tears. The songs on this Album inspires me to step in my Essence and know that I’m Excellent!! Love it...

- Amazing.

one word: greatness. I said what I said.

- Great album! Beyoncé does it again!

Every song is hot! It’s not a lion king album thank god! I don’t want dance to a musical.


It’s clear a lot of people in these reviews are sooo lost and it’s hilarious. This album is phenomenal! From the Afrobeats, to the lyrics, to the references from the movie, to the full embodiment of the culture. All artists on this album did a great job. I love it !


I love this album, such an inspiration, everything Beyoncé touch is just golden... love it love it love it The Afrobeats is PERFECT ! Thank you Beyoncé for another great project

- A Great gift

This album brings out all the beauty of Africa! From the Lion King movie, we see the displayed love for Africa through its nature and music (mostly instrumental). We see this as well in the musical but what the musical brings is a admiration for the black bodies of the continent and their cultures! With this album Beyonce emphasizes the love of African Cultures and Its people throughout the lands, she ushers in their rhythms and vocals and its all magnificent! I appreciate this album, especially seeing that she collaborated with so many of my favorite artists! I like to think that this album wasn’t “Beyonce with a touch of Africa(African cultures)” but “Africa touching Beyonce and its aftereffect”!

- Beautiful

A masterpiece!

- Amazing!!

Simply amazing!!!

- Lovvveeee it!!!!

Love it queen bey does it again

- Amazing

Amazing from start to finish and so empowering


This really is a “”Gift”... incredible drums, tracks, vocals.. Don’t miss out on this gem listening to Beyoncé haters.. this is wonderful authentic music

- PSA: This album is for Black folk!

This album is NOT The Lion King album! It is inspired by The Lion King movie. This album is paying homage to Black culture and African ancestry. This is for Black people, by a BLACK WOMAN! So for those people who gave it a bad review, you have no idea who Beyonce is and what she stands for. Please educate yourselves about the African diaspora!

- By NY

Amazing album! She so legendary her voice can do so much she works so hard and this great work of art shows that thanks for all the great music Beyoncé

- I love it. The beats make you want to dance. Awesome. A love letter to Africa.

I bast water in my car. Bey definitely represents our heritage beautifully. Love her

- So spiritual

This definitely is one of my favorite albums already, extremely spiritual and motivating..

- Great Album

Honestly, not surprised at all by this greatness.

- Yes Beyoncé

Keep spreading this black love.

- Beautiful Album

If one was to remove the clips from the movies and keep the remaining songs one would find that the album is absolutely beautiful.

- Truly a gift...

If you don’t understand how this album is a gift, you don’t understand our culture or the social struggles of people of color. She put her heart into this project and it shows...its something for the people. Thank you Bey!

- No.

No just no. Music is catchy yea but because of the scene tracks from the movie it’s just making the album is kinda dull

- A inspiring album

Brown skin girl is a world wide anthem for brown skin girls and women all over the world from North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, India, and Africa. Bigger she dropped some jewels. Bigger is my new anthem to quit playing small. The African artists hit the ball out of the park with their lyrics and beats. Thank you Queen Bey for introducing me to these African artists.


Recently, Beyoncé has put out music that isn’t suited for her gifts, and literally falls short. Her voice is nothing short of amazing, and the popular “disposable” type of music flooding the airwaves now is simply beneath someone like her. But this project is a stunning body of work. Not only is she branching out and exploring depths of social awareness through her music, she’s bringing attention to gifted artists who deserve mainstream attention, and introducing them to an audience that is craving more from their music. This album fills a void that the mainstream music scene has created. This album is rich, full of life, and fills the soul with joy. As a lover of music, and a proud musician, it’s a joy to listen to this album.

- Great!

Real solid album

- To the reviewer who asked why the album cover looks demonic...

Because it's a Beyonce album, and Beyonce is demonic! You should expect nothing less from her lol. Beyonce shows her love to the illuminati (which she is not in control of, but a puppet to) every chance she gets, and payes her respects to the one tshe truely loves, Satan!

- Great Album with Great Artists

From Bigger to Already & more the tracks are great. They give the true African vibe & vibrant spirit. If you love great music with with artists you will love this Album

- Ringtones

I love the soundtrack to Lion King, someone really needs to make brown skin girl into a ringtone. PLEASE!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!

- Her best album since the self-titled, Beyonce.

This soundtrack is an unexpected gem. The interludes are unnecessary, but the songs themselves feature inspired production, well selected collaborators, and refreshing vocals from Beyonce. Worth buying all 14 songs..

- Beautifully Done!

Listening to the entire album from beginning to end helped me fully appreciate it. It has a level of depth and artistry to it that not everyone will appreciate, but I think it's one of Beyonce's best works to date. It is both beautiful and inspiring.

- 😕

if this was a beyoncé album, i’d give it five stars. however, since it’s lion king, it’s okay.

- Black Art Exemplified.

This album truly touches on black roots and the beauty of our culture’s roots. I am so grateful that Beyoncé cares so much about her people.

- For the Culture ✊🏾

A love letter to Africa. Plain and simple.

- Bad

Beyoncé doesn’t get it

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Beyoncé well done

- Lol

Pass me the sick bucket.


Amazing album not one song I don’t like 😍😍 Beyoncé didn’t come to play 👸🏽😍


Beyoncé never lets us down, she brought together sounds of Africa to take us on a journey and delivered a timeless classic.

- Incredible.

Beyoncé’s music catalogue is already widely diverse and this album continues that phenomenal legacy. A mix of her deepest cuts and afro beat perfection, collaborated with the finest talent from the African continent to pay respects to the roots of the Lion King. No living being on earth comes anywhere close to Beyoncé.

- Already banging

Shatta wale 🇬🇭 with the Queen

- Beyoncé 🔥🔥🔥

This songs is amazing, the melody and vibe is everything.

- 💩

The gift no one asked for. What a pile of 💩

- Incredible

This is a masterpiece!

- Stunning!

Never been the biggest fan of Beyoncé, but I’ve enjoyed her last 2 albums very much. However, I think this album is the best I’ve ever heard from her. It’s very rare that you listen to an album and don’t want it to end. I was gutted when it finished. Trust me, it’s worth the purchase!

- 👑👑👑

She has done it again and they hate to see it!

- Where has beyounce gone

She keeps making these depressing boring albums. Some of the songs are so untuneful. Where is pop beyounce who made amazing hits? It's all a bit self-indulgent love.

- Are we surprised?

Beyoncé never does anything half-heartedly. This album is meticulously put together, with each song bringing something different, yet all of them working so perfectly together. The interludes make the album flow so effortlessly and makes this a truly original experience. “BIGGER”, “OTHERSIDE”, “MOOD 4 EVA” and “SPIRIT” were the highlights for me but there’s not one song I would skip. All fantastic.

- This album is everything and more

Album of the year!!

- Amazing

Once again Beyoncé has outdone herself!


I don’t care, she’s the official Queen of Music 👑

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- African badman - Jprinx

The baddest out of Africa to the globe

- Lion king: the gift

Truly a gift. Thank you Beyoncé

- Luck

Nice album, get it on

- Brown Skin Girl 😍😍😍

Very good music

- 100/100

Awesomest and best album. All songs are dope and Beyoncé is the undisputed GOAT

- The best gift

Thank you Beyonce for this amazing gift

- Brown skin girl

I’m pregnant 😭😭😭😭😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ burst my head 🤯🤯🤯

- The QUEEN never disappoints

This has solidified the fact that she is a Queen and the greatest entertainer alive. Periodt. 🙌🏼❤️🔥

- Good work Beyoncé and all African stars involved.

Good work

- Stella from Ibadan

....Evergreen songs...wehdon.#proudlynaija👌 Stezzz.


It’s heavenly 😍😍

- Mr Williams


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