DaBaby - PROLLY HEARD song lyrics
Artist:   DaBaby
Album:   KIRK
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Track No:   10. / 13
Duration:   2 minutes 23 seconds
Relase Date:   27 September 2019 (USA)

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DaBaby - PROLLY HEARD Song Lyrics

Prolly heard I was broke from a broke nigga (Uh)
Prolly heard I'm a ho from a ho
I don't know what you know
I ain't runnin' from no nigga (Let's go)
These bitches be waitin' in line after shows
I don't want fuck with her, let my bro hit her (No)
I'm the first one to come out of Charlotte (Okay)
Niggas know I put on for that four, nigga

'Bout to buy a new Lambo, let's go, nigga (Vroom)
Tired of sellin' them zips, get a 'bow, nigga (Huh?)
Me and Da used to post at the store (No cap)
Gucci Mane in '06, swing my door, nigga (Yeah)
I told her I keep hearin' voices (Uh-huh)
Why he rich and he keep wearin' Forces? (Yeah)
These niggas, they lactose-intolerant (How 'bout you?)
Bitch, I'm married to cheese, no divorcin'
Bitch, you can't get a ring if you want it
I pull up with a bitch that's so thick, think I'm Norbit (Mmm)
I'm slammin' the ho like I'm O'Neal (Mmm)
She want money for pussy, bitch, no deal (No)
You can bet if I fuck, it's a freebie (Free)
Bitches pay VIP just to see me (Uh-huh)
I'm a shark, he a shrimp, nigga, peewee (Shrimp)
Fuck a rapper, I spit on his CD (Pfft)


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