DaBaby - RAW SHIT (feat. Migos)

DaBaby - RAW SHIT (feat. Migos) song lyrics
Artist:   DaBaby
Album:   KIRK
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Track No:   11. / 13
Duration:   3 minutes 36 seconds
Relase Date:   27 September 2019 (USA)

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DaBaby - RAW SHIT (feat. Migos) Song Lyrics

They said they want some of that raw shit (Raw)
Turn it up, I'ma sit in the car, bitch (Turn me up, Tahj Money)
If you turn off your lights, you gon' see me at night
Ho, you know I'm a motherfucking star, bitch (Bling)
How I know you ain't from where I'm from?
'Cause you know you can't go leave your gun in the car, dick (The fuck?)
Nigga like me walk down on your ass
Leave you stuck in the sand like a motherfuckin' starfish (Let's go)

Where the Backwoods at? I'm tryna smoke some' (Let's go)
STG, swear to God they don't want none' (Hah)
STD, play with fire, I'ma burn something
Back to back in Scatpack doing donuts (Skrrt)
Starting not to get head 'til I want some
She eat up the two-ball, the screwball like ice cream (Ice cream)
Who you know wear designer with Nike? (Me)
I smile and I show off my dimples, I'm icy (Cheese)

Name a label that's fucking with my team (My team)
Somebody come give me a challenge, excite me (Come on)
Nigga better stay 'way from that water
I let this bitch off, it's gon' hit you like lightning (Hah, boom)
How the fuck they let Baby go platinum?
I thought he was wack and they didn't even like him (Hah, bitch)
You can come see my plaque on my wall
Walkin' 'round in my drawers, talking shit in my castle (Uh-huh)

Think he sick, wipe his nose, I'm a nappy (Sick)
Take his bitch, that's my ho, I'm her daddy (Her dad)
Ship the shit to your door, send the addy (Your door)
Mix it in with the low, doesn't matter (Uh, low)
Nigga know I was having that remix (Yeah)
I play pussy and burn you, that's defense (Bitch)
Baby pull out my dick and she eat it
She like how I be kicking that street shit

That's your boy, he aight, he ain't me, bitch (Bitch)
Check me out on your screen, BET, bitch (Yeah)


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