DaBaby - XXL

DaBaby - XXL song lyrics
Artist:   DaBaby
Album:   KIRK
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Track No:   13. / 13
Duration:   2 minutes 33 seconds
Relase Date:   27 September 2019 (USA)

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DaBaby - XXL Song Lyrics

I got 20 on my beat

Everybody know my name ringin' bells
Ringin' bells like the hallway (Uh-huh)
I ain't gotta cap in no mothafuckin' rap
I'll whip out and air it out broad day (Mmm)
I got in with that stick, and I'm with that
Break a nigga in half like a Kit-Kat (Uh-huh)
I been tryna be positive, mama (Uh-huh)
They ain't fuckin' wit' Jonathan, mama (Nope)

Who you know put they mothafuckin' self on the map
And now they don't owe nobody shit? (Me)
I send one of my lil' niggas, come take you off
You get laid on the floor by a jit (Ha)
Got pulled over with fifty-five K in my pocket (Woo)
The police, they know I'm legit (Woo, woo)
The police, they know I got sticks
They be worried about me, they know I'm a clique

These niggas, they know I'm a dawg
I ain't worried about him, I know he a bitch (Meow)
The next nigga that come play with me
I'ma send him to go ask 2Pac for a pic, bitch
They say I'm the hottest new nigga
Go check the thermometer, that nigga sick (Hot)
Nigga must have a fever or somethin'
Heard he was born up in Cleveland or somethin' (Uh-huh)

Let me give you a history lesson
We moved back to Charlotte, 1999 (Okay)
I ain't sayin that none of that matter
'Cause if somebody touch me, then somebody dyin' (No cap)


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