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What can I tell you?
When I'm with you, I'm walking on air
Watching you sleeping there

What can't I get through?
And for everyone everywhere
You're answering every prayer

And when you're riding a wave
Oh, won't you ride that wave to me?
When you're setting your sail
Oh, can I be your seventh sea?
When you're riding a wave


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- Selfless album!

This album Is so fitting for our troubled times today. For a band that Is as big as they are to put themselves aside and create something so diverse touching hearts of many In a troubled society and planet, selfless Is all I can say! This album Is golden and has so many messages throughout! Thank you Coldplay, I feel It!

- Bomb


- #1

CP rocks!

- The Best Band in the World releases a masterpiece again!

It’s their best work since Viva La Vida! A true work of art!

- Struggles to Connect

Coldplay has an eclectic portfolio. Some albums land perfectly with the entire set reaching its audience; others just meander around becoming fairly unforgettable after the couple of singles. Unfortunately, Everyday Life is the most disappointing thing since Ghost Stories. You keep waiting for that song you can connect with, but so many cuts are notably short and don't go anywhere in particular. Of the 16 tracks, about five are hummable and enjoyable, the other are "what the ...?" Random noise, cussing, arguing ... sorry, it doesn't add anyting to the music; it's just offputting. I'll try to enjoy a couple of songs here, but won't take the CD off the shelf except on very rare occasions. A shame; I love the band.

- Where did Coldplay go???

I’m sorry but this new music is not great

- Relevant and potent

I connect to this album a lot, and it feels like going home. The album is filled with soul and heart, something we need in the midst of all that’s going on in the Middle East and the world. Thank you for taking a step out and saying what needs to be said ❤️



- Great

Amazing album, great tracks!

- Largely Rubbish

It seems as if the bubblegum moniker has gotten to the lads and they set out to make an album that would land some critical acclaim while retaining their fan base. Sadly, this album will likely do neither. While the lead track lends some hope to the fan base, such hope is quickly distinguished upon pressing play to this disjointed mess.

- OK, not the best

This is an OK Coldplay album. Not one of their best. Sill good to put into the playlist. but def doesn't have that Coldplay "wow" factor we have come to expect.

- Good for all!

Beautifully crafted. Thank you for pushing boundaries musically and being thoughtful bringing your platform to the masses. Love the band! It’s good for all. Can’t wait to see if they tour soon!!!

- Haters Can Get Outta Here!!!!!

Just Because It’s Political And Pop Music Doesn’t Mean It Deserves, Don’t Listen to the haters, this album is a great album and it might my new favorite album since Viva La Vida

- Not bad!

It's definitely different from what I was expecting from them, but it wasn't necessarily bad! (I am having issue with it showing up in my music app with all the songs having the same name though..even tried redownloading it all & still doing it. Please fix!)

- Stop Following Society

You have been such an inspirational and inspiring band since the beginning with such creativity and emotions expressed into every song. Hands down have been my favorite band and I have stood by you guys. I believe change is great but, this album seemed rushed and lacks creativity. Also, why would you feel it was necessary to add explicit language into your craftsmanship of work and style?? Young teens who want to follow by good example from your band, this shows lack of good leadership through expressing the bands music. I strongly feel this could have been entirely left out of this album as it does not add any good elements and just shows laziness of creativity of words. Much respect to you guys but, if this continues I will have to search elsewhere for a new band that does not have to follow society but rather express personal growth and self expressions. This is not your best work but, I do enjoy a few of the songs on this album. Hope you guys listen to your fans and show us why we followed you in the first place and supported you through these years. Thank you ❤️

- I Miss Coldplay

I wish Chris Martin was right when he said “A Head Full Of Dreams” was Coldplay’s last album. Instead we got a few good songs surrounded by music that could put a cocaine addict to sleep. Very unhappy and hope the band comes to their senses.

- Worst Coldplay album

Very disappointed.... just one song that I liked from the whole album, unlike X&Y and DAAHF, where I love almost every song

- Lacking

Not the sound and quality I’ve come to expect from Coldplay.

- ya

orphans meet at 2:30 at the space needle in seattle on june 3 2020

- Where’s the old Coldplay?

Was excited when I heard they would coming out with a new album but listening to the samples Of each song before purchasing this is very disappointing. My Advice don’t waste your money. Also it says something that this album is now $6.99 and only have been out for 2 months, not good.

- Hot Garbage

Been a Coldplay fan for 20 years, this is the worst 😐

- Bad

These guys stopped making good music after XY. Hard pass.

- One of their best!!

I’ve been a coldplay fan for a while and was nervous after the wait in between their last album and this one. To see a band take the risks that coldplay does on this album when they could’ve so easily phoned in an album showed what drive they have to still be creating! I don’t get why people have mixed feelings on this album, but I know people like different things so I’m here to just say that I love it and it’s one of my favorite albums from them! Trouble in Town in particular is one of my favorite songs of 2019. I would give the album a listen or two before you make your call on it! If you give it a chance, I’m sure you’ll find a connection to it!

- So So

Take some leave some...worth the $$$

- Great as always!.The greatest band in the world right now!

Coldplay one of my two ever favorite bands.Chris,Jon,Guy,Will thank you for the great music you share with the world!

- Only liked 3 songs its not coldplay Style



I’d like to start by honestly saying most of these reviews are full of morons, Jesus Christ. Yes the album isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s by far the most ambitious thing they’ve done since VLV. To the people who are crying about their being swearing for the first time (seriously how old are y’all), to the people who are calling the entire thing self-indulgent, and to the people saying this is their worst album ever (Really, worse than AHFOD?); Sincerely, get your ears checked. And if you wrote a review before the album even came out, you’re even more of a fool. I love many of the tracks on it; Arabesque, Trouble in Town, and Daddy are some of their best songs to date in my opinion. Main critique would be that this didn’t really need to be a double album, and there could’ve been a bit more fleshed out songs; If you’re not a fan of interludes or filler to put it bluntly, this album might not be for you. Still pretty good album, and I applaud them for just doing whatever the hell they want on this one.

- Different but great!

I’ve been a Coldplay fan for the last 15–20 years and have seen them numerous times. YES they have changed their style but who hasn’t? Every great musical group or band evolves over time and I love Coldplay for that. They have evolved but remained authentic and I applaud them for that. This album is different but it’s great! I’m loving it and will forever be a Coldplay fan

- Underwhelmed...

I downloaded 3 out of the bunch.

- Speights

Absolute cr@p, refund please! Shockingly BAD! Avoid at any cost in fact I wouldn't keep this if it were free!

- Disappointed

Sorry to say, but disappointing after a 4-year wait. But thank you very much for all of the previous great music.

- Wahhhh!

“Make music like u did a decade ago and don’t use the bad words or I give u 1 star!” Get over yourselves people!

- Coldplay - Missing the Beat

Why didn't they release their song "Life is Beautiful" on this album? You tested and teased it live on tour and then release this slow experimental album which touches on all genres of music - not what your fans want! Get back to the Coldplay your fans love - release the songs you play in concert and the sounds your fans love! I am suprised it is even over three stars....

- Ghost Stories part 2

Everyday Life fits together with Ghost Stories, and like lays flat on the ground. This will be my second EP that Coldplay will not earn, but maybe 1 song on my playlist. The energy is gone and the vocals are just monotone. I wanted badly to attend the next concert....chances are very good I won’t....because, what is Coldplay without energy.....just like any other average band. Guys, you know this is your wheelhouse, when you see the fans go wild and you feel it inside. This one wants the fans to cry....and they say ‘no more like this, please. How can this equal Head Full of Dreams?!?! It doesn’t and dies quietly with the vocals. Sorry, I “AM” a fan of the body of all your work, with exception the two EP titles I mention at the forefront. BRING BACK THE ENERGY.....PLEASE!!!!

- Pure garbage as per usual

Basically one good song on the entire album. Same as the previous 2-3 albums. These guys were brilliant years ago. Now they produce pure shi* and use their fame to sell albums.

- The fall of the great Empire

I have purchased all of their albums. Didn't even preview before buying their new Album. This album is Such a Self-Righteous PC poltical Garbage. People listen to music to escape Politics. We don't want an earful of propaganda either. And when he sings like he's part of the African American community?...Omg...Barf.

- Complete Bust

One of the worst albums I have ever heard. We get it Coldplay your worldly. We don’t need to hear how great y’all are and how much you care about things. These songs do nothing to promote or discourage any of there views. It’s just bad music! I hope y’all follow this up very quickly with something else as I would hate to be stuck with this album for another 3 years!

- Bummer

I just purchased the song “Church” and was listening to another one he dropped the F bomb. I’m so done with this crap...they can have it. 👎🏽👎🏽Down

- Underrated

I was very surprised listening to some of the songs on this album, they were very different from past albums (except for a song like orphans which is very mainstream and like AHFOD). This album though, is unbelievable. I’m not a fan of some of the gospel songs like “BrokEn” and “When I Need a Friend” but the whole album has so many under rated songs. “Trouble in Town” is one of the songs that show the band’s true potential and that they haven’t lost it. I’m glad they are doing what they feel is right, and I’m also glad Guy Berryman wrote such good bass lines for these songs compared to AHFOD. He really shined on this album. I was little sad that Jonny didn’t have some epic guitar part for “Guns” though, that would’ve been an awesome guitar orchestra!

- Coldplay always makes me cry.

I love Coldplay songs threw and threw. The only thing I didn’t like was some of the cursing in a song, but the rest of the album is amazing!

- Please fix the song titles on iphone!

On Mac all songs are displayed correct; on iphone all songtitles are sunrise or sunset. ☹️

- Like it !!

This is the best album ever

- Easily their best album in years

Wow. While some of the songs felt incomplete, and should have been longer, and some lyrical content was uneven and clunky... This album is great. The instrumental experimentation is the best part of it. A really cultural feel to it. Reminded me of the older Coldplay. Everyday Life is a pleasant surprise. Especially after their drop off in quality beginning with Mylo Xyloto back in 2011. Also Pretty sure most of the haters love garbage like Lil Pump and Cardi B

- Some good some bad

This album will most definitely not please everyone. However, if I told you, you could get 8 or 9 good to great Coldplay songs on one album, would you buy it? Yes, there are a handful of just awful songs; Guns, Broken, WOTW and especially Cry Cry Cry, which literally makes my ears hurt, but there are also great tunes like Daddy, Arabesque, Trouble in Town, etc. Just do what I did. Buy the album and then move the awful songs to the cloud. You’re left with a pretty amazing Coldplay album.

- One Step Further

Great effort. Excelent music. Creative. Challenging. Don’t understand why some of you would rather like “more of the same”.

- What happened.

I own every single album and EP Coldplay has put out. I understand how bands morph and evolve thru time but this release is overall a POC. Sorry! The title trac is the only song that makes you feel like your listening to the band you are familiar with.

- It's surprising......

I didn't think I could hate this band any more than I did, but each album just keeps getting worse and worse. This is a new level of trash. Congrats Coldplay, you're absolutely terrible.

- Meh



One of the worst bands ever in the whole world. Never have liked them and never will. I don’t even respect them as a band/artist because they aren’t. They should’ve never been signed and the one single person that signed them is the most idiotic person on the world. They should’ve never gotten a chance. No talent and horrible band.

- people have gone mad

this album is a phenomenal introspective look into the band’s thoughts of the world in its current state. obviously some people aren’t realizing that and are blasting hate simply because it’s coldplay. grow tf up. this is good music by definition.

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- I loved it

Takes a little time But eventually you will fall in love with it Just like any other Coldplay album

- Not very impressed

Bring a Coldplay fan, I found this album not very impressive.

- Love the album

Can't thank Coldplay enough for their music.

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- Overrated

Coldplay are by far the worst band ever. All their songs are tacky and annoying and are those kinda songs that they play on the radio so many times you get sick to death of them

- Their weakest album to date...

As a huge Coldplay fan I was looking forward to this album immensely, but having listened to it on repeat for a few days it's left me feeling very disappointed. Yes there are 4 or 5 stand out songs (mostly released before the album) but overall it's mostly self indulgent tosh. No wonder they won't be touring with this album! Many of the tracks don't sound like Coldplay at all and are not much more than filler tracks in my opinion. There's no "flow" to the album that you'd expect of a concept album and the swearing is completely unnecessary. Let's hope the next album is a return to form, as the last decent offering was Ghost Stories.

- Beautiful, humbling & reflective

This album is not the uplifting celebratory journey of AHFOD. This is “Everyday Life” - it’s about expressing the the issues of the modern world - political, religious & environmental problems captured in a way that only Coldplay could do !! - Brilliant !!

- Waste of Time

Without a shadow of a doubt, their weakest album to date. Why bother with a double album of mostly 2 minute intervals when they could’ve put all their energy into one album of ten or eleven 4-5 minute songs ? They wasted their time making this album and I wasted my time listening to it.

- Awful

Awful just awful

- A beautiful album

Wasn’t expecting this. A wonderful album that demands to be listened to as a whole, as an entity. It takes me back to a bygone age, where many albums were ‘thematic’, or, and I hate this phrase ‘concept albums’. In an age where music has become ‘throwaway’, single tracks put out digitally, nothing to actually buy, hold, look at the artwork - Coldplay have made an album that reminds me of albums like Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, The Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’, or Genesis’ ‘A Trick of the Tail’.... put your headphones on, put the album on, and listen to it as a single piece of work. A beautifully crafted piece of work. Will stand the test of time and will perhaps be regarded as their finest hour.

- Change of direction

85% great album, churchy songs don’t do it for me and but annoying & going against the grain here but other skip songs for me are the ones they released Orphans & Arabesque (woo woo, woo woo - no stop!) however, the rest of the album is superb. I don’t get people saying like Rush of Blood as it’s not, more like elements of Parachutes, Ghost Stories & the slower songs on Vida, which makes it IMO a great listen (if you skip the above) Less poppy (which is great), Interludes fit in well, and lyrically 8/10. Definitely a 4 star album & those looking for the Head full of Dreams pop drivel will be disappointed. About time they wrote something in similar style to Parachutes (but not nearly in that league or Rush of Blood) but otherwise pleasantly surprised.

- Wow! Love It!

Seeing some negative reviews isn’t what I wanted. Been a Coldplay fan for years and always buy their physical CDs. I was excited to hear that they were releasing this album, I love it. I personally feel a connection with a lot of the songs and it really touches me! Coldplay always have a way to touch you with their lyrics! All I want now is a 2020 tour as their shows are amazing!!

- Right guys!

OMG... like I haven’t even heard this album and I think it’s amazing, like ya, like do you actually even know what I am saying like. OMG, like what the #### do you know what I am saying. Cut the Bull####! Coldplay are true artists, they are innovative and original. Their music is emotive and organic, it’s of a higher stratosphere. No but really I haven’t heard this album yet and I know that it will be brilliant because Coldplay are. Some Coldplay songs do start off a bit cool, then they seem to grow on you like moss, before you know it you look like the bloody hulk. Right guys!

- Pooey


- RaRa

Worst ever album, Come on Coldplay, don’t loose your way

- Great album !!

It’s very different from Coldplay’s old stuff but either way it’s a great album !! I love it.. very peaceful x

- Disappointing

I absolutely love Coldplay and have seen them in concert and at the closing ceremony of the Para olympics 2012, however this album so far is really disappointing, dull and boring. The only decent song is the latest one, “orphans”.

- Everyday life Coldplay

Rubbish !

- Nice to hear something a bit different

Good stuff bit different from other Coldplay play it a few times it will grow on you better than the same old rubbish churned out by other bands

- Dreadful

Gave it 20 minutes and called it a day. Awful album, not really sure what they were thinking about tbh. Think I’ll stick to Parachutes and AROBTTH.

- Terrible

Love Coldplay and all of their albums up to now. This new double album is terrible only 4 song really worth merit. Coldplay have had some spectacular songs and amazing song writing, sadly I don’t see it on this album.

- Love this ♥️

Absolutely one of the best albums by Coldplay !

- Coldplay at their best!!!

Do yourself a favour and buy this album, it’s a reflection of our heartbreaking reality and it inspires hope at the same time! Coldplay at their best!!! ❤️

- What has happened to Coldplay!

Honestly so so so disappointed, been a massive fan of Coldplay for years and seen them twice in concert but this is awful. Lacks the anthems of all previous albums and I could forgive it if the songs had any form of catchiness or emotional connection like Ghost Stories. Think either Chris Martin has run out of ideas or is just taking his views too literally now and this is some sort of terrible protest album!

- Sorry I bought the album

I have been a Coldplay fan for some time seen them live twice, I have all their previous records, some are terrific others not but all had a melodic theme to them at least. Not so with this load of self-serving stuff. I'm sorry I bought the record and wish I could get my money back.

- One of their best

Such powerful, emotive and beautiful songs on a well constructed double album. This is a really refreshing listen and it’s so nice to feel a sense of nostalgia with sounds of Parachutes, X&Y and viva throughout.

- So so disappointed

This is boring. There worst album. No more to so disappointed

- Disappointed :(

I love Coldplay - but this isn’t doing it for me. It’s very gospel. Ghost stories is still my favourite. Enjoying everyday life and Orphans - shame about some of the others :(

- Incredible - I love albums like these

Each song is different and brilliant in it's own right. I have been a fan of Coldplay since Parachutes and this album seems like a compilation of all their albums with a a truck load of different instruments and sounds. If you're a ColdPlay hater and rather listen to nails down a chalk board why are you looking at ColdPlay reviews? Love the production of this epic double album.

- Everyday Life, not Everyday Coldplay

Well just a bit underwhelming. I am hoping it will grow on me if I hear it enough. 🤞🤞 Definitely not the usual Coldplay and a bit Churchy ⛪️ for my taste.

- Pure Art

I don’t think this album is supposed to be mainstream yet it works for me. In fact I think it’s pure art. Arabesque, Trouble in Town and Church are definitely my faves. Obviously the reviewers giving it one star have no musical taste. It’s not all about mainstream pop!

- Utter drivel

I own every album and have seen them live many times. I was really looking forward to this album but it is just awful. Really Coldplay what on earth were you thinking? Can’t believe with your ability to produce brilliant music you all sat in a studio and said yes this is it, lets release it. Do yourself a favour and just download the singles they already released.

- VERY Disappointing

Got every Coldplay CD etc like a lot of people...This one, well sounds like the best tracks were all pre-reallest ...not good for you Mr Martin. Your as good as Lennon McCartney in my view ....Just hope it's not your last... Better luck next time when ever that might be....

- Keep them coming

Another brilliant album, thanks Coldplay

- Oh So Good!

There aren’t many things in this pain filled world that I wish my late dad back to experience but this latest album being the feast for the ears that it is I wish so much he could hear it. I just know it would be one of his all time favorite albums and for that reason I feel closer to him listening to it. Im grateful for the depth both lyrically and musically of all of these tracks. Every single one. I hear something different each time I listen to them. I’m so thankful Coldplay’s music has been in my musical existence. It makes me feel. And that, surely, is what all the best music does. Great music will invigorate and not enervate - and this album sure does that. I respect enormously the band’s determination to not tour until they’ve sussed out how to do so in a way that takes care of our planet. For a band who so clearly cherish making, creating and putting music out into the universe (see their joy ooze through in the Jordan YouTube videos), it must be a huge sacrifice to not perform until it’s possible to do so in a more sustainable fashion. As for Coldplay’s critics, I can’t help but feel that the chaps of this band have often been victims of their own downright niceness and humility. It’s like when someone brusquely passes you nearly decapitating your shoulder but you automatically apologise imagining everything is always your fault. The apology gives rise to indignation -and thus further aggression - on behalf of the aggressor because they now imagine you’re to blame too! Sometimes it’s the good people of the world that are the easiest to take a pot shot at. One only has to read some of the abuse hurled at the incredible Greta Thunberg to see the horrible truth of this. To all those who managed to get tickets to the Natural History Museum on Monday, I wish them one of the most beautiful fantastic evenings of their musical life and that they can leave that museum feeling, ‘You know what, I can do this. I can keep putting one foot in front of the other.’ For that is what this album does for me. 💫✨Peace💫✨

- Not lived up to expectations

Pre released songs very good so i was excited about the release of this album but very disappointed with a lot of the other new songs . I’ve been bored listenening to the album so I’ve deleted the ones I don’t like and ended up with 7 songs left so not quite an albums worth . I normally love there songs but some of these seem like there trying to be to different and its not worked for me personally

- Coldplay latest release

What a awful album I am so disappointed I won’t be downloading this

- Probable their best album since Viva la Vida

Can’t stop listening to it, it grows and grows on you with each listen. Shame they won’t be touring this. Great album!

- Return to form

Coldplay returning to their original ethos, experimenting rather than trying to please crowds. If you came for pop music, don’t bother.

- X&Y still their last decent album!

I don’t know why Coldplay bother having a drummer anymore. The production is just awful! All sugar coated, chart rubbish! It’s not the songwriting that’s the major issue for me - it’s the production road they continue to ride on. Once again, another big disappointment!

- Errr, well, err

Err what can I say, a few tracks great Coldplay as we know and love them. But seriously what’s the rest of it about. It’s like a 70’s trip.... maybe it was a trip I recon LSD featured heavily in the making of this. No wonder you aren’t touring it. Good job you have a fantastic back catalogue.

- Intelligent and soulful music

Coldplay have really delivered music to reach the soul. They have shown how they have grown in their years away from the spotlight. Some wonderful guitar riffs and piano melodies which instantly grab your attention and draw you in... plus the beautiful collaborations with other singers reminds us the music can overcome boundaries..well done Coldplay !

- Mind the snowflakes

Bless the snowflakes ...they just can't cope with something different. This one is going to be like Marmite and I'm not sure about the political motivations, but its refreshingly eclectic. For a band that has been accused of being 'samy' it would seem that some DO only want more of the same after all. Particularly loving Arabesque.

- The trouble with Everyday Life...

is that it’s boring. Variety doesn’t equal quality. The scattershot styles and sketches of songs on this funereally paced ‘double’ album (it’s just a long standard) are neither interesting nor by and large successful. Why do bands of a certain age feel the need to experiment with what people actually want from them - ie what made them great in the first place? If we want to listen to an alternative style of music then there are other bands who do that much, much better. Coldplay = uplifting anthems, so unless they’ve lost the ability to write them, then that’s what we should get, no? I’m sure this will be dubbed an adventurous and a mature evolution from a band who have long ago conquered the world, but personally give me an evolution where the band hones its usp, not takes off in several different directions at once...

- Not their best work

I like 3 songs on the whole album. Most are slow and boring. If you’re looking for Coldplay’s uplifting anthems then you’ll be disappointed. I am.

- One of their best Albums

A brilliant album from start to finish, needs about 3 listens to really get to grips with the musical language and themes coming through this album and to see the real masterpiece that is Everyday Life. A fan from the start and this is right up there with ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’ and ‘Viva La Vida and Death to all his Friends’.

- download error

am i the only one having an issue with downloading this album

- This is not Coldplay.

I’ve been a fan from day one, have all their albums and have seen them several times so I was so much looking forward to their next album .... but how disappointing is this utter dross! This is not Coldplay. I feel cheated and ripped off. I want my money back.

- Amazing

A work of art

- Trying something new with some instant classics

Instantly love several songs on this album which is always a good sign several more listens down the road!

- It’s Coldplay but with a few differences

Let’s try and make this number one in the album charts for a few weeks, so that they change their minds and have to tour the album, because this is an album that needs to be heard live, I admit it is a bit different, but it is unmistakably Coldplay, and there are strokes of genius in this my favourites so far are Champion Of The World, Orphans, and Church, but every track on here is a masterpiece, and I think it could turn into their greatest work to date

- Tragic

There are at best 4 to 5 songs that are good - the rest is trash - not a good album and probably their worst to date

- Underwhelmed

I love Coldplay and have been to see them on numerous occasions but after listening to this album a couple of times I just can’t take to it. First half of album is poor second half there’s a few good tracks but if your expecting an album on par with mylo xylo or head full of dreams then you’re gonna be disappointed.

- Uitstekendt

Mooooie besten voor en tijd.

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Father, we pray for America, give us a strong nation, a free nation, and a prospering church. We thank You for the President we have had for the last 4 years to strengthen the Church. We pray, Lord, touch him, encourage him, draw him near to You. Protect his family from harm..

Michael Servello

@markchironna Haven’t you heard? They were a misunderstood prophetic group punished by the establishment. SMH I BELIEVE in the holy catholic church, the communion of saints.....

About Church Coldplay Song

You can find here music reviews from artist Coldplay, album Everyday Life, song Church, released 22 November 2019. Listening online to Church - Coldplay song preview is free and does not require registration...

indie alternative rock art rock alt rock 2010s Church by Coldplay mp3 download listen Church Church lyrics Church credits

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