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"Levitating" is a song by English singer Dua Lipa from her second studio album, Future Nostalgia (2020). The song was written by Lipa, Clarence Coffee Jr., Sarah Hudson and Stephen Kozmeniuk, with the image of Mike Myers in Austin Powers in mind. The production was handled by Koz and Stuart Price, and stemmed from a Roland VP-330 synthesizer sample played by the former. The song was serviced to contemporary hit radio formats in Italy on 13 August 2020 as the fifth single from the album. The song is an electro-disco and nu-disco song with several disco tropes. It incorporates elements of dance-pop, pop-funk, power pop and space rock, as well as 1970s, 1980s and 1990s pop and R&B styles. The lyrics describe the idea of "levitating" when falling in love, with several outer space references. A remix of "Levitating" by American DJ The Blessed Madonna featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott was released for digital download and streaming on 13 August 2020 as the lead single from Lipa and The Blessed Madonna's remix album Club Future Nostalgia (2020). It was categorised as a EDM, electro-disco, electro house, future bass, and techno track, with a trowback disco and trance vibe, and an increased tempo from the original. A second remix featuring American rapper DaBaby was released for the same formats on 1 October 2020 in promotion of the bonus edition of Future Nostalgia. The remix impacted contemporary hit radio formats in the United States on 6 October 2020, serving as the album's third single in the country. The remix has the same production used in the original, with DaBaby adding a pop rap verse and intro.

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Lyrics for artist Dua Lipa song Levitating coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack him.

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Dua Lipa - Levitating Song Reviews

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- Absolutely phenomenal

This album has me all types of happy

- not great

hyped up so much for nothing

- Album of the year

Not a single bad song, rated 99 on metric, the highest female rated album ever second album over all. A legendary album and era period.

- :D

I love almost every song, except Boys Will Be Boys. It’s that great of an album imho.

- Great album

Love love love it. She did a great a follow up she’s no one hit wonder now!

- No


- Just stop 🙄

All of her music sounds the same

- Shallow Music for Shallow People

This music is the most generic and desperate attempt I’ve heard in a very long time. Very easy to digest, generic lyrics, and predictable sound. If you’re looking for something sweet and disposable this “album” is for you.

- Dua is the best! 💓

This is an amazing album! Dua Lipa has a good voice and catchy beats and lyrics. I can’t wait for her to come on tour in 2021, she’s the best. Hallucinate is going to be released as a single tomorrow, so if you love it (I do 😻), keep an eye out! Good in Bed and Boys Will be Boys should also be promotional singles, they’re awesome as well. The three singles released before the album, Don’t Start Now, Physical, and Break My Heart are amazing, as well as the opening track, Future Nostalgia. I love how Dua is inspired by the music of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, but makes it sound totally her own. I definitely recommend checking out Future Nostalgia 💙

- Disco 80s pop

I don’t think second album is bad there some decent tracks don’t mind the change retro vibe of this not as polish as first one

- She’s Done it Again!

I love Dua Lipa! She gets better and better and this album...is AMAZING! I love the story/meaning behind each song. She’s put so much work into each one and it’s paying off! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for what’s next <3


if this album doesn’t get nominated for album of the year in 2021, i will boycott the grammys forever bc they keep doing taylor swift dirty anyways

- Pop Perfection

Never stanned this girl but wow literally in my top 3 faves because of FN



- Stole Another One Bites The Dust


- Album is sooooooo good

Keep up the good work!

- Fantastic Style!!!

The album is amazing! Fantastic style! The music videos are incredibly directed as well! The progression of the instrumentals is also great! Perfect album!



- Fire🔥

Enough said

- Everything sounds the same

Expected more, everything sounds the same to me and basic

- :)


- Trash

Every song sounds the same and her fans are the worst mannerless people.

- Ugh

See, its good, but its just not what im into, ya know

- trash

trash album

- Wunna tour


- Vintage Feels ✨💗

I love the sort of retro vibe of this album. My favorite songs on it are Future Nostalgia and Boys Will Be Boys. I love the empowering message about women in Boys Will Be Boys. Overall the vibe of this album is great, I just am not totally in love with it.


This entire album smacks and you can’t tell me any different.



- 👑

Such a good cohesive work of art

- AOTY 🥳🥳🥳

Pop at its finest. This is everything. Perioddd

- Meh

It’s meh

- O.M.G

Lady Gaga done messed up

- saving pop music one song at a time

Amazing album. I'm so in LOVE!!❤️❤️

- Amazing album

Everything about this album is amazing! The lyrics, production, her voice *chefs kiss* I’ve happily had it on repeat since March!

- Generic

Generic mostly. Like she was trying to Make all bops. I didn’t feel connected to the artist.

- Love 💕

This is amazing 😉🇺🇸

- Loving this whole album

Prediction- best pop album, pop vocal, album of year. Production incredible. Super fun and infectious songs. Every one could be a chart topper. Great vibe. Will for sure be a classic. Makes me feel sassy and impish! 😈 Especially loving Hallucinate, pretty please, levitating, and Love again.

- Una maravilla

Es uno de los pocos álbumes que logran captar el boom de los 80 no puedo estar quieto en el sofa si suena una sólo canción de este álbum gracias Dua Lip por enorme joya musical❤️

- Eww

every song on this album sounds the same... anyways stream calm for clear skin luv ✨🥰💖

- A bop

Absolutely loved this album. Highlight of the year so far ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Love the album

Love the 80s disco 🥰😍

- Pure pop perfection

One of the best pop albums in a long time ❤️

- Underrated

I’m not really a pop guy persay but holy crap this album is phenomenal.

- Perfect

I absolutely love every track!!!! Dance with it! Sing along with it! This is an album that makes you happy. Period

- 2.0

First of all to all of the credits if you don’t like this type of music just move on with your life The end of the day people who have good taste in music Will Buy the album is understandable if you don’t like this type of music there’s nothing like a 80s five album not to mention every song is a Banger to my good people Who have good taste in music congratulation and to The one who don’t I don’t know what to say about you give it a try you never you might just like this album (don’t knock it till you try it )

- Bad


- This needs more exposure

Honestly this album is one of my favs, if not THE favorite album so far this year!!! It needs to go platinum or so help me, she deserves all of the praise she’s getting for it!

- great

i thought it was great

- Nope


- Album of the year

It’s unbelievable just how amazing this album’s flow, tone, and sound is. You can tell how much effort she put into her sophomore album, and I think it’s AOTY!

- Album of the year

Queen lipa ✨

- best dance record in years

all the production is top notch and the album is exciting 11/11

- best album

favorite: don’t start now

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My expectations were not that high but let me tell you, I was absolutely blown away by how good this album is!! Every song is so beautiful, it’s coherent as a whole and I adore the disco and synthpop sounds Dua explored with this! Truly a masterpiece and Pop music has not seen an album this good since Emotion by CRJ!

- uh


- 🥰😍

Just perfect. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Incredible

Album of the century.

- Trjlcf


- Absolutely amazing!

It’s so different from her first album and I really like this new sound. She really did THAT!

- Amazing

By far the best album so far this year!




All these songs sound so different from each other and I love it! All her singles, Don't Start Now, Future Nostalgia, Physical, and Break My Heart are SO GOOD and I can't wait to hear the rest of the songs! I feel like this album is gonna be one of the best of 2020!

- Dua


- Wow

Cant wait for her to save pop

- Eh whatever

... mmm.


seen dua in toronto!!! i loved her on stage i’ve been a fan since she came out! her voice is amazing and she is such a beautiful human being i can’t wait for this new album!!!

- Best Pop Album in Years!

Dua Lipa has done something truly remarkable with Future Nostalgia. A perfect blend of retro-pop and modern style, her sophomore record is a culmination of years of experimentation in electronic styles, seamlessly mashed together with her airy pop roots. This album is one of the most cohesive and polished pop records in recent memory. Her captivating vocals and lyrical growth are qt the forefront of this project, and her production quality is world class and exceeds all expectations. Pop fans will not be disappointed. Her we have something that is cohesive yet not derivative. A true breath of fresh air, Future Nostalgia will definitely be remembered as a fundamental moment in pop music history, and has set an unprecedented high bar for pop music going forward.

- Woahhh

So far I’m liking this! It’s different but also gives me the cool 80’s kinda vibe and I love the 80’s so yes yes yes 💜✨💕

- Love the three songs


- sounds exactly like future nostalgia 💕

gonna be a DOPE album. with only a few song released I already know it’s gonna be an amazing album and I could already easily see it being aoty. so exited :)))

- Future Nostalgia


- I am in love with this sound 😍

Dua Lipa has hit the sweet spot.

- Woohoo

Woohoooo Dua is back !

- 🔥💃🏽

I’m already in love with this album... Can’t wait to hear the other songs!!


coming for aoty

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all the singles are amazing

- Nice

I love the song

- Good Stuff

You can hear Blondies influence.

- Wow

First Don’t Start Now and now Physical which will surely be the club banger of the year, the intro and the epic chorus are unreal. I’m now a fan.


I’ve been wait for a second album from Dua Lipa. 💖🖤☁️ it’s finally here !

- Yes!

This is the perfect name for the project. It’s familiar and nostalgic, however, so now and also definitely the future of music. She just ticks all the boxes so well!

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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- iTunes?

It was released in March and iTunes still have it in prime position in the New Releases section? WTF? This is blatant advertisement prioritising!

- A Pop Disappointment

After hearing the track ‘Physical’ I expected a lot more, but instead all I got was a disappointing, generic pop album. I’m not entirely sure why this album has reached number 1 - it makes me question if this is the same album others are listening to. There was nothing exciting, or different about this release, which is disappointing because Dua is obviously a talented girl, but unfortunately for me this talent hasn’t been translated here, and therefore I can only describe this as a rushed, unoriginal and generic body of work. I congratulate you, Dua, for getting to number 1, I just hope your next album will be more deserving of that title.

- eh

wouldn’t listen again

- My face aches

from smiling.

- Oh yes

Best thing I have ever heard

- ❤️❤️❤️


- The best POP album ever released!

I am beyond obsessed with this album. It’s all I’m listening to! It’s just full of fantastic music, each song different but with the same vibe. Dua’s song is everything! This album is a MUST HAVE. Buy it and stream PRETTY PLEASE, LOVE AGAIN, LEVITATING, COOL AND EVERYTHING ELSE thank u

- Lyrical Genius

Lyrically one of the best artists of our time followed by the likes of billie eilish. Her beats are so upbeat, her lyrcis are so catchy, and her voice is just amazing. No one compares to Dua Lipa and this showcases it best

- Album of the year

This album is just simply amazing

- This is epic

Omg I m so blown away

- Amazing singer

The whole album is out of this work I love break your heart and love again they are my favs but this is a brilliant album well done dua

- Love this album

Just bought it and love all the song was so worth it

- Amazing


- Timeless production

Don’t see this album getting old. It’s nostalgic yet knew and you fall in love with a new song every listen. Great project!

- Love it

Dua is my favourite artist so far. She is the future of the pop music. All her songs are amazing 😍😍😍🏆🥇

- Pop Perfection

Zero skips. Dua is a main pop girl and has solidified her status with this album. Fabulous. Haven’t stopped listening since it came out, just phenomenal. I would list my favourites but I genuinely love them all.

- Sounds the same

I like dua lipa but all her songs are sounding same

- a well crafted album

Dua is adding some 80’s flare to mainstream music while also paying homage to music from that era. With a sample in the track ‘Love again’ that has been taken from White towns- ‘Your woman’. I find it hard to believe people who are reviewing this album as rushed or soulless. Easily one of the best pop albums to come out in a long time. If you are still after a second option I would say read any critic review (all of what I’ve seen are positive) rather than the iTunes reviews.

- ✌️Beauty✌️

I can’t explain it in words... ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Good luck

This was 499 two days ago ??????

- Amazing

Amazing hello I’m Arianapiper

- It’s a hit

There are those who absolutely rave about this album and those who strongly dislike shall we say. I am definetely the former. Dua has done a great job and isn’t getting enough respect for her hard work. She has created an amazing collection of catchy classics. Whoever says this stuff is bad must not understand the concept of modern pop and this is definitely modern pop at its best

- 🔥🔥🔥

legit amazing, got some of the best songs I’ve ever heard, it’s well worth a listen TRUST ME!!🤩🤩👍🏻👍🏻

- Smashed it!!

Every song is a smash hit. Absolutely love this album. Enough said.

- Aaaaaa


- Would give it 0 if possible

Generic album, crappy songs for the sake of producing music without any real effort or heart behind it. Doesn’t deserve the hype. The type of music that gets played so much it annoys you would not recommend. Her sound hasn’t changed, she’s just added a little bit of an electrical sound is all. Go listen to an artist who actually puts meaning behind their work

- Amazing


- perfect nostalgic pop

an album that will become classic & timeless!

- Fantastic Pop Album

Absolutely loved Don't Start Now as the first release and still do - a fantastic chunky pop banger with elements of funk and disco thrown in. And then after hearing the 80's themed Physical I knew this album was going to be epic. And guess what? It doesn't disappoint! Every track is solid in terms of vocals and production - Don't Start Now, Physical, Levitating, Cool, Hallucinate, heck I might as well list every single track! This album does exactly what pop music should do - lift our spirits high during troubled times and help us move forward! Well worth the money. Looks like 2020 is Dua's year! Well deserved!

- A+

A powerhouse of an album This is an album that is impossible to ignore, a true statement of intent that Dua Lipa is here to stay as the best name in pop music. Don’t Start Now speaks for itself Other highlights here are: Physical Hallucinate Levitating Break My heart Pretty Please

- Pure Perfection

Wow .. This is a classic Record Already .! Just Magical... from start to finish.. absolutely Fantastic 🌈

- Nah

Not worth it

- Generic

Not the best album. Could have been a lot better


The way she saved pop music.... she came for the other girls NECKS 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

- Album of the Year... so far.

I'm 53. English. Getting a bit long in the tooth, perhaps. But I haven't danced so much to one album in effing years! Bloody hell, I ache! Every track is killer. EVERY. GODDAM. TRACK. Just give her the awards now.....

- Deserves 5 stars all around.

Everything about this album is legendary from the lyrical content to the production. Deserves #1 and she’ll get it.

- Fantastic Talent

Can't believe the negative reviews here! As a child of the sixties, prog, punk and so on, even I am blown away by her voice, its just amazing. No hint of autotuning here, just pure pipes. And the songs are also excellent. Get behind her people! I hope she sticks around as I am sure she will just keep getting better and better. This is amazing, and yes she really can sing her heart out.

- Love it✨✨

Love it, got the 80’s and 90’s vibe to it and is “ Good in bed “ suppose to be the Ariana Grande collab cause I hear her vocals in the background??🌟🌟

- Dua has gone all out I love it

I love it i orderd the vinyl it was a pretty pink colour and it makes me feel like everyone should be there selves and it is an empowering album it is worth your money

- Career and Genre defining.

There is a new standard in Pop music and it is Future Nostalgia. Jeff Bhasker proving himself as a producer time and time again and Teamed up with Dua Lipa we have the album of the next decade and it’s only just begun.

- No Choice But To Stan

She was right, an album so good I’m hallucinating and levitating!

- An amazing album!

This album is a masterpiece, from the vocals by Dua herself; down to the production. 👍🖐

- Amaaaazing

Dua’s killing the game!! The 5SOS album is also great so ya’ll stans need to grow up and appreciate both instead of being salty towards each other 😳

- Album of the year

So so proud of dua, this album is really a mixture of future and nostalgia and every song is incredibly and will make you move. She really brought it and it will put a smile on your face. Love dua and future nostalgia

- I’m cool7890

Dis is cool

- Pop is back

The pop erea is back with this masterpiece of a album!

- A grumpy teenager who neither can sing...

..Nor write a catchy tune at least.. it is a pity her dad didn’t explain to her how to do it. Mediocrity at its rock bottom

- Cool

It was nice day

- On repeat.

Best album so far! 🔥

- Naughty

I’d be so annoyed if I’d spent £10.99 when, for a few days of total desperation to get a number 1 album, the same album is reduced to £3.99. Shameful. ironically, in the real charts, the plan totally failed. In at number 2. Oh The justice of it

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Levitating - @DUALIPA (all the remixes and versions included) one of the catchiest club songs ever whew .

César da cooper🌙

Break my heart levitating physical .

⛓keith 〄 | ps, fn

I wanna change my @ ion wanna stan levitating anymore.


Levitating top 20 global, uk e us, hitou amores.


Hello @q102philly, can you put ''Levitating'' by @DUALIPA ft. @DaBabyDaBaby on your station? I love this song, it makes me dance! Thanks! 🌕💜.


Hello @z100portland, can you put ''LEVITATING'' by @DUALIPA ft. @DaBabyDaBaby on your station? I love this song! Thanks! 🌕💜🥰.

‧˚₊ cein⁵₊‧ ❈ | F2020!!



Hello @hot995, can you put ''Levitating'' by @DUALIPA ft. @DaBabyDaBaby on your station? I love this song, it makes me dance! Thanks!.


Hello @1013kdwb, can you put ''Levitating'' by @DUALIPA ft. @DaBabyDaBaby on your station? I love this song, it makes me dance! Thanks!.


Hello @997now, can you put ''Levitating'' by @DUALIPA ft. @DaBabyDaBaby on your station? I love this song! Thanks! 🥰.

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