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When I saw the signs, I shoulda let you go
But I kept you beside me
And if I held you back, at least I held you close
Should have known you were lonely

I know things will never be the same
Time we lost will never be replaced
I'm the reason you forgot to love

So don't be scared to live again
Be scared to live again
No, don't be scared to live again
Be scared to live again

You always miss the chance to fall for someone else
'Cause your heart only knows me


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- after hours


- Masterpiece

This album is a masterpiece, everything from the sequencing, to the engineering and the vocals/lyricism just transports you to another dimension and makes you feel like you’re living through the music. XOTWOD

- Hi


- Stupid

Idk how anyone follows this satan worshiper? I gave 1 star only because I had too.

- great album!

I personally enjoy the songs on this album. not exactly sure why everyone else doesnt. i guess that dont have great taste...but i do!

- Number 1 song this weekend

This is the number 1 song this weekend and I am so happy it is because it is the best song ever

- Garbage on fire🔥

Traaaaash. Disgusting cover btw

- Perfect

This is the best🧡💗

- Talented music

He is bringing the good 80s sounds into todays music

- Evil

Evil and wicked. Come on man...

- A great album in the beginning of the pandemic

When I first listen to the album it was during quarantine the first few songs I can't hear then I listened to snowchild Abel was telling about the past blinding lights was perfect for vegas my favorite is in your eyes and heartless 8/10

- Best

The best album The Weekend has ever made.

- WEEKND!!❌🅾️💯

Keeping it real from the start homie!! Always find myself coming back to your music no matter the year it was produced‼️ ❌⭕️‼️🇨🇦📶🔁🅾️V⭕️

- Balanced and perfect.

🔥 this album is fire. It’s got intensity and honesty at the same time, which is hard to pull off. Not to mention that the song “in your eyes” features Michael Bolton... legendary. This is my favorite album of his so far.

- Can’t stop listening; album is fire!

This album is out of this word! I’ve listened to the album many times and the songs never get old. Love The Weeknd! 😁

- Amazing


- Nice music

The best

- Amazing

This is in my top 5 albums of 2020

- Wow good music is dead in 2020

So if this is what you call music these days I’d rather go back to old music from true singers not auto tune stars.

- Masterpiece

I love this album! Abel did it again 🔥

- Mojo

This man Abel does not miss

- First Album by The Weeknd!

I had heard of The Weeknd through the years, but I started getting into a few songs 2020 which were “Blinding Lights, Heartless, In Your Eyes, and Can’t Feel My Face”. I wanted to know what this album was about, what it means. So I watched a guys video, and he recommended listening to the full album, so I did. And I got hooked on the album, so eventually I bought it. One of the best musical purchases I ever made! I know a lot say it all sounds the same, and I get that. But when you listen, each song he is like a different person, and the story is amazing. I love this album and I might consider listening to his other albums. ❤️

- Awesome storyline

His best album

- Xotwod

Album of the year

- It’s The WeekND not WeekEND.

Every 1-star review called him “the weekend” 😂 best work of his. music videos and productions are top tier. Amazing work.

- Straight Fire

Whoever Said This Album Is Trash Is Crazy Y’all Obviously Don’t Know Real Music When Y’all Hear It


Love you forever xo

- You

Off the ramps it’s my favorite o

- Amazing!!

This album is probably one of the best I've heard this year and for a while. I enjoyed all the songs and still play this album today. One of my favorites are escape from LA. The production is really good and the song is pretty deep. Overall one of my favorite albums from abel.

- Trash

Every song sounds the same we want the old able back

- Art

Lit album, he did what has to be done 🔥 BLINDING LIGHTS 💥

- ❌⭕️

Its a hitttttt

- Best album ever??

When The Weeknd drops something he always HITS. And this was a MAYWEATHER style KO PUNCH!!

- 🙏🏻


- So good

The audio on this album is insane. Especially if you’re playing it on high quality speakers, the audio itself tells a story. It’s amazing. The music is fantastic. I don’t love the message he’s giving with this album. The usual cocaine, strippers, etc. lol but no denying this is good music

- overrated

??? overrated sorry abel

- ✨ A Work of Art.✨

This whole album tells a story of a guys who treats this girl terrible, then apologizes, then screws up again, then does something bad to himself. It’s more than just an album and each song contributes in some way to that. My favorite songs are Heartless, Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes, and Save Your Tears. Please give it a listen because this album is a masterpiece.

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- Himself

Raw, real, himself through his own life journey. Listen to the lyrics...Best album to date!

- Love it

I love the album soooo much I i Listen yo it all the dayyyy!!!!!!!!

- 🥴


- Abel’s most cohesive work till date

Absolutely euphonic voice coupled with a beautiful 80s synth 🤩😍. His BEST work!

- 🔥

best album released this year

- Legend

I just listened to one track and I’m already writing a review because I know this album will be fire. I been listening to this cat back when nobody knew who he was. The talent this dude possesses is undeniable, legend.

- My life story

Love it

- Good job

Find me on Spotify. Comedy Central presents Larry ard. Keep up the good work ya hippie.

- One of the best albums these past couple of years

I don’t normally write reviews for albums, but this album is to good to pass up. This is TRUE music. I love the 80’s instrumentals and vocal aesthetics, and the lyrics and the way he sings it....really takes me back. Even songs that don’t sound all 80’s or don’t use that type of instrumental, his vocals makes up for it completely. I love this album so much and I haven’t loved an album like this in FOREVER.

- So good


- Why this an amazing album

The conventional mix of his pop appeal and the dark moody atmosphere that made Abel The Weeknd. Hasn’t been more cohesive to the affect of this album. Another plus is the storytelling and world building that this project has, in which feels more or less like a horror movie than an actual album. The lyrics made to this very dreary world that he has created. In which opposed to the usual drugs sex and money of usual weeknd affair their shows depth and regret on this album.

- cancelled

imagine cheating in the billboard charts 😡

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- Goat


- :)

Mes 4 chansons préférées sont Blinding Lights, Heartless, In Your Eyes, Faith.

- Disappointing

Starts off not so good, picks up in the middle and dies by track 12. BEST SONGS: Heartless, Blinding Lights, Faith, Scared To Live, In Your Eyes WORST SONGS: Too Late, Alone Again, Escape From LA, Snowchild

- Xo + Ovo

Canada love.

- I like it

I especially love blinding lights. It’s so different compared to his other album

- WoW

Great songs !❤️

- art.

he did it again and he will keep doing it

- great album

fantastic, great job abel.

- ?

I bought the album and now most of the songs say currently not available in your country or region

- Amazing!

The king is at his best

- Legendary

Beyond talented and so deep

- Banger

Almost every song is amazing

- Best music of 2020 yet

Music needs these types of artists these days

- 🔥🔥🔥

Best music I’ve ever heard. XO till we overdose!!


SO good.


I love every single song, it rlly makes you feel some type of wayy!!

- Masterpiece

What a great album!

- Legend

So proud of you Abel. This album is on fire

- Awesome

Thanks for the new music to dance to💗✨ I love it!!

- Vibin'

The soundtrack to my favourite 80's movie that doesn't exist.


amazing album. tears incoming xotwod

- WOW!!!

This album is amazing!!


This album resonates

- Magical


- xotwod


- ❤️

❤️❤️❤️SO GOOD!!! As always!!!!

- album rating - 7.5-8/10

hella different compared to his past albums but in a way there are certain songs that give me trilogy vibes (scared to live, until i bleed out, etc.) also this album includes more pop funk/soft rnb with all of its songs, it is very versatile in that way. however if i had to compare this album to any of his past albums, i’d say this album is a bit of a mix between trilogy and beauty behind the madness but it definitely carries a twist of its own. great work by abel again tho. x.

- Legendary

This is just great music. All of it

- Smooth like velvet

Thank you 🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️🇨🇦

- Amazing

One of the best 🐐

- XO


- Amazing

Incredible sound & vibes. Simply cannot wait for it to finally drop.

- Incredible

Absolutely amazing songs, some of my favourites

- Excellent

Incredibly talented and blessed with amazing vocals

- Extreme Ways

A not-so-subtle interpolation can be heard throughout After Hours, but would Moby approve? The title track finds Abel finally giving long time listeners a glimpse of heartfelt emotion not heard from the last two singles, along with the genre bending atmospheric sound that they have been begging for. It screams Abel. And even follows a three act structure inspired by filmmaking, much like past work by the artist Opening the first act is a two minute Kiss Landish strumming where Abel lays the foundation of what is to come, a romance gone awry. Act two delves deeper into a proper song structure but is incredibly dynamic as the upbeat tempo clashes with the contents of Abels songwriting where the singer makes a plead to his lover begging for her return. It is pulled it off brilliantly. Finally, the last minute marks act three where the track abruptly finds Abel taking ownership for his faults alongside an echoing silence While the song is essentially just another love story, Abels signature makes it sound so unique and exceptional that this could have easily been the theme of a new Bond film (it fits perfectly over the trailer). Or perhaps it just might be best suited for Jason Bourne instead

- Can’t wait

Come out you album!!

- AMAZING!!!!!!

I love it!!!

- Love


- Amazing

I love it

- Insane


- XO SINCE 2011

in sure After Hour will be a masterpiece , Abel ily sm

- Best Weeknd Album yet

No skips, all synth 80’s vibe with modern, futuristic sounds. Simply phenomenal


Abel u r great. Great album

- Its litttt

Dopest songs❤️🤙🏻

- XO

Until I’m bleeding out ❤️. Awesome.

- XO

Love his music, truly a gifted singer. I bought the Deluxe album which has more tracks

- Best album yet!

He has taken it one step ahead. He really has put his life into this one! All the songs in the album have a deeper meaning after listening to it a couple of times.

- 8-)


- XO




- Loved it!!!

The best!

- His songs never disappoints

Ready to blinded by the dark songs❤️

- xo

I haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s undoubtedly gonna be the album of the year! XOWTOD

- I be you know what you here for🎵

Still waiting 😂 but I already know it’s gonna be great 👍

- xo


- Blinding lights


- Lit Af 🔥🔥🔥

Cannot Wait 20th March. 😍

- <3

You dont know whats in store

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- Potential album of the year?

The Weeknd has come out with a amazing album here. The After Hours era has been a fantastic one for him, my favourite songs from the album have to be In Your Eyes, Save Your Tears & Blinding Lights. Can’t wait to see in London in October now

- After Hours

Abel dedicated this album to “Lance” XOPodcast his friend he’d have rated it 💯🥀RIP

- colstar7 & The Weeknd

Whew! Luckily for The Weeknd colstar7 appears to just be an oddball who knows very little about music.


10/10 his best work yet!!!! XO for life🤩🤪⭐️

- Amen


- Good to have old Abe back

After awful and boring album with Daft Punk finally we get to listen old school and real The Weeknd! Incredible cohesive and well produced album that will become his best one! Hats off

- Exceptional Album!

Truly an absolute masterpiece, it’s rare these days to get a full artistic album with a story interwoven through every song! But this song has a very strong theme and production that puts it a step above most albums. Definitely a well deserved score.

- 👌🏼👌🏼

Just WaW! His music never fails to impress

- Downloaded uk

Pre ordered this album and the money has been taken from my account but the songs haven’t appeared in my library yet. Has the album not been released yet or is it me? Confused

- Masterpiece

Nuff said

- Xo

Never fails to surprise, amazing album, no more daytime music!

- Kissland Vibes

If you didn’t like kissland you may not like this 9/10 for me every song is beautiful, maybe 1 or 2 songs I won’t repeat often but there’s something for everyone really depressing and dark album, beautiful XOTWOD

- KING 👑

Awesome from start to finish. GOAT 🐐

- This 'music' is what's wrong with the world

As my title describes, this music, if you can call it that, with it's trashy lyrics and disrespectful words towards women, not to mention just no talent. Don't waste your money.

- Phenomenal album

The Weeknd scores another direct smash hit with this album. Something for fans of Trilogy, Kiss Land and Starboy. The 80s feel in some of these tracks are exceptional. Best song: Scared To Live. Highly Recommended!

- Never disappoints

Just wow

- 5*

Best album of the year 🔥🔥🔥

- 10/10


- Wow

Definitely his best album to date - every song is good at the very minimum - it’s outstanding - good work

- the weeknd

some decent songs but i think its his weakest album

- Same Mo Same Mo

loved the last two albums, this is boring and the music has not really been developed. boring.

- Album of the year (so far)

Such an incredible blend of r&b, soul and 80’s style synth. After hours really shows off the Weeknds vocal power and asserts him as a powerhouse of a musician in the industry

- Wow


- Slick

Very impressed with this album. Worth every penny and pound 🔥🔥🔥

- If it ain’t XO it gotta goooo


- Best Artist On The Planet

10/10 best album ever


What an incredible album, there is nothing like it! XO

- Another brilliant album

The Weeknd is really underrated as an artist, the level of music this guy produces album after album is top draw! One of the bets of his generation and mine!!

- Another blinder

Another blinder of an album from the only artist worthy of handling the king of pop mantle.

- Masterpiece

One for the history books. Sensational. Out of this world. Abel... you did it again XO

- So good


- xotwod


- Blinding lights

Blinding great tune blinding lights reminds me of the the good old 80s Weeknd looking good🤩🤩

- Album



Album gotta be straight fire 🔥🔥🔥

- Dappy49

Gotta be worth buying,even if it’s just to have on in the background constantly,besides they ain’t that bad are they I almost forgot what I was here for,O yeah a reveiw,I’ll probably download it and burn it off would I pay for it LIKE FUCK I WOULD🤦🏻‍♀️

- Banger

I know that this album is going to be the best cause the Weeknd is back! And he always comes back with the greatest songs 🤯🤯🤯🤯‼️

- Cannot wait!

Can’t wait for this album, it’s gonna be so bomb 😬


He back babyyyyyyyy

- Hmmmm

Ok to start I hate the album art/cover. Heartless and After Hours sounds horrendous. Blinding lights is ok. So yeah

- Always fire but...

What kind of cover photo is that?!

- Excited

Can’t wait to hear the rest of it. Just need a uk tour now


So excited for this album. Heartless, blinding lights and after hours are amazing songs.

- ❤️💚🤍

Can’t wait 🙏🏽

- Xotwod

The king is blessing us🔥

- Isn’t even out yet and I’m gassed

Only 3 songs out and I’m already gassed cannot wait!! XOTWOD

- XO


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- Heading

Soul healing

- Madambanks


- Dope

This is nice

- Wow

The best🤯😢🙌🏼

- Dark

Abel keeps improving... after hours provides this deep dark fantsy.

- The Album Cover Art

I find the album cover art disturbing. I think there should alternative cover art for this album.

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