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Drake - Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon) Song Lyrics

Two-thirty baby, won't you meet me by The Bean?
Too early, maybe later you can show me things
You know what it is, whenever I visit
Windy city, she blowing me kisses, no
30 degrees, way too cold, so hold me tight
Will I see you at the show tonight?
Will I see you at the show tonight?

Ayy, truck to the plane, to the truck
Truck to the hotel lobby
Me, I go through underground garages
Presidential suite on deposit
Elevator up to the room
Shower up and then we hit the club
Touchdown, gotta see what's up

Area code in my phone
What numbers do I still have?
Who do I know from the past?
Hit one, she say she got a man
Hit another one, it goes green
Must've changed phones on the team
'Member when you lead me in between?
That was 2017

All good, Chubbs'll look around
Find one that seem my type
That my dawg and he know what I like
He done found me plenty in my life
Problem is, I meet a girl tonight
Then I go and treat her too nice


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Drake - Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon) Song Reviews

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- Lyrics and sonority1 star

Songs with a saturated sound, nothing innovative, bad lyrics, a totally disposable job

- Interesting5 star

I gave it five stars because Drake is still Drake and at the end of the day sells don’t matter. The production is the problem! Or is it? His net worth? Exactly!! Name the competition Drake has to keep up with for production to even matter? Denzel Washington said it best,” Ya can’t do it!!”

- We Deserve5 star

What we needed, and more.

- Mixtape Str8 Flames Fr Fr!5 star

I put my pods in and went straight through at work! Seems to be a particular group of haters telling lies! I’ve had times where a second listening was needed due to being in the wrong headspace...this though, I heard flames on the first run! None to skip here!

- Lil Hilfiger5 star

Young Money are the Beatles of the 21st century, I don’t care if you disagree with my opinion ,it’s my opinion, in 50 years all of their music will be timeless,And no group of talented rappers singers rock stars or country band in the 21st century will ever come close to this much perfect music.Legends! Young Money catalog of music is undefeated

- Mediocre2 star

This has good songs but none of them have really stuck. Hopefully his actual album is better than this because this was not his best work. I expect better from Drake.😢

- These vibes ❤️5 star

Only 3 stars???

- Just absolute trash1 star

He’s just making garbage and people are eating it up. So sad

- Umm2 star

D4L is the only fire song here

- Not his best but still better than what is currently out.5 star

Still a solid effort. I like that he puts new music out on a regular basis. Kendrick and Cole have gone M.I.A. for whatever reason.

- Album is trash1 star

It sounds like he threw a bunch of songs that wouldn’t make a album and put it together and made a album. This is not good. And drake is fire. But this horrible

- Great Album5 star

Can’t wait for the album!!!!!

- DJ3738292645 star

Great album! Fav songs are Demons, From Florida with Love, and When to Say When 🔥🔥🔥🔥 can’t wait till the next album!!!!!

- Phenomenal5 star

I love it..keep kinging drizzy ❤️

- Goat5 star

Drake doing his thing. This is for his real fans. A solid tape and arguably his best work since views

- Loved it !!!!!5 star

I really related to the album 🥰🥰🥰

- This is the Drake that Houston Fell in Love With!5 star

I love mixtapes because the artist gets to be raw. This one is no different. Being from Houston, this is the sound we fell in love with.

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Get it!5 star

The reviews here are split between haters who didn’t listen to the album, and those who let it play. Drake has the best track record in rap history. Everything he drops is fire! Let it play, and enjoy. 😉👌🏼

- He’s been living life5 star

Constantly over working himself every single day to drop the dopest albums for his fans is time lost to focus on himself. Like he said, he’s been out more, socializing, living life, isn’t in the studio as much as before etc. Drake needs time to himself. This album still bump and I love it but some people saying “it’s not his best work”. He deserves 5 stars whether it’s his best work or not because of the amount of dedication, work and time he put into his career and that’s something y’all would never do. On god.

- 🔥🔥5 star


- Awesome!5 star

I don’t know why y’all are sayin that this is trash. This music is epic. I like toosie slide and pain 1993. But the thing about pain is that I don’t like Playboi carti. He just sounds like a baby. Other then that’s great job drake!! Keep it on.

- Mixed Tape1 star

Lot of people trying to defend this mixtape, but need I need to remind y’all of Drake’s first mixtapes like So Far Gone? Either we’re all tired of Drake or he just needs to retire. If his next album is anything like this, I’ll take my hat off, take a minute of silence, and mourn his career.

- Amazing5 star

My favorite songs ever by the legend are his slow ones. I appreciate this!!!!! He is a greater both singer and rapper!

- no good music since views1 star


- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

As usual..love it. ♥️♥️♥️

- Fake drake fans5 star

You people wasn’t never fans in the beginning look more like trolls instead album/mixtape definitely a 5 star

- It’s ok4 star

Pretty chill. Not bad at all.

- 🤮🤮1 star


- 🔥🔥5 star

Demons the best song

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Genre-Bending Goat

- Really don’t expect this from drake1 star

Thought my day couldn’t get any better hearing a new album from drake, but no.....made it worse instead 🚮🚮🚮

- I actually listened.5 star

Throwaway tracks still slap 🔥

- ❤️5 star

🔥🔥 chilling smoking a blunt to good music!

- 🖕🏻1 star

The most overrated rapper of all time

- ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️5 star

Maybe ya can’t relate to his new music , BUT FOR ME, MY OPINION THIS WHOLE ALBUM 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Yikes....1 star

How is this song even popular drake is just so repetitive not that same as it was stop streaming local stream say so ft Nicki

- Garbage1 star


- Meaning behind the lyrics 🔥5 star

One of the best albums that has actual meaning behind the lyrics and very relatable and full of substance. Awesome album 👌🏼

- Cash grab2 star

Not like drake

- Mixtape not an album.5 star

This is a mixtape of some of drake’s experimental and genre bending work.

- Yasss Daddy5 star

Loved the album❤️ gonna buy it again. STREAM SAY SO REMIX🗣😌

- No álbum1 star

Has no talent

- ✔️5 star


- Stream Nicki Minaj Yikes 🎀🦄👑🥰1 star

Young Money fraud 🤣🎀 #QueenNickiMinaj

- His lyricism5 star

He is an amazing artist, and I enjoyed the deep yrics and beats!

- Trash1 star


- B Sides5 star

These are clear throw away tracks but it’s something to listen to. I wouldn’t say it will hold me over till the actual album but this still is better than a lot of people’s A+ albums

- Not good at all1 star

Sounds like he's just free styling over a loop track, no hooks or melody. This thing is horrible...

- Trash1 star

All Drake’s Album are the same

- HORRIBLE1 star



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silambu chella - We3 star


cruelovers - flop1 star

drake? more like flop

piki singh - You are welcome in my country INDIA5 star

The first Hindi song for our country INDIA

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N R - 💩1 star


Greenoooo - Rubbish1 star

Load of rubbish

Big boss 45 - 🔥5 star

Fire as always

joby#1 - Yikes1 star

His music is made for people with weed addicts , lost the same amount of brain cells while listening to this

MedsAndFeds - 👎1 star


BennyV12B - T for...1 star


JKNFDGJKUYR - nah1 star

how is this legal

Benjiboy018 - Drizzy💥💥💥5 star

Fire mixtape. Album soon come 🙏🏻

Fazbear87 - Soulless. DULL1 star

Boring. Only dropped to stop the say so remix. HOMOPHOBIC. SEXIST.

Chilling0987654321 - Trash1 star

Sellout trash, no imagination left, rinse and repeat type music, for the brainless

Abz_93k - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Drake you a G for real, These haters gone hate but this new album got on me on a wave g. Favourite track right now is desire ft future 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

dragonfruityy - Desperate.1 star

What has happened to Drake? It’s so obvious that this album is a desperate attempt at a hit

ihate5h - How is this shit number 11 star

It should be way way lower

lumleylad - Crap1 star

I wouldn’t give it one star but had no choice ,he is truly crap .

oliver273838382 - 🤧1 star

he needs to seriously stop making music

uvx_ldr - Goodbye1 star

Nobody asked for this

did you send the number - Trash1 star

No thanks

Guhgrfg - Click bait1 star

There’s a Chris Brown feature, but Chris doesn’t even get a verse, all you can hear is his background vocals. Expected more

ForeverBuckley - KEEPING DUA OFF THE #1 POSTION5 star

I love to see it, you love to see it, we love to see it

Covman - Same old same old1 star

Same backing track to every song he does

Lucyyy! - Wheres the old drake?1 star

His old stuff is sooo much better than this! Such a shame 😔

IT DOESNT REALLY MATTER - yawnfest1 star

nothing new. same old garbage he usually releases. the public will eat it up as per usual. so sad

Bill.i.am ;) - Album Summer 2020 Pending5 star

Mixtape Fire, buzzing for the album🔥🔥

AstonDorsett - Cash grab1 star

Nothing new, nothing changed. Same old sh*t, same old f*cking sh*t.

janet bebb - Awful1 star

When will people realise this man has no talent and no artistic quality whatsoever. Wake up.

geē - :/1 star

So generic and recycled

Rebel_He4rt - Generic same old same old1 star

Yet another dull release, chart music just gets worse and worse.

Steven toon - Stale and depressing!2 star

As a fan of Drake , especially his 2015 mixtape If Your Reading This it’s too late, I hope for the best everytime he releases music. However the focus in recent years seems to have shifted to slow, downbeat and simply boring music which lacks any kind of energy or “catchiness”! Why he chooses to do this after all he has achieved making energetic hit singles is beyond me, with the few high points of this mixtape being D4L which at least brought with is some vibrancy. Appreciate maybe an attempt to show artistic range, but when the beat and vocals lack any kind of emotion or talent and are as forgettable as they are, it begs the question of what the point is?

A..S1 - nah this ain’t it1 star

Want old drake. Drake ain’t putting good stuff out since 5 years ago! Sorry carti ruined the song. Flipped he tryed to put shine females and it didn’t work.....

cfc1888. - Snake1 star


Sprock1994 - Same again.1 star

Same songs he’s been putting out since he started. No point releasing work anymore, fans or not we all know that the next 10 albums are going to sound like. What’s the point?

Rick kon baker - Rubbish!1 star

Old big head churns out more forgettable crap!

CC_teamB - Old drake where are you ?2 star

I know this is just a mixtape but I remember when drakes songs used to sound like instant classics now it sounds like he’s just going in the booth and recording anything to make money.

SHealed - 🐐🐐🐐5 star

very good mixtape, much better than scorpion🔥

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YungPush - Top 2 Drake GOAT4 star

9/10 for me, great songs; wondering why its tagged demos.

ceo mompha roland - Awesome 👍👍👍5 star

Nice one drake G.O.A.T

Realmlee5 star

Now playing Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon).wav by !

Lilangelx_5 star

TheeSolis5 star

Clubbossesradio5 star

Drake feat. Giveon - Chicago Freestyle (Dirty)

Mensaa235 star

@andrubitsito: too much (feat. sampha) = chicago freestyle (feat. giveon)

Realmlee5 star

Now playing Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon).wav by !

Djcl035 star

C_stroke245 star

@andrubitsito: too much (feat. sampha) = chicago freestyle (feat. giveon)

_JasonFernandez5 star

Realmlee5 star

Now playing Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon).wav by !

Clubbossesradio5 star

Drake feat. Giveon - Chicago Freestyle (Dirty)

JustChillNish5 star

Jqlmradio5 star

Drake Feat. Giveon - Chicago Freestyle

Champagnedanii5 star


Hello_kacey5 star

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