Pop Smoke - Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future)

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Pop Smoke - Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) Song Lyrics

So, you got the job doing what?
Bro, I get payed to snitch now, nigga
It's really classified, I can't really talk about this shit, my nigga
Oh, my God
Only reason I'm tellin you this, 'cause you my boy
But don't fuck with me, you see what I did to Roger
You seen what I did to Roger

Forty years
He had forty years
Forty years, bitch, you don't wanna sign that plea
Forty years
Don't fuck with me
Self assured
Buddah blessed this beat

Look at my status
No, I'm not braggin', I'm not average
My bitch want a Patek
I bought her a whip and I told her to stop naggin'
Too much jewelry, my diamonds is blastin'
I bought it back in
The club is packed in
Step in your city we goin' in

Drop the top, let's blow the wind
Fuck the cops, we goin' big
Niggas out here hate the kid
'Cause I'm runnin' up when supposed to be dead, uh
Bitch, I'm a player
Nigga we're trappin', and checkin' the mail, yeah
Look at my layers, designer my jacket, I'm handin' out bills, yeah
These niggas dead, soon as I said it, they wanna go tell, yeah
The way that you playin', niggas out here workin' with 12

Damn, snitchin'
Niggas be out here snitchin', uh
Damn, snitchin'
Niggas be out here snitchin', uh
Snitchin', snitchin'
Niggas be out here snitchin', uh
Damn, snitchin'
Niggas be out here snitchin', uh, damn

They workin', they clockin', they watchin'
No stoppin, no options, we ballin', we poppin'


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Pop Smoke - Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) Song Reviews

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- Rip pop5 star

I love his album r.i.p pop smoke🌏💫🌍

- Woo5 star

W💫💫 the smoke will never clear

- Long Live PopSmoke5 star

Woo 💫💫

- Expectations Are High2 star

I thought this album was going to be huge, it's ok at best. Honestly, having such high hopes, I'd have to say it's well... boring. Okay beats, expectedly abused autotuned sounds drowned out by average lyrics is just another example of a quick cash grab versus truly good music. Buy this album later when this album is cheaper and those that be aren't exploiting some significant hype.

- RIP POP5 star


- Just cause1 star

Juice wrld album is better



- BIGGEST 💫💫💫 KING OF NY5 star


- 💫💙5 star

Rip pop 💙🙇🏾‍♀️

- It’s cool but I had half of the songs already5 star


- RIP POP5 star

Yea Yea, Mood Swings 🔥🔥🔥🔥

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

W💫💫 forever 💙

- R.I.P Pop Smoke5 star

This album is great only can imagine what it would’ve been like if he actually was here to put it together he was a legend in the making it’s crazy because we would never know the Heights which he could have reached but he will live on through us forever long live Pop smoke #LLPopSmoke

- PopSmoke5 star


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

GOT IT On ME 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- 😝🤍😚5 star

This fye

- Love big up💔5 star

Fav rapper🖤

- Rest Easy Pop 🙏🏽5 star

Deserved the attention when he was alive but better now then never. 11/10 album has no skips 🔥

- Rip Woo💫5 star

The album is great

- nece15145 star

The album is fire ..

- RIP POP SMOKE💫5 star


- Woo in peace ❤️5 star

The whole album is fire 🔥 from start to finish pop smoke sound was unbelievable 🥺


You cannot say POP and forget the SMOKE. The SMOKE will NEVER CLEAR. 💨

- Garbage1 star

The worst era of hip-hop and this is another album that just proves that statement.

- LLPS5 star


- Long live the WOO!5 star

Excellent music. LEGENDARY !!

- Rip Woo💫💫💫5 star

Other than Polo g album this could be album of the year

- WOOOOOOO💫5 star


- A few good songs3 star

This album is over hype don’t get me wrong i like his music but he deadass only have like 4 good songs on this album

- Stop disrespecting Pop smoke 😒3 star

It’s not trash but it’s not better than his other work, there’s a few I love but some just doesn’t have to be on here.

- Album is a work of art5 star

Great vocals, GREAT EVERYTHING! There’s not one thing bad I could say about the album. Rip Pop wish you could’ve been here to witness this greatness. W💫💫

- 🤔1 star

If 50 cent, Shyne & Trae The Truth had a baby...This would be the outcome. His voice was different for this era but thats about it. Flow wasn’t amazing. Mediocre at best. 50 boasted about how amazing this dude was going to be but again 50 was the one who boasted about Tony Yayo 😂. Sorry that this dude lost his life at a young age but there wasnt anything to brag about on this album.

- Legend5 star

Best album of 2020

- R.I.P POP!!!5 star

I LOVE this album.. 50 really did good finishing up pop album! As a pop smoke fan even before his death..I cant explain how happy I am to have new pop music.. Ive had this album on repeat day in and out ever since it dropped 💫💙

- I dont get it3 star

I wasnt a huge fan of smokey, but something about this just made me enjoy it a bit

- energy5 star

woo forever, amazing album!!

- He’s trash1 star

He will never be king of New York only rappers like Nas Jay Z Biggie are worthy plus he puts that dumb song Dior on every album and mixtapes

- They did him justice 👍4 star

It may not be the best album of the year or most memorable by any means however I think they did a great job on making his final project an enjoyable experience while staying true to his style though I wasn’t a fan of some of the "love songs" everything else was definitely worth listening to and all the features held their own very well I think pop smoke fans will enjoy this

- What what, Why?!?1 star


- HOT!!!1 star


- Pop smoke5 star

W💫💫 🐐

- Goated5 star


- Fye5 star


- Nah2 star

90% of the people are giving it 5 starts just because he died

- 💫5 star


- Pop Smoke I Love Wish he is alive so We could Listen To His Voice For Years5 star

Best Albums Lit

- Woooo forever 🤲🏽5 star

Do not sleep on “Diana” it’s a banger.

- I Fw with the Woo but3 star

This album consists of pops unfinished songs finished off with some words of his from other unfinished songs because he is dead but I feel like it would be better if Atlantic actually put in the original tracks instead of a Frankenstein of a album smhhhh‼️

- WOOOOO✊🏾👏🏾5 star


- Woo forever 💫5 star

Left us too early pop, favorite album of 2020


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About Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) Pop Smoke Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Pop Smoke, album Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon, song Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future), released 03 July 2020. Listening online to Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) - Pop Smoke song preview is free and does not require registration...

Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) by Pop Smoke mp3 download Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) lyrics listen Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future) credits download Snitching (feat. Quavo & Future)

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