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Juice WRLD & Marshmello - Come & Go Song Lyrics

Woah, uh
Oh, oh-oh, oh (Mello made it right, uh)

I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes, I come out as bein' nothin'
I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes, I come out as bein' nothin'
I pray to God that he make me a better man (Uh)
Maybe one day, I'ma stand for somethin'
I'm thankin' God that he made you part of the plan
I guess I ain't go through all that Hell for nothin'

I'm always fuckin' up and wreckin' shit
It seems like I perfected it
I offer you my love
I hope you take it like some medicine
You tell me ain't nobody better than me
I think that there's better than me
Hope you see the better in me
Always end up betterin' me


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- Because juice is the best rapper5 star

Look up

- 🕊5 star


- Grandioso5 star


- 9995 star


- Rip5 star

My first favorite artist gone to soon 😢

- Wellness5 star


- Best album5 star

One of the best albums I have ever heard

- his best album5 star

999 forever 🖤

- The goat5 star

Best album of 2020

- Great5 star

Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


There’s not a lot of Perfect albums but this is definitely on that list

- Juice WRLD is amazing5 star

This album has to be the best album ever. It’s so relatable and it’s 🔥🔥🔥

- Get juice to the top of Billboard Top 2005 star

This is totally amazing, you need to respect juice one of the best rappers of all time, rip bro, 999 ♾ 🖤🖤🖤

- I love it5 star

I just love this song so much he’s so amazing - RIP Juice Wrld🕊

- Love his album5 star

Rip bro love your songs

- Bro5 star

Fire bars 🦠🦠

- 9995 star

This is straight heat 999 forever

- The best way to end his story...5 star

Rip juice...😢

- Best album ever5 star

Long live Juice 999

- Legend5 star

Always the best

- Poop1 star


- Bruh1 star

This is straight ass PURO RANCHO HUMILDE COMPA!

- Best artist of our generation5 star

I love juice wrld. I don’t even like rap music in the slightest, but i love juice. The fact that he’s not with us anymore just breaks me. Thank you for this amazing album, especially Can’t Die and Wishing Well. Oh, and MotY, but also Conversations, also shoutout to Make Believe from DRFL, imo his best song ever. RIP Juice, Legends Never Die!

- Legands Never Die5 star


- So good!5 star

Rip to the goat juice!!!

- Icon5 star

His was great

- Overrated1 star

No talent

- 🥑🐔5 star


- Great! 🔥5 star

I really enjoyed this album🔥🔥🔥

- Juice WRLD5 star

I love juic WRLD ❤️

- Amazing5 star

Love juice wrld he’s helped me through so much and I’m sorry he’s gone 999 forever

- Amazing5 star


- 9995 star

Amazing album!!! RIP 🙏

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star


- Legends Never Die Album 20205 star

This album overall was great rest in piece juice 😌

- Garbage 🗑1 star

Bryson Gray is much better

- Can’t stop listening5 star

Can’t stop listening to this album. Every single song, don’t skip a track

- Fly high Jarad🖤🖤🖤5 star

This album didn’t let me down at all and it’s so great hearing his voice again

- really good5 star

i love this new album RIP juice 😔🙏🏻

- Every Song is Good5 star

Everyone of them is good

- Rest easy young king5 star

Crazy how low life people come here just to talk shiet.. rip juice.. chicagos young legend 💔

- Best album ever5 star

Every song is good

- LGD5 star


- Good Album5 star

This is a great album but ain’t juice dead because this was made after his death but for all you juice haters you have no respect for his death he was a great man and deserves better be kind and don’t insult him to much R.I.P Juice Wrld 999 Forever 🖤🖤🖤

- Long live the legend5 star

Never fails to impress. 💜

- LLJ🕊🖤5 star

Amazing Album!

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Polo G went hard with his verse!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- ...1 star


- I miss him5 star

I love juice wrld but what he did was bad come and go is the best song I the album it helps me Believe that he was a good man but stil wrong what he did

- Love you 4ever5 star



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eire=ireland - Meh1 star

No clean version, no interest that’s all I can say

Jonny_78888888 - Disappointed2 star

Idk... maybe it was over hyped. Not great tho

asschinak - Juice5 star

This album really good

bobby ya boi - 999 4Life5 star

R.I.P. juice we all miss you 🙏❤️

GrishaGod7 - 🐐5 star

RIP. Legends never die 🙌

Chelmitch - Album of the year5 star

Classic Juice WRLD feeling and lyricism brought tears to my eyes. LLJW, fly high.

Castleminerb - Legend5 star

Thanks for everything bro rip

NichoB17 - Legends never die5 star

Rip Juice, amazing album. We’ll never have anyone like you again :’(

pryonex - Best album ever5 star

No cap 9994L

Jello8776 - Best Work Yet #lljw5 star

Rest in piece to the legend, this is a masterpiece of work that juice has made❤️ Fly high

Dedou COD - LLJ🕊5 star


Nathanqc45 - This album is fire 🔥🔥5 star

Rest In Peace king 🙏🏿

Dante Pizzuto - Legends Never Die5 star

this is the album of the year, rip to the legend. legends never die🖤🖤

yellow_scar - Love it5 star

I’m crying this is Beautiful 999 Sh1t 4ever

Lil.Uzi.Jr - Rip 🕊5 star


Nifters - Awesome5 star

Rip juice gone too soon🖤💔

mgk 65432109876 - 🔥🔥5 star


2k splash - Rip juice5 star

Rip to the legend juice wrld

Balli Don - Why would i pay here when i can listen to the full album on any of the platform for free5 star

Apple is so stupid

Abhigyan Deep - R.I.P5 star

Wishing well 🥺🥺 Bad Energy 🔥🔥 All type of genre mixed vibes

queen homez - Bleh bleh1 star

So raaaaare!!!

cruelovers - trash1 star

ok? who cares

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Rho9es - 🙌🙌🙌5 star

He deserves. A NO.1! Best young artist by far

Arctics0ul - Everything his legacy deserves5 star

This album is so beautiful. The absolutely stunning cover, the interludes of heartfelt messages, the eerie feeling you get listening to him sing about drugs and overdosing with so much pain and it having a new meaning now that he’s no longer here. I feel so emotionally attached to it already. I truly believe this couldn’t be closer to what he would have wanted. Rest in peace Jared, you truly are the legend you sang about❤️

Craigus44 - 9995 star

Absolutely beautiful, LLJW


A sentimental album which really proved Juice as one of the greatest if not the greatest of this generation. His talent is proven in every song and I thank juices team and family for releasing this. 999 gang gang.

joby#1 - 9995 star

Beautiful, emotional and eye opening. An artist that could really make you think.

BysvgWvysvez - LLJ❤️5 star


effbee2517 - RIP 999 FOREVER 🖤5 star

this album is beautiful lljw 🕊

999foreverLLJW - #LLJW5 star

Rest In Peace Juice, the best album that could come from a time like this🖤 brilliant and worth every bit of it!

KN17🐐 - 🐐5 star

I never believed fan love till i found JW .. this human needed to go to his own world becuz he proved everything here 🐐🐐🖤🕊

Charlesworth_123 - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Juice the 🐐

baboonw - Greatest album of all time5 star

This was to good

joshrhodes2001 - Rip king5 star


SolaDraco - 👌🏼4 star

From start to finish the whole album has got juice written all over it but the intro and outro definitely hit hard. As much as I love the album already there arnt many sounds that stand out like “lucid dreams” or “hear me calling”. Rip king 👑

ig-ethandevineee - lljw😢5 star

he never puts out a bad song!

Sebius7 - 🖤5 star


riley_ostle - Lljw5 star


paigeyc18 - Long live the King 🖤5 star


P3d0 f1nd3r - ❤️5 star

The best

LM2309 - LLJW5 star


kams plnet - Lnd5 star

Such a good album soo worth it

ben_khan15 - Great album LLJW5 star

rip juice lljw🕊❤️

mparsons16 - LLJW 🐐🐐5 star

Never disappoints

dylanburd3nnnn - 3 for 35 star

Juice has put out 3 studio albums each one as good as the other LLJW that’s all we got to say 999 forever ❤️

ExtremeGamesForLife - Absolutely amazing5 star

God tier

MattyS098 - LLJW5 star

Miss you king, thank you for helping us through the hard times. 🖤

JUICE IS THE GOATT - The goat5 star

He’s the goat simple

EthJC999 - GOAT.5 star

No one will ever be the same level as Juice, ever. He was so different in his own way in the way he created his music. Incredibly talented and taken far to young. Potential was always exponential from day dot. Love & miss you Juice🕊🌍

**daddy's little princess** - WE LOVE YOU JUICE😢💕5 star

Such a talented soul😢

joshnorris6 - LLJW🕊5 star

He doesn’t miss, gone too soon, was about to change the whole rap scene AGAIN

baldskiscominhome - Hard to listen to5 star

This was hard man Long Live Jarrad Higgins

KSIsmells - very good5 star

rip juice banging album

morgan38194 - banger5 star

i said banger didn’t i

Naha,dgdnc - Beautiful5 star


Gaddis26 - GOAT 🐐🐐🐐5 star


Fhdhbgdgfff - #lljw5 star

Long live juice, this album was an image of how much he was trying to change, he didn’t deserve to die

OwenMasters19 - Always good5 star

Never heard a bad juice wrld album always good never disappoints

blakelamudee - RIP JUICE5 star

Amazing as always!

Rhys999 - GOAT5 star


OldieBoldie - legends never die5 star


holmesy127 - 999 forever5 star


wxcollinsxn - Rip juice4 star


Mxisie00 - LLJW🕊5 star


JakeWest999 - The best5 star

This album is so complete, such an incredible album from the most talented artist, this album deserves to be listened to, everyone should love it, simply the best❤️

itafrov - itafrov5 star

Rip legen😢🕊

Nick Gurr 9 - Legends never die5 star

RIP juice every true fans will stick with you forever

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MrEsealuka5 star

@OAfolabiOlatayo: @Ph_Obidon @MrEsealuka This is sad bro. God will come through for her. 🙏🏽☹️

Deejah_abk5 star

@selenasevilla_: y’all take twitter way too serious , i come on here to lie and laugh

Bvngtanmix5 star

la voglia di mettere questo come layout...

Giaaaa13105 star

@u4eakooks_net: tae bought a cool hat to match the colors for this day 🥺😆 🐹 it feels like Alice in Wonderland will come out 🐿️ did you…

Girson__5 star

She take a trip she come back with a tan, I take a trip I come back with these bands.

MentalDaveUK5 star

I'm live flying through space in #EliteDangerous today on #TwitchTV come and say hi!

Plelley25 star

@ChristieC733: Why isn’t Twitter not putting a warning label on this tweet when it’s an obvious lie?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Come on, man! …

JasonAnosky5 star

@AdeolaTochi Let Sancho come first this one will take a year to complete

MituMajib5 star

@its_amitkumar: You #ShutUPSanjayRaut I Believe SSR Fans Will Not Stop Untill Justice !! The Entire Truth Will Come Out !! #SCForSSR

Jonathan_Pryor5 star

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Altfo5 star

@VishnuNath @Outlook @MSLauncher @MicrosoftToDo @MSYourPhone How come it is blue! Casing?

TheLifeOfAlter5 star

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Priyank682748805 star

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A_aeie5 star

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W0nwwo5 star

@hallyupotter: izone probably perform fiesta and ssots remix and twice will perform more&more and love foolish come on GIVE US LOVE FOOL…

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