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- Love this album!5 star

This may be Keith Urban’s best album. Wonderful thoughtful songs with his amazing soulful voice. Some introspection songs that touch the heart.

- Amazing as Always5 star

Loving every song to meanings behind each. The last one I listen to Is Say Something & so where I am speaking my truth. So tired of being taken as in kindness for weakness to abuse to Ongoing grief and home issues to cons thieves as in contractors to so called Friends to now fighting with Homeowners for not doing as they should upon paying so much to protect my home. To find out one of worst could care less if your homeless. I give help others lost Mom to Spouse to Onging abuse & now Insurance. Yeah I’m saying a lot because as if we’re not going thru enough how dare them. I have a voice & will no longer allow such! Way to much. God whispered your name been loving to new with Pink & All the above. Love of You Your Dad and Granddad to growing up to makes it better for hard times as this . Yet not so much when you Pay a lot for company to protect you & home through tornadoes and all been thru. So not cool & justice I pray will be done. You are So awesome Keith I’m so glad I saw you in 2018 to most amazing concert. So true so real and so dang Hot! Love all you do! Blue is still a most Favorite as my Mom was Bonnie Blue. I only wish she’d gotten to hear that song because she’d been singing it to the top of her lungs to someone so undeserving of her & the Beautiful Woman she was. Keep doing as you do. You should be # 1 right there with Carrie. You two are my most favorite for years now & to date. Love You Much & All You are and Do. God Bless ❤️💙💯💯

- SO GOOD5 star

Far surpassed my expectations! Can’t wait for Part 2...

- Great album if you like Keith4 star

At this point I have no clue why it’s labeled as country when Keith Urban himself says it doesn’t have a genre. He should really classify it as pop or alternative or something cause this album really doesn’t have a genre. But putting that argument aside it’s a good album. Out the cage is fun to play loud. The duet with pink is good. I’m a big fan of soul food, live with, and tumbleweed. But my favorite song is forever cause it has the best guitar solo on the album. Keith Urban is one of the most talented guitarist in the world and because of that I wish there was more guitar on this album. Still a good album

- No Country For Old Man1 star

Straight up Pop! Another artist that is mislabeled. This is an insult to real Country Artists.

- Where Did Country Go?2 star

I love Keith Urban but the music on this new album leaves a lot to be desired. Some of his previous music leaned more towards pop but enough of his songs were still country. Not so on this album. Too much pop, not enough country. He needs to pick his genre and stick to it.

- Love it!5 star

Keith is amazing! There’s so many great songs on here!! My favorite songs so far are Soul Food and Better Than I Am! I highly recommend this album!!

- Take the money Keith.1 star

This is not music. It is garbage. I remember when there was hope for this guy. Not any more.

- chile1 star

wuttice this...

- The Speed of Now Part 15 star

Absolutely amazing - one of his very best!!!

- It’s a no from me1 star

Not a good song to listen to. Sounds like music that is played at kohl’s all day.

- Continuing the greatness!5 star

Awesome job on this album Keith! Lots of great guitar and fun beats and rhythms.

- Uhhhhh2 star

This is pop

- Not it1 star

Not a fan

- Not country1 star

You are no longer country. Please leave this genre.

- I miss Keith’s old sound2 star

I don’t like this new sound he’s doing. It’s not really pop, but not country either. He used to have such great music! I hope he returns to the sound that made him popular.

- Miss the old Keith1 star

After sampling this album I won't be buying it. He has been going downhill since Defying Gravity. He has forsaken real instruments for a drum machine and somebody who plays music from IPads. I miss the Keith of old. This isn't country.

- Better Than Graffiti U4 star

Keith Urban has always been one of my favorite artists and a big inspiration. Mostly because of his MONSTER guitar licks and his diversity in music because he’s not just country. However, his last album was a hard one for me to listen to. This album does sound better than the last one though. Great job Keith!!! 👌

- New to country5 star

I usually don’t listen to country. I like some country songs, but I am usually a pop and R&B person. However, I love this album! It’s my first time listening in Keith Urban and I am sad I’ve been missing out for so long! This is great!

- Great POP album Keith👍5 star

I think Keith unofficially has crossed to the more POP, trying to stay Country side. It’s a great effort and a good album with a lot of music. Which is what we need right now. 🙏He’s giving us basically an album and a half of what other artists are giving us lately. This an an album for everyone. Thank you Keith😊

- Ok since Taylor back to country music5 star

I start listening country music again. This album is so good!❤️❤️

- Pop Star or Country Musician???1 star

I’d give this 5 stars if Keith was a pop star! Enough said!

- Love it5 star

Love it

- Always Amazing!!5 star

Love Keith Urban and love that each album has something new and exciting. And especially loved the Instagram lives he has done throughout the pandemic ❤️ thank you!!

- This isnt country1 star

He needs to leave country and go to pop. He knows zero about being country

- Keith Urban5 star

Keith is absolutely brilliant. Proof that he can’t be tied down to one genre. Can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out!

- keep it in the dump1 star


- YAWN!!!1 star


- One Too Many5 star

Best collab in a LONG time 🤘🏼🤘🏼

- WHAT??? I LOVE IT!5 star

Keith! It’s not what I’m used to, but it’s freaking fantastic. I love One Too Many, I love this whole album so far. Keep it coming, a few more days and I can listen to it all. Thanks for being you, and thank you for such a great album!

- Can’t wait to hear the rest!5 star

Loving the songs that he’s released thus far. Polaroid and Change Your Mind are my personal favs. He’s uber talented, so appreciative of his fans and one hell of an entertainer. Can’t wait to get back on the road to see these performed live!!!

- Speed of Now Pt 15 star

So far, every single song has something super special! Absolutely love the way Keith puts different sounds into records. Plus, he’s a master collaboration expert! Can’t wait for the whole album to be released!!

- Buddynconnie85 star

If Keith urban sings it and plays his guitar, I love it. Have been a fan ever sense But for the grace of God.Your music takes us on a journey sometimes happy sad Second chances making changes Love gained and love lost etc. Wow just so many emotionsTo relate to. Then you wrap all that up in a person who can play a guitar and make it speak or sing like no one else can. Incredible 🎸🪕🎼🎹🎤🎶🎵. Top that off with his compassion and caring for his fans, never wanting to disappoint. Yes I try to go to as many concerts nearby as my pocketbook will allow. I’ll never forget the one concert that he and his guys took an Uber from Miami to West Palm Beach because of the weather & storms and the show started almost 2 hrs late but he gave us a full show from the front stage & all the way back to the back in the crowd, as he does. The other acts that were to take the stage at that time at the different arenas of Sunfest canceled. He cares! One other time in Florida pouring rain thunder lightning he waited and waited hours as we all did in our cars and then he put on the entire show. During this pandemic he was the first one to put on A drive-in concert and it was free for the first line workers. He cares ! He has great talent but more importantly he cares!!!Not every song will speak to everyone in the same way all the time but to someone it could be just what they needed to hear at this moment in time in their life. No room for haters out there..... this world needs to change there’s good and there’s beauty in everything if you just choose to see it or look at it from another point of view. Personally I love them all. Hopefully one day we’ll all get to go to a concert and enjoy that freedom again....hope to meet him someday too. Thank you Keith you keep being you!🎸🎶

- Love all of his music!!!!!5 star

Country music is still country: some more traditional, some more pop or rock which means there is something out there for all of us! I have loved all of Keiths music. The evolution of his music is truely something to behold! Love these songs.

- Catchy, but not country2 star

This music isn’t you, Keith! Stop trying to recreate “The Fighter” and make some more country tunes again

- Love “ Change your mind”5 star

What a beautiful song. Country or pop, love it all. Keith is the best ❤️

- Go back to old Keith1 star

Sadly, I hope nobody supports/ buys this album because it’s terrible! Keith needs to return to his older style of music like cop car, somewhere in my car, You’ll think of me, You gonna fly and many other great songs instead of whatever this is.

- So excited!5 star

I am his biggest fan

- Country has died1 star

This is very disappointed. From Days Go Bye to this??? This isn’t country! It’s a sell out to the pop culture of 2020. Hate it!

- Nope1 star

Apple has this listed as country. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is pop. Period

- He is the best any way5 star

Stop hating on Keith he has the best voice in any kind of way. He is an amazing singer and this album is sooooo amazing. Too all the haters, LEAVE HIM ALONE. He is trying his best and I think he sound magnificent Country or Pop. All the Keith Urban Fans stay with me and tell those haters he is amazing!

- Terrible1 star

I wish I could give lower than 1 star. This is absolutely horrible. What happened to Keith Urban?????

- Too pop!!!1 star

I’m so sad that this alum lacks so much emotion and his beautiful guitar playing. What happened to him playing a guitar and using real instruments in his music. I don’t care about conforming to the SO CALLED NEW AGE COUNTRY please start “making memories” for us AGAIN KEITH!!! I’ve been a fan since way back in the 90’s and love his music and his beautiful guitar playing but the last 3 albums have been for me his worst. I’m Sorry Keith I still love you but please stop making POP music and calling it country!!!!

- Keith urban1 star

Lame Keith Urban has be on over taken by pop. He isn’t what he used to be when he 1st came up.

- ....not feeling this album at all, sadly!1 star

What I’ve heard so far off this album just doesn’t sound any good at all. It’s time Keith just sit down with an acoustic guitar, and come up with some real songs, some real country music, and stop all this “pop” nonsense. Sorry Keith......maybe just one song is tolerable, and that’s because it brought back a couple of sweet memories of better times.

- Too pop laden.1 star

Too pop laden, over produced and lacking emotion.

- Vh Bethcffreg5 star

Cgcttttrhtrfhfgfrfrfrrrrhergtrrehhgy you jhave ftch herebyeghtgyf hfrygr

- Love It!!!5 star

Can’t wait for new music and great collabs!!! Keep it up Keith!! Your sooo awesome!!!

- Its called conform to the times5 star

Yes the songs are a bit different from other material,but its still Keith.All artist have to learn to adapt to what the music industry and the executives.Because at the end of day,its there money on the line.And its all about what is hot and what will sell.So I think its still good stuff,great work Keith.

- It's Keith Urban - The Best5 star

Love his music - always!


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All these numbers are lives. All of them one too many.

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