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Lyrics for artist Sam Smith song Diamonds coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris already went to Moon and Mars, that's why there are no signs of life.

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- Thank you, Sam for this MASTERPIECE!

This album is HEALING! 💔➡️❤️

- Them’s music is overrated

It’s a no

- Boring

I’m tired of him

- Amazing!

Sam Smith never disappoints! Love this album

- Credit?

I pre-ordered "To Die For." I see there's are credits for two songs on this ablum that were on the original. BUT, what happened to my refund or credit for the full album that was never delivered? I will not be ordering this album until I get my full credit or refund for "To Die For."

- Too high

Sam’s voice is obviously incredible with a huge range, but I find the high pitch pretty whiny and hard on the ears. Unfortunately, most of this album is super high pitched. Bummer for sure.

- Love it

Yet another great album from Sam

- Loves it

I’m so proud of Sam for writing this album. Their album tells its own story and what they have been through. This is such a pop album and my favorite songs off the album are Love Goes ft labrinth and So Serious!.

- Masterpiece

Absolutely wonderful! The wait was worth it. Sam Smith will be legend all these songs have a meaning and are relatable. Love it! Serious is awesome and so is Love Goes! I love it. Great job Sam your the best.

- Their Best Album Yet!

Sam Smith has done it again with Love Goes. I’m so blown away by the vocals, arrangements, and new songs that we haven’t heard before now. I’m so glad I pre-ordered this album! Sam is still one of the best artists of my lifetime! 💞

- Annoying voice

This guy’s voice is just way too whiny

- refreshing new direction

always good to hear new music from them. so serious is my favorite track. worth the listen! :)

- One trick pony

Lacks creativity in production, and his voice sounds the same with no range or dynamic.

- Hot garbage

Hot trash.

- Best album to date

Love this album

- Not a hater here

Why the hate? We will probably get bonus tracks... hopefully. But every song on here is fire! There is just the 5 songs we have already heard and the 2 singles. I still love it!

- Not the same Sam

With massive talent like his he doesn't need to prove anything. He got away from his soulful sound. He has a few decent songs but nothing that jumps out.

- Beautiful Record

Sam never disappoints <3!

- Wowzers!!! Excellent

Diamonds is my favorite! I love all the songs. Amazing!

- Inspirational and amazing

This album is one of the most beautiful pieces of art in 2020. Sam never fails to move me in such profound ways. Throughout the span of listening to this album, you’ll get up and dance, cry, and maybe even start to remember what happiness feels like. Sam, thank you for making this. I’m honored to be listening.

- Best album ever

This has to be the best album that Sam smith has ever done I literally was in tears after hearing so many good songs and I’m buying the cd the minute I find it I loved every single song on this album thank u so much Sam smith ur voice is like an angel to me

- Omg thank you Sam Smith!!!

Love! Love! Loooove!



- Amazing!

Sam Smith does it again! Could totally relate to So Serious, and was balling to Love Goes what a song!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 this album has everything and I can’t wait for COVID to be gone and for us to enjoy these songs live! Sammy never disappoints 💖

- This is amazing!

I felt so nostalgic listening to this reminded me of not only first love but finally loving yourself. (Btw the reason this album has 3 stars is because people want their money back on the other album he was going to make but if they just called iTunes they could fix it)

- 💖💖💖💖

Sam’s new album is AMAZING!!!!! Also, please stop misgendering sam. their pronouns are they/them, and doing that to someone is really rude so please stop.

- Good

The pop sound suits him, glad he changed up the sound a bit throughout this album.


On repeat for the rest of the day and weeks😍

- I can’t download pre order?

Why can’t I download the album? It just says purchased but It won’t let me download the songs. What’s the point of pre-ordering? Confused

- Trash

All his songs sound the same Enough already

- Meh

I was excited to see what the album would be like after hearing Dancing with a Stranger but It makes sense to me now why Sam is trying to drum up attention for himself with pronouns and his identity because musically it looks like he has nothing left to offer.

- Much better

The cover of this album is way much better than the original concept of “to die for” and so far loving “Another One” and “Oasis” , the album really deserves a listen, you know what you are getting with this distinct voice. No different than a Ariana Grande album. I think this is much better then “positions” in my opinion.

- Bops

The 2020 born this way



- Amazing!

Sam Smith manages to recreate the signature sound in this album while also keeping true to they/them roots. Some songs will have you crying & others dancing around. The true ups & downs of love told by Sam’s beautiful voice. You won’t be disappointed by Love Goes ❤️

- Long awaited

So proud of you Sam! Another album full of hits. I LOVE IT 🔥💕

- Ugh

My ears are now bleeding. Cringe

- Amazing

Another one hits home harder

- This is the Sam Smith I wanted!

This is his best album since his debut. It’s melodic and catchy, but emotional and honest. My favorite album in a long time. Not a bot lol I’m being 100% honest.

- 🤨

If they didn’t want I am Ready since it’s HIS OWN SONG , he could have left it in the drafts. Setting my girl Demi up ....

- Love it 🥰

I have been listening to these songs on repeat! It’s been crazy lately, really needed this. Sam Smith is the best singer/songwriter right now!! 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

- ate

Sam u ate.

- From passion to pain to love

i can hear his voice for ever and transport to another dimention

- He never fails

Gives me vibes of angels lifting me to heaven

- Sam!!!!!

You are amazing!!!!

- Music changer....

Exceptional Sam, pure beauty flows through your voice. Excellent work. I was ready for this album as soon as I heard ”to die for.” please keep giving me your true self.

- Love Goes: My Opinions

*This is only after my initial listen, opinions may change I have never been a big fan of Sam’s music, but when they dropped Diamonds I was bopping so hard- Anyways, the album is a little forgettable.. there are indeed some beautiful tracks but some of them weren’t needed. I added like half of the new songs to my playlist though so idk anymore- A few of the highlights for me are “Diamonds”, “Kids Again”, and “Love Goes”. I’m not going to buy this album (I usually only buy albums from my favorite artists), but I surely will listen to this occasionally. P.S. Even though I didn’t pre-order the one that was called “To Die For”, I was confused too. But to leave a negative review on the album for that doesn’t make sense.. I bet some of the people writing them didn’t even listen to the album. You can just report that to Apple or something if you’re mad. Maybe it was all a misunderstand and Sam just decided to scrap that idea. You shouldn’t be leaving negative reviews on their album just for that.

- I think he purged his fanbase

Good singer for sure but now nobody wants to be big fans bc...well, you know...

- Love


- Beautiful

Forever my favorite. ❤️❤️

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- Great album if not quite a classic

I notice the majority of reviews of this album were written before it was actually released. Not sure how you manage that unless your basing your opinion on a couple of pre-released tracks. Whilst not filled with as many stand out classics as their previous albums, I really like this. I think it’s more of a slow burn. I find myself keep going back to it.

- 5*

Love the album 🤍

- Give it a rest everyone

I’m shocked to see some of the vile ‘reviews’ here, this album is actually pretty good and the singles (back half of the album) have been pretty amazing.... diamonds - amazing yet you petty horrible people can’t let go of the identity thing. As if the world isn’t horrible enough you all just have to make it that little bit worse

- Love Sam Smith

Love Sam’s voice and his writing. Very talented musician 💕 I’m going to enjoy listening to him whilst commuting all over London 💙

- Another? 😴😴

Another boring set of songs 😴

- Worth the wait

Love Goes has to be one of the best albums this year especially from someone as talented as Sam Smith.

- 💜💜

Im truly shocked at peoples thoughts and ratings on this album. This album is beautiful and it is genuine and real. My favourite is Another One. My one thing i would say is to have more up-tempo songs but stunning nether the less.

- Judge his music!

I love this album, this is supposed to be about reviewing his music, most of u seem to think u r here to judge his lifestyle choices! Get on with your own lives and leave him to make his own choices! U have your choices, he has his! Why do u think u have the right to dictate how he lives his life?

- Rubbish

Rubbish! Don’t buy this rubbish 🤢🤮 it’s revolting

- Wine whilst the wining begins....

This album is laughable He’s actually very embarrassing for me and a poor representation of my community

- He is Terrible

What an absolute borefest this album is...

- Bad

A total snooze. Why do people buy ‘music’ like this?

- Kill me now.

Crikey another depressing load of wailing from Sam. They do great collaborations but just depressing nonsense by themselves.

- 👌🏻

Not a bad album. Some Good Tunes on here

- No

Ew no

- A fresh new vibe from one of the greatest voices of our time

A really well thought out compilation. Sam Smith is back and bringing a fresh vibe to the table. P.S. all these hate comments in the “reviews” are disgusting. Apple, sort it out. Reviews should be limited to people who’ve actually bought the album, and aren’t just here to bring their negativity and prejudice

- Musical Brilliance!

Every song on this album is perfection. Love Goes is so versatile, every song tells a different story. Sam Smith is easily one of the greatest artists today. Their voice is sensational, the lyrics are astonishing - everything about this album is just flawless. I am absolutely loving the new musical direction that Sam is taking. The previous reviewers are all completely uneducated, hate-filled people who are only doing it as they don’t agree with people expressing their true selves and who they are, they probably have not even listened to the album yet decide to rate it so lowly. If you are planning on purchasing you will not regret it! Such a great artist and album.

- Mess

What has happened to sam Smith?

- I like it

Always loved Sam’s music, it’s a good album, couple songs not quite sure on but the more you listen they grow on you.

- Awful

Such a drama queen and what made him a star has now faded.... his music is boring and melancholic. And yes I will call him a he because that’s what he is. He’s just trying to stand out with all this ‘they’ crap. Bye Sam. You’re about to flop

- His best one yet

Sam Smith being their real self!

- Amazing as always!

Beautiful voice and amazing songs! Cant wait to see you on the livestream... ♥️

- Great stuff

All you haters on here are just homophobe sad cases, get a life and grow up.

- His best so far

I’m starting to think all the negative reviews aren’t about the music..they’re an attack on Sam and who he chooses to be!!! should be more responsible! Take them down. There’s no room for homophobia here people. He’s not the problem in this world..YOU ARE! YOU are the Trump, right wing haters that are messing up this world. Where’s the liberty? This is 2020!! We need to be more accepting of people living their lives how they want to and not being critiqued for it. Remember..when reviewing Sam’s music, it’s exactly about that..the music. Peace ☮️

- Dreadful

Insipid generic modern pop with trip beats. Like Arianas album this is ten a penny formulaic unimaginative unmemorable wallpaper Muzak. Avoid like the plague if you like nuance and intrigue in your music.

- 😭❤️

Amazing, beautiful, perfect... thank u ❤️

- Why the negativity?

Every artist must go in new directions. I love this album and find new depths on each playing. The voice is also more fabulous than ever! ❤️🎼💚🎹💜🎤

- Beautiful album!

You can really tell their confidence has grown with this album. I especially love the more dance style tracks along with the traditional soul style. Love the album Sam!

- Keep going Sam

Fab album. You’re doing great. Ignore the utter scum in the comments, their transphobic asses can’t handle your music!

- ❤️

All these negative comments.. listen to the voice ...the new songs are great! up beat and relatable! Love it... if ya don’t wanna know why bother writing reviews absolutes clowns 🤡 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

- Never fails to deliver

Every artist needs to evolve to remain relevant and current. You can’t deny this raw talent and these vocals are on point as always. I absolutely love Sam Smith, and I much prefer listening to their voice than all this garbage rap in the charts right now. Nice to have you back Sam! Your doing great!

- Amazing ..❤️❤️❤️

Well worth the wait Sam ❤️ congratulations 🥳... can’t wait for your tour AGAIN XXXXX

- Not a fan

Not a fan of the new musical direction, it all goes downhill from here :(

- My fave.

The people on here leaving rancid reviews, purely because of the pronouns Sam chooses to use, need to get a life. Does it affect you? No. Bore off. Imagine hiding behind a review to make nasty pointless comments. You must lead such miserable lives. Sam’s voice will always be my favourite. Love them.

- Love it

All of these reviews are based on a foundation of hatred for Sam’s gender identity and gender expression and it’s F****ng pathetic. Move on hun it’s 2020 now 💋

- Love it

All of these reviews are based on a foundation of hatred for Sam’s gender identity and gender expression and it’s F****ng pathetic. Move on hun it’s 2020 now 💋

- Crap

Where’s the real music . Sorry but this isn’t music

- Loved every but if it

We loved it dam so so so much!!!!! You do you and we love it so much, you have created art. Don’t u dare listen to the haters you are beautiful😌🦋🦋

- Diamonds

Coming straight from the upper echelon of other legendary altos like Al Green and Jimmy Somerville, Mr Smith's council estate R&B 'Diamonds' is an anthem from the outset, (think Brighton's ZAP 1990s) when the clubs finally open their blessed doors this C19 funk will grow and evolve exponentially. Huge.

- Not good

I’m not a big fan think he sounds like a seagull , but his recent stuff other than the collab with Normani is utter tripe. Needs a break a to write stuff like he used to.

- Terrible

This is complete garbage

- Not my music

But good luck SAM ✌️. Too much DRAMA FFS , be happy n dance sing that voice

- Florin Toda

Well this is absolutely amazing Album ! I’m in love 🥰 I don’t understand why people put just one ⭐️ for this ??? Come on we all know that is one of the best artist and definitely deserve five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ! I love you Forever Sam

- I❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sam Smith I am in love with you ❤️❤️❤️ I love your songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you are stunning love you

- meh

go back to crying in your mansion xoxox

- Shocking

Load of crap by him/she/that/they/it. You’ve lost your way

- Great new songs from Sam

This is going to be the best yet, heard the tunes and it’s a cracker..

- Please respect THEIR pronouns

I’ve noticed that many of these reviews have been using he/him pronouns for Sam, please note that their pronouns are they/them and use it when talking about Sam.

- K

I can’t even rate this , Sam smith has an amazing voice but his songs are just so depressing ! I really hope he pulls this out the bag ! Sam you have an amazing voice please do a great catchy song !

- Love it!

I love this album. Sams new stuff is great. Read all the neg stuff and don’t understand what’s your beef guys??

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