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Justin Bieber - Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper) Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Justin Bieber song Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper) coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Divide Chuck Norris by zero and you will in fact get one........one bad-ass that is.

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Justin Bieber - Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper) Song Reviews

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- Yess

Wayyyyyyyyyy better than yummy

- Holy is beautifully holy!

Great job guys on much needed song! 🙏🙏😇❤️

- What is this abomination

This is terrible

- no stop that

i can’t even like just no no stop that nonono sir i can’t even stop no

- Really millennials? Or whoever...

Why? Just why? Music is awful now. I am 35 and am so happy I know what good music is and experienced some of the greats. I hope we can recover and find some truly gifted artists and musicians to be the next wave sooner than later. We need a change from these pop tart melodies.

- um

Just no❤️



- ears-bleeding bad

i don’t know how this racist abuser is even still allowed to have a platform but that aside, how does he STILL not manage to make anything sound remotely good when he’s been given so many chances?? like dude it’s not that hard

- beautiful

beautiful like always

- Can’t Get Enough

I love to play this song throughout the day. It make me feel grateful of what I have and what I have accomplished. Love the song so much. The video is super dope also!

- best songg

loving justinnso much rn

- payola

Are using a payola like to booze the Music nobody’s not even listen too

- 😬

I was a fan but honestly idk what your trying to do like honestly just live your life with your wife music is not good for u anymore

- Well done!!

Great job, Justin!

- Fantastic

How unbelievably brave to sing unabashedly about Christ. Great song!

- Beautiful and honest

Saw this on SNL. It’s beautiful.

- Appreciate the message

Whether you like the image or personality of Justin Bieber,you can’t deny that his music is worth listening to.I still get excited when he releases new tracks.I’ve been a fan for a long time.No one is perfect so keep the negativity @ 0% everyone♥️

- Wow.

Love this... absolutely beautiful

- Not a fan but love it

Loved it..👏👏👏

- barely better than changes...

the message he’s trying to convey is nice ig, but these lyrics... CRINGE

- Love

It’s so calming and nice. I really like it. I would have preferred just Justin. Without chance the rapper, but I still like it.

- Nice


- Taylor Swift ended Justin

Folklore out now!

- Lol

Taylor and Selena fans get a life and get off of here leaving fake bad reviews

- Speechless yet again!

This was amazing! I listen to it all the time and no matter what people say ur worth and ur amazing and talented so just block out the haters👏🏻🔥❤️

- Song is catchy

Applaud Justin for releasihg something different, song shows maturity and growth. I don't really like the rap part need solo version

- Oh No..

I was surprised when earlier this year Justin Bieber released, “Yummy,” because I thought he stopped making music cause everyone thought he was irrelevant after 2017. Yummy was terrible I hated the lyrics it sounded like a generic pop song from the early 2010s. Now this is even worse. The lyrics make no sense, and from the reviews it seems like he was trying to make this a Christian song? Hell no. Leave the Christian music to For King&Country and Lauren Daigle. Just stop and deal with the fact that you are irrelevant now.

- average

like many artists who have become big no effort so few continue to always have that great record no matter how they rise he joins beyonce pink and drake as artists who make a record on assignment

- I don't want to be rude

Personally I love your music a lot but I don't think the gospel theme really fits.

- Where is the purpose?

Is this a joke to God? The album Changes had a couple good songs... wheres the music like Purpose?

- love it!!

it’s an amazing song

- Beautiful

i love it 😻

- Good song! Great message!

Keep up the work Justin! Love the gospel music. I myself am a Christian so I try not to listen to all the trashy crap. I’ve always thought you’ve had a great voice but was never a huge fan of your message, but now that you’re trying to be a better man for God, that changes everything! Don’t listen to the haters, keep doing what you know is better for the glory of God! Beats the “I’m better sleeping on my own”. Trash

- Trash🚮




- Who?!?!

This is terrible. Buy and stream Fallin’ by Why Don’t We

- Love

Don’t know why people are hating on this song. The lyrics are great and the sound is amazing. His voice is so smooth!

- Writing is not his forte

Justin is slowly progressing from writing 6th grader lyrics, as made evident by this song. While still no songwriting genius, hopefully he can continue to improve until the point where we can say he made the right decision by choosing to write his own songs. ATM however, he would do better to allow others to write all his songs for him.

- Love the song

Very awesome song



- Really, really bad

That’s all I have to say. It just sounds absolutely terrible

- ❤️

This song makes my heart smile. So uplifting.

- JB is the best 🤒🤒🤒

Justin bieber is so amazing!!! what a great message! ❤️ im not a fan of ol’ chance though, sorry bud. 😂

- Trash

Delete it fat

- Trash

As usual. It’s no surprise that everything Justin releases is garbage

- Sounds bad

I usually like Chance but his portion was bad so it was like taking an already bad song and making it worse. This is like Justin trying to make Christian music, just like Kanye West tried doing and we all know how badly that ended. He probably collaborated with Chance just so it’d give the song more recognition

- ew

This song is so bad

- Lol I can’t

Retire embarrassing loser trash


I love Justin and I always have since the beginning this song is super catchy and has such a great happy positive vibe to it.

- Bruh this boy is not holy

Chance the rapper is the best but bro Justin is not holy so he can not have been apart of this song it should be called boy I am a sinner I love the devil and only Justin Bieber should sing it and omg why chance would partner with man he is insane bruh go back to your bowl hair cut and just sing baby that what your fans want they don’t this kinda stuff dude -this comment was written by a 11 year old so you just got roasted by a 11 year old Justin when are you going to get your life together baby shark is better than this crap this comment was meant for Justin Bieber I have nothing against chance the rapper he is the best

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- Holy

It makes you feel so holy💖

- Wow

Another superb song by the legend.

- So beautiful

Justin bieber never disappoints I’m in love with this song

- I want my money back

If it was possible then I would give this song a zero star. Where is the Justin who made purpose?

- Simple

Awesome track in loop all day along

- Just awesome

Yes its awesome

- Incredible song!✨

im really loving this new side of Justin Bieber. the man has grown out of his mistakes to be a role model for all of us. this song has exactly what’s needed to give hope to all the ones losing their jobs and their loved ones. justin if you’re reading this, i love you and i’m beyond proud of who you are today.🤍❤️🤍

- Amazing


- amazing

the song is beautiful and his voice sounds angelic and i overall love it and him❤️

- The BEST song EVER 😭❤️

Literally king biebs has reassumed his throne!! 👑

- Love

His songs hit differently . Still couldn't stop listening this song. Not only its an amazing song, it's such a wonderful message, a message of love, kindness, Family and love.

- Dope 🔥🔥

Prince is back great comeback 👀🔥

- The Best

JB & Chance TheRapper, both of you has produced such an another amazing song.. ❤️❤️❤️ Just loved it.. HOLY

- Breath taking!

It is terrific 🔥

- Incredible

such a beautiful song, moved me to tears.

- Holyyyyy!!!!!

A MASTERPIECE BY JUSTINBIEBER Soo good When you hold me hold me hold me feel so Holy🥺🥀

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#OnAir Holy ft. Chance The Rapper - @JustinBieber Join in here Buy or stream this song 🤟❤️ .


Cuz I can’t get enough of this song ⁦@justinbieber⁩ ⁦⁦@ChrisEvans⁩ #AvengerSoul is very holy in my opinion 🤣 my team has only the best ⁦@RobertDowneyJr⁩ but my mood changes with the tide at the beach 🏖 or the switch of a song 🤣 .

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Justin Bieber - Holy Feat. Chance The Rapper #REFLEXRADIOTOP40 #REFLEXRADIO #REFLEXNOW #REFLEX20.

Marta Guedes

Confira Holy [feat. Chance The Rapper] por Justin Bieber (feat. Chance the Rapper) em Amazon Music .

Justin Bieber Charts

Apple Music UK 🇬🇧 #22. “Holy” — @justinbieber & @chancetherapper (+16) *peak #9* .

,,ᵗ ᵏⁱ

Hold me hold me hold me .


Holy (feat. Chance The Rapper) by Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper #NowPlaying.


Justin Bieber & The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir - Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper) has climbed 11 places from 52nd place to 41st. #JustinBieber .


#Nowplaying Holy (feat. Chance The Rapper) - Justin Bieber .

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Playing now Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper - Holy (feat. Chance The Rapper).

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