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- YES5 star

yes just YES

- So good5 star



Every song was so catchy!

- ari ❤️5 star

love it

- Trash!1 star

Political garbage! Every song is monotone!

- FABULOUS5 star

Amazing screw the haters

- It’s okay... I was expecting better!2 star

I love Ariana, but, this album was not really my favorite. All of her music if just the same, nothing new. I give her credit for doing a rap song but honestly I think she should stick to her genre... I am so disappointed in this album. There were only a few songs I liked! Positions was overall my favorite. What even is 34+35? I want to be back in the sweetener era! Overall if you like Ariana Grande, personally this album was not very good. Also most of these songs are really inappropriate... Just a warning if you have kiddos this album, isn’t the most appropriate.

- Ha1 star

I see nothing but one star reviews, yet this album is still showing as four stars? If the entire industry didn't prop this girl up she'd have no career.

- Love it.5 star

Love it, I miss her soft ballads, it like the new sound. It’s really fun, but I do want a mix. Ari, if you read this can we get a soulful album, just acoustics. All you, and your range?!? ♥️ Gave it a 4 at first, but I listened to it again... and I love it. Still want a soulful album, I just love her voice lol.

- Horrible1 star

She’s not good at writing anymore. The only good ones are Shut up and Just like magic. The rest is trashy.

- No thanks1 star

Straight garbage

- aoty5 star

deserves album of the year

- 💕😫❤️🤒5 star

in love

- Great5 star

This album is fun and up beat! Love it💕

- Average3 star

I actually love this sound and her use of RnB and string instruments, but this whole album is lacking for me. Not only are most of the songs super short, but they sound like plain album fillers. About 5 of the songs are actually good in my opinion. Shut Up is just... awkward to listen to, it doesn’t flow very well. Idk what 34+35 even is, but just... no. Motive is pretty boring. Six Thirty, Obvious and West Side are forgettable. And Love Language I actually liked in the beginning but it got old pretty fast. Overall, I don’t think it’s her best and it feels like she took scraps and threw them into one album.

- Her older albums are better.1 star

All songs sound almost the same.

- 💤 fest1 star

Ah it’s all right.. yeah not at all (boring), this album is really awful (even with featured artists)

- YIKES1 star

Talk about tone deaf. Ditzy lyrics that make women sound like objects, all whilst people are out here losing their family members, jobs and more. It just shows how easily rich ppl shut that sh** out. Must be nice. Also the overdone sexual lyrics are a clear stab at Pete who has moved on with his life. Get on with yours girl. What an embarrassment 😬

- Bruh1 star

Not only is Ariana grande some overrated GARBAGE, her fanbase is toxic at best. Leaving 1 star reviews on other music just to say “buy positions””Ariana grande is better”. Get outta here. I wish Ariana would pack it up and leave, this is horrible, and that’s coming from someone who loves hip-hop inspired songs like this.

- Lovee it5 star

Honestly one of her best albums imo a lot more mature too

- Really Good5 star

So Talented. One of her best albums probably.

- Boring1 star

Another typical sounding modern pop album GENERIC

- Amazing5 star

This is the best thing ever she saved 2020!

- I love ari the best5 star

This is the best album she has made I am obsessed with her and if you say other ways girl watcha doin in your life 😅

- Yes5 star


- Trash1 star

Sorry but no

- Well...1 star

A disappointment . Really bland and repetitive. It seems ariana is just trying to stay relevant by doing auto-tuned generic pop songs and risqué music videos. she also needs to work on her enunciation because at this point it just seems like a joke.

- Love the song position but the other songs I am saying they are bad they are just no that good4 star

I still love you Ari

- LOVE5 star

i love the new direction she’s going with her music! one of the best albums of the year!

- QUEEN5 star

Soooooooo good!!

- Pretty good4 star

In my opinion, her music in this album isn’t terrible but it always feels the same.

- No not good1 star

Same old click sound music. Not good.

- AMAZING5 star

absolutely love this album!! one of her best🤩

- Great Album5 star

When I first listened to Positions the single, in my opinion I thought it was good and was really excited for the album, but when I heard the album I was like eh it’s alright:/. After listening to the album a couple more times it started to catch on to me and I started to like the album more. You have to listen to this album a couple of times to really like it. I just kinda wish that she used less auto tune, because some of the words that she was saying I couldn’t really understand like in six-thirty when she said,“sure” Overall great album.

- Saud5 star

I love this album more than myself.

- This just isn’t it, chief...1 star

Girl.... 😔😔😔 where are the bops....

- Ariiii5 star

Love Ariana In general 🤍

- 😭1 star

I’m not a fan of this album at all. I miss Dangerous Woman Era. Bring that back!


Don’t listen to any negative comments queen this is so good so thoughtful and makes me cry . Love u

- I LOVE ITTT😌💕5 star

This is the best album everrr🥰.

- Nooo2 star

I wanted to love this!! Kept re-listening to feel it but noo. sorry ari not your best album ☹️

- An album of rejects2 star

I couldn’t put my finger in exactly why I didn’t like this album that much, until I read a review that spelled it out perfectly. It sounds like she wanted to put out a new album but didn’t want to make new music, so she pulled a bunch of songs that didn’t make it on Thank You, Next bc they weren’t good enough.

- 💕💕💕5 star


- Too much hate4 star

Guys, this was obviously a passion project dedicated to her lover... Was it thank you next? No. Was it Dangerous Woman? No. But does Arianna sound content and is album generally cohesive and catchy? Of course! For those of you saying she had “no originality”, I find that a lot of the songs have distinct tunes such as love language and motive and positions and especially my hair. Yes, the other half may not be amazing hits, but not every album can be an entire collection of Grammy winners. This was supposed to be a chill quarantine album that she put out for the fans and you’re all upset about it already?! The vocals in my hair, the whistle notes, the catchy tunes, I think it is pretty decent. Not her best, but stop with all that hate. Give her some credit.

- Amazing5 star

Excellent album, y’all are just mad it’s not bubblegum pop

- Uhm4 star

I personally love Ariana Grande’s music. This album is eh. I only like one of the songs in the album, which is Positions. The other songs aren’t as good and don’t have a meaning or a beat to it. Also, HUNNY what is going on in the song 34+35 like I was expecting some math or something not staying up all night boring stuff. You’re an amazing singer but I wish the songs besides Positions had a better beat. Positions was great!

- Greatest5 star

Her work just gets Better. So happy she found healing ❤️

- Excellent5 star

I love the new album Ari ❤️ you never fail to amaze me!

- Her worst album1 star

I usually like some of her music but this entire album is lacking. It’s so boring. There’s not one bop.


If u don’t got nun nice to say don’t say it.....she is not worried bout y’all opinions-

- It’s okay3 star

I only like positions aka the main song,, otherwise her older work is better. Not a huge fan of Ariana I like some of her work but this is kinda lazy

- A grower5 star

I love it now after a few listens 🤍🤍🤍 new sound but she’s great singing anything tbh I’d listen to her sing the abc’s

- 🙂4 star

All the songs are good but if I heard them without knowing who sang it I wouldn’t known it was ari it’s missing her special touch idk but they still good and I like them but I can’t bop to them yknow?


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Scooby the world's googy - Vibey Albulm4 star

A great vibey album that’s smooth and consistent. It’s cohesive and has some great tunes. The collaborations are expertly chosen and make this album even better. Some tracks are a bit repetitive ( six thirty, shut up) but the best ones make up for it (pov, obvious, positions, my hair, safety net, off the table).

chasegp9 - best album5 star

by far one of her best albums. stream it!!!!

GAGA's Applause - Masterpiece5 star

Safety net is soooo good. I love this album so much

L'anonyme ! - ✨Perfect ! ✨5 star

Nothing more to say ! Just Perfect !

oreodoublestuffed - on of her best albums yet5 star

the vibe is slow , magical , and just perfect. Ariana Grande never disappoints. This album is beautiful, it might not be for everyone, but for most ariana stans this album will be in your top 3 of hers.

mrsqween - HEAVEN5 star


Enjoy! :) - amazing period🤩5 star

I luv it sm <3

AlexAnderGIO - Queen of Pop5 star

Queen of pop

CrystalDiamond213 - AMAZING5 star


nsjckdbksnxkwifoekbd - positions5 star

she did it again, and did it better than ever

Imran Janbaksh - Periodt5 star

It doesn’t get better than this!

Najdjdhsj - her best album5 star

that’s on periodtt

kdubzzz12 - this is beautiful5 star

ariana grande once again does it. this is the best thing i’ve heard in a while. pov 🤍

John Demita - This album saved 20205 star

This album is really good my favorite song would have to be off the table but all of the songs are so good I could Listen to the whole album forever thanks for blessing us with this album ari ❤️❤️❤️

YellowCougar_770 - Amazing!4 star

Ariana is no doubt a talented artist. This album was absolutely fantastic, the vocals were amazing and the song production was flawless. Although I wish some songs were longer, and that there were more songs on the album. But over all it was great!

Abigailk6 - Yess queen5 star

It’s Ariana frocking Grande she always comes out with bops

MaximeGougeon - HER MOST COHESIVE ALBUM5 star

This album is very mature and you can hear the growth in sound. She is without a doubt he vocalist of this generation. She just served us her most mature album yet in terms of vocals, lyrics and production ✨

ari is queen👑🌙 - MASTERPIECE5 star


elinosantoss - her best album <35 star


@nathanpiasecki - woah.5 star

she really did that

tbh.its.bruce - I LITERALLY LOVE IT5 star

This album is sooo different compared to her others imo. There were a lot of good songs on this album and I really love the R&B vibe to it, while it’s mixed with trap, pop, and hip hop elements. overall this album is soo good, a lot of very good vocals on here and i love it.

Bobby Shuncan - OKAY YEAH5 star


Skyleen Munroe - POV5 star

omg I love this one💕💕Love all though🥺

NiallJamesHoranLover - Yaaassss Queen💖💕🥰👏🏻😘👑5 star

Vocals are amazing and lyrics are beautiful. Her sound has grown so much over the years. Ariana is really trying to tell her life story here. It’s now one of my favourite albums by her. The whole album is genius and I will for sure have it on repeat for a while now. Well done queen 💖💕🥰👏🏻😘👑

nick4377 - AMAZING AND SO GOOD5 star


idieks - Ilove it5 star


Tuyen Lai - So good!!5 star

I love it so much!!! Thank you so much Ari🤍🤍🤍

RainbowPower9978 - ITS AMAZING5 star


Gohabsgo1212 - The weeknd and Doja save that album.3 star

Not her best work

HiHS1994 - Amazing!5 star

This album is 💯🔥! Stellar vocals as usual!

;!?8/@!,8 - WOOOW5 star


Queen Metalia - Absolute Garbage1 star

Don’t waste your money on these songs, I recommend you listening to Kylie Minogue’s new album Disco Deluxe. That’s real music. I’m super disappointed in Ariana!!!!

PassionateMusicFella - STREAM POSITIONS5 star


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youmaddoggiexx - all the lonely virgins5 star

yall are so obsessed with her, virgins me thinks

llillieeve - loved it5 star

i really enjoyed listening to this album, it has a very unique sound. ariana has chosen to take a different route by incorporating r&b undertones and also discussing the topic of relationships throughout the album. i really enjoyed this new sound from ariana, it is very vulnerable and there are songs that people are able to relate to in some ways. this is definitely my favourite album she has released to date, although others may not feel the same way, i thought it was great!

HopefullyKat211 - Trying too hard to appear grown up1 star

Like my title says really, adding a few swear words is probably the only exciting thing in this Album. So disappointed in it as Ariana has the most special gift of singing, yet this sadly does not reflect her talent in this. All the tracks are generic, I hate to leave a bad review but she could do so much better than this. I feel tormented because it looks like a bubblegum pop princess is trying to show the world she has grown up yet she has not evolved at all.

the sound of music is the best - ARI!!!!!!!4 star

Ngl I do prefer thank u, next but this album is amazing and I hate that people are are giving it so much hate. Stand outs are 34+35, motive, safety net, my hair, nasty and pov. Thank u ari!!!!

catspelle - Swearing2 star

It says something when there has to be a clean version of her album.

JessieMorgan1 - perfection5 star

my queen legend

pip_19.86 - 🎶🥰5 star

Love this album, made of songs that are lyrically pleasing and beautiful harmony’s 🙏🏼

JUNGSHOOKK - disappointed1 star

after hearing ‘rule the world’ i was excited for ariana to do rnb, but most of these tracks are generic and lack flavour. I miss her dangerous woman era :(

RoseAlexxoxoox - obsessed5 star

this album is so different from the rest i love it

Tiffanyk1 - She did it again!5 star

Amazing album she can never disappoint!

djrwhdbruhrhrhrrurhurjr - Boring and generic.1 star

You can tell she played it extremely safe with this album, no originality, no creativity and overall rushed. I prefer when artists go and take some time away to come up with new concepts instead of feeling obligated to rush out new music all the time.

bcgg90 - Thank u next/Dangerous Woman Sound Combined🔥🔥5 star

Really great album and it’s refreshing to see a short and sweet track list compared to the standard bloated 30 track albums coming out on streaming platforms. Personal favourites are 34+35, my hair, nasty and of course positions.

Erinsaysno - Meh.1 star

I loved her first few albums, sweetener was a bit of a dip but then thank you, next was a brilliant album. I like one song on this album the rest are so boring and don’t stick in your head like good songs do.. feels very rushed and quite frankly is a boring album.

tosh31 - Not my cup of tea, boring and sounds the same2 star

Every track sounds the same and nothing new here ! Half the time you can not understand what’s she is even singing

GodneySoldier - Poor1 star

Really disappointed in this album. Initially I was excited as she was going to be leaning into her R&B side more which I love. However the quality isn’t there. The enunciation is getting worse too, not to mention the increased use of expletives. They can be effective to use in certain songs, but here they just fill in gaps left by the lazy songwriting.

waffleboii - incredible5 star

why are people hating ?? yes yall have your own opinion but, if you actually listen to the songs more than once you will realise how unique they are from eachother. pls! i love it. best album yet. 🖤

Magenta guy - Can’t understand what she is singing2 star

Her vocals are too high that she is too hard to understand and the lyrics are very sexually explicit.

JamieDavis2020 - For the “critics”5 star

Yall wanna sit there and say “all songs sound the same” you clearly have never picked up her albums OR even listened thoroughly. This album is probably her most grown. She’s an adult signing about adult sh*t. 34 35, Shut up, Nasty, Obvious, my hair and positions are top songs for me. Also to the “adults” who are saying they can’t allow their children to listen; good. Ariana has never been for children - play them kids bop like A Karen would. Also, there is a clean version of the album for a reason!! Stop complaining it’s not for kids. Jesus. A bop. The end. Over everyone else’s comments girl please.

alfiemj1979 - Eh1 star

All her songs sound the same she’s getting lazy this is her worst album yet

Crybaby at the disco - <35 star


olly125521 - A great album.5 star

This is a great album, yet it cannot live up to its 2 predecessors (sweetener and thank u, next). But I don’t blame it, it had some very big shoes to fill. This is probably one of Ariana’s best albums to date. And to everyone who says all the songs sound the same, they don’t. Either like it or don’t. If you don’t, do what track 1 tells you to (shut up) and go and find something you like. :)

sum1different - Rubbish.1 star

Auto-tune anyone?

mimistev - Best album period.5 star

She came to serve once again saved 2020

tomhughes__ - a disappointment2 star

i love ariana grande so so much but this album is such a disappointment :( after a number of listen to each song there is about 1 or 2 that are okay, the rest bland and generic. ill listen to dangerous women sweetener and thank u next until she waits a few years to be able to produce something iconic again

Lukiiboy03 - Usually love her2 star

I usually love her music but these last two albums haven’t been the best. At least TUN had a few great singles, this album just seems really toned down - not in a good way.

marleycarlisle - one of my favourite albums ever5 star

i love positions. its a different style to what ariana usually does and i love it so much

tomlh - Awesome but...5 star

Great album! There is not a single song from this album that I dislike... BUT... almost every song is about s*x. It just gets a little boring after a while if that’s all that she can sing about. She needs to go back to singing nice songs that people can relate to. Ranking: 1. Dangerous Woman 2. POSITIONS 3. Sweetener 4. My Everything 5. thank u, next 6. Yours Truly

m.o.r - Hmmmm2 star

After one full listen and then a few tracks individually, must say it is disappointing especially after thank u, next which was all killer. Too much swearing, too many short tracks and many of them seem to blend into one another sonically. It will sell bucketloads but critically, I'd say it will receive very average reviews. Shame really.

caitlin xo - i haven’t breathed since it came out5 star

miss ponytail took my breath away w the first second of shut up and i cannot breathe no more. the whole album is exquisite. u go from feeling like a bad b in 34+35 and nasty to thinking deeply ab ur feelings and urself in pov. 10/10. i love it. thank u ariana ilysm

Gstar2000 - Insipid1 star

Words fail me considering her fans are 12 years old

grace 🤍 - so calming5 star

may not be the favourite (thank u, next is) but i love it! it gives off goodnight n go and breathin vibes. it’s calming and emotional. you can really see her growing up. and the song positions shows he love for her new boyfriend. she has put her heart and soul into every song. very calming, and helps to feel relaxed.

amycharlottegreig - Superb!5 star

Fantastic! it’s such a good sound and it all connects perfectly

chrisj. - I really hate it2 star

I don’t see the appeal in anything off this album. Is this really what she deems as her best album? It’s literally so bland. All songs sound the same, they all sound like they were recorded in a day with no soul. It’s very robotic and Ariana on autopilot.

hghfbfgf - Not my favourite album2 star

I didn’t like this album but appreciate she’s making music for herself now? I would even say I prefer Sweetner over this! Nevermind.. maybe I had too high expectations

c4msgm - amazing !5 star

one of my fave albums from her

AEARA25 - Lovvveeeee ittt5 star

She always brings such amazing tunes... this is everything 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

1d bigfan - Hmmm3 star

I love Ariana... but this wasn’t it for me! After hearing positions,the single, I was expecting the album to go down that road which I was so excited about! However, the rest of the album just wasn’t abit of me😫maybe if I listen again it’s a different story but nothing jumped out at me and made me want to listen again.

dragonfruityy - Very disappointing1 star

As much as I love Ariana to me this album just feels like her heart truly isn’t in this album. It almost feels rushed and just doesn’t have that special touch that thank u next did. I did enjoy some tracks such as pov, love language and motive but to me many of the tracks really just seem so flat. Some tracks I really didn’t enjoy: shut up, just like magic, off the table, six thirty, nasty and west side which is a shame.

3440cityoftruro - Really disappointed1 star

Thank U, Next was a bit of a level off from her earlier continuous climb in content and stardom, but this is now a drop off. I was really looking forward to this release but it’s a reluctant poor review from me.

Chrisrome - same old stuff3 star

its getting boring same ho same ho all songs sound the same ....rubbish

dee186x - All sounds the same1 star

Crap album. all the songs are boring and sound the same. Nothing catchy at all 😕

Buteralxves - The best5 star

The best album yet. So proud of how far she’s come

1121123219864163df - Incredible5 star

Honestly outstanding. Very chill

manrese - Not good1 star

This might actually be her worst album yet!

kawaiiDiys421993 - Positions album5 star

Breathing taking album takes through a whole adventure

Lucyyy! - I’m so disappointed2 star

I’ve listened to all of the songs so many times and I just can’t bring myself to like any of them! I feel bad for feeling like this but for me this has to be her not so good album, it’s like come on ari, we know you can do better!

jazzyvari - 🔥5 star


K SL - Omg5 star


Harriot lalaya - such a good album5 star

really good different from arianas other music. Love how the songs are very confident sounding and lots of harmony’s

dreamchaser82 - Boring1 star

Just like album fillers all the way through

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OnpachidaM5 star

Babies sleep happily and in peace in strange positions. 😒 What's this bum sticking out on the air business?

Daedwards995 star

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Millkybrown5 star

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FI_SPAN5 star

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JohnP414813895 star

@chartdata: All #1 hits on the Billboard Global 200 singles chart: WAP, @iamcardib & @theestallion Dynamite @BTS_twt Savage Love (Laxed…

DhinaNahyun5 star

@chartdata: All #1 hits on the Billboard Global 200 singles chart: WAP, @iamcardib & @theestallion Dynamite @BTS_twt Savage Love (Laxed…

Selrianaxstan5 star

@arianas_bitchh no if i only had some. that positions march looks seggsy. if any of my moots wanna help me out 😋

Beomantara5 star

@billboardcharts: This week's top 5 on the #Billboard200: 1. @BTS_twt BE 2. @theestallion Good News 3. @ArianaGrande Positions 4. @POPS…

Flonoga5 star

@CapVG20: Dans le cercle, la dernière position connue du bateau PRB, ce lundi après-midi. Plus au nord, les positions (toutes depuis min…

Slntknght5 star

@magi_jay: Some folks on the left sound remarkably like conservatives when they speak about race/gender and representation in positions…

Buwygfd5 star

aí tô mt triste eu queria tanto comprar o positions

Lovelymine125 star

@chartdata: Top 5 most streamed songs on global Spotify this week: #1 Dakiti, @sanbenito & @jhaycortez #2 Dynamite, @BTS_twt #3 position…

Mygalaxyjimin5 star

@chartdata: All #1 hits on the Billboard Global 200 singles chart: WAP, @iamcardib & @theestallion Dynamite @BTS_twt Savage Love (Laxed…

Mutiiaara275 star

@billboardcharts: Every No. 1 song of 2020, so far: All I Want For Christmas Is You Circles The Box Blinding Lights Toosie Slide The Sc…

RebeccaS27105 star

@l2olg: Vladimir ce petit filou, il connaissait les positions préférées d’Aya et de sa copine 🏃‍♂️

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About Positions Ariana Grande Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Ariana Grande, album Positions, song Positions, released 23 October 2020. Listening online to Positions - Ariana Grande song preview is free and does not require registration...

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