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"Life Goes On" is a song by BTS. It is the first and title track off their fifth studio album Be. It was released on November 20, 2020, along with its music video. The single debuted at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the first Korean song ever to peak at the first position.

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Lyrics for artist BTS song Life Goes On coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? It takes Chuck Norris 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

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BTS - Life Goes On Song Reviews

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- Comfort and hope in the time of a pandemic

BE is an album I will cherish for a long time. It paints the time we lived in a pandemic, gave words to the feelings we are going through without ever saying that everything is fine. It hugs you and tell you it’s understandable to feel blue and grey, but it gives you tools to escape your room, and ends up in an hopeful vibe. Love it.

- Amazing

BTS never fail to deliver a message of reassurance and healing with their lyricism. Music truly transcends language barriers. I'm forever grateful to have found these incredible artists

- BE

This album is healing . Should not be overlooked


I absolutely love this album it’s so different and relaxing and relatable if I could rate it a million I would love these boys talents and the joy they bring to us as army 🥰🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜💜💜

- its the album i need right now

just pure comfort, art and emotions.. i felt every song.. this is just what i need at this time

- BTS- BE Album

I love this album, it's not the hyped up songs that we're use to, but it's needed in times like these.



- Love bts

This is the album that every ARMY needed through this difficult time. It gives us hope that even with everything that is happening and what we’re dealing with, life goes on

- Love for the boys

We purple bts

- No

Just no

- Amazing!

Each one of their songs is beautifully crafted and so chill and easy to listen to ☺️☺️ i love life goes on because it’s so comforting. Like they said it’s the most bts-esque music yet. It was so worth the wait!

- Short and Sweet

An introspective and thoughtful album. The lyrics and arrangements makes this album their most intimate, yet. I hope they never lose their passion for music. But BE. You won’t regret it. Dis-Ease and Telepathy are my two favorites in the album.


This album is completely different from their previous work and I am absolutely in love with brings comfort, funk, positivity and overall love. BTS has truly made ARMY feel loved and we truly appreciate it. Words cannot express how much this album has helped me, especially in hard times like this...Thank you BTS 💜

- Beautiful and warm!

The hug everyone needs in 2020!

- 𝙿𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚎𝚏𝚞𝚕 ♡︎

songs are meaningful and not boring, it’s honestly a bop but so calm. i can listen to this album all day. i totally recommend it 💜!


One of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard this year. Their voices make you feel connected to them and they radiate such a positive vibe. It’s amazing.

- amazing

incredible, show stopping, never done before

- Love how personal this album is to them, not to mention all the songs are great and unique!!

Best album everrrrr

- truly amazing

this album has such a healing feeling. no matter when i listen to it the album always makes my day better


Love songs 💟

- My heart flutters

Love BTS! Love their music! Love their morals! Love everything!


This album was made for army during the tough time we’re facing I can not thank these 7 angels enough for saving me from my worst moments they deserve so much in life I love you guys. Wish them nothing but success and happiness i hope they know we love all 7 of them so much❤️

- Amazingggggg

Amazing, they never fail. Every song offers something different & they are all bangers

- I LOVE BTS!!!!

Perfect. It never gets old, I bought the MAP OF THE SOULS 7 from target and enjoyed it. I bought many other albums but this is a pretty awesome one.

- The healing Music that You need!

BTS music give me comfort and healing. It is so peaceful and soft. Bring my soul back to life. Thank you BTS ^-^

- The album we need

This album is comfort album-ized 😭😭🌌🌌💜💜

- perfect

listening to it feels like a warm hug🥺

- comfort

it was like a warm, reassuring hug

- Bts

Their music helped when I was down and feeling lost. Without their music I honestly don’t know where I be. There sing about every we go through.

- Yes

Just yes

- A Masterpiece

This album made me dance, laugh and cry. Some times all at once. It is so, so good.

- Thank you so much BTS!

I love this music so much! This was the comfort album that I needed! It really touches me how much work it sounds like they put into this!! Keep being awesome BTS💜💜💜💜💜

- Absolutely incredible

The whole album in all is so touching. We have gone through the same thing this year and each song expresses our thoughts and feelings outstandingly. Which is how I feel so connected to BTS and all the ARMYs around the word. It’s a reminder that we are all in this together and never alone.


I love this so much☺️☺️😍

- Overhyped and overrated!!!

Love yourself albums still BE the best!!

- love!

such a beautiful and healing album.


I love how each song brings its own different comfort to heal my heart.

- just keep BEing!

This album was so needed at this time. All the songs relate to the current situation and BTS takes us on a journey within there mindset during the current situation of the pandemic.

- amazing show stopping one of a kind

bts never fails to impress me!!!!

- Amazing!!

This album is like none other! They have moving stories behind them, and they bring us a relaxing and healing sound. This album is really good, and I always listen to it because it has songs that I can listen to and instantly feel better.

- thank u bts 💜

this album feels like coming home after being gone for so long. it comforts u, cries with u, laughs with u, and jams out with u. a lot of us needed this album, so thank u bts 💜 fighting !!!! :]




What a fabulous album. Not just music. But Art with LOVE, Warmth Angst, survival Light , one foot in front of the other. Hold on to each other we see the light at the end if ghe tunnell. Inspiring. Love you BTS

- Hope

These songs give me hope that we can get through this together!!

- Trash

Trash hyped up group

- Love it!

This album encapsulates how I feel about 2020, and BTS just gets it. Bravo, BTS!

- Best album to ever exist

These boys have worked so hard I'm so happy.... I love listening to this album so much I listen to it every morning to wake me up to get my day started

- a comforting embrace

This album truly feels like a warm embrace after this long, exhausting year. The diverse beats and melodies really blend together to create not only one of their best, but most cohesive and intimate albums yet. The lyrics are poetically interwoven with the soothing, retro, and upbeat productions to create the perfect blend of comfort for what’s happening in the world, inspiration to find joy in the now, and hope for what’s to come. I hope those struggling through these times can seek comfort in BTS’s reminder that in hard times it’s okay just to be; to appreciate the beauty in your life while still acknowledging and longing for a better tomorrow. You can feel through each piece of this album that BTS truly took the time to create this beautiful collection of their genuine emotions to connect with fans all around the world.

- AMAZING!!!!! 1000000/10

This album is exactly what I needed during these “uncertain” times. Thank you so much BTS for this wonderful beautifully made masterpiece!!!!

- a hug

feels like a big comforting warm hug!!

- Trash

Have organic success challenge

- Amazing

Very good album. My favorite are “ life goes on “ “ dis-ease” “stay”. There are no bad songs. Wish they make other MV with dance.

- comfort album

it feels like a warm hug. really uplifting esp during these times i love them so much


So good!!

- Blue and Grey is a queen

enough said.

- 10/10

Possibly my favorite album released to date. It has a lot of sentiment & meaning with the things that we are currently facing .The lyrics are comforting and feel like the warm embrace of a shoulder to cry on.

- The best album of my lifetime

I’m dead. I love this!!! It’s just incredible. Buy this to love the best life ever. Trust me!

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- 2020 BE BTS’s year

This album is amazing and I love every song track and how well they put it together

- BE is Exactly What We All Needed Right Now...💜

BTS’ fifth studio album “BE”, produced and created by all BTS members, is the perfect album! It has a harmonious balance between pop, retro-disco, acoustic, hip-hop and RnB all within 7 tracks. There’s a song for everyone! My favorite songs are “Telepathy” and “Dis-ease” - I’m a sucker for retro, hip-hop and RnB and BTS always knows how to produce the best-sounding songs in these genres! 😍 Listening to this album surprisingly made me feel nostalgic - the sounds are reminiscent of their older music (“Fly To My Room” has the same beat as “Interlude” from their debut EP “2 Cool 4 School) and the BE track listing reminds me a lot like “Love Yourself: Tear”. Proud of you, BTS! 🌟


10/10 comfort song 😩😩😩🙏


Love this album so much!! Can’t stop listening!

- I love this album💜💜

It’s amazing and I cant stop listening to it💜💜

- A Snapshot of the Times

2020 is not what anyone expected, and somehow BTS managed to capture that mix of hope and hopelessness that it seems the whole world is suffering. And yet, BE does not feel like a project album, as each new track is fresh and, in BTS’ usual fashion, unlike anything they’ve put out before. The album starts off with Life Goes On, a sweet and guitar-heavy reminder that we’re all in the same boat. As it smoothly continues with dreamy Fly to My Room and the heartbreaking lo-fi Blue and Grey, there’s a feeling of community in that loss. The album takes a turn after the skit, which is filled with the BTS members’ genuine laughs (and what appears to be um, colourful words), and Telepathy begins — a funky, jaw dropping prod-Suga track (my personal favourite). Dis-Ease is an ode to old school hip-hop, showcasing the rappers talents and staying true to the thoughtful lyricism present in the album (and, in most BTS works). The album finishes with Stay, a fun and emotional dance-style song, and the record-breaking English language single dynamite. All in all, I find this is BTS’ most complete-sounding project, a whole picture of what the world looks like in 2020, and how our hearts are taking it. It’s a light-hearted take on heartbreak, somehow fun as it is true. I don’t understand how BTS continues to outdo themselves. But they do. Worth a listen.

- BTS did it again!

This album is incredible. Including the skit was great, it really brings a smile to my face. The lyrics do not disappoint! these guys care about their art and it shows

- They Never Miss!!!!!

BTS has once again knocked it out of the park. They always deliver such quality, but there’s something different about this one. You can really feel the comfort in songs such as Life Goes On and Blue & Grey. Fly To My Room is fun and cute and has a special sort of charm to it. The skit perfectly separates the slow and sweet from the fun party anthems and it’s fun to hear their natural reactions to the success of dynamite. Telepathy and Dis-ease are out of this world fun. Ear-wormy hits that will never leave you bored. Stay is so fun and further drives home just how beautiful Jin and Jungkook’s voices are together. And we can’t forget our fun and fresh queen Dynamite! Always a delight to listen to, couldn’t ask for a better track list. I am always so thankful that I chose to be an ARMY all those years ago because BTS never stop reminding me that I made the right choice.

- Wow!

Once again, incredible work done by these very talented men! So heartfelt and catchy, it will be on repeat for several months now.

- Horrible

Horrible music

- Fantastic!!!

Another amazing album by BTS

- Perfection

This is the perfect album to recover and had a boost of energy! Once again they gave us the perfect music to connect with them!


This is my favourite bts album.

- 2020

The only happiness in this entire depressing year. Such an uplifting and beautiful album

- amazing

honestly one of their best albums. every song is a masterpiece

- Album of the Year 2021

Title says it all. Listen to this masterpiece.

- <33

beautiful as always :) blue and grey isn my favourite. comfort in the form of music, that’s the kind of songs bts makes



- 🙌🏻💜

Healing and Amazing 🤩💜

- Pure comfort

This album is yet another masterpiece by the seven most talented and lovely humans that we have the honour of sharing this earth with. Crying,laughing, & dancing. Couldn’t be more proud & inspired,& nothing & no one have provided such warmth & comfort during this awful year. Love.


These legends outdid themselves


every song in this album is just too good. no skips and it’s literally dripping with pure talent

- amazing

i am genuinely so impressed by this work. i cant stop listening. there’s such a unique and pleasing sound to this album and i don’t think i can pick a favourite song. highly recommend !!!

- Amazing healing album

BTS making my 2020 a better year


I’m so happy this long-awaited album is finally out! My favourite tracks are telepathy, stay, and of course - life goes on!!! Bts killed it again 🔥

- Made 2020 worth living

An absolute masterpiece

- :)

It’s perfect.

- Life goes ON

It surely does. Love the tracks!

- Much needed album

With covid and everything going on with my life, “life goes on” is a song I really needed. It is healing me, healing my heart and soul.



- Changed my life.

Dis-Ease is genius

- Soul healing

Such a beautiful, healing and comfort album in the times of covid. Just watched the music video for 'Life Goes On', thank goodness it has English subtitles. I cried at its beauty. Anxiously waiting for the English lyrics for the rest of the songs on google.

- I love it





these are the types of songs I can listen to my whole life, I’ll never get bored of them. They make you feel like you’re not alone. Everything about them is good, the lyrical meaning, music video, and they all sound so good, calming, comforting, and aesthetically pleasing. I’m so proud of BTS.

- amazing

the album is full of bops, they never disappoint!!!

- My soul is lifted

BTS has done it again! This album is the best anti-depressant given in the most trying time of our lives. How their album is so relatable and hits the right tone for reflection of our own time/lives. I am so thankful for BTS

- Life really should go on

BTS never disappoint, yet again. So many emotions on this whole album. BTS you are my saviour and cure. Thank you for coming into my life and help to live it with less worries and fear.

- Amazing!!!!!

BTS never disappoints! This album feels like a warm hug. I don’t know what to feel right now....

- amazinggg 💜

i love all of it 😭

- Awesome album!

They deliver messages of hope in the midst of this pandemic.

- Comfort

If I had to describe this album in one word, it would be “comfort” ❤️

- Art


- Music for the soul.

Thank you BTS for working hard and creating this album. It might be my favourite one. It’s been tough for everyone and we are going through a marathon. Your music is always healing, always an escape and always a comfort. Thank you for this gem. Until we can see you all in concert! 💜

- Exactly what I needed

This album feels like home in times like this. This is exactly what I needed. It is pure nostagia and at the same time comfort.

- BE Album

It's amazing!! Every song is catchy.. i love it!


as always BTS never disappoint!!!! i love them and their music so much!! legends!!!

- BTS music heals the tired souls

Thank you! 💜

- Powerful and very much needed

In a world like ours today, BTS brings us hope and beauty with this album. Life Goes On is mellow and brings comfort. Blue and Grey brings out strong emotions with their soulful voices - I cried when I first heard this song. Dis-ease is lively and catchy. This album does not disappoint. BTS, thank you for this gift to ARMY. We purple you!


C’était trop bonnnn omggg je recommende fulll

- Words can’t explain what it will give you

One word - heart touching ❤️

- Grammy Nominated Singers

This Album is just perfect. Bangtan Sonyeondan never disappoints 💜

- Born to slay

..........I’m speechless

- Perfectly perfect


- Billboard no 1 singers fan

The way these album heals my soul is amazing 💜💜

- 💜💜


- Healing

It really fits the concept it is so soothing so beautiful the songs are amazing 비티에스 보라해

- Healing, comfort, happiness

That’s what BE is. I love it so much, because the songs are comforting and uplifting! This album feels more personal because it has a LOTof participation on BTS’ behalf, they produced or wrote most of these songs and LGO MV is directed by our Jungkookie, so it feels like we are in the personal world of BTS😭. The is a warm presence in my mind and surroundings, which comes from the music itself. I feel warm and supported. So I’ll provide twice as much support to BTS, stream BE Ami!💜😄

- Like an echo in the forest

Amidst the sadness and uncertainty of a global pandemic, BTS channelled their feelings into writing open and honest songs about what life has become and how hard it has been this year. While it wasn’t the album they may have planned to release this year, it is undeniably the album we all needed. It is undeniably one of my favourite albums from this multi talented septet!

- Something everyone needs during this time.

Don’t be fazed by the language barrier and give it try. I promise you’ll be comforted. It’s all our emotions during this time warped into an album.


Proud to be bts’ fan 🙌🏽

- Blue and grey

It’s a master piece

- Absolutely Perfect

BTS once again prove why they are the global superstars with their new album. BE is one of their masterpiece.

- Absolutely amazing

Every song is so well written and produced, this is one of their best albums imo

- What the world needs

BTS always delivers what we need and this exactly what they did. You always bring comfort to me and so many others. Love you bangtan So grateful that you exist in this world and make it a better place


A comfort

- Best album

My favourite are life goes on, dis-ease, fly to my room, telepathy

- life goes on

we all needed this album in our life

- A Warm Hug from BTS

This album is a special gift from bts to their fans and the world. The songs in the album provide a warm comfy blanket to the listeners. The group has participated in making of this album , from direction to concept and songwriting every member has given his best in creating this beautiful pieces of art. I’m really in love with this album.

- Best

The BEST album to ever exist in the world!

- Best Album!

This is album is amazing! All the tracks are so lit!!! BTS never disappoints Army’s!!! Always do great and great!!! Not this , every BTS album is amazing!!!!!

- Comfort for the Weary Soul

This Album with its array of songs takes you through a journey that heals you in this tumultuous time while it can’t fix the present circumstances you feel a little bit more comforted

- BTS self produces album

Simply amazing!!!


Just the comfort you need during this period of time


BTS BE ALBUM :The album has a really different type of feeling with which I can relate to myself everyday.I feel very lucky to be a ARMY OF MY BTS . Thank you a lot to for your emotions ,feelings and hard work. Love u so much. From India:)

- Heartachingly beautiful

An album full of tears yet hope during this tough time the world’s going through. You can feel their longing and sincerity without even having to look at the lyrics.

- A Healing to My Pain.

This album is more than any language, it transcends boundaries. Please give them a chance without any discrimination and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I’m more than proud and happy to say that I’m part of this fandom. Bangtan Sonyeondan For Life. Bangtan Sonyeondan Is Life. Life Goes On, Like this again. Forever, Always.

- Wow

Best song ever!!💘

- Most beautiful songs

I love all the songs of this album

- Coz i am in the stars tonight

This is the best thing happening in 2020 after corona outbreak.....

- Album of the year.

This is how you define comfort.

- Amazing new Album

I love this new album so much, honestly in my opinion it’s probably their best. Amazing tracks and it truly speaks to ARMY 💜

- Best Album

Makes me so happy!

- Best comfort ever

I have never been disappointed by BTS’s music and this album again proved me right, after mono by RM this has become my second most comforting album by them, I couldn’t stop crying or sobbing while listening to all the songs here, hell even dynamite being at the end of tracklist made me cry harder maybe because I have been missing them so much and this album hit me directly to my heart 😖😭 Proud of my babies, my tannies, my bangtan sonyeondan 😫💜

- Album of the year

Just so pure and beautiful!

- comfort

it’s so soothing and comforting. it goes from sad vibes to cheerful. life goes on indeed.

- Life goes on

Like an echo in the forest, Like an arrow in the blue sky On my pillow, on my table Life goes on like this again. ~BTS


Bts never disappoints. So raw and emotional. some bops too as well. Blue and Grey, Telepathy, Dis-ease and Stay are my favourites

- BE bops

This was amazing to listen to. BTS has done such a good job 💜

- Exceptional

This entire album is the comfort and encouragement the world needs after the emotionally exhausting year we had. Thank you BTS.

- Warm hug

This album is like a Warm hug we all needed!!!!

- BE

a warm hug from bts to us🤍

- The blood sweat and tear of BTS

I love it . Tooo soothing and calm, just what we need at the moment.


I AM BAWLING MY EYES OUT! This thing we have between you & me is so wonderful that I can’t have anything more beautiful than this. I am so happy to have found you 😭 I love you Bangtan!

- I am in love 💜

This album is everything everything. The music, the lyrics and their voices. 💜

- BTS-esque album

I just wana be happier- BTS loves reflect through the songs

- The best ever comeback

The thing we all needed the most at this point of our lives. Thank you BTS 💜💜💜

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- Namjoon ily

Such an amazing album and single. BTS truly never disappoint.

- <3

Love it so much, BTS never fails to impress and they never disappoint.

- Underrated

I honestly dont know how this has 1 star reviews, I guess it’s from antis. Every song in this album is so beautiful and has so much thought that went into it as you will know if you watched the press conference. The songs and message are so lovely and the fact that this was predominantly produced by BTS themselves (which of course would be a challenge for anyone) they did an amazing job and I hope this album gets the recognition it deserves.

- Love it so much!

Life goes on is the perfect song for right now ❤️🙌🏻


This album deserves every award 💜💜

- I love you BTS

These songs are amazing!! I loved every single song 💜💜

- 😭😭😭

The perfect album to soothe our feelings from this rough pandemic 🥺🌿🍃

- My favorite song is stay😍

This song just has a very upbeat EDM vibe. It literally gets you moving on your feet when the beat drop. I love it and it’s definitely my favorite on the album❤️


this album felt so authentic and pure and beautiful and it genuinely felt like a big warm hug after this year

- Absolutely awful

Songs sound like kids party songs!

- Hardly an album!

Can’t understand a word they’re saying. Why is it on the UK charts?! 8 songs is hardly an album... they must be lazy boys

- Feels like an hug.

The first 3 songs are emotional, thoughtful and amazingly deep. The lyrics are truly wonderful! skit is an hilarious short break of them reacting to their number 1 hit on billboard, the beeps adding even more humour! The final 3 songs for me are where the album shines even further. lyrics still bountifully deep, and meaningful but the sound is a lot more upbeat, songs to shake your booty to, while also questioning the highs and lows of life!

- Feels like an hug.

The first 3 songs are emotional, thoughtful and amazingly deep. The lyrics are truly wonderful! skit is an hilarious short break of them reacting to their number 1 hit on billboard, the beeps adding even more humour! The final 3 songs for me are where the album shines even further. lyrics still bountifully deep, and meaningful but the sound is a lot more upbeat, songs to shake your booty to, while also questioning the highs and lows of life!

- BTS never disappoint

Another amazing album full of beautiful songs!

- The only pandemic album worth listening to

After having to indefinitely cancel their world tour this year due to the pandemic, BTS turned to what they do best, making music. This album was completely self directed by the members themselves and every member has writing credits. The production quality is top notch and you can really feel they put their heart and souls in this to reassure fans that even though we can’t be together, there is hope for the future and as always, life goes on. Just a brilliant album from start to finish, honestly cannot fault it!

- very enjoyable

absolutely love this album, Life Goes On leaves me feeling nice and warm 💜

- Just Like 2020 - AWFUL

The worst TRASH you will ever hear

- a letter of happiness

This is not just an album, it's a home, it's a warm hug comforting us and I love it so much. I'm so proud that they've self directed this album and it feels more special and personal ♡

- in love

i love every track on this album, the story it tells, the comfort it brings,, BTS outsold themselves 💜

- Beautiful

Life goes on let’s live on!

- The music that feeds your soul

What a great album, there is a song for every mood. They put their heart into each song


Such a amazing album they worked incredibly hard on during the pandemic and it means so much to us thank you boys 💕


Saving 2020 just like that 👩‍🍳💋

- So healing, just what I needed.

Feels like coming home, curling up in a comfy chair and sipping hot chocolate. BTS really lay out all of their complex feelings about the pandemic and how it's affected them, while offering a lot of comfort that life will go on and we're in this together. Really great mix of slower emotional tracks and upbeat jams. Very happy with every single song, will be on repeat for a long time! Let's live on! <3

- Amazing

I really loved this, it was comforting and well produced by BTS and their team. A big well done to all of their hard work and dedication on this album.

- quality songs, no skips.

my (somewhat musical) review: life goes on may be a more of a chill song than the past impactful songs, but the longevity of it will be much longer than most other title tracks. the b-sides on this are absolutely amazing and these songs are so non-traditional that it’s just overwhelmingly good. one in particular that is my absolute favourite is dis-ease, especially the part where the beat changes in the bridge which is insane. i usually am not a fan of beat changes, since mostly it’s not done well, but bts can pull it off so well and it just made the song so filling musically. the melodies overall in the album are quite complex to grasp especially just on first listen which is great, (i found very apparent in blue and grey). the basslines in practically every song is amazing, and to be honest, i am very easy to please if a song has a good bassline and melody like telepathy. only very slight critique is that i would love to have 2 more songs to make it feel more full, i guess? it’s pretty short and that’s okay, this is just entirely my own opinion. overall amazing album, and i’m very excited to see the growth and development of their music, especially due to the amount of input and member participation that has gone into it. this really makes me think one day they will all be able to entirely produce/compose songs on their own, as bts are definitely showing their true capabilities here. my favourite songs ranked currently (in order) are: dis-ease, blue and grey, life goes on and telepathy. i can’t wait for more, and i will be intently and enjoyably listening to this for a very long time, and i will also silently be waiting for a rock title track one day... 🙏 thank you bts for be, and to anyone who reads this, i hope you appreciate my comments about the album, and keep listening to bts for their hard work and effort they spent for us !!


This album brought so much joy to my day, especially during these tough times. Arguably their best album yet! 7 super talented and humble musicians!


might as well give them a Grammy now :)


Not just an album, this is ART. So beautiful and comforting, the warm hug and comfort we all need 💜

- ppl are jealous 🥱

i love this album the people giving it 1 star probably don’t wash their feet or something 😛


Dear BTS, you nice keep going

- Beautiful


- Phenomenal

Another great album from BTS. I love the fact that BTS are very much ‘album artists’ instead of ‘two good songs and the others are fillers artists’. Each track is a good listen, you are not likely to get tired listening to it over and over again. My favourite track is telepathy, the catchy tune and the lyrics make me want to repeatedly listen to this song.

- so comforting

bts strike gold once again! life goes on is so comforting, lyrics remnant of understanding and the warmest hug. the other songs and skit come together so cohesively and harmoniously to form what is probably the most touching and heartfelt release of this year, especially given the tumultuous times. definitely worth it.

- Fantastic

BTS this album is absolutely genius I absolutely love it WoW just WoW well done love their music

- The Best💜

When I found out bts where realiseing a new album I was so excited but then I heard the songs I was like 🤩 THIS IS THE BEST THING EVERRRRRR 😂

- Hope in this pandemic!

Uplifting at a time the world is in bits 💪🏽

- Dynamite!

I love this song I think o pit is one of those disco songs!

- Love it


- BTS💜💜💜

Amazing as always

- Blessed

I’m not typically one to write a review on things, but listening to this album has really put a different perspective on life, it’s changed me for the good and to know that there is other people like me out there is soothing. I totally recommend this, when your taking a walk and the breeze is biting your nose it provides warmth, when your alone in your room it provides a shoulder to cry on, when your excited to the point of shaking it provides someone to relate to you. The tracks are so diverse and I’ve next seen another band do this to me. 100% worth the money. 💜

- You guys rock!!!

Keep doing what your doing, you guys rock, so down to earth, kind, caring and most of all talented you are an amazing role model, your music rocks! BTS forever!!!!!!!!! Army forever!!!!!!! We purple you!!!! Being on next years concerts!

- BTS Showing How Talented They Are Again!

Every song is a masterpiece. It's the album all army need in this difficult time. It's perfect!!

- This album deserves the world

These songs really made me happy, I hope these will be a great success, because they really deserve it. I really do recommend you listen to this.

- 🥳🔥😍🥰

Personally love ‘STAY’ the most ‼️💯 💜BTS💟

- could it be any better???!!!!

vocals were served left right and center tbh. the rap-line also killed us w their verses. its everything and more than we could of ever dreamed for. plus its self produced by these talented men !!!!!

- Self-Directed ALOTY

Beautifully meaningful, cohesive and chill album fitting for the time of year and state of the world right now, I’m so happy they all had such huge parts in the making of this album.

- Angelic!! <3

I am a BTS army and I can say this is the best comback bts have ever had, taehyung vocals in blue & grey is absolutely angelic! This whole album makes me want to cry, even if I can’t speak their language I can understand their feelings when singing! This albums makes me want to cry and jump about at the same time!! love my boys! well done to them for this amazing album! <3 bye! (I purple you 💜)

- Such a introspective album

Love every second of it genuinely felt like i never wanted the album to end

- most comforting album

words cant describe how much love and comfort this album holds.. bts have done it once again

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- Love

I’m in love

- Kings

They are certainly the princes of pop. They paved the way and are still ahead of everyone else.

- Perfection

This album is an epitome of perfection. It is an apt description of the impact COVID-19 had on our daily lives and how we get to realize that we’ve taken for granted the little things which make us happy. This entire situation served as an eye opener too many of us and helped us rediscover ourselves. Thank You so much BTS so giving us this gift and letting us know we’re not the only ones who felt this way during this difficult times.

- BE

This is so soothing

- Heartwarming Masterpiece

This album was borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and from Life Goes On to Dynamite, BTS really did what they had to do in the most comforting way ever. BTS always gives their all and it’s evident in this body of work. 12/10 will highly recommend!💜

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