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Lyrics for artist Justin Bieber & benny blanco song Lonely coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris's spinning back-fist was the inspiration for the centrifuge . They just had to slow it down .

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- 5/5

So so good!

- Seriously iTunes

What person in their right mind is going to buy an album based on four songs, if you’re going to release an album that has iTunes only exclusive content at least let us Sample it so we know whether we like it or not...

- Love it!!

I will listen to your songs forever!!!!!!!

- Justice

Hi I am Susan I right reviews for songs and albums and I think the, album justice has a lot of heart, and thought into the songs, but the songs need more emotion, not like dramatic but little more.

- No talent

He just has no talent anymore. All his songs are just straight garbage. Justin just retire and do something better then making crapy songs. Justin’s voice has not fully matured. He still sounds like a kid still. I just wish his music was all deleted off of ITunes.

- Its fine

But its also trash 🗑 he was way better when he first started

- Yall trippin justin still shattering records😂😂


- Prince of pop

They don’t call him the prince of pop for nothing!! This whole album is a masterpiece there is no bad song and it’s hard to like a whole album but justice is one of those albums with no skips!!

- I’m a believer

My mom wants your number giveon and yours to Bieber

- Nope

I don’t like it

- Great album

Most of the bad reviews are from other fandoms hating on JB. They are not real. The album is very nice, great collaborations.

- trash

over rated

- Love

During the Pandemic I lost my daughter 11/10/2020 , Her Birthday was 10 days later. I buried my daughter in her birthday, 11/20/1989. The song Ghost reminds me of her… I know the song in some ways seems as if it’s about losing someone / relationship but this reminds me of my daughter… great song. A lot of people lost someone close to them during the Pandemic- 2020

- One of his best albums yet

I think he did an excellent job on this album. I’m happy to see him happy and finally healthy and loving his life. This album is really good and raw and I don’t think it gets enough praise. Bieber will always be a king in this industry.

- Love

Such a good album. Good job justin

- Good

Why so much hate here? Justin is a very talented individual. All the terrible reviews seem to not even be about his music….?

- You people need to just shut up

Got nothing nice to say don’t say it at all people are different in there own way and if you don’t like it oh well

- Amazing

This is a beautiful album. Can definitely hear the passion in his voice. Keep it up JB

- So many hits

This entire album is next level

- “I hate JB, therefore I’m leaving bad review”

This is actually a good album, people leaving the bad reviews clearly haven’t listened to it and based the review on their dislike towards him. One of his better albums.


Unlike all of the haters here, i love this album. I have been a belieber since 2010. His last album sucked so i was iffy to listen to this one. AMAZING. Rare to find an album where you don't have to skip any songs

- 👎🏻

It just had a good melody

- 👎👎👎👎👎

Nope this is all bad! 👎👎👎👎


I made this just so the 1 star rates would go up. I agree, this song is trash🗑. Justin is very dorky and needs to learn more things from elementary school. He needs to go back to music class, and practice the Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.

- Not everyone has a gift...

Always GREAT talent, Justin. Love it!!

- Can’t download

And don’t know how to get reimbursed

- Ok I guess

I don’t like Justin but some songs are good but seriously get a lesson from Ariana grande DOG WATER

- Good music

Helped me thru some dark times… #stopthehate

- Amazing!

Grown up and much better!!!


Bruh make better music ur music has gotten trash

- Your not alone

Growing up hearing your music.

- Ghost

10 how did you do it

- Bieber is maturing

The lyrics are maturing and no longer candy coded. Deep stuff, you can tell he has put some miles in with a few more turns around the sun.

- 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑


- 😭

... I haven’t listened to all the songs yet.. I love ghost and peaches the best

- Yo ttttttuuuuuu


- Ghost

Another Classic! 🙌🏼

- pls be kinder and don’t comment if your gonna hate

i’ll be honest i don’t like this album very much but the hate comments are really upsetting m. “hold on” is really good tho he has talent and good vocals, if you don’t like it stop torturing yourself by listening to it. it’s not anyone else’s problem you hate him. and stop calling the good reviewers delusional for liking justin and his music, it’s rude and if you can horribly rude opinions on his music why can’t the good reviewers have opinions either? anyways thank you for the kind people here. and good job justin 🤍

- Amazing

Justin is the best 😝

- Ghost

Ghost is a very good song!

- Love :-)

Love this man ❤️

- Love this entire album

Rarely do you find an album that you like every. single. song. For me, this is it.

- Awesome Album

I don’t know what everyone is talking about this is an awesome album. Keep up the good work Justin!

- Pls stop hating

It’s really not nice to hate on people if you have a negative comment keep it to yourself

- Bru

If u want zero stars don’t review

- Only like one song

Me and my family don’t like him that much but my fav is peaches

- Wow


- Javier


- Haters gonna Hate

Keep striving Justin. Seams like people only post to be negative. God knows your heart and theirs. Personally, I like the album. Great job.


I have been a Justin Bieber fan for many years now and I have to say this is by far one of his best artistic efforts. This guy is amazing with such real talent. I love this album. Haters get a life. Justin you are simply a Legend and Icon. Stay encouraged

- Nice


- Highly recommend

Justin Beiber loves his wife! His voice has matured nicely and the entire album is enjoyable! I feel, at times, Justin is still seeking forgiveness and I’d just like him to know he should forgive himself and keep on making great music

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- JB6 🔥🔥🔥

Justin’s talent is unmatched. I am so proud of him. This album is so different from his previous ones. This album is on repeat. I cannot wait for tour 🖤

- Yikes he really fell off

It’s a pass for me


They are ALL jams! No skips.

- Perfection! 👌🏻

Another masterpiece by Justin Bieber! 🤩👍🏻

- Best by Justin

Best album

- Just horrible

There is nothing here, absolutly nothing, that show any kind of passion about music. Time to take a long break Just.

- ugh


- Worthless

Just go away already And not back here to Canada I hear North Korea is awesome


He really did it with this one. The album sounds so fresh and clean.. a real king

- Amazing

I love every single song on this album

- SO AMAZING?????!??

This is perfect. Truly.

- Bruh

Go Away

- Immaculate

Off my face inlove with this album

- Amazing

JB back on his game 🔥🔥


This album is so pure, Justin Bieber killed it once again. Soft songs to dance hits, everyone's gonna like it.

- Jb

Sooo good


wow this album is SO good. every track has its own vibe and meaning and they all fit so well together. this album is staying on repeat. so proud of justin always!

- Upset

I preorder album and it’s saying purchased but won’t let me download my music into library.

- Just stop


- Honestly his best work yet!


- Houston

FIRE 🔥Album & TRACK 14 ft BURNA BOY🔥🔥 🚀🚀🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

- Incroyable

Son meilleur album

- Amazing

This is one heck of an album. So proud of him❤️

- No skips!

With every album Justin grows lyrically and vocally and Justice is no exception. In love with this album and the love felt throughout it. Proud of you Justin!

- 10/10


- Justin Bieber is back

This is the best album it has Pop R&B EDM Gospel and it's show his talent versatility. There is nothing like it and I love it simply the best 🙌

- Mustin bieber 💖


- Hit After Hit

Absolutely no skips on this album. Bieber has released the best album of his career.

- Love

Really good ngl 😍

- King of Pop

He’s come so far and now this might possibly be his best music yet. So proud

- Fire

Everything he touches turns to gold!

- Justin’s best album to date

no skips. just hits.

- masterpiece

his best work yet

- Top 3 albums

This album is for sure in his top 3 discography! It’s a more mature version of what he used to put out and the sound is crazy good. It deserves the same love that was given to Purpose

- Omg this Album is amazing

I love this Album and I love all Justin Bieber song, he my favourite singer and this Album is so amazing.

- Horrible!

This album is garbage. It’s boring. It’s worse than Changes. I was falling asleep listening to this crap! If I could rate this 0 I would.

- Amazing

Justin Bieber did it again, amazing albums full of different sounds. I’m in love with every song! Love it!

- better than changes

he ATE, interlude was weird and unnecessary bc it had no relation to the lyrics but AHHHHH 5/5 and I’m not even a bieber fan

- Amazing!

I absolutely love this album. Every song on it is great which is a rare thing. Keep up the good work JB! :)

- Best Album Ever

This is definitely one of Justin’s Best Album. Haters are determined to give negative reviews so it has a lower score. Don’t be a sheep and follow. Listen for your self. You will not be disappointed. Simply amazing🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


His best album yet. The music, the meaning behind the lyrics, the feelings that you can relate to. Every song on it is a banger. So proud of the young man he is.


Jesus Christ the boy has done it again!!!! So many hits hard to choose a favourite

- Justice 💚

so good

- Just Hits (Justice)

i mean cmon

- 💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯

Amazing album, loving all of biebers new music!!!!

- Amazing


- Justice Review

Justin’s redemption album is finally here! Justice is Bieber’s best body of work since the highly successful 2015 album Purpose, very excited about this one, congratulations Justin!

- Super good!

It’s really good! Exicted for the full album to drop!

- One to remember

Has depth, meaning, catchy vibes and melancholy. “Die for you” is my favorite for now, but this sounds like an album that gets better the more you listen to it so we will see !

- masterpiece

bieber you did it again. so proud to call myself a belieber. you inspire me everyday and I couldn’t be more in love with you and this album. it’s perfect. thank you, forever grateful 💚

- The best of JB

The Vocals, the songs, the lyrics!!! Wow


The album is absolutely fantastic. This is Bieber at his best.

- Justice time

So proud of you J Your music is changing album by album So so proud of you 👍

- Good


- Peaches

Nice to hear this song

- Excellent pop

This is one of his best bodies of work. The whole album works well together. (Except for the interlude which despite of its best intentions, seems out of place). Overall great pop music by the prince of pop.

- Justin’s voice does most of the magic

The songs are okay.

- Shrinaath

nice song

- Justice

Jb my man what an album u have made. An absolute masterpiece. Genuinely good and well crafted lyrics. Music is excellent and deep. This one is a gem and very highly recommended.

- The Growth Is Real

Justin has shown so much growth as an artist over the years. Proud of him ❤️

- 💜💜💜

Justin’s voice is angelic..

- JB 6


- the best Justin Bieber album

this album deserves 5 stars cause Justin clearly put so much effort and dedication into his work. He doesn’t need to prove that he’s THE best! he’s the MUSIC INDUSTRY

- Good



it's the best album to show what's happening around us.....the album perfectly reflects that Humanity is still alive and God's always got are back.

- Justin's Best Work So Far

I can't get over this album. Zero skips. Lyrically, vocally, musically - a masterpiece!

- Best Album

I Love this Album. It is one of the best Albums ever released

- Biebs served again

Best album by him till now ,can’t stop listing to it since it’s release . Prince of pop for reason.

- Lit

Amazing album🔥🔥🔥

- Fire


- Justin is the best

I love jb all music ,you are the best

- the best work by biebs

one of his best albums, literally no skips

- Best

I love this album

- Best Album Till Date

Its was best pop album ever😍 there is not even a single song that you can skip.


Let’s get our humanity back


He was right there is something for everyone on this. The whole album is made to listen on loop.. great work by JB & TEAM

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his best yet. So proud of him <333

- Trash

Jesus this was so bad

- His best album yet

From lonely to hold on there’s something for everyone. So good

- his best project!!

not a single skip on this album. just wow.

- stan justin <33

this album is top tier and everybody else who thinks otherwise is lying

- Absolutely A Masterpiece!!!!

I love every piece of music! Just enjoy it without doubt!

- You Won’t Want To Skip Any Tracks

Although I enjoyed his last album ‘Changes’ with its chilled out, R&B vibes, ‘Justice’ sets Justin back on a pop-inspired route, while still incorporating genres such as R&B (‘Peaches’), gospel (‘Holy’) and rock (‘Anyone’). I was pleasantly surprised by the 70s/80s pop vibes that come through in the tracks, for instance in ‘Die For You’, which has a Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’ sound to it. ‘Ghost’ is an upbeat yet touching song about losing a loved one, ‘As I Am’ could be interpreted as being either a song to a lover or to an entire fan base, and ‘Deserve You’ is an introspective bop. Overall, there are no weak tracks, no bad half; it’s an instantly likeable album while still being meaningful. I’ve noticed a lot of 1 star reviews on here from people who are mainly doing that to promote their favourite artists who have music out at the moment. Hopefully that won’t affect your decision to listen to a cracking album from a reigning pop star.

- stream chemtrails

lol justin is bad

- bieber

no stop because wow okay you should listen yes yes yup

- Fire

Great album

- Trash

Absolute rubbish

- so good


- Album is fire


- One of his best!

Amazingly done.

- Amazing as always !!

I don’t know what to say ! I’ve been a belieber many years now and he keeps surprising me as an artist every single time. This album is as wonderful as he is ! I love the music , the vibes & everything! My favourite 2 new songs are peaches & ghost. Only love & admiration ❣️ thank you for this music Justin Bieber !

- Justin bieber

All the songs are very different and unique.

- Awful

Seriously awful, he just ages like full fat milk being left in the sun.

- mustin flop album

instead stream the critically lauded and highly anticipated album chemtrails over the country club by lana del rey

- Tripe

What’s with the electronic voices with American artists..... oh yeah they can’t really sing Shaun Mendes , Darulo, Jonas .... just completely and utterly hideous !

- Meh

not good

- amazing!!

his best album yet!! healthy biebs luv it

- 10/10 Album

I honestly did not expect Justin Bieber to go so crazy like that on this album. I enjoyed every single song, it is such a masterpiece. Not really a fan of Justin or anything but wow can I just say that he has been releasing hit after hit. 2 Much, Loved By You ft Burna Boy, Peaches ft Giveon and Daniel Caesar, and Ghost are the best songs on Justice.

- Stream Chemtrails Over The Country Club

by lana del rey

- it’s so good


- Love Love Love!!

Such a good Album!! Love it!!

- Incredible

Just simply incredible! What a masterpiece.

- Someone needs to stop making music



What a comeback! Levels above Changes 🔥🔥

- justice resurrected me

i’ve been waiting for the world to truly see his talent. justice is honestly incredible!! an authentic album which speaks volume of the sound he has clearly been pushing to create for years. exceptional vocals and production throughout. all round very beautiful with something for everyone. also flows very well. give it a listen 😍




this album is exactly what we needed. it has a song for everyone just like he said it would. i love this album so much. he worked so hard and it really does show!


Definitely one of the best albums of 2021!

- my favourite justin album to date!


- Best of his yet

No skips, all hits

- A new Bieber

There are some real good tracks on here “ peaches” off my face “ just to name a few , prove he’s moving in a more grown and settled direction and it shows in his music

- He ate. That's it

He ate. that's it


This is my favourite album of his so far, straight vibessssss

- beautiful

absolutely love his new album; new music, new style, new collabs. just amazing <3

- Masterpiece 💚🔥

Every song gets better & better each time I listen Easily my fave this year so far! Great stuff Justin!

- Justin Bieber

I love his hold on his new song and holy is on his new album which is amazing and really good. I love all them.

- Amazing.

This is incredible! One of his best albums, definitely up there with Purpose & Journals. The sound of it is so fresh and the features on his songs were chosen perfectly.

- fire album

so proud of him, one of his best albums

- Love it


- 🌹

Thankyou! 🌱


Probably his best album yet! Every song is a bop! In love with the album. Should be number one!!!

- 🔥🔥


- Amazing

He’s back and better than ever!

- so bad

oh my this is not good


this has to be the best album he has ever created. after loving his music for about 9 years now. He has really has trained his voice to be even better than it was and the lyrics in the songs are so meaningful the whole album is beautiful.

- Disappointed

The only decent song on here is hold on

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- Soph

This song has helped me. And the mv is a whole movie. Beautiful.

- You're the best

❤️ I think that’s enough

- Loved by you

Loved by you is an amazing song... I could put on repeat for days unend>>> Oluwa_Burnaaaaaa

- Two is better than one

God is great

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