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"Shivers" is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, released through Asylum Records UK on 10 September 2021 as the second single from his fifth studio album, = (2021). "Shivers" entered at the top of the charts in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Sweden, dethroning Sheeran's previous single "Bad Habits" after eleven consecutive weeks at the summit in both countries.

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Ed Sheeran - Shivers Song Lyrics

I took an arrow to the heart
I never kissed a mouth that taste like yours
Strawberries and something more
Ooh, yeah, I want it all

Lipstick on my guitar (ooh)
Fill up the engine, we can drive real far
Go dancing underneath the stars
Ooh, yeah, I want it all
Hmm, you got me feeling like

I wanna be that guy
I wanna kiss your eyes
I wanna drink that smile
I wanna feel like I'm
Like my soul's on fire
I wanna stay up all day and all night
Yeah, you got me singing like

Ooh, I love it when you do it like that
And when you're close up, give me the shivers
Oh, baby, you wanna dance 'til the sunlight cracks
And when they say the party's over, then we bring it right back

And we'll say
Ooh, I love it when you do it like that
And when you're close up, give me the shivers


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- Music

I only liked shives and bad habits

- LOVE IT ED!!!!

I Love your work Ed your a great singer, I Love the full album all of it it's great, i love all your albums they're great so great work!!!

- Ed Sheeran

Is the best singer in the whole world so I give this a five star love your new song bad habits

- Absolute trash

There’a nothing special about the album. His two singles are just junk for radio stations to mindlessly play over and over again. His music has lost its vulnerability and catchiness that Divide so effortlessly had. I am so disappointed

- He’s so talented.

Heard his Howard Stern interview this week. Him singing Overpass Graffiti live was insane. All the hating reviews are either Russian bots are jealous haters. This guy is the real thing.

- True Art!

You can tell he put his heart into this amazing masterpiece! Overpass Graffiti has been on repeat at my house today. Very happy for Ed! Great work on this album!

- Top notch


- Love!!!

New favorite album by Ed Sheeran! He is so versatile, from upbeat pop to folk to ballads to acoustic, and they are all done so well. He is a storyteller and artist. Thanks Ed Sheeran for sharing your talent with the world!

- Amazing

He’s still one of the best!!!

- Love it

Bad Habits is literally my life

- Thank you….

I love, love, love this album! My new favorite ❤️

- So disappointing

Shivers is the only song I like on this album. It’s so boring 💤

- My first review to correct the injustice.

All right, so this is my first review and I am making it because the treatment of this album has been completely unjust. Ed Sheeran is finally back to his roots with a touch of his newer style in a few select songs mainly (Bad Habits and Shivers), however his storytelling and beautiful emotion is so evident in the others and I found myself reminiscing over my own life. Before marking this album anything below a 4, listen to it in it’s entirety.

- Sandman

Very jack Johnson but Love it!

- 10/10

Amazing album. Ed never disappoints!

- Much better than expected

I was a little skeptical of how this would turn out but I really enjoy it actually

- Music = Marketing

Ed Sheeran’s previous albums such as: X(multiply), divide were all great. Sounding uniquely like his own style and not just from someone else. But =(equals), is sadly not like that one. Each individual song is marketing every other genre music there is, and manipulating it in a dull and mono tone. It’s disgusting.

- I N C R E D I B L E

I’ve only heard a few of his songs over the years, wasn’t much of a fan but I decided to give Ed a chance. The day this album came out, I sat down and didn’t get up till I listened to the entire record. I loved every track, guess it’s safe to say I’m a fan now🥰

- Never disappoints

A once in a generation artist

- Disappointed

What made Ed so unique is his acoustic tone, guitar skills and heartwarming writing skills. This album is completely opposite of all of that. The closest song on here to his original sound is Visiting Hours. Hollywood has completely distorted his sound. Each song is repetitive and similar to the song before it. So sad and disappointed.

- Amazing!!!

It’s definitely a different sound for him, but since the first listen to this album it’s definitely grown on me, can’t wait to see what he does in the future!

- ..

Love it

- awful worst artist ever

he can’t sing and he is stupid, the worst artist ever, worse than everything, idk y people liek him he can’t sing at all, ed sheeran is the worst artist ever.

- Another Masterpiece for Mr. Sheeran!!!

My husband and I are in love with the intricate details in each song. You can tell how hard he has worked on this album and it is very impressive. Hoping he adds U.S. tour dates soon! 😍


I found his voice annoying, no offense it's just that for me, no interest.

- Forever my Favorite ❤️

I’ve been listening to Ed since + , years of seeing him live an admiring every lyric, every song, his smile, and the happy moments I share with my sister singing out loud to him. Waited so long for this album, just to conclude what I already knew… his will forever be my favorite 😊 every song in = is touching, beautiful make you laugh and cry, and getting a little close to him, and what we share even if we don’t know each other. Just a beautiful memory that’s it! = to a beautiful memory ❤️

- Why

Who is listening to this garbage?

- 지금까지 나온 에드 시런 앨범 중 최악

본인이 잘 하는게 뭔지 제발 고민을 하고 음악을 하기를 대충 내고 돈만 벌려도 하지마 에드

- 🥯🍞🥖🥨🥐🫓🥪

bread sheeran 🥯 🥯🍞 🥯🍞🥖 🥯🍞🥖🥨 🥯🍞🥖🥨🥐 🥯🍞🥖🥨🥐🫓 🥯🍞🥖🥨🥐🫓🥪 🚨STREAM🚨 🥯🍞🥖🥨🥐🫓 🥯🍞🥖🥨🥐 🥯🍞🥖🥨 🥯🍞🥖 🥯🍞 🥯


Can’t stop listening to this album so good!

- Awesome..But Older Albums Are Better...

Stop The Rain and Overgraffiti are the best songs in 2021 and the whole album is great but some songs seem to be written in a rush as Ed used to do better than this but it deserves five stars anyway..

- Okay….


- Zero Heart

There is no passion in any of his songs anymore. Lyrics are generic, the beats are too poppy and come across incredibly rushed. .

- Ed sheeran

the album is good!!! sandman and overpass graffiti are amazing sandman is like a disney theme song

- Great collection!

Another Terrific collection from Mr. Sheeran. I’ve been listening from start to finish. Every song is great. It’s so easy on the ears and just makes me smile.

- Visiting Hours

Love the lyrics and emotion

- Someone listened to…

The wkends record. It’s sounds pretty generic & not him at all.

- New album

I have listened nonstop to this album all day. It is catchy and addictive. I absolutely love it. Great job. You sound like the old you congrats on a job well done.

- Love love love!

I was so excited for this album!!! I especially love The Joker and the Queen and First Times!

- Stream End Of An Era by Iggy Azalea

I’m deaf now

- Awesome

I love 2step

- ✌️👍

This is pretty good. I like it a lot.

- Best ever

Love his sound, songs and the compassion that goes to each song.

- what


- Vocals are...wierd...

Obviously the boy's working with some new producers. Songs are produced well but his vocal sound is...COMPLETELY OFF!@#$. He's a great writer and performer and some of the songs are very clever as we would come to expect from him, but sonically, not feeling it AT ALL. Maybe they should lay off the edibles during recording...go back to the old microphone and pre-amp. Please.

- I Love it!

Ed and I are around the same age, so I can relate a lot to what he's writing about. I love that he's writing around what's actually been going on in his life in the past couple of years, and am thankful that he has chosen to share that with us. I think he has indeed changed both lyrically and musically, and yet has stayed the same; which I not only accept and appreciate, but welcome. His songs are most fully appreciated when listened to through headphones or earbuds, so you can hear all the nuances of the song, and hear his beautiful voice up close. I feel like Bad Habits is a retrospective song tying to his present (his wife), and I think it's very catchy and can be enjoyed on the radio and through other means, and so is Shivers. To be honest I had to listen to these songs more thatn once to really get into the groove of them and appreciate them. But don't think these are the only songs that are good for radio; I think most of them are actually- Tides, Collide, 2step (love bringing that rap back!), First Times, Overpass Graffiti, Leave Your Life, Stop the Rain, Love in Slow Motion, and even Be Right Now. I also love the new things he has done, like The Joker and The Queen; and Sandman, the lullaby to his daughter was beautiful. I love the old Ed Sheeren things that he has in the album, but I also really like the new things he has done musically and lyrically- I'd say they were about 99.999...% successful! He shows he is still the musical genius we all know and love!! Overall, I feel this new album is successful. After listening to the whole thing through, I thought it was cohesive, I think because all the songs tied together, and were at the same level of high quality that I have come to expect from him. I like how he ordered the songs too, mostly going from high to low energy. But most of all, I got some much-needed light in my life, thanks to Ed!!!

- Beautifully Made

My favorite album of Ed's so far! An amazing story of life and loss. I have it on repeat

- Yes


- 2012

Bring me 2012 Ed sheeran vibes

- Sandman

Sandman will be a classic! Music is about soul, experiences, and life’s soundtracks. ED you nailed it! Artist take note: it’s not about noise and stupid lyrics people want to hear their favorite song on the radio Ed has mastered that art! Awesome Album.

- =

Love it!!! 😍😍😍

- He is THE Best!!!

The best always! love all the songs of the album, just unique and perfect! Love it!

- Freaking masterpiece

I rarely listen to a song and like it on the first listen. When I listened to this full album, I liked basically everything single song immediately. Keep up the good work, Ed.

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- Qqqq


- Awesome

Awesome song…..love it

- eagerly waiting for you to get well soon and hopefully you'll come to dubai and perform ❤️

the GOAT🔥🎤🎸

- Amazing

Is it necessary to review until the album got released? C’mon, it’s Ed Sheeran, it will be amazing.

- Good


- Fmmala


- Ed never disappoints.

Damn This album really is amazing!! He really put out what he’s feeling. All 14 say 14 different things but mostly surround him about turning into a husband and father. And also at point of him losing his friend. I’ve been a fan since his “Divide” album. The man never disappoints.

- Nice album

Slightly less captivating than “Divide” albums but still it is a very good album from Ed Sheeran.

- Ron Weasley’s back!!

Already a classic!❤️

- Nice song

Good music


Can't wait for the remaining songs !!!!

- Babe be when

Vehement me

- Gud


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- Love his songs

Another good performance.

- =


- Decent

Overpass Grafitti and Collide are 2 great tracks. Probably my least favourite album out of the 4 but +, x and divide have set such a high bar. I’ve only listened to it twice. Tides was a very unique song. I know the sandman was a lullaby but least favourite track

- Ed Sheeran One of The Best

I love Ed Sheerans songs as they are in Dolby atmos and also sound great in general. He has 2 types of songs on this album so far. He has dance music so Bad habits and shivers and sort of relaxing visiting hours. Would definitely recommend buying the album!

- Love it or Hate it, it’s hardly Marmite!

It’s a grower no doubt & we all love a grower..

- Sounds very much like Darren Hayes

Decent enough song but it has some serious Darren Hayes/Savage Garden vibes - each time I hear it i think it’s them

- What happened to…

the Ed of 2012/3 when he made records that challenged, provoked and commented on society and its issues. Now he’s producing songs for wedding evenings, funerals and barmitzvahs. Music that is like mass produced fast food. Temporarily fulfilling but ultimately forgettable and uninspiring.

- Solid album

Some nice tracks 👌🏻

- Ed is from England and I am too so please respect him

Ed makes real good songs I don’t know why everyone hates him 🥰

- Just got crap

I loved +, X and divide but it’s just not the same Ed Sheeran anymore. Some acts work better with bands, granted. Ed Sheeran for me though is a one man act. Sorry Ed.

- Utter tripe!


- Boring

Bland bland bland. They all sound the same, no imagination

- Terrible

Ed fell off

- Equals - Ed Sheehan

This man never made or sang a bad song, long may he continue to do so. Lovingly this album so far.

- Awful is what awful does

Used to be a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, his last album felt a bit half-arsed but he out did himself this year - just dreadful. Where’s the passion, where’s the Ed Sheeran who brought us Homeless, Sofa and Cold Coffee? Time for Ed to stop and focus on other career paths, sadly. To quote Cobain, “It's better to burn out than to fade away.”

- I feel like this album was made for me. 🦋

It was released a year to the date my mother in law died. Me and my wife are moving away from our city and the butterfly symbolises a new life or a changed life. As does the song “leave your life”..visiting hours makes my wife cry because it reminds her of her love for her mum and how much she would love to spend another minute with her.. it’s so beautiful It’s so important to me, when an album can relate to something big in my life and this album will forever be the soundtrack to mark the transition of our old life to our new life.. I hold this album close to me! Ed is a genius! An artist and I thank you for this gift 🦋

- Jinger cont


- Love it!

I just love it! I’ve been repeatedly listening to Bad Habits and Shivers the last few months but there are so many amazing tracks on this album! I’ve instantly fallen in love with 2step, Collide and Overpass Graffiti. Thank you Ed! Another amazing album!

- Pathetic

Ed Sheeran bad

- Let down

Divide was his peak

- 100% Talent.

Ppl saying his music is bland need to watch him in Concert. The effort he puts into his music is amazing. Respect him for that.

- Genius

This guy has a talent and his songs are original and very catchy. I have all his albums and not one disappoints, this latest album is a continuation of music that is in the tradition of someone getting better and better as he progresses on his musical journey and I feel privileged to tag along behind.

- Excellent

Great tunes for all in the family. Well done for another great album.

- Pandemic Pick Me Up Music!

Music to survive a pandemic with full of hope, creativity and emotion. Perfect for parents, pupils, professors and people going through a stressful/difficult time. Music to drive to, clean to and soundtrack your day/week/month/year/life.

- Not his best work

Sorry Ed only one good song on here 2at a push don’t no what people are listening to say it brilliant engineering and production could be better same drum machine churning out same beat and the same cord progressions on quitar but still be no 1 he could sing a nursery rhyme and it would be no 1 people brainwashed by the mainstream pop culture. Ed try getting a real band and then have a go at music

- Worst yet


- Wallpaper music

Sounds like the stuff you hear before you see the dentist - watch the goldfish and don't listen to the wallpaper music!

- Best song

Best song ever

- Amazing

Ed never fails to deliver such a banging album

- Very catchy


- New album

Fantastic5*. Love it. He touches on feelings that you think are only yours.

- same boring style

pathetic - women in the industry would never get away with repeating the same mediocre sound for years

- Awesome

Please keep you Portobello Road place open. We need more class in that area. Ignore the morons and haters. Love your songs xx

- Meh

Don’t like shivers at all and sick of hearing it on radio. Visiting hours is decent actually but sounds like it was sung and written by Louis from 1D

- =


- =

i’m so happy to be alive at the same time as ed sheeran


If Alexa was asked to define masterpiece, it would be this. Every song is so different but so good!!

- Yes Ed!

I have impatiently waited for this album and as a fan (almost bordering on obsessive) I can honestly say “Yes Ed” this was worth waiting for.

- Love it

Shivers and bad habits are the best

- Banger

Not sure why all the hate, it’s another decent track from our Ed.

- Love love love this album

Especially Shivers and The Joker and the Queen. Wonderful

- Awesome

This album is awesome. Every single song is out of this world amazing. Another banger from the man himself Ed Sheeran. Love love love this album. Well done Ed.

- Good but not his best album

Has 1 or 2 good songs on top of the 3 already popular, shivers-bad habits-visiting hours, quite disappointing compared to his older albums.

- Ed

Ed and eddy

- Mawkish & Mature.

Ed Sheeran has perfected album hits since his debut, in so far that the anticipation of his work is always as comparable to a major yearly event like Christmas or Halloween. Working the way through this album there is a considerable level of his usual commonly saccharine lyrics, however there is also an equal amount of upbeat and well produced tracks. Taking the first release “Bad Habits” which showcased a more pop/funk and anthemic side to Sheeran made some wonder if his newer album woild be a reticent collection of guitar-ish melancholia. “Shivers” also follows in the same lane as “Bad Habits”, The difference in recording styles and productions suggests it’s been planned out longer than normal. However, Sheeran surprises; some standouts include “Tides” which is reminiscent of musician Saint Raymond; upbeat, anthemic and with a powerhouse of instruments – coming off from when Saint Raymond toured with Sheeran many moons ago. “First Times” is also a typical Sheeran track, where it feels a lot like his early 2009-2011 EP work and leading to his debut. It’s much more self-deprecating than other tracks on his album which are reflective of his success and his dealing with fame. Those vocal hums that Sheeran thrusted into his earlier work which felt much more personal to listener are found here. The song being a clear love letter to his wife while “Sandman” is a lullaby to his new-born daughter which is corny but sincere. It’s personal to him which is why it feels more than just run-of-the-mill. This is where Ed Sheeran shines most, he writes songs for himself, loved ones and family members – not audiences, we’re just the listeners to an album he would have just recorded and left on the shelf of his own collection to only bring out at family/personal events. “The Joker and the Queen” is a harking back to his ‘+’ album but has this flowing piano throughout and ballad-ish nature that feels more like a rom-com soundtrack song. “2Step” brings back the fast-pace harmonic rapping, or nice guy grime, that Sheeran showcased in his debut. It’s a great evolution of his production that doesn’t feel too mass-produced like his second album. ‘Stop the Rain’ is a dancefloor vibe, the bass and lower register guitar riffs exercise this quick learning of a genre but doesn’t feel as sincere as other tracks. Which while as big as he is he retains his niche without ego. “Overpass Graffiti” is easily a favourite that incorporates 80s pop beats and also similarly matches singer The Weeknd in his rhymical cadences. If Sheeran wanted to follow a similar trend of most musicians or bands using the 80s as a reference then this wouldn’t be a bad direction to choose. It’s still as popular as ever – and easily a success for him in this instance. “Leave Your Life” is very anthemic and reminiscent of latter albums. “Collide” and “Be Right Now” are absolutely the direction that feels organic for Sheeran; anthemic dream-house up-tempo almost-folkish bangers that are akin to modern songs by Of Monsters and Men and 90s pop songs. It’s festival music at it’s more popish. At its core it’s Ed Sheeran as he is now, and the pandemic ultimately did allow him to reflect and mature bit still retain his corny and carefree attitude with no egotism. It’s made of lyrical brilliance mixed with no so brilliant attempts. That being said there is more on offer here than before.

- Saxby’s View

Worth the wait imho!! Collide and Overpass Graffiti are great songs along with the 3 already released! The haters il just put it down to jealousy of Ed’s talent and wealth! Keep the music coming Ed from a fellow Suffolk, Ginger and Lego fan 👍

- This album is beautiful

There may be one or two bad songs, I especially do t like joker and the queen and leave your life, but this album is so emotional and easily Ed’s best. It’s unique and very important in his career.

- Disappointing

This is the worst album Ed has done. Filled with mediocre drivel. Come on Ed your better than this! This is just lazy!

- My favourite Ed Album ever

This is hands down my favourite Ed album, every track is great but stand outs for me are Collide, Overpass Graffiti, 2step and Shivers.

- bread sheeran

eddie sheerans music theory is annoying lmao

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- Ed Sheeran

Very nice album

- Nice


- Feeling

Olajesu child

- Leave your live nah…

I can’t describe the feeling I have when I listen to this tremendous work

- Business


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