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I had thoughts of superstardom, singing in the mirror
I was flossing, swear that I saw this
Remember when I couldn't stand it, now I got the posture
Finally threw a pair of dice, call me Frankie Scoblete
All just to see your hands jumping at the concert, yeah

And I wouldn't trade it for nothing
No, I wouldn't change it ever
It's too long to live it for nothing
So, this is my mood forever

Ain't life grand?
Only ones I keep around me is my fam
No coincidence, it's always been the plan
And I always keep it trilly with the fans

Oh, ain't life grand?
And I love a little whiskey in my hand
Make it disappear then reappear again
Matter fact, I never want this life to end
Until the end

The voices in my head they used to make me wanna break down
Had me hella weighed down
Had me in a corner, had me beat but I'm okay now


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- Terrible

Not country. Like at all 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

- Stop hating, Good for him

Why does he have to be country or hip hop. Plenty of artists have songs that fit in more than one genre? He’s hot and he sounds great and he has an adorable family and a beautiful wife. He’s young and happy and successful. Jealous much?

- Love every thing you do

I love every song he make A1 sense day 1 keep on bringing that black boy country in the world we all need it

- Great fun party music.

Why all the hate this is what new country music is. Go listen to sam hunt most of his hits aren’t country sounding at all listen to break up in a small town. Most country hits today can easily be played on pop radio.

- Y’all crazy

Jane brown has an amazing voice. That’s the only thing that matters. It’s pop country for some songs and country for the rest. I love it!!! I know many more that do to. His sales proves that anyway.


Good job KB!

- No identity!!!!

This kid suffers from the same condition 90% of new age Americans. No real identity! The willingness to sell out for the promise of riches and fame. He like most is just a pretender, willing to say, do, promote, any product or mindless trend if it means they’d be able to make a million. Now days everything is set up, rigged, bought and paid for. It’s actually a bit pathetic. Fans only, insta, snap, Facebook, you all need to be continually coddled and told how cool, pretty, popular, and lucky you are. So shallow, so entitled. So shameful, bottom line this is just another shinning example of the flaky youth of America completely contradicting the image they maliciously portrayed to dupe county music youth and all his fans. Now that he’s rich and famous he wants to be himself. Not a different man! Just the one that should have been presented first. Just be yourself! It’s enough. I promise.

- Songs So Far Are Amazing

It’s just the right amount of country and pop some of y’all complaining about why is he doing country and pop what’s wrong with that Kane is the artist not y’all it’s his music if u don’t like it oh well that’s ur opinion

- Not country

Didn’t even buy didn’t need too…

- this ain’t country

this crap should be label as hip hop or rap. sure whiskey sours is great and all but his whole discography ain’t even country

- This is trash

It’s not country He’s a little baby that can’t walk in the woods without getting lost and thinking he has to call the cops

- Worth the wait

I can’t see me taking this off repeat for a very long time! What a great album.

- Riot

Been waiting a few years to see Riot on an album. Keep it up KB

- good

This is pretty good a trail mix of a album .

- So so bad

This isn’t country. He needs to market his music to the pop genre because it’s not country. It’s auto tuned and horrible. He had some decent music when he first came out.

- How to understand Country music today

It’s like walking into a delearship that markets themselves as a truck dealership. Then you walk around to look at trucks and you see 3 sports cars to 1 truck you come across in the lot. To which the dealer says, we’re just expressing who we are. Then why are you advertising to just being a truck dealer? Country music is getting compromised by having to meet an agenda. Ask yourself, have I seen influx in past 10 years of hip hop getting infused with country? Have I seen metal infused with country or vice versa? Jazz with country? Don’t get butt hurt by people calling out artist who call themselves country and we can hear that their music isn’t. Or 2 out of 3 songs on the album aren’t.

- 🐐🐐🐐

This man just doesn’t write a bad song! Changing country music. Legend in the making

- Leave it alone

Why does he have to be a one genre singer? If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. He sounds great regardless of genre.

- Beautiful Songs

For every one who is complaining about his wonderful music is very wrong. These rapers rapping about drugs,sex, down grading women and have every other word as a cuss word are are the worst!!! Leave this man’s diversity alone. It’s amazing that he can actually mix up his Music/ Voice.. HATERS GONNA HATE!

- Awesome Album Kane

Thank God is a hit song so beautiful

- Grand

Awesome song, when you can sing any king of song that makes you an artist. For those who don’t like the song then just don’t listen to it 🤷‍♀️. No difference from Rag’n’Bone Man, the range is crazy good; that both of them can sing.

- Are Nashville Record Exec’s & Artists Trying to Wreck Country Music

I firmly am convinced that Nashville Record & Executives & these so called Artists are purposely trying to torpedo the Country Music Industry. There’s no way that many people convince themselves that this & all the other garbage they’re producing & releasing is even slightly decent music. So it has to be on purpose, their goal must be let’s wreck this whole genre & total it beyond repair. Country Music has roots, it changes but it never strays from its roots. This music is not Country, it has no hint of or even the slightest connection to Country Music. It belongs in the Pop genre. It’s a shame, but the same people that ruin everything they touch or see couldn’t leave Nashville & Country Music alone, they had to decide to wreck it & ruin it like everything else they come in contact with.

- His Best Album Yet

Kane Brown never disappoints!

- Same Man


- No

Worst song I’ve ever heard

- Sexy Grand

The song grand is so sexy

- Love it

Such a great and it came out on my birthday

- 🚮🚮🚮

Just quit

- I’m sorry it’s a no

Please take the somewhere else

- What is this

How is this country music?

- Love his music and different styles

He is a great singer. I love that he can sing different styles of music. Country, R&B, hip hop. LOVE LOVE LOVE that he can sing any style. Great music. Love this album

- Always delivers

Once again Kane brings it!!! Love his music and seeing him in concert. The song thank god is so emotional I love seeing the undeniable connection and love him and his wife have for each other!!!

- AutoTune Galore.

This sounds so fake and obviously was computer engineered with an fiddle app.

- Title (😜)

I believe Kane is such a good singer. I used to hate country music… and then I heard his songs and I was indoctrinated into the world of country. I think one of the reasons I like his songs is because of the fact that he mixes modern country with a bit of pop. His songs like “Grand” and “Like I Love Country Music” are so catchy and the reason I love and support Mr.Brown. ☺️

- So gooooos

Whole album is fireee

- Just buy it!

Kane Brown has proven himself to be a professional musician and artist. The best way to support him is to buy his music...then it doesn't really who says what that has nothing to do with this album. Oh, it ihas gotten old...not only Kane gets dissed all the time. I remember when they hated Shooter Jennings for doing one rock concept album. Or, how about Taylor when she started doing pop. Some people will just never understand ART. Art only exists becasue an artist is creative enough to create.

- Love Everything you sing

I don’t think people get that he can sing country and he can sing pop. So many artists do it, why can’t Kane?? I love everything he puts out no matter the Genre. I swear he even said this album was not going to be just country. I was born on country that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate both types of music. Love Love Love Kane’s music

- The album name says it all!!

Kane is a different man why should he have to be stuck in one genre category. He is a versatile artist, that’s what makes him incredible! This album is another banger woohoo!!!! 🔥

- Does it again

Great album , always the best hits

- His Best Work!

Truly believe this is his best album - great growth as an artist! keep killin it, Kane!

- Diversity

I think this album is just another solid testament to how far Kane Brown can throw his voice. He can sing anything - country, R&B, soul, hip-hop, pop… he’s just that good! Don’t hate, celebrate!

- Great album!

Love the album, and see how far he has came is amazing! He can literally sing any genre. Keep it up KB.

- This album is everything!

Kane is an original and I love that he sings so many genres! Keep killing it Kane! I’m here for it!

- You Fake Country Fans Are A Disgrace TO COUNTRY

Seriously y’all, the fact that ur defending the fact that country isn’t the same as it use to be is a bunch of bull! Real country fans shouldn’t accept that mixing pop an rap with country is ok, cause it’s not, maybe all y’all pop an rap fans think it’s ok cause u will only listen to “country” is of that happens but for us real country old school sounding fans these artists that do this are a disgrace to the label of country, why u think FGL and Luke Bryan and all them ppl are not heard of much anymore? Cause they decided to “mix it up” an they got horrible reviews an ppl stopped listening to them, jus saying 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Recycled

Recycled the same old stuff. Grand sounds like he just borrowed the melody from Memory. Lol

- Stop

Stop judging people !!! Music is our soul just listen ❤️

- Never was a Kane Brown Fan but…..

I’m Addicted to the Songs GRAND and MISSISSIPPI MAN!! Love these songs and hope he sticks to more of that type of music. But I’m not one for country much… these songs are different and I’m here for it!!

- Ok


- Great Album 🔥

Love this album! I love the mixing of the different genres of music. It’s nice to hear the different attitudes you have in your songs, it shows who you want to be as an artist. I also love how your music tells a story. Kane you always kill it 🔥

- He’s hot I’ll give him that

Well he sure is fun to look at 😜

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