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Lyrics for artist Zhang Zhe Han song Melancholy Sunshine coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris did not celebrate the new year, just as we don't celebrate the second

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- The song is very beautiful and ethereal

The song is very beautiful and ethereal

- Soft but strong voice

Looking forward to Zhehan‘s songs for a long time. Finally it's here!Thanks for his strong will and persistent efforts. Soft but strong voice makes me sooooo peaceful! Waiting for next new song Knight errant!

- Gosh, he is perfect. He's voice!!

One of these days we will get to see him live!! I am so happy for him. I have said a million thanks to God for protecting him and giving him the strength to fight. Makes me happy to know that singing makes him as happy as it makes us.

- bravo

beautiful voice,l like it

- the song is beautiful

beautiful melody, beautiful singing

- Beautiful voice!!!

The beautiful melody is paired with the beautiful zhangzhehan's voice like a violin sound, the whole song is both romantic and dreamy, making people fall into a beautiful dream and don't want to wake up.

- 好温柔的声音


- beautiful voice

love the voice of him ,beautiful melody

- Beautiful voice

This latest song from Zhang Zhehan sounds like a breeze in spring. His beautiful voice is perfect for this song, comforting people with broken heart.

- Beautiful

Like water

- nicely beautiful

I got deeply touched by the rhyme and the voice of the singer.

- Awesome

Have been waited so long to hear his new voice again! He is a great singer and a great actor as well!

- 🥰🥰🥰


- Great

You’re my superstar!!!!

- Beautiful

Well done

- Beautiful voice

Beautiful voice

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- A lovely song

I love the voice of the singer, Zhangzhehan is an amazing person, he is so strong to survive from the deadly trap, his voice and his natural are clean like pure water. Will always support him.

- Yo

Good good let’s go

- Nice song

Nice voice and nice melody. His story inspires many people to struggle out the dark period of life. Best wishes to him.

- 忧伤的晴朗真好听啊

我记住你了张哲瀚,你是个优秀的歌手,wonderful singer Chinese singer

- 治愈心灵


- 很好听


- 加油张哲瀚


- Zheng Zhe Hạn

Tuyệt vời! Soft voice!

- Congratulations 👏

Good boy! 孩子真棒👍华人面孔出现在iTunes榜上,真好!有才华有实力,应该祝贺、支持!

- A sad and hopeful song

This song is a little sad and full of hope. After hearing the story of this actor, I hope he can finally be treated fairly.

- Beautiful

I love this beautiful song.

- So soft,so warm,so beautiful

My hero

- sad sunshine511


- 奔向微光奔向你


- Great

I love it. Thank you for the singer.

- I find you

you are so beautiful

- beautiful

His voice is so beautiful, so pure, and the melody is so good!

- crash and rebuilt

Whatever, the song shows one’s world was crashed on the top of his life, but has been rebuilt on the ruins now

- top song

I love this voice,its so beautiful ,if u listen it ,u can touch the wind the colud the one of world.

- pretty good

I don't understand the lyrics,but it is touching me

- A euphonious voice

I’ve never heard such raw vigor and inspirational vocality within a song🥰. I was extremely touched by his singing and felt as if he opened a door in a windowless room. His personal story also intrigued me as he faces struggles under oppression. Definitely one of my favorites for all time.

- Beautiful song,strong singer

Very ethereal singing, very artistic lyrics , did not expect zhang zhe han in the face of vicious competitors and capital joint strangling, but also to stand up and start again.

- Beautiful song

Moved when I heard the first word flowing around me. Missing him and hope that he can bring me more new songs!

- beautiful music, beautiful voice

and great comeback! zzh

- my star

The fiower on the edge of the cliff, the king returned from hell. Welcome,my boy genius!

- ayiyi

this song is fabulous!i like it!

- for you

I miss you so much!

- Nice song, I love it

I like this song, it calm me softly, the singer’s voice is so clean and lovely. Zhangzhehan is an amazing person, will always support him.

- beautiful song

昵称:遇见海啸般眼神 会无条件支持张哲瀚,新歌很好听。希望小哲越来越好[鲜花]

- Beautiful song, clean voice

Something touched my heart deeply.

- Congratulations to Zhangzhehan

Beautiful song, like soft wind, like warm sunshine in the winter, it helps you relax and remind you all the good things in your life.

- Beautiful voice…

With a touching story behind the lyrics

- He is a hero

Zhang Zhehan is a talented Chinese actor/singer/writer, he's best known for his role in the show "Word of honor". In 2021, after received the Award for "Rising Artist of the Year", he was framed by malicious competitors. Using massive coordinated smear campaigns, he was punished for a crime he never committed. He's blacklisted and deemed immoral by Chinese entertainment industry. He was also attacked by unprecedented cyber violence. Since then he has been fighting bravely for his innocence and freedom. During this darkest hour of his life, he has never lost hope, and always kept a positive attitude towards life. This song is the living proof of that. And also, he is deliciously handsome!

- Dong

l love this song

- 🎶

Very beautifully sung. He has a very touching voice 👍👍👍

- you are the best baby

You are our hero who led us through the light of darkness and guided us together

- Soothing music and inspiring lyrics

Love the melody and his voice - very soothing. You’d enjoy the song even if you don’t understand Mandarin. An amazing artist telling his story through the lyrics that have inspired many who are also facing great ordeals in life like he has been. Yet, he has never given up, always stayed positive, and continue to try his best to embrace his life (and all those following his story). Support him and let his true story be known and inspire more people.

- Beautiful and inspiring

I would say Zhehan’s experience is indeed a story of nirvana. The song is in Chinese but the human spirit and the beauty of music is beyond race and languages. Beautiful song, beautiful face and beautiful soul!

- Winner


- great

wonderful voice

- Love ZZH

This song is the best gift to zzh’s fans

- Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And his legends continue…

He then started his own fashion brand, and it turned out to be a great success. He exercised daily, resumed playing basketball, golf and boxing, while encouraging those around him and his supporters to do the same. He learned how to play guitar. He went on a month-long bicycle trip. At the end of the trip, he conquered the 5396-meter Haba Snow Mountain. He even made his directorial debut on a short movie about the trip. (you can see the clip on his YT channel) Right now, he brings us his new album— “The Deep Blue One”. The first song, ‘Sad Sunshine‘, was released 12/15, and has topped the US iTunes chart as #1.

- 我也是喜欢你


- 比❤️


- You are my hero

Great song! I was first touched by his beautiful voice, but ended up to be his follower after read his story online. The singer, Zhangzhehan, once was a Chinese movie superstar. He was framed and boycotted by his competitors in 2021. His competitors are controlling all Chinese’s social medias, so In the past 14 months, he is not only suffering the biggest ever cyberbully in Chinese history, but also lost his right to work, to speak in public…… basically, he was announced “digital death” by his competitors. He is now standing up, singing with his sorrow but beautiful voice, to tell the world that he is innocence, and he has never stop fighting. He is fighting for human rights he should have, he is fighting to tell the world that all lies will be bursted as bubbles, and only truths and talents will last.

- sad but sunny

I'd sat it hit me,i like the rhythm

- Very good song

Haizhe Love Zhehan!

- Amazing

Gental voice

- Very nice and lovely song.

The voice of Zhangzhehan is like clean water, he is the most amazing person I know , if you also know that is happening in his life, you will be amazed too. I love Zhangzhehan

- Sunny but not sad

I like such a clean voice. It's comfortable to be in the sun in winter

- 👍

सुनने में अच्छा

- Ethereal music

Ethereal music . Listening at night feeling very warm. I like it very much.

- nice

Its nice to sing

- 好听


- so beautiful

Beautiful song

- great


- Love it😍

I love this song~

- Amazing

I like it

- Beautiful voice

Zzh,you are so cute.

- Nice

So cute!So beautiful!

- nice!!!!!

It is a very nice song

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- 冬天有你不忧伤


- 直击灵魂深处的声音

Beautiful song! The lyrics is a magic mixture of elegancy and power. It comes from a man, or more accurately, a legend with a strong spirit. The song has a good mix, catchy and interesting. I like the vocal, nice and clean…but solid as well. The whole song is a great package…I would like to hear more!!!

- nice music

The voice warms me up in the winter, though it's summer now. haha🎅🏻

- 轻灵优美


- 清澈又温暖

熟悉的声音,终会再遇见。 没有实现的梦想终能实现, 没有交会的轨道总会对接。

- A soft, gentle song

Love it, so soft and touching

- 好温柔啊小哲,循环🔁播放▶️中


- What a healing song..

This might be the song that I was waiting for a long time…his voice is so clean and gentle that can heal any pains. Looking forward for more songs from this beautiful young man😍

- 超级棒!!


- gentle song and great vocal

lovely song for a quiet evening

- 只要你唱我都爱听


- Sad sunshin!

Sad sunshin! Zhehan Zhang,you're my sunshine!

- He saved me

This is a singer who has been suffering the most severe network force since last year. It almost destroyed his career, his life and also my beliefs to the world. After one year’s struggling, NOW he is back! To me, he is a HERO!!

- Zhe, you are always the best!!!

Great power and control are all there. Finally you come back to us. Find your voice, Find yourself

- Your voice will be heard, Xiao Zhe!

Beautiful song and lovely lyrics. Knowing what you have been through in the last 16 months, I am so proud of you. Be yourself. The whole world will hear your voice.

- Such an amazing song

Welcome back our boy!

- Zhang Zhe Han

Very touching sing from Zhang Zhe Han a Chinese singer who experienced and survived cyber bullying for the whole year . His courage encouraged all those in the dark to never give up. This song represented his experience. 🥰

- 忧伤的晴朗

这首歌仿佛就是我的心声。听歌的此时,澳洲是个美丽的夏天,是我在这里过的第8个夏天。天气晴朗,心却有一点点小忧伤,有点想念我的故乡,有点想念你。 不过只有一点,窗外阳光明媚,该起床了,开始晴朗的一天吧。

- Great track!

The song begins with a slightly moody atmosphere then his smooth gentle vocal eases in to soften the vibe and lightens up the room. His singing is soulful and I enjoyed every second of the song. Fantastic singer, love your voice and your work!

- Amazing!!!

Worth listening to 张哲瀚 comeback!!!

- beautiful song

Great voice,beautiful man,zhehan!

- a healing song~

healing sound for the heart

- 哲瀚呀


- 好听😌😌😌


- Amazing song

Amazing song. Be happy. Zhe han!

- 很好听!


- Talented Zhang Zhehan


- 像空灵的海雾又像深海的洋流


- 憂傷的晴朗


- From Zhang Zhehan supporter in Australia

I am so thrilled to be one of the firsts to listen to your new song. Your voice is beautiful. May your days be filled with sunshine, rainbows and joy.

- Go ZheHan!!!

Music to my ear! 很好听啊🥰

- Happy to see and listen

Can’t believe it !!!A NEW SONG??? Wonderful!!!

- fighting!!!


- 奔向微光


- So gentle voice

The voice is so gentle. I can hear the singer’s heart.

- 好像坐在云端听歌


- 好听


- A beautiful song by Zhang Zhehan - Sorrowful Sunshine

Congratulations for topping the iTunes chart in numerous countries King Zhang Zhehan! This is the most incredible comeback your fans have been waiting for! Thank you for staying strong and persevering through all the misinformation and cyber violence! May your sky be filled with rainbow and flowers bloom from your hand, just like what your lyrics said: 天空劃出一道絢麗的彩虹... 手中開出了一朵花!

- Great song I use it for BGM

His voice is so soft and nice. I like the song brings me visions. It’s great for playing it in the background.

- 再出发


- 让心灵沉醉


- Proud of you


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- 很棒的zhangzhehan张哲瀚

You are a strong and unyielding man, good acting, can sing, can write songs, can play guitar, can play piano, sportsman, golf hole-in-one, basketball MVP, like to read books, write articles!

- 张哲瀚 super3


- 声音清亮


- Such a tender voice

Like a cup of warm tea in winter afternoon

- Beautiful singer ,moving song

It's like walking among the stars,tender and a little bit sad, I love it

- like a summer rainstorm

Quite adorable! The whole song seems like a summer storm, coming and going quickly. When the rain stops, it's SAD SUNNY. But the melody itself is not intense, more like a lover's whisper in your ear after everything has passed.

- Clean and beautiful voice

The voice is so beautiful and gentle, love it! The melody haunts in my mind whole day, give me inner peace. This is wonderful experience.

- 谢谢你


- Omg

What a soft voice!!!!!!!!!! babe you deserve the moonlight and I will always be by your side all the time!!!!!

- good

l love this song........

- 温柔舒缓治愈的一首歌


- Love the sing. His voice is so pretty and soothing.

Thank you Zhang Zhehan for taking so much effort to bring your new singles to us.

- A good song

I love it😘😘😘

- I am so proud of you! Zhangzhehan!

Bon voyage! My Captain.

- finally you overcome it

Looking forward to the next song

- Good job

Very nice single. Expecting the MV.

- beautiful boy,beautiful song

Zhang zhehan ,you did it.u r my hero

- Warm and healing

I listened to this song over and over again, when I was on the bus, walking on the street or creating a “Me” space for myself. Zhang Zhehan’s voice is very soothing and the lyrics are beautiful written like a poem, putting my soul in a safe space with the nature and the universe where all my struggles are echoed. The song sees my heart and sees me. I feel I’m not that lonely.

- voice

Good voice

- The voice makes me calm

Just like the sunshine after snow, clean and soft.

- voice of an angel

sooooo great💙💙💙

- So beautiful so warm

So beautiful so warm

- Perfect

My son said yesterday that he likes this song

- Dark knight

He is innocent. We need miracle in this world after seeing the suffocating truth of his political framing case. Find your voice back, Music is the voice!

- beautiful

Listen again and again.It‘s wonderful.

- nice

Zhang Zhehan, nice song, excellent person, support you!

- soooooooooooooo wonderful

so pretty~~~

- Great to see you again!

I seem to hear the silent stormy waves in the night. The flower that bloomed in the hand is not worried that it will be broken at all, it is so strong. Because I believe in the person who sang this song. If you want to use temperature to describe it, this song is probably a sunny winter, cold, but with the sun shining on you. “深邃无言,看穿万象,包容万物。”

- 出发,奔向微光!向远方……


- 很不错的一首歌


- 温柔又美丽的歌声,欢迎归来,小哲

心惊更心痛你这一年多的遭遇,在这个寒冷的冬天,你的归来带走忧伤,带来晴朗。一直记得你说的, 坚信,坚持,坚强!

- One of my favorite songs

It’s a very warm and healing song. The singer’s ethereal voice and perfect rendition add color to the song

- Beautiful song

Beautiful song, soft music, quiet my heart

- lovely voice

Lovely voice beautiful song

- My angel baby


- super33

The song is like a breeze blowing through my face in the clouds. It is so good to hear. Thank Zhang Zhehan for letting me hear such good music

- Amazing Song

I can’t describe the feeling when I first listened this song, it is so beautiful! The voice even hit your heart directly and you just feel like lying under the stars, with soft wind, vast steppe…… you are the master of yourself. What a beautiful song, and what a wonderful person.

- Good song

Sounds good

- My genius baby

Hope you happy

- What a beautiful guy

Nice voice it makes me feel I’m in the sea

- 我的奇迹男孩


- amazing!

Such a natural and steady flow of melodies,and fresh&alluring&heavenly like sounds of nature voice,we seem to have been led a dark blue sea.

- 是光就会出现


- 太好听了


- hit the point

The voice is so soft so gental, but it shows out his courage and bravery

- rebirth

strong power with soft heart

- Wonderful

This song is very healing

- the singer is so beautiful


- A beautiful song

This song reminds me of these things, like the pearl covered gauze curtain fluttering in the wind, like the twinkling stars shining in the night sky, like the wind blowing through the green grass in the valley… I will listen to his other songs, which should also be very good.

- 非常好听


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