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Lyrics for artist Shakira song Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? The Boogeyman once hid under Chuck Norris' bed. When he realized what he'd done, the Boogeyman peed his pants and ran screaming into the night.

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Shakira - Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) Song Reviews

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- Crossover Success

Awesome! My favorites have to be Objection, Whenever, Wherever, The One, Fool, Te Dejo Madrid, Poem to a Horse, Eyes Like Yours and Suerte. Shakira is one of the most talented artist out there!

- Awsome

This is one of my all time favorite Cds of Shakira Laundry Service. Love it stince it came out n i was yet only 8 years old! :)

- Where is Te Dejo Madrid?

Great album, one of her best. But where is Te Dejo Madrid? One of the best songs off it.

- greattt

i like whenever, wherever, and these are so cool with the latino music mixed with pop

- Lost In Translation

There's something a bit lacking in Shakira's English songs. They seem a bit half-baked, as if the words don't quite have the same power in English as they do in Spanish. Not a bad album, and the Spanish songs are great but I recommend her Spanish album "Donde Estan Los Ladrones?" which is a bit more rock, a bit less pop. Even her subsequent album, "Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1" is a really good choice. Both are better than this album.

- Problem

I don't understand why iTunes don't know "Whenever, Wherever" from my CD when I choose as Genius... I have import the CD with iTunes and it write all the names of the songs but when i take "Whenever, wherever" there is a problem ...

- Nice new sound

For her third album and English-language debut, Shakira transformed her sound from Latin folk-pop to a sort of dancy, Latin pop-rock. This genre shift added some satisfying spice to Shakira's repertoire, marking a turning point in her career, but it also made us forget some of the things that made Shakria's earlier music so good. She still sounded better when she sang in Spanish, more natural and confident. Her English lyrics were cleverer than those of many native speakers, but not as good as her Spanish lyrics. However, Laundry Service is still an excellent album, featuring Shakira's unique voice and some catchy new melodies. Best songs: Whenever, Wherever/Suerte, Fool, Ready For The Good Times, Que Me Quedes Tu, Objection (Tango), and Underneath Your Clothes.

- Meh....

Ojos Asi sounds much better in Spanish. The English version is pretty bad.

- Objection is the best!

Love the album!! my top 3 most best songs are Que Me Quedes Tu, Whenever, Wherever, and Objection. the video of Objection is weird but still good.

- You are awsome!

Your song whenever whenever is my my favorite song for along time. When I was 5 now I'm 8

- One of the best

This definitely deserves to be one of shakiras best albums

- Underneath your clothes

THE BEST SONG EVER! I listened to it all weekend long and am still addicted to hearing it!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say enough good things about this song!!!!!!!!!

- Caliente (as I freeze here in Texas on a cold winter night)

I stumbled across this artist earlier this week when someone from I assume Mexico visited my Flickr photos and left a glowing review for one of my pictures. (My Spanish has gotten bad over the years and I needed help translating OJOS (and some other Spanish) when I came across a Wikipedia article "OJOS ASI." There was Shakira... never heard of her (hey, I'm 57 and I live on a farm) BUT I got onto iTunes MUY PRONTO and I'm glad I did. WOW, this lady has great musica! I bought the album, will install it on my iPhone and I'll be listening to Shakira in my car, my airplane, while on my tractor... I really like the track, "Eyes Like Yours" with those subtle hints of Arabian influence. And the song "Whenever, Whenever" is so hot, I don't care if ice is forming on the El Camino... this music is Mucho Caliente! The listening pleasure afforded is an experience of diversity, unlike many artists offer in their mono-genre repertoire. Shakira gives us subtle hints of Arabian influence, mixed with a dash of music seemingly coming from flutes in the Andes mountains and an added flavor is the Latin influence. Who else gives us such adventure in music? And this lady has a command of English, as if she grew up in Kansas, yet in her songs, a nano-second later, we feel as if we are miles south of the US Border when she displays a superb talent for transitioning immediately into the Latino lingo. I am a new and big fan! It's as if I discovered something new and I want to run up and down the highway saying, "Geeze, you should hear this music, it's incredible." But since I am just an old guy, that would probably alarm everyone, and they'll have to discover Shakira themselves... If her music has such broad appeal across the ages and across the gender and across all these borders, this lady is destined to have a very long and durable career. Congrats Shakira, where ever you are. Lady, you Rock!

- Bueno

Not her best, but still good.


is HOT!! I love her! I WANT TO MARRY HER!! She has a delicious and unique voice that makes me shiver with delight! ...Okay... that was weird... Hahaha:) Anyway, this album is AWESOME! Buy! And if you don't wanna buy the whole thing, then I suggest "Underneath Your Clothes," "Rules," "The One," and "Eyes Like Yours." Just get the whole thing;)

- Muy Bien

Ese Album nos demuestra que ella es buena escritora. Mi Cancion favorito es, Que Me Quedes Tu

- Shakira, you need to learn how to control your head voice and enunciate!

Oh no! I'm sorry but there is no one I hate more than Shakira when it comes to the music industry. First of all, her voice constantly cracks, she sounds like a goat, and her bellydancing technique is incredibly sloppy. The timber of her voice renders the lyrics sloppy as well. If you want beautiful melismatic arabic music, try Natacha Atlas, or Sherine. I don't mind the fact that she incorporates different styles into her music or the fact that she's switches from Spanish to English (Natacha constantly shifts from English to Arabic), its her delivery that ruins it for me.

- Shakira!!!!!!

I've loved shakira since I was alittle girl now I'm 12 and this album is her best one yet and that's what i have to say!Boom baby!lol :D

- I luv it!

I luv this album i have it on c.d. but i decided to write a review here anyway! i bought the c.d. when it 1st came out and i wanted to c if it's still on itunes, this album is old but it still sounds GREAT!

- funny story bout this..

when i was a little kid like 3 i always used 2 listen 2 this and i forgot bout it hah then couple days ago in the car i heard the song and then it all kinda came coming back 2 me and now im 15 hahaha ohhh good times if u like my story press the like button plzz !!!!!

- Amazing!!!

Shakira words are truly amazing, she writes such beautiful lyrics. My favorite songs are Underneath Your Clothes and The One.

- shakira is hot and sings good.

she is a good singer. the best songs are whenever, wherever waka waka, and hips don't lie

- Awesome!

Get this before She Wolf, there both awesome, but this is just way better! I'm surprised Eyes Like Yours is only $0.99! It's awesome!

- One of the greatest crossover albums!

Shakira's Laundry Service truly places her up with some of the greatest crossover artists, a place where Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan currently reside. Each song is single worthy and while some critize Shakira's english songwriting skills, it truly isn't that bad! Her rework of Ojos Asi is truly a shining moment on Laundry Service, along with Whenever, Wherever, Underneath Your Clothes, and The One. Laundry Service is truly a delight, and a must have for pop fans. It truly solidifed her standing in the music industry in the southern and northern hemisphere!

- Good album

I like her music in spanish better than her music in english. She sounds better in spanish but i still like the songs in this album.

- Objectio (Tango)

This is a great upbeat song. I heard it in the gym on the instructors personal music list and fell in love with it.

- Great Album!

Beautiful Music coming from a Beautiful Woman!


I LOVE SHAKIRA she rocks!!!! She can speak so many different languages and make her voice sound so different everytime this is really worth gettig she is awesome!!!! I <3 Shakira

- most definately...

This CD is the absolute best of Shakira's in my mind! I grew up with Shakira on Cassette Tape. I don't listen to her newer songs though, they aren't as good to me. but shes still really amazing.

- suerte

I buy this song on itunes and i never recieve it. please i would to have my song.

- Her best album

Este álbum fue el intermedio entre la Shakira rockera y la comercial; por eso es el mejor por ser la combinación perfecta.

- Great music

I have loved this ever since I was a very little girl, and I'm 14 now. Buy it!!

- Great beat

OMG my friend recommended this and i love ittt!!

- Awesome

I can't even understand the Spanish music and I love it.

- Shakira rocks!

I went to the Inaguration concert, and this girls act was the BEST.

- Shakira Rocks

Shakira is a very unique artist,in mi opinion,she can sing and speak many languages and that's what makes her special I love all her music specially the first albums she came out with totally brilliant!!!! I don't think her music will be forgoten ever!!!

- Laundry Service

I'm a fan; she's so diverse.....she's a talented singer/songwriter

- :) the best!!!!

When i was little i would make my Littlest Pet Shop animals sing to this album and i still love it!!

- I hate shakira and her voice

I really hate her... Her voice is horrible ... I don't understand why some of you like her¿?

- LOVE Objection

totally cool song! i also like whenever, wherever. we celebrated the end of our hike with these two songs. they ROCKED!!!

- Objection<3

Listen to it over and over and over <3


This is just a great song and a cool video. Why doesn't iTunes have it available?

- Awesome

This is amazing and hot<3!!

- Ewwwwwww

She is .....thinks shes hott shes nott!!!!!! DONT BUY i wanted to put 0 stars

- This is awsome!

This is really good by her, I think that she is really getting better albums.... I love Whenever, Wherever and Eyes Like Yours

- Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor..

Shakira is unique, so talented... Este cd es uno de los mejores de Shakira, porque el mejor es Donde Estan Los Ladrones? :P Se los recomiendo, todas las canciones son muy buenas.

- shakira

god shes fit!!

- embarrasing moment with "underneath your cloths"

i was in 8th grade and i went to this field trip in l.a to see a play about greek, and during one of the brakes of the play, i fell asleep and you can imagine why,,,it was so boring!!!! lol and anyway i fell asleep and "the cool kids" began kicking the chair with their feet,. i was in front and i woke up and this song was playing and i heard them laughphin!! i can laugh now, but back them it was a total embarassement and i felt worrible. not to mention i was a bit quirky and geeky lol.... i just had to share it and get it off my chest. thats why when i hear the song of shakira undereath your cloths i cant but rememeer,,,,but now ill think of itunes. thanks itunes for letting me heal this wound and get it off my shoulders...........and i still love shakira 100% . and to this stupid kids i forgive them.............:)

- Me gusta mucho!

Definitely her best album :-)

- Laundry Service

This album is the best album of Shakira. I love it. Shakira is the best singer!

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