Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas (Single Version)

Last Christmas (Single Version) by Ashley Tisdale Song Info

This song was the first single released by Ashley Tisdale in her deal with Warner Bros. Records and became her official first holiday single. Tisdale performed the single on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Christmas At Rockefeller Center in 2007 Christmas. The song wasn't released as a physical CD single. The song was one of the B-Sides in the european CD single of Tisdale's second single "He Said She Said", from the album Headstrong.

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Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas (Single Version) Song Lyrics

Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year
To save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year
To save me from tears
I'll give it to someone
I'll give it to someone special

Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance
But you still catch my eye
Tell me baby
Do you recognize me?
It's been a year
It doesn't surprise me
Happy Christmas,
I wrapped it up and sent it


Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas (Single Version) Song Comments

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Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas (Single Version) Song Reviews

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- i would change some stuff.....3 star

i think is stead of larst christmas i gave u my heart and the very next day u gave it away, i think it sould be the very next day u took it apart, what do u think about that?

- Nice Christmas Song !5 star

Ashley Tisdale ROCKS

- WOW!4 star

That was amazing! Her voice has Matured injcredibly! And I love the beat!

- Ashley Rocks5 star

I love her song.My friend Cortney did a dance to it.

- FANTASTIC!!!!5 star


- Okay.4 star

This song is atually pretty good even though her voice is souunds a bit frail!:) Her voice really is'nt strong.Quite pitchy! But, it reminds me of my old Boyfriend.


i usually dont like ashley tistale but this is surprisingly good. download it !!! [:

- ya...2 star

umm im not luving this song. she has an ok voice, but its too squeaky and it doesnt sound right in this song. all i have to say is that its ok. she does sound really professional though!

- shes not that good3 star

shes done better than that but its not like that.shes good but this wasnt her best

- =p3 star

i don't like it. if you want a better version go to Taylor Swift's

- All Wrong1 star

You can't turn holiday music into this crap! Its a disgrace. On christmas day, i just let all the classic xmas songs play, and i def don't want to hear this garbage. It doesn't even remind me the slightest bit of christmas, except for the fact that it has the word Christmas in it.

- YAH!!5 star

amazing that's all I can say

- wow i never thought she could sing...5 star

i love this song! amazing<33

- YUCK.1 star

She needs to stick to actin.

- Great Job!!!!5 star

I think Ashley did a great job with this song. It really shows off her voice and shows how talented you are. A must buy for the Christmas season!!!

- YOU ROCK!!4 star

You are bomb!!:]

- rock on4 star

goooo ashley!!!!! happy christmas!!!

- Meh2 star

The song itself is good, Ashely's voice is good, but the way she sings it is too happy for the original tone of the song.

- Ashley Tisdale5 star

Ashley Tisdale: I hate to admit it but this is the best version of the song. I mean, for those of you who hate her, can you please judge the music! I mean, some people put comments that say,"I hate Ashley Tisdale!" So what, yeah you hate, it's okay, but WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE SONG! YES OR NO?!?!?! Anyways, I would name this a perfect holiday song, it will really bring you the christmas spirit! CLICK YES IF YOU LIKE THE SONG CLICK NO IF YOU HATE THE SONG Songs to get: I would get this song!

- This is OK2 star

This version of the song is o.k. WHAM!'s version of the song is much better though.

- 5 stars for Ash!5 star

great song and very well done by Ashley! Ashley always comes through with her singing ability and has NEVER dissapointed me. Love it!

- ahh crap, i cant give it 0 stars1 star

listening to this song is like trying to amputate your own leg, please spare your dignity and not buy this song

- Amazing Song and voice5 star

Good Job Ashley I can't wait till your next CD

- Very Good5 star

I'm a rock fan and I'm usually not into pop but Ashley's voice is so wonderful in this, I recomend this song

- actually pretty good!4 star

i was surprised at how good this is for her! i actually kinda like it!

- I have heard better3 star

I think hawk nelson does a better cover.

- *******Ashley Makes Last Christmas Her Own*******5 star

I love this version of Last Christmas I think its better than the original. She really makes it unique which makes it soooo FABULOUS. I recomend this song to anyone looking to have a FABULOUS Holiday Season all year long.

- Personal Favorite5 star

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs performed excellently by one of my favorite young artists. Well worth 99 cents!

- LUV IT!!!!!5 star

I love this song!!! Ashley Tisdale has an AMAZING VOICE!!!!!



- OMg1 star


- Awesome!5 star

Best song in the world sang by the best voice in the universe! Go Ashley!!!!

- NIce5 star

Great song

- WOW!!5 star

This song is really sad but I love it!! I love ASHLEYS voice. I prefer it to Vanessa Hudgens cuz Vanessa sounds too remixed!!

- last christmas5 star

ashley you rule trust me she has a amazing voice i love it i think she has a great future coming her way

- People LIKE this???!!!1 star

Ashley Tisdale is butchering a great song and you people LIKE it???!!! I have now lost faith in the human race. This was a great Christmas song, and actually still is, if you count all of the other BETTER versions out there. I mean, come on! The CHEETAH GIRLS did a better version! The only thing worse than listening to this is listening to Ashley Tisdale sing in HSM and HSM 2. And the picture on the cover is AWFUL. Who does she think she is? The only other people with Cd's that have picture's like that on their covers, are people whom I have no respect for.

- NO WAY!!1 star

This is NOT a good song for Ashley to sing, and it sounds PATHETIC! If you want a better version, get Cascada's! Ashley's voice sounds really bad in this, and I'm embarrassed for her. THIS IS A BIG NO NO!

- This Song2 star

This song is ok but CASCADA version is much better. I bought CASCADA first and am not that crazy about this.

- Luv her5 star

luv her


Great job

- best ashley song ever!5 star

it makes me smile when i hear this song. she has an amazing talent :D


~ She sounds soooooooo childish in this album! Her album headstrong is AWSOME it is completely worth your money to buy the whole headstrong album!!! She sounds so amazing in headstrong it is unbelievable!!!! BUY HEADSTRONG IT WILL NOT DISSAPOINT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~

- Awsome Ashley5 star

Ashley Is awsome! especially in this album! I luv her!

- WOW!!5 star

I heard Ashley tisdale sing before but she sounds so much better now!! I didn't now she had such talent. If you agree say this review was helpful.

- meago my eggo5 star

This is a asome song. I wish I could write a song like that. I hope you like it

- Last Chrismas5 star

THis Song Is Undiscrible

- Intresting4 star

I give it a four... A lot of people say Ashley stinks and a lot say that she is good. She does not stand out and sings through her nose. She needs more of a strong voice, not a wimpy voice, to advance. That's all I've got. Nice try, you may sound good ( which is a nice start ) but you need more practice and strength.

- EUWWWW2 star

Too cheesy. Ashley Tisdale is okay, but this song is just c**p

- Cool!!4 star

I like this song this and heastrong cds show a different side of Ashley Tisdale! It's cool. ily:)

- AMAZING!!!!!5 star

Ashley Tisdale is great and this proves it!! She's sooooo better than Vanessa (who likes her?) and this is like the perfect song(who wouldv'e thought that holiday music could be so great?)


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LagerfldLandfll5 star

This is the only Christmas song that’s valid

127fentys5 star

when we get a special JCC episode where johnjaedo sing this

ReyDeLosBullies5 star

Ya están listos para la navidad?

Itsnalayaaa5 star


ReyDeLosBullies5 star

TastefullyNasty5 star

It’s that time of year!!!!!!

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