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Ashley Tisdale - Be Good to Me Song Lyrics

Wanna be good to me
Be good, be good, be good, be good
Wanna be good to me
Everyday is getting worse
Do the same things and it hurts
I don't know if I should cry
All I know is that I'm trying
I wanna believe in you
I wanna believe in you (but you make it so hard to do)

What's the point of making plans
You break all the ones we have
I don't know where we went wrong
Cause we used to be so strong
I wanna believe in you
I wanna believe in you

So why can't you be
Be good to me

I don't ask for much, all I want is love


Ashley Tisdale - Be Good to Me Song Comments

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Ashley Tisdale - Be Good to Me Song Reviews

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- Ugh1 star

The songs are terrible and she tries to sing when she can't. Terrible album. She's horrible.

- Great Album5 star

Not bad at all! ALL of her songs have a GREAT beat. Definitely Worth it.

- WOW!5 star

This album is the bomb. I didn't expect much from Ashley coz her songs on HSM were quite 'Sharpayish'. I love this album coz she shows that she really is older than all her cast friends. I really like that most of the songs are quite dancey. They're all really fun to dance to. Except Unlove You and Suddenly this album rules! I hope she makes another album!

- Man i just love it5 star

Rite well i found most of the songs on headstrong the best ever so much betta than vanessa hudgens so i loved it

- LOVE IT!!!5 star

I am a HUGE fan of Ashley Tisdale, she ha a really cool tone to her voice and her music makes u wanna get up and dance no matter what!

- :O5 star

woah! this is an amazing album. i know a lot of ppl think she is a pop star princess but shes not,a pop star princess is someone who cant sing but thinks she can,and ashley can sang not sing SANG!!!!! lol

- Ashley, listen3 star

You are an amazing actress but please, I love you, but don't sing. You just aren't good.

- I love it5 star

This is the best album ever

- love this album5 star

hope she keeps going to sing and like the songs :}

- Tisdale if your readin...5 star

Make more girl, Phineas & Ferb stoppin ya? See ya ash... :)

- love this album!5 star

i love every single song on this album, brings back memories. this is one star that actually made good music. its different and fun! :]

- Unlove you4 star

the song "unlove you" is kinda high pitched....

- Uuuuhhhhhh.............1 star

This is SO not Ashley Tisdale's style

- A Whole different side¡4 star

I think that this album was a new break for her. Just like Miley Cyrus, I think she just wanted to do something else but still do the movie songs. Brilliantly, I thought she captured older girls attention and this album was something that older girls could really relate to. The songs are so much fun. I give it only four because some of her songs sounded similar and one of the songs I listened to had a really bad message in there. But bravo Ashley! xxx

- Really good songs.4 star

I really like He Said She Said. :3

- LOVE5 star

I think this album is really good and better than her new one

- I LUV IT5 star

Soooo good My fav. is Headstrong and Not like that

- i cant see ashley singing this.3 star

I'll be honest the songs arent that bad, but I think seeing her on high school musical, then hearing her sing "dont touch me there" is like, what? This just dosen't sound like something ashley would sing. I like the sound, but not the message. Now I'm not one of those people to say "dont buy this album!" or the oppisite. I say preview the music and you decied. I just can't see ashley when i hear these songs.

- sweet5 star

i love it your awesome

- Yuck1 star

If I ever look up the words "untalented" "annoying" and "trash" in the dictionary, I would imagine this album right next to it.

- ! Awesome5 star

Ashley u have such a pretty voice!

- well, i enjoy it.3 star

sure, maybe some of the songs are "meaningless" to some degree, and maybe her voice isn't the best or even 100% "real"... but i find this album very enjoyable. what these songs are good for is singing and dancing and letting go. well, that's her strong point anyway (when she gets into some of the slow songs the album becomes a little bit sappy...). the songs have great beats and catchy tunes, and some of them actually have good messages... this album's mostly about growing up and having fun, and i don't regret buying it :) and it's not "disney" AT ALL.

- Um...2 star

I just don't really like this album! It doesn't seem that..."Ashleyish." Sorry, but I am left with a um...

- Disney... enough1 star

Attention all you fans. DON'T freak out. I'm not hating on Ashley or however you spell it. I'm just saying that Disney channel is wasting their money by trying to make almost every single actor/actress a singer. They can't all sing. And everyone knows that more than half of them have had their voices messed with. Enough is enough. Kthanksbye<3

- Headstrong for Ashley!!!5 star


- dhhzhshhszj4 star

i just remembered how i have two songs from thia album headstrong and he said she said and i listened to them both after 4 years and i still like them! buyyy themmmm

- bobby3 star

hi mikey bob hidaddy bob hi sissy bob

- Wonderful job :)5 star

I bought the cd and fell in love with it I love the song goin crazy luvv u ashlay tisdale

- He said she said5 star

I love this song

- Be serious5 star

Be serious when u buy this album because if u don't i WILL find u. Anyway why wouldn't u buy the album if it's awesome!!!!!!!!!! :) ;)

- Love .5 star

I think she's really grown since her HSM days. I love her, she sounds like a mini Britney Spears, but with a better voice. Truly talented, and I LOVE 'He Said She Said'. My favorite song from her. Buy. Buy. BUY!

- idk I guess its okay2 star

but she OBVIOUSLY is copying Britney Spears. gosh

- Luv her5 star

Beautiful person and singer

- HOT HOT HOT..................... SO GOOD5 star

LUV LUV LUV LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SAID SHE SAID It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's no way close 2 wat I thought she be doing, but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Awesome4 star

I love this album!!!!! She I one of my favorite artists!!!! I give it 4 stars because some of the songs weren't as good as the others. Keep going Ashley!!

- A Really Good Album5 star

I remember when this album came out. I was younger and I was in LOVE with it. But I moved and I lost it. Then I found this on iTunes like 4 years later and I'm so happy I did. :)

- Good! :)4 star

I hate when people trash this's good! The songs on this album are fresh and upbeat, with a few ballads scattered here and there. If you are fan of Britney Spears, The Veronicas, or even Selena Gomez & the Scene, you will most likely love it. My personal favorites are: He Said She Said, Be Good To Me, Not Like That, Headstrong, and Suddenly. If you aren't interested in taking the time to listen to the whole album, these songs are perfect :)

- Sophia's review! good :/3 star

soo ya not amazing not great not terible not bad its o.k. ashleys a relly good singer just this album is the best

- ashley tisdale5 star

she is ashley tisdale

- Still a fan5 star

I loved this album in 2007 and i still love it in 2011!!!

- Amazing!!!!5 star

Ok I love this Album! I want all the songs it's unbelievable how good she is. I seriously suggest getting this album...... It's always good to have a lil attitude on your iPod ! Hehe

- great NOT1 star


- Kinda Inaporiprite3 star

OMG it's better once you understand it

- GooD!5 star

Good job! Buy this album.

- Cool!! But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 star

Good but a little wild and teenage like!!!

- kid1 star

How is this even kid's pop? if I had kids under the age of 10 I wouldn't let them listen to this. The songs are ok....but seems more teen0ish to me

- Great but premature, what Ke$ha should be.5 star

If this album had been released three years later it would have had better succuess. This album is basically a toned down version of Ke$ha, He Said She Said brings to mind the later released Sleazy but less intense. GREAT music but under-appreciated. :( Keep trying Ashley!

- I<3 ashley5 star

Love this album

- Lllllllllooooovvvvveee it5 star

I love it and the movie that goes with it!!!!!!!

- my favorite song is goin crazy5 star

this is a good album. sounds very much like the queen, godney.

- good!4 star

cool i can still hear her voice it's not totally distoreded

- Headstrong!!!5 star

The song Headstrong gets stuck in your head at the randomest times!!! I love it.

- Some songs were good.3 star

Well I never though Ashley tisdale was like Demi lovato good but she good this album is good not a fan of all of them for example I really like headstrong and not like that and I'm not such a bug fan of positivity and he said she said don't get mo wrong I mean she is good and so is her album but anyone has to admit that they have heard better.only if they r like a huge Ashley tisdale fan.I remember I was like 7 or 8 I use to dance around to her all the tome now I'm 11 but I think her album was great she must have put alot of effort into this album.

- YES!5 star

I love this album!!! It's so good. I used to play this all the time on my CD player when I was younger but I just picked it a few days ago and I'm addicted to it again! It's such a good album and I definitely think Ashley should stick with it. My favorite songs are He Said She Said, Headstrong, So Much for You and Be Good to Me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

- lol1 star

i heart what Alex Falank said i mean really guys? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?! theres other things to sing about, but you know if you live for the whole "your so sensational, i think you've got it all" thing go right ahead!


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MrAwwsome - The Tween scene1 star

It deserve a swift and painfull beating then it should stop being played on the radio Also as a side note High school musical should be obliterated from the past, present and future.

Ash102 - Hyper hot !5 star

C'est vraiment le cd de l'année ! Toute ses tounes sont bonnes pis elle chante super bien ! Love Ashley tisdale !



Claire Reynolds - SAVE MUSIC!!!!!1 star

Someone save music from Disney chanel tv No-Talents!!!! Oh My God, Who thought that Ashley Tisdale should have an album??? It was not a good idea. I don't even know if these "songs" can be called music.

tianna<3 - Instrumental4 star

love the song he said she said sooo much...have every version and play it at least twice a day, but is there gonna be a Headstrong Instrumental Album? I hope Itunes make one.

V!CT0R!4 . - Uh?1 star

Whats this? Uh she is clearly being a poser.. With these Socks? Uh no.. Yah not a good album.. Not one bit If i could rate it less than one star.. Trust me people, i would.. :D

Elena Gilbert - Ashley Has Style!5 star

She rocks at singing. I would like to see her and Vanessa sig a duet!!!

mik mak - WOW!5 star

she's really good! at first i hated them but suddenly i loved them! she's in my top three definetly! (vanessa, miley and her!)

mynameisbobhello - Over it2 star

ok lets get things straight. She is not an amazing vocalist but i give her credit. She has done well for herself and is pursuing her dreams. This album is not a work of art and no matter how much you love her you can't give it five stars because its not worth them. The songs are upbeat almost dark which is wierd. Her voice is a bit annoying and whiney but its bareable. It is well disney pop. If you like it you might like this but i mean even hilary duff looks like whitney houston compared to this.

xmimix - Wow!!5 star

This is so good!!! I love her!! In High school Musical and now her CD!!!

Aoikimmery - A valiant effort...2 star

A good attempt as far as Disney pop stars go. Tisdale's voice is cute and upbeat, but a unoriginal and a bit of an odd match for her surprisingly mature lyrics. The voice she sings with on this album is a far cry from her Sharpay character, but it's not entirely unpleasant. I think this album is appropriate for most of her tween-teenaged fanbase, though most of the themes will go over their heads. The major shortcomings of this album I blame not on Tisdale, but her songwriters. The songs rip off of every packaged pop song we've heard since Disney began the Mickey Mouse Club project, with no particularly memorable hooks or catchy melodies. Britney should sue for character infringement (if only t'were possible...).

becca773 - u gotta believe it5 star

Ashley Tisdale is an amazing singer this cd is great dont even think highschool musical when u listen to this cd my fave songs are he said she said, be good to me, head strong, not like that and positivity and if u liked the movie zoom you will probably like the song dont touch personally i thought the movie was ok and ashley tisdale is an amazing actress as well as a singer i hope shes in HSM3.

#1 twilight fan! - HEADSTRONG ALBUM5 star

This album is so AWSOME!!! I love the song Be Good to Me. I would totally rate that song 5/5!!

Mulino - very well done4 star

the cd is great im a boy and to like this kind of music takes a lot but i liked it a lot when my sister was playing it on her room, it has dance, pop, soft kind of music it has a variety not like all rock like other cd's , anyways its a great cd for ages 0-17

ericascime - Whatever2 star

Who wants to listen to real music when you can you listen to the computer generated voice of Ashley Tisdale, right?

sparklexoxo - Turn it UP!!!5 star


hihihiman - amazing5 star

i love this album because it shows what she can really do and i love the up beat songs. my favourites are he said she said, and over it

gabi101 - Surprisingly4 star

All I can say is that she definitely surprised me with her album. But I guess it was only a matter of time since she was on fire in High School Muscial. Keep it up Ashley and awesome that you aren't in the spot light like Lohan. Keep it up girlfriend.

sweetiepie16 - really good abulm5 star

good job ashley your cd rocks ! i love all the songs, ashley is a really good singer! i really like the song he said she said,positivity, be good to me and headstrong! you should really listen to it !

adi777 - No meaning, just disney pop1 star

Not much of a voice, no meaning, more annoying bubblegum pop. yuck.

greenday334 - Ughh2 star

Disney channel stars shouldnt have cd's

19067iii - ASHLEY ROCKS!!!!!5 star

I love this CD it rocks!! Get it! Its the best she has a great voice! i defenitly recomand this CD!! GET IT!!

tara.bee :) - I'm only giving her a 4 cuz i dont know how to give her a 3.54 star

I came to look back on this review and i thought "How MEAN!" so i re-listened to all of the songs and decided that I would re-write this. OK here goes: Actually, it's quite a good album. She's pretty new into the music scene, so she's obviously going to improve, for all you haters out there. And plus, if she starts off this good, then think of how amazing she'll be in a few years! If you ignore the few things that all the hate reviews seem to point out: 1. The Pop music, which they(the haters) feel is the easiest music to make (which is WRONG). 2. The slightly screechy high notes (not too hard to fix) 3. The whole "Disney ditz" cliche, unfortunately this is quite an over-used case *sorry ashley* And you just forget about her personality and focus on the actual music, it's a great album. Someone here said she's not fit for ballads, they're right. I think her more up-beat songs are my favourite. That's just my opinion. The thing with slow songs is that they're usually made to show off an artist's talent. I think that she sounds great slow, just when she stays within the lower pitches. Love me for me is an amazing example. She stays low, and it sounds very mellow and nice. Whereas in Unlove you, she tries it high, and well, you've heard Unlove You. So thats all for this peace girl. Don't give up ashley! We (well, at least i) think you're gonna go far. And all you haters out there, try getting as far as she's gotten befor you start slamming her.

Cass_707 - Good4 star

I like this album, but the ballads don't really suit her.

PotterNut - What a waste of $12.001 star

Don't even bother buying this. It is filled with generic, over-played, girlie, made-for-14-year-olds pop songs. If you want some pop, at least listen to something decent. Go buy Rihanna or something. And really, if we wanted another Hilary Duff we'd just clone the one we have right now. Though really, WHY WOULD WE WANT ONE? Stick to acting and high school musical hun. It's what you're better at.

*somebody? - Ashley Rocks!!!4 star

Ash is great but she not Disney at all now.I would like it if she would singe more slow songs!!!! Other than that Ashley Rocks!!!!

indie-heart - What? Another CD came out?1 star

These manipulated pop songs are getting so old. I have no respect for these girls and there pathetic little songs. They didn't write the songs, they mean absoloutly nothing to them so why should we care? Don't buy this overrated crap, it's not worth your money and definitly not worth your time. Come on, can you actually hear a difference between Ashley Tisdale, Ashlee Simpson, Rihanna or Hilary Duff? They all sound the same. And they all sing about there lame problems that people could care less about. Hey Ashley! Get a life.

Ashlee Tisdale Fan - So Good!!!4 star

I Loved High School Musical and this cd is great!

piefat - CRAP1 star

this is the lamest thing ive ever heard i mean her voice is okay but really she would be better as a back up singer for beyonce or something anyways half the time the computer sings

MRHSPIRIT - noooo1 star

it's to cutesy

K.a.R.i.N.a<3 - Headstrong4 star

My fave songs r He Said She Said, i have made a hip-hop dance 2 it! I give it out of 5 CD's up!

teeshare - really good4 star

i thought ashley's album was great. i was waiting for it for a long time, and i was expecting to hear the same thing i heard in other disney channel girls albums, but i was surprised. i thought it was really grown up considering she is entertaining mostly a young audience. but i'm glad that she didn't make it the way all the other disney channel girl albums are. even though the lyrics are not really for the younger audience, she shouldn't be pressured to write for only a bunch of little girls. i mean she's 21 for goodness sake. all in all i really liked it. my favorite song from the album is he said, she said and headstrong. keep up the good work =)

sicker things.. - another disney star...i guess3 star

preety much its good but on some songs u feel like ur hearing the same stuff over and over again

NotAvailable - Im sorry1 star

But this album is not very good it's the same thing with Hilary Duff! Ashley stick to acting singing isn't your thing

rayray:D - Ewh1 star

My younger sister (she is eleven, so don't blame her) bought this CD and hated it. And my sister likes Hilary Duff. That's how pathetic it is. Please, don't waste your money on this. It is all overproduced garbage. If you are looking for some cheesy pop with a touch of talent, I encourage you to buy a Britney Spears CD.

David! - Good4 star

When I first saw that Ashley had released an album, I thought, “Oh, God!” I wasn’t anticipating anything spectacular. However, to my surprise, I found a couple of songs that really got me going. Don’t Touch (The Zoom Song) is definitely my favorite. I like the sound a lot! I’m surprised it’s not one of her top-selling songs. I would love for this song to become a single. Another song that I like is Not Like That. That song has potential as a single, as well. I also recommend So Much for You and Headstrong. I have to say, though, I don’t necessarily like her slow songs. I would much rather her singing a song with a good beat; something you could dance to. Anyway, overall, the album isn’t too bad. It's a lovely surprise!

Marissa Cooper - wow4 star

wow i wasn't expecting her to be this.. wow.. great job!

Galusharose - mehh...3 star

It was okay...not far from what i like was know that another tv show girl is making a cd...:S GOD wont yall stop and leave the singing to the pros? GOD she not tottaly that bad neither awsume! but its okay.- Hilary

Tisdalefan_#1 - Great Cd5 star

Ashley Tisdale's cd Headstrong is amazing!! The must get Cd in my opinion. Fav song is "Not Like That" and "Be Good To Me." You will love the Cd!!!!! #1

LAAL - Not a very good cd1 star

This is terrible! Is this seriously where music is going! WOW.

kathryn : ). - WOW!4 star

When I first listend to he said she said i instantly put it on mi ipod she sounds alot diffrent in this album well first of all nothing like HSM!

bfriaspereira - ashley tisdale's cd5 star

well i am one of ashley's biggest fans. so i was really excited for her cd to come out. i was really happy cause there almost all dance songs; fun to dance to. but theres also some slower more serious ones which i like. so great job ash!!!!!!

em_rojas - ya5 star

this album rox!

Roxy{*} - sad1 star

it's sooooooo sad that someone as untalented as ashley tisdale got a record deal....that's how easy it is....after all how did vanessa van hudgens get one?.....i don't recomend this to anyone.....anyone who is sane at least......ashley tisdale just.....omg....i don't know what to say it's sooo sad

Madison_Le_Music_Lover - OMG! I AM SO IMPRESSED!5 star

WOW! I loved the CD and I strongly suggest that you buy it! I am so happy that she sicseeded! WAY TO GO GIRL! Not only will I wake up every morning listening to you and Hannah Montana(Miley Cyrus) I will enjoy every bit of it!!!! LUV YA 4EVER

griffaloo - surprise?4 star

ashley tisdale is like other actors who start their carrer on some kids tv show and then make an album. but surprise surprise! Her album actally has some great qualaties and has great lyrics. The album has some great catchey songs that have a great beat!some of her best songs ( i think) are he said she said, positivity, not like that and headstrong! The weak points of this album are probably we`ll be together and unlove you. all and all this album is a great buy and is totaly worth 4 stars!

Mz Quiet Gurl - Pretty Good...Can U FeEl ThE bEaT?4 star

well this is an awesome CD....LOVE the Beats...great work Ashley T!...

*claire_bear* - i luv this album!4 star

Ashley Tisdale is so good at what she does. I am so happy her album FINALLY came out. Thanks, Ashley! Good luck on the next album!

A_T_S_101 - Horrible1 star

This album is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. The only reason I gave it one star is because zero is not an option. "Unlove You" sounds like an American Idol audition gone wrong. It is beyond me how anyone could buy this album. I thought she was pretty good on HSM, but that was obviously fake.

oOoBubblesoOo - Squeaky Like a Mouse3 star

The faster tracks are okay, like He Said She Said, but when I previewed Unlove You my ears almost off. She was so SQUEAKY!!! I mean, stick to the fast songs where she can barely spit the words out, thank you!

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Stephhhanie - a 5 star effort!5 star

this is such a great album. from high school musical- to headstrong, when listening to her on high school musical this was way different than what i thought her sound would be. i love it- it has a good beat, and a good feel. a great effort from ashley.

Peeko12 - LOVE IT5 star

This is one of the besta albums ever!!! it is really goood and has great lyrics and tunes :) 5/5

Obsessed** - BEST ALBUM EVA5 star

this album is great .. it has lots of variety and is best suited for her number one fanss.. MY FAVES R DON'T TOUCH AND NOT LIKE THAT .. BUY THE ALBUM ITS AWSOM xx ashley's number one fann ..

Sakimoto - !!!!!!Ashley you ROCK!!!!!!4 star

ashley has come along a lot in her career and this album proves it! This album is really my type of music, and i'm really fussy! Ashley has got an amazing voice and can easily sing anything but my favoriet song would be NOT LIKE THAT! Ash keep it up! I love her music and i really think this album 'headstrong' is awesome!

. laurenn ! - THANK GOD5 star

Thank God it finally came out, I have been waiting months to buy this album is so perfect because the perfect singer sings it

Knuckles12 - shes hot5 star

shes hot

~Emmz~ - this album is lame as1 star

Come on, we don't need another disney star that sounds like all the rest of the pop junk these days. They all sound the same! Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens and the list goes on but really, we don't need it and they don't need it but they want it so we get it! :P Admit it this album is awful like the rest of them...

[[.x.Heavily Broken.x.]] - OMG5 star

OMG i loved this album so much for you is like my favourite song ever ashley tisdale is such an awesome chick she is pretty and talented Two Thumbs Up

Stepsboy - Loves It!~5 star

This is a great dance-pop album. The songs are catchy, very well produced (slick) and Ashley's vocals sound sweet, strong and amazing. Don't under-estimate Ashley, I think with the right guidance she will become a huge pop star!!

DD_0903 - Headstrong, Can You Feel The Beat?4 star

This album is absolutely great, love the sound, love the voice and love her. Between Vanessa Hudgen's album and Ashley Tisdale's, I prefer Ashley. It had a better debut than Vanessa's in The US, selling nearly three times more than V. She is also the third most successful artist to come out of Disney, Hilary Duff being the First. In this album, I prefer her more faster and up-tempo songs over her ballads such as He Said She Said, Be Good To Me and Not Like That. Career Wise, I think she should've tried to make her music more apealing to 10 and 12 year olds, like Hilary (And look how successful she is), but it's her choice and hopefully the risk will pay off. Although I love this album, I dont know for sure how long Tisdale will last, is she in for the long run or just feeding off the sucess of HSM.

c h a r l i - a n n - Excellent Album by Miss Tisdale...5 star

When you hear the name, Ashley Tisdale the first thing that comes to mind is 'Oh that Sharpay chick from High School Musical' but now you'll know her as a singer. 'Headstrong' is a great album with a variety of genres such as Pop, Dance, R&B, Ballads and some might say Edgy refering to the song 'He Said She Said'. 'Headstrong' definitely reflects Ashley's personality and everyone's all got to realize that she's 21 years old and not 16-18! All of the songs in this album are very catchy. My faves are; 'So Much for You', 'Not Like That', 'Positivity' and 'Over It'. I definitely recommend buying this album, especially if you're a huge fan of Ashley or HSM. And don't forget High School Musical comes out in later this year..WOOHOO! =]

UNDEROATH_000 - A Great Album!4 star

This album is HOT! I like Not Like That, Be Good To Me and Positivity! The songs are good but her voice changes in ALMOST every song but I reckon she sings better in High School Musical! Although she sings better in High School Musical, this album is a must-buy!

Kath and Kim's biggest fan! - THANK YOU ITUNES!5 star

I have been waiting for this album forever and let me tell you it is probably one of the best albums I have ever bought! the songs are really good and will get stuck in your head for ages it is a fantasic debut album! keep the great work coming ashley!

switchmess360 - OMG!!!5 star

i cant believe this is finally out in australia!! been waiting sooooo long!!

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About Be Good to Me Ashley Tisdale Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Ashley Tisdale, album Headstrong (Bonus Track Version), song Be Good to Me, released 06 February 2007. Listening online to Be Good to Me - Ashley Tisdale song preview is free and does not require registration...

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