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All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled
It is in my hands, I must not fail, I must not fail

Even through the darkest days
This fire burns always
This fire burns always

This is the proving ground
Misery begins to rise
Turn away from yesterday


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- Good4 star

I know people have said this multiple times already but I'm gunna say it again. Holy Diver is a cover and it was originally by Dio. Now that that's out of the way this is a really good album and has lots of good stuff in it. My favorite track is probably My curse. I also love the holy diver cover.

- Nu-metal?5 star

To the guy down below that said this was just a bad nu-metal band, do you even know what nu-metal is? Nu-metal is a mix of grunge, hip-hop, and metal, and Killswitch Engage is pure metal at its finest. Know what you're talking about before you post. Second, of course there's screaming in their cover of Holy Diver. It's a cover, so they're going to do it with their style of music. If they played it the exact same way as the original, you may as well just listen to the original. This is a great album, and KSE is an even greater band. So to any of you who are giving this album a bad review just because of the Holy Diver cover, get a life. The rest of the album is great, and so is the cover, so if you're just die-hard 70s-80s metal fan, then why are you looking up KSE? Just to talk about how they "trashed" your favorite song? Get over it. Phew, anyways, if you like Killswitch, buy this album. Personally, I don't think it's quite as good as Alive or Just Breathing or The End of Heartache, but that doesn't mean it's bad by any means.

- A must buy!5 star

This album is a must buy! for any album! I've been a fan of KSE for many years! and I'm probably one of their biggest fans! When I heard their song My Curse, I fell in Love with this band! Just a great band! Couldn't get anybetter than this right!? Well you're wrong! with every album KSE comes out with it gets better and better! (what I mean is every album gets better and better). Just buy any of thier albums! They all rock! I love KSE, and I most definitely always will!

- If you don't have this CD, you should5 star

KSE's sound is complicated and layered, to the uninitiated it may should a bit jumbled, but as you get more familiar with the genre the richness, depth and thought put into some of the better metal songs really starts to stand out. Without exception, KSE is one of those bands. IMO, the best songs on this album are "This is Absolution," the remake of Dio's "Holy Diver", and the softer "My Curse."

- Superb Album!5 star

You will be hard pressed to find a better melodic metal album. If you were going to buy only one melodic album, this one would be it.

- Impressive5 star

This is probably one of the better metal albums I've heard in a while. Unlike a lot of artists out there nowadays, KSE manages to remain ferociously heavy without loosing their melodicism or slackening their songwriting. In otherwords, they're heavy but they still know what makes a good song. Many metalcore bands slip into a rut where their songs consist of little more than washed out screaming. I'm glad that KSE doesn't seem to be moving in that unfortunate direction. P.S: If I hear one more person misuse the word "screamo" ONE more time, I swear I'm going to kill something. Screamo is a dead genre that fused elements of metal, in particular metalcore, with emo. It died because it was too agressive for people into emo music and too whiny for metalheads. PLEASE do not profane this music by calling it screamo. Thank you. My rant is over.

- Stupid1 star

Dio is rolling in his grave

- <35 star

I love his vocals!! I don't know why, but to me they are just amazing. ;)

- Best band ever5 star

I think that this album is the best out of what they sing! I love the song holy diver! it's my favorite! I would consider this album and artist to people that love slipknot. ROCK ON! (=

- pretty good4 star

Good music good lyrics only one problem: Holy Diver is a cover and the original by Dio is way better in my opinion. If you get that song you should check out the original as well.

- dio is better1 star

its true

- cm3 star

CM Punk!

- As Priceless as it gets! A true Masterpiece!5 star

When I first got the blessing to listen to the complete album, the result=I was stunned, in the best way possible. This has some of my favorite songs of all time, and Howard Jones is definitely one of my top 3 favorite singers. No other words describe it aside from WOW!!!!

- Killswitch Engage 5 star

I freakin cant get enough of the song "this fire". It's great!  Buy it!!! 

- Kill Switch engaged!5 star

They flipped the switch, I died and here I sit in heaven listening. "As Daylight Dies" simply Heaven, buy it and enjoy your stay...

- As Daylight Dies(Special Edition)5 star

Daylight Dies: 8.25/10 This is Absolution: 8.5/10 The Arms of Sorrow: 9.5/10 Unbroken: 7.5/10 My Curse: 10/10 For You: 8.25/10 Still Beats Your Name: 7.75/10 Eye of the Storm: 8/10 Break the Silence: 9/10 Desperate Times: 7/10 Reject Yourself: 9/10 Be One: 8.5/10 Let the Bridges Burn: 8.5/10 This Fire: 9.75/10 Holy Diver: 10/10

- I don't like sreaming, and I'm impressed5 star

I have to say I'm not usualy a fan of sreaming but Killswitch Engage can really pull it off. The guitar work is amazing and the lyrics- did anyone realize they are christian based? One on the best parts is that there's no swearing. But really the sound these guys can put out is absolutly nut!... In a good way. If you like hard rock of any kind then you'll like Killswitch Engage. If you previewed and liked even one of these songs then you'll like the rest.

- holy diver rocks5 star

it rocks just like the shining diamands in the song. this is not crap.

- simply perfect5 star

ive known about kse for a while but never got into them until i bought this album. "simply perfect" sums it up. this album is amazing from beginning to end its just one great song after another. and after i bought this album i went out and bought the rest. i love kse.

- Pretty good4 star

Different then expected, it's a very interesting type of genre thing. My curse especially, a fusion of brutal metalcore and 80's era punk metal.

- really good band5 star

Where is wwe superstar Christian's theme song "just close your eyes"? Anyway I like this fire burns

- KSE5 star

My favorite song by KSE would have to be all of them, Holy Diver is one of the gretest remakes from Dio

- ooooo yah5 star

best band EVER when this fire came out and this is absolution they were pwnage songs

- the daye5 star

kse has got to be one of the best bands of all time! the music varies so much that you find something different in every song.

- Geraldo5 star

I love this band!!!!

- This album rules5 star

I heard about this album coming out soon but I didn't epect it to be so good love the name too

- Another badass album5 star

KSE never disappoints me always will be the best band HELL YEAH

- Face Melting5 star

I love this album. before you assume I'm one of the wimps who hopped on board due to less screaming, I love metal, thrash metal, melodic metal and death metal. I didn't like the old KE because it just didn't stand out to me. But when I heard Holy Diver I became a believer. Step forward and be amazed.

- good band5 star

i just recently started listening to KSE and i must say i am very impressed with the sound and vocals. i am becoming a big fan of KSE with every song i hear. my curse is one of my favorite songs followed by this fire. i would definetly recommend this bad to anyone.

- Really ???1 star

I'm fine with remakes, alot of times bands do a good job on a remake. However your song "Holy Diver" is just to similar to Dio's. I mean really? you guys are a good band, don't stoop down to making remakes, and if you do please at least change them a little bit, for better or worse.

- Impressive4 star

I have never heard of Killswitch Engage previously. I have stumbled upon them mistakingly as I was looking at other music but I must say, their cover of Holy Diver really is quite impressive. They stay true to the Dio original, but they add their own flavour. I am very impressed. I definitely recommend giving this band a chance.

- Awesome5 star

Nice album

- Holy Diver and Be One5 star

Are Rawkin! I think the singer needs to sing more cause he's got a rawkin voice but overall awesome cd! Be One Rawks.

- pretty good4 star

they need to do more singing! less screaming i love the choruses and holy diver is amazzing.. they are still good though. i guess my tastes are just different.

- Disgusting Nu-Metal1 star

How could they? If they want to produce bland, screaming nu-metal, that's perfectly fine. But when new bands like this try and cover a classic song from the 70's or 80's, that's crossing the line. Holy diver is a classic heavy metal song. But then comes along Killswitch Engage. They destroyed the song in every way. Dio never screams like they do. The drums are too overpowering. Overall the sound they make is just too loud and obnoxious. They even left out the keyboard intro that sets the mood of the song. Curse you Killswitch Engage. While we're on the subject, I just want to say what really makes me mad. The song Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue, another classic, was covered by Carrie Underwood. That's right, Carrie Underwood!!! She must have some real balls to cover and decimate a song like Home Sweet Home. Now if you noobs want to hear some real metal, buy the album Lock Up The Wolves by Dio. Trust me, it kicks some nu-metal @*$!

- Holy diver5 star

Killswitch Engage, what more needs to be said! They are an AWESOME band and to me the vibe I get form their work is that they pour there hearts into EVERY SONG which is rare! Holy Diver does not even come close to falling short of their work! It's one of the best cover songs I've herd in a long time. 9 out of the 10 songs they have are just plain awesome.

- Perfection5 star

This is probably the best metal album ever. I listen to everything from Incubus to Guns n Roses to Iron Maiden to God Forbid. As Daylight Dies tops everything ive ever heard. To anyone who says "real metal bands" have solos in their music: they do... holy diver, breathe life. Thats all they really need because this style of music doesn't suite many guitar solos. To anyone who has a problem with howard jones' screaming: you're insane. Hes the best singer AND screamer alive. This album doesnt old. Many people would consider this kind of music repetitive. Take my word, Ive listened to this band constantly for the past 8 months and its still mindblowing. Killswitch Engage is the most talented band in existence. I saw them live at mayhem 09. They bring a passion and energy into playing metal that Ive never experienced before. They are models for modern music. This album is basically a compilation of the best songs ever written. Here's the breakdown. Daylight Dies: 8.5/10 Good intro to the album. Lots of heavy chords, lots of screaming. It gets you excited This is Absolution: 9/10 A generally underrated song. Very good chorus. Thoughtful lyrics. Nice bridge Arms of Sorrow: 9.5/10 One of Killswitch's best ever. Soft and melodic. Ends on a dramatic scream, really creates emotion Unbroken: 8.5/10 Not an amazing song, but it sets the mood. Nothing crazy, could be considered a filler. Still a good song. My Curse: 10/10 Maybe the best song ever written. Great chord progressions, legendary riff. Great dramatic chorus, cool bridge. Nothing to fault with this masterpiece For You: 8/10 Not the best song. The intro is a little distracting and awkward. The chrous is very good though. Not a letdown by any means. Still Beats Your Name: 9/10 Really good lyrics. Average guitar work, very well-written drums. One that I would recommend. Eye of the Storm: 9.5/10 A personal obsession of mine. Love the riff, really good chorus. Nice heavy, dramatic finish. Break the Silence: 9.5/10 Another excellent song. Great chorus and bridge. Typical killswitch but no complaints. Desperate Times: 8.5/10 Average for this band. Maybe a filler, but still a song that can set the mood for the finish of the album. Reject yourself: 10/10 One of my favorite KsE songs. Great fast-paced opening/riff. Awesome drums, nice guitar work throughout the verses and bridge. Lyrics and vocals are simply perfect. Couldn't ask for better work by Killswitch. Be One: 9/10 Not a bad song, but not one that I would put as a favorite. Nice guitar work, as usual. Nothing to be too excited about, but its still very enjoyable. Let the Bridges Burn: 9.5/10 Great song. Love the lyrics and drums in this one. Nice song to prepare you for the final 2 tracks. This Fire: 10/10 Another instant classic. One of their best riffs. Very good lyrics, Nice balance, good heavy bridge. Holy Diver: 10/10 This rendition of Dio's legendary song will leave you completely speechless. Thank you, RJ Dio, for writing this song, but Killswitch Engage made it 3x times better. So metal fans, strap yourselves down, buy this album, and get ready to be blown away by the best collection of songs that can be found anywhere. Hands down the most incredible music Ive ever heard.

- The best Killswitch album since The End of Heartache!!5 star

Words can't explain the greatness of this album! Bringing us greats like "Holy Diver," "My Curse," and "Break the Silence," this clearly makes it the top album. I highly recommend this album to any nu-metal fan.

- Buy it.5 star

Buy it. Right now. I swear if you don't, I will hunt you down and DESTROY you. There will be no remains. None. At all. So just buy the damn album. Hell, buy it twice.

- LOVE THESE GUys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 star

ALSO CHECK OUT ( BEHIND THE SILENCE) THEY HAVE A SINGLE CALLED (T.Y.L.A) its worth the 99cents seen them live a couple times amazing guys

- My favorite album5 star

This is my favorite album from my favorite band. My curse is not overrated!

- Great Album5 star

This is one of those albums that when u go to listen to one song you end up playing the whole album.

- BUY IT5 star

This is a great CD. KsE definently stands out compared to other bands. They balance the scremo and singing very nicely without being annoying. I also reccomend checking out the band All That Remains. They have some good songs and have a KsE feel to them. But other than that KsE is very unique and an amazing band 5 stars all the way and you need to buy the CD.

- AWSOME!!!!!5 star

This is an awsome band

- pretty good4 star

This album is pretty good, if you like a rock, grunge type feel, this is for you. Except for the holy diver, which is not nerely as good as DIO wrote and performed, so for that song i suggest you check out DIO where that song is amazing.

- Freakin' Epic5 star

Great album. Awesome lyrics, great guitar playing, and the drummer's a machine. A must buy.


the reckoning album has bible verses in it. dont ask how ive heard this album, cuz i wont tell, (hasnt been released yet) and it has christian lyrics like, "because of you im forgiven" KILLSWITCH IS A CHRISTIAN BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

- mhmmm5 star


- crap1 star

kse4evr or whatever your name is. you say this is hardcore?... not hardly this is the farthest thing away from hardcore, this type of music is called "mainstream metal" its not unique they play what everyone plays just to sell records. KSE are all sellouts(except for jesse the original vocalist)! if anyone knew of killswitch before they got big you should know they sound nothing like there first two releases.(there original debut album is not even on here by the way)

- As good as it gets!!!!5 star

amazing album by the best metalcore band ever. howard is amazing and the guitar riffs that adam d creates are mind blowing. stand-out tracks: daylight dies this is absolution arms of sorrow break the silence desperate times reject yourself(my fav btw)


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