Casting Crowns - Praise You In This Storm

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This song is basically about faith in the grace of God, even in the face of adversity. Very awesome song, but the one that is on is NOT Casting Crowns!!!!!!!!! The YouTube video features the real version, with Mark Hall on lead. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Casting Crowns - Praise You In This Storm Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Casting Crowns song Praise You In This Storm coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Superman is based off of Chuck Norris: They both are unstoppable.

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Casting Crowns - Praise You In This Storm Song Reviews

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- My favorite Christian Group

Listening to music is (in my opinion) the easiest way to talk and listen to God, and these guys make it easier. Every song on this album is great. Their instrumentation is great, the songs are very well crafted. I would definately recommend the entire album, but if you're on a budget I would recommend Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 11.

- Definitely Wonderful!

Casting Crowns in general is a fantastic group. Their songs are not only inspirational, but capture so many superb aspects of music. They are easy to listen to and provide soothing yet lively songs. I agree with iTunes in that East to West, Praise You In This Storm, Who Am I, Voice of Truth, and If We Are the Body are some of their top songs, although I recommend them all. In conclusion, it is a joy to listen to these talented performers and is perfect for any age!

- Lifesong is great

This album only has good songs..... all of them are beautiful the ones that i recommened are my favorite one is Parise You in this Storm

- Let My Lifesong Sing!

Casting Crowns, this is by far the best album you have made! I have this album and I can't stop listening to your "Lifesong" Song! I rate this five stars! Everyone should have something from this album!

- Sooooo overrated!

This is REALLY overrated and Mark Hall has a terrible, not to mention average, voice. But these song do have AMAZING lyrics that really make you think about things and see things differently. If you want some real good worship then you should buy this. But it really ain't my style.

- Praise You In This Storm

This is such a great song on a wonderful album. It's very inspiring. It has truly helped me in so many ways. GET IT!!!!!

- lifesong

lifesong is an amazing song, and tells about how you can sing to God.

- This is great cd

I just brought this cd with The altar and the door. They are both great christian cds. This band is great too.

- Awsome!!!

This band is awsome, this album is awsome, and they're heart for reaching people is awsome! They're evan better in concert....A MUST HAVE.

- This album's got it all!

I like all the songs on this album! And I don't say that very often! This is the best album of the four!

- lovee it! :]

i love this cd!! its thhe only Casting Crowns cd i havee annd i wish i had all of themm but i LOVE "Praise You In This Storm"!!!! its onee of myy favoriitee songgs! :]

- ringtone?

love this song. i purchased it, but you can no longer make a ringtone from it. where can i find it to make a ringtone??

- Upbeat and undeniably Christian!

Lifesong was the first album I had purchased by Casting Crowns. I did so primarily because of the immense amount of publicity surrounding the new album. I had also heard the first track of the CD on the radio quite often and I was very impressed. Released late 2005, this album is an incredibly upbeat, undeniably Christian album perfect for those who enjoy the soft rock scene. While listening to the album, I have yet to discover any track which I do not enjoy. Each song does a very good job of bringing Biblical and traditional scenes into the present day and age, applying them to the here and now. One does not have to listen too long to recognize a verse or scenario taking from Scripture. The whole album is full of them. 'Prodigal' is a song which places us within the parable of Luke 15:11-32 (the parable of the Prodigal Son). As the song begins, we begin to realize how prodigal we are within our own lives, and how awful it can be. The refrain closely echoes the plea made by the son to his father within the parable: "And I've held out as long as I can / Now I'm letting go and holding out my hand // Daddy, here I am again, will You take me back tonight / I went and made the world my friend, and it left me high and dry" As the song comes to a close, we start to realize how many times we voluntarily turn from God and the great mercy he has for us by taking us back to himself when we request it. 'Set Me Free' is one of the louder and more passionate songs of the album. It takes us to the scene in Mark 5:1-13 in which Jesus comes to the man with an unclean spirit and casts out Legion from the man. During the song, one realizes just how many people today suffer chains not unlike this man from the country of the Gerasenes. "Who is this man that comes my way? / The dark ones shriek / They scream His name / Is this the One they say will set the captives free? / Jesus, rescue me" But in the end, God holds the key to all our troubles. 'While You Were Sleeping" is the song of the New Testament; of the fulfillment of Salvation History and of the promise of Christ's return. But, as the song suggests, is it not a story which caught us unaware at each critical turn? At Bethlehem, Christ entered the world as the people slept. In Jerusalem, He died on a cross as the people turned a cold shoulder. What of tomorrow? Will Christ come to find us asleep once more; dead to the graces He has won for us? 'Lifesong' is the song that jumpstarts the album with the words of St. Paul in Colossians 3:17, "And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." The song is a wonderful reminder of who our lives are truly for: "May the words I say / And the things I do / Make my lifesong sing / Bring a smile to You" The word Lifesong itself suggests something rather bold - that our entire lives should be a song; a song of worship and living praise. I believe that the best song on this album is 'Praise You In This Storm'. It is the song of confidence in God, even when one is unsure of why he suffers or is unsure of God's will in his life. The song recounts the numerous times we hear of storms in Scripture. In every situation, we are aware of God's presence even if we are unsure of what He means by it. Like Job, we recognize God amongst the storm: "I'll praise You in this storm / And I will lift my hands / For You are who You are / No matter where I am / Every tear I've cried / You hold in Your hand / You never left my side / And though my heart is torn / I will praise You in this storm" Overall, I am compelled to give this album a nine out of ten. This album is almost a must for any youth growing up in the culture of today. The music of this album is very appealing and its messages are crucial for young people today. If you plan on getting any of the songs on this album, I would suggest buying the whole album at once. It is guaranteed to be the prized CD of any collection.

- Praise You in the storm

The first time i hear "praise you in the storm" i honustly didnt know it was you so i look at the album"wow hits 2008" and i read the story behind it. and i swear i cryed for about two hours. WHAT AN AMAZING SONG YOU GUYS

- Tremendous!

Casting Crowns has done a fantastic job in blending contemporary rock sound with Christ centered lyrics.

- Jesus all the way!!!!!!

I love the casting crowns! they really get to my soul and uplift me life everyone else says!

- This Song!!!

luv the song hate the cd cover


i love this album!! my favorite songs are lifesong, stained glass masquerade and while you were sleeping

- Awesome!

This album Is so awesome! Me and my two friends have a dance to Praise you in the storm and set me free. I love this album because It is just so WOW! I love Casting Crowns!

- greatest album ever

i love this album! they came to concert on Valentines day in Tulsa Oklahoma. That was the day i was saved!

- Casting Crowns: A True Crowd Pleaser

I'm happy to say I got to see Casting Crowns live, and it was great. I even learned that Mark Hall is a youth pastor at his church. But I missed part of "Lifesong" when I went to get a small soda. Anyway, I was sharing one of my earbuds on my iPod with a friend who rarely steps into church. She really seemed to like Stained Glass Masquerade's sound, and she didn't believe me until I showed her myself that it was Christian Music. I believe that this album is one of Casting Crown's Best ones yet, and it's great for reaching out to others.

- awesome

a group at resurrection did a skit to this play and it was awesome. it touched my heart, and i still get gosse bumps when i hear that first set me free good song great CD by whole album if you can

- Select Songs

Praise You in this Storm & Lifesong are 2 of the best songs from Casting Crowns!!! Highly Recommend album!!

- I love this group and here's why

I enjoy the melodies and how deep and profound Casting Crowns uses. It brings a depth in CCM that has been missing since the disbanding of dcTalk. I thoroughly enjoy this!

- Good music, great lyrics!

The music from Casting Crowns is always great, but the lyrics are always right at the heart of where the church is today.


this is a must have for all christans. the song "In Me" is great but so are the rest. lol. its great for the whole family. go buy it. Jesus loves you.

- Great

This album is has some great songs on it. I only wish they didn't always make me cry.

- Amazing!!

This is my favorite Casting Crowns cd. The lyrics of all of the songs are so powerful and moving. Set Me Free gives me goosebumps it is so powerful. I highly recommend this cd to anyone who loves God with all of their heart.

- It's True

The song Praise You in this Storm is so beautiful. "And every tear I've cryed you hold in your hand. You never left my side though my heart is torn." What every you're going through, God has not forgotten you. He remembers every wrong done to you and feels every sadness you've felt.

- Lifesong

I love Casting Crowns! And I love Jesus even more!!!

- More than what I expected

this album may not quite be as amazingly awsome as "Casting Crowns" but was all around awsome! I loved every song on here. Just keep them coming CC!!!


THEY SOUND SO ALIVE! The best album ever made!

- This review is long overdue

This cd, paricularly Set Me Free, Lifesong, and Praise You In This Storm, were some of my first Christian songs, that taught me to appreciate faith in God in every way, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Casting Crowns for this wonderful cd.

- Amazing :)

Casting Crowns is amazing...pretty much all their stuff is great but there are a few songs that stand out to me..."Lifesong" and "Set Me Free" are two songs that give me goosebumps (in a good way) and "Prodigal"....I love this song... everytime I hear it, I think of the beach lol...and it is one of the most intimate songs I've ever heard

- powerful

If you can only get 2 songs, I strongly suggest you get Praise You In This Storm and Set Me Free. No matter where I'm at, when I hear Praise You In This Storm and I can't help but to lift my hands in praise. Also, from what I've heard, Set Me Free is possibly the most powerful song on the album.

- God is amazing!

Wow, when you talk to me, you're talking to a major Christian girl here! I really am picky about music, this rocks!

- Prodigal

Omygosh i have been listening to casting crowns for over six years and i have never heard the song Pordigal its number 10. i have no clue how everyone has looked over this song. Check it out!bri

- amazing

i first discovered these guys when i heard them on the radio. i liked them and decided to get their album. i am still blown away at how amazing and inspiring they are. if you don't want to get the whole album (which i highly suggest doing) i would also highly suggest does anybody hear her and stained glass masquerade.

- Casting Crowns Lifesong is excellent

As someone who enjoys contemporary and other types of Christian music, even some old Gregorian chants, I enjoy returning to great contemp Christian music. Casting Crowns is one of the groups that I return to when I have a lengthy driving time. Don't pass on this one.

- One of the Greatest!

This album is fantastic! Every song will speak to your heart.

- great things going on with this album!

wow this is great. it really lifts you up and makes you want to serve God like a madperson! i love it!!! just one thing tho, do they have something against church, a lot of their songs talk about how some churches are judgemental. wass up with that??? still a great cd and great band. i love it!!


This album was so good it gave me chills to think and listen to the songs. I think that they do an amazing job of getting the word and work of god out into other peoples heads. I love it so much!!!

- Amazing

Praise you in this Storm is amazing. the lyrics are the best inspired words since the Bible. Keep blessing them God.

- This is good!

This is an awesome album, but it's not my favorite. My favorites are While you were sleeping, Father Spirit Jesus, and In me. While you were sleeping makes you think, will I be sleeping when Jesus comes again? And Father Spirit Jesus, you can't help but sing along! In Me makes you feel good because it says that God doesn't need you, but WANTS you. As I said this album is really good, but not my favorite.

- :-D

over the years i've found more and more of their stuff that i've really liked, sometimes loved and i love the way that they express so much real stuff. They are very blessed, and the honesty that they use opens up areas for freedom. POWERFULL POWERFULL STUFF, and i HIGHLY recomend that yall take a good listen. (btw, this review goes for pretty much all of their stuff)

- Amazing!!!

I love this album done by Casting Crowns. I recently had someone I know had a father pass away and we listened to the song Praise You In This Storm because its so true. Praise God in every storm in life. God gives and takes away and we will never understand. Praise God in Every Storm in your life!!! Life isn't fair and no matter who you ask everyone has had something in their life that has been hard.

- Jesus, I will praise you in this storm!!!

When I first heard their music I loved it but, I didn't know who sang it and when Ifinally found who they were and they became my favorite because they are crazy for God asnd that's awesome.I love to praise God and that is why my favorite song is Praise You in this Storm.Another reason I love that song is because one day there was a tornado and someone was praisin' God in that and someone called and thought it was my dad.

- Absolutely Wonderful!

This is an awesome album!!! i love Casting Crowns! the best songs on this cd are Lifesong, Does Anybody Hear Her, Stained Glass Masquerade, Love Them Like Jesus, Prodigal, and And Now my Lifesong Sings! you should definitly buy this if you like Casting Crowns. they have an excellent sound!

- Awestruck.

This band as well as this CD astonishes me. As everyone loses faith at one point or another this music is a great way to bring yourself back to God. Who is all loving and powerful and always willing to bring you back. I know that when i am feeling down or that ive been wronged and turned away from God these songs always bring me back to him.

- sweet group

casting crowns is such a great band!third day is also a sweet band;Consuming Fire is a great song! you should check it out!

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