Lupe Fiasco - Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean)

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Lupe Fiasco - Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) Song Lyrics

(Lupe Fiasco speaking)
Dedicate, dedicate (one-two, one-two)
Uh, this one right here goes out
To my homie with the dream
Nah what I mean

(Verse 1 - Lupe Fiasco)
He said, "I write what I see
Write to make it right, don't like where I be
I'd like to make it like the sights on TV
Quite the great life, so nice and easy"
See, now you can still die from that
But it's better than not being alive from straps
Agreed, a Mead notebook and a Bic that click
When it's pushed and a wack ass beat
That's a track that's weak that he got last week
Cause ..

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Lupe Fiasco - Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) Song Reviews

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- Best Hip-hop album ever5 star

I've heard stuff about TI's paper trail and some stuff by Kanye, jay-z, and Nas but to me this is the greatest

- Geeez5 star


- Fighters.5 star

Fighters is one of my all time favorite songs. go lupe

- Classic material5 star

Every song just riding, nothing bad to say about this about this. Never any disappointed from Lupe!

- Amazing5 star

So much talent... Lupe has amazing flow and his storytelling ability will paint pictures in your mind. First time I listened to "Streets on Fire," I got the chills. Lupe is brilliant.


I have heard every single album he's made and this is his best one. I recommend getting all of his but if you were getting one this is it. FNF Up!!!!!

- real rap music5 star

Lupe Fiasco is amazing! His music is meaningful and he is a truly great artist. KIck push is an awesome song and you can tell Lupe is rapping from his heart when singing that. Superstar is a cool song, too. Lupe Fiasco is awesome and all of his songs are amazing! :)

- It's Simple5 star

"I Hope Your Bullet Holes Become Mouth's That Say My Name" - Put You On Game Probably one of the greatest intellectual songs he's created. If you don't understand Lupe Fiasco and if you find yourself quizzical by intelligence... I advise you to never return to a Lupe album, And stop giving one of the greatest one stars.

- lupe4 star

I think lasers is better but this album is still good

- Boss5 star

You can't go wrong wit lupe hes great and he's a superstar who saved hip hop

- Amazing5 star

This album is breathtaking. For better or worse, it's much more different and advanced than Lupe's first album and basically anything else out there right now. I like or love 12-15 songs on this album and I can say that I wouldn't skip the rest. This is seriously one of the most creative Hip Hop albums of all time. Not necessarily the best album of all time but right up there in creativity. Lupe picks all the right beats and the rapping is excellent and amazing. His flow is impressive (especially on Go Go Gadget Flow) and the rapping is intelligent and more than your average hood stories. My favorites: Superstar, Paris & Tokyo, Go Go Gadget Flow, Hi-Definition, Dumb It Down, Go Baby, and Fighters. Songs that aren't as great as the rest or take some time to get used to: Gold Watch, The Coolest, Intruder Alert, Hello/Goodbye, The Die, and Put You On Game. The rest aren't standout to me but overall pretty good. Overall, a great album that any Hip Hop fan (especially those trying to get into real Hip Hop) should definitely get.

- Great5 star

This album is so freaking good its not even funny

- Lupe5 star


- Lupe! Fiasco! Is amazing!5 star

Hip hop didn't save Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Fiasco saved hip hop. :) Yes he is that amazing!

- Wow5 star

Ok i have to admit that i used to listen to garbage rap like lil wayne, drake etc. but now i'm starting to listen to real hip hop like lupe fiasco and some old school stuff (nas, tupac, wu-tang, mos def, talib kweli) and this is album is sick. Lupe is one of the best lyricists i have ever heard and his lyrics are sooo deep. Favorite songs off the album- Intruder Alert, Streets on Fire, Little Weapon, Hip-hop Saved My life. Buy this album, you won't regret it. After listening to this album, its hard not to laugh if you listen to a waka flocka flame song or some other garbage hip-pop artist out now. Lupe is one of the very few artists keeping real hip hop alive today. Get this album and support an artist with meaningful lyrics.

- Greatest Young Lyricist5 star

Lupe is just great. Legendary, Revolutionary lyrics.. He can talk about things in ways it would take days for you to understand ..

- Great5 star

The last hope of real hip hop

- people who hate on lupe need to get a life5 star

the coolest, streets on fire, and the die prob my fav songs on the albulm, and for all the people who only gave this one star? Read a book!!!

- does he make too much sense for you?5 star

people giving this 1 star say "go listen to t.i. rick ross, birdman and lil wayne". wow. im guessing lupe makes too much sense and your brains are too dead from listening to mindless garbage about drugs, sex and money that you can't understand what his songs are about. sad what hip hop has come to.

- Fnf UP5 star

scrolled through the reviews and saw 2 people who put 4 stars. 2 people added to my hitlist.

- Awesum/Beast5 star

This is awesome :)

- Cmon1 star

Cmon lupe wheres mean and vicious

- Amazing Album5 star

Lupe Fiasco has done it again. He gives powerful lyrics that tell a story and give a message. He is subtle at some points with his metaphors. Lupe gives a REAL feeling to this album. The beats are great and wide range of tempo. He doesn't give all that cursing, sex, and money which truly sets him apart. LASERS here we come.

- Conceptually & Lyrically amazing5 star

The people that don't "get" this album automatically gives you no opinion cause your not getting the full power of it. This album is a concept album based on Micheal(my cool) Young. There are 3 characters: the streets, the game,the cool and they all embody their name. If you go back to F&L the song The Cool is the beginning of all this. Through these characters he paints pictures and create stories while still keeping his lyrics amazing with plenty of metaphors and double meanings. This whole album is a masterpiece to me and has definitely been overlooked. Also you can't compare this and F&L because this is a concept album,F&L was just a street poetry hip hop classic. Now it's on to LASERS: March 8th DON'T FORGET!!!!

- lupe4 star


- real...5 star

I really wish more and more rappers tried to be more real like Lupe. Lupe is REAL!!!!! Not the same old same old killing, sex, money, drugs, and more sex

- Lupe is amazing!5 star

Hip hop saved my life? no lupe you have it wrong... YOU saved hip hops life. 5 stars for saving hip hop!

- LUPE!!!!4 star

one of the most underatted rappers... who really needs to come out with L.A.S.E.R.S. NOW!!!

- Just Great nothing can beat it5 star

it is an album that means a lot and contains a lot. lupe is a great artist and no one can deny it. lupe raps stories and there is no one that can rap them like him.

- Flows5 star

This album just runs so smoothly. It's truly a classic.

- The coolest...5 star

Easily the best cd i own. Every track is a classic (except maybe the intro) and the live performances that came with the cd were great...

- Does it Again5 star

Lupe Fiasco, one of the better hip hop artist of my generation based on lyrical talents alone, pulled out a great album with this one. Superstar, Hi-Definition, Go Baby are my favorites, but there is some great songs on this album

- A Classic!!5 star

Lupe Fiasco does with The Cool that few rappers are able to do - drop socially aware & witty lyrics over gritty beats. The Cool picks up from Food & Liquor and does not miss a beat. In fact, Lupe elevates the game with The Cool. Standout tracks include The Coolest, Gotta Eat, Fighters, Go Go Gadget Flow, The Die, Paris, Tokyo and Superstar.

- G.O.A.T.5 star

One of the greatest albums I've ever heard in my life :)...Favorite track is Put You on the Game...and The Coolest...this man's lyricism is amazing.


If you like GARBAGE like 50 Cent or Lil Wayne, steer clear! If you like musicians with talent, who's music isn't degrading, this album is for you!

- Good Lyrics but boring1 star

His lyrics are very creative but the production, beat, chrous and almost everything else is very boring

- Real rap music5 star

Lupe fiasco is easily the best rapper out there, not only is his message a positive one, but he actually has real skill and it shows on every song. It's disappointing to see so many people listening to Lil wayne and Waka Flocka garbage when there are intelligent lyricists like Lupe not getting the respect they deserve.

- awesome...5 star

in a way he kinda has that old school style and the beats and beast! lupe fiasco = a must buy!

- Awesome5 star

why can't all rappers be like lupe? he is what's up and i can't wait for lasers

- Love it5 star

Lupe and t.i. Were the two best rappers who didn't sell out to the illuminati.

- it is amazing5 star

This album may retreat from the hip-hopish style of Food and Liquor, but it's still good. By the way, Dumb it Down is explicit. The N-word is in the 30 second clip, and there may be others. But it was cleaned out in the clean version, so have no problem buying that. P.S. To The Greatest Rapper Ever To Live. You have no idea. You think this is ignorant, insulting, and shameful, when you listen to Wayne and think that it's intelligent, when Wayne's the racist one, and this guy is keeping it unoffensive. And ignorant? Don't ever repeat that lie again. This is not ignorant. This is better called amazing and intelligent. Listen to Hip-Hop Saved My Life a few times (it takes a few times to hear the story behind it). When's the last time your other legends have done that? I can complement you for listening to Jay-Z and Kanye, but other than that... what's your problem. You didn't even get the people that did the songs right! Lil Wayne did A Milli, not T.I. Kanye West did Stronger, not Lil Wayne. Lollipop was also done by Lil Wayne, not Jay-Z.

- Speachless5 star

Lupe is the best rapper i've heard in a long time! I've never heard one song by him that i dont like! He is gonna get HUGE and i will say i've been a fan 4 a long time!

- Lupe has no Talent1 star

wow that song superstar is token off of a catholic song labeled jesus christ superstar lupe's fake

- GO LUpe!4 star

THis dude a classic rapper! 10/10

- :-D5 star

Lupe FIasco you are amazing!!!!!! All ur songs have a meaning..

- Brilliant Album...Brilliant Rapper, but why less songs??5 star

This album should be locked in a time capsule so 1000 years from now people could see how brilliant this kid is. But why is the deluxe version missing songs?? The Die, Fighters, and a few others...hmmmmmmm

- Good4 star

For the people who listen to radio and mainstreem stuff: buy this album!! it will be a nice beginners transition from the radio to real hip/hop

- whoaa5 star

this album is wayyyy better than i thought it would be. all of the songs are worth buying. and Dumb it Down is a sick song

- Real Hip Hop Music5 star

Lupe is the truth... I liked him ever since kick push came out in 06'. Cant wait 4 lasers. It will be rediculous.

- Nasty5 star

Lupe is def in my top 5 rappers. great album i cant wait for lasers


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Mal__10045 star

#NowPlaying "Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean)" by Lupe Fiasco on @TIDAL

Maggot121825 star

Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) (video) via @YouTube

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About Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) Lupe Fiasco Song

You can find here music lyrics from artist Lupe Fiasco, album Lupe Fiasco's The Cool (Deluxe Version), song Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean), released 18 December 2007. Listening online to Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) - Lupe Fiasco song preview is free and does not require registration...

rap Hip-Hop chicago lyricist The Good Stuff Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) by Lupe Fiasco mp3 download listen Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) lyrics Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean) credits

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