The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes Song Info

"Seven Nation Army" is the first track on the album Elephant by American alternative rock band The White Stripes. It was released as a single in 2003, and is one of the best-known songs from the band. Seven Nation Army reached #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks for three weeks and won 2004's Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. The song is known for its underlying riff, which plays throughout most of the song. Although it sounds like a bass guitar (an instrument the group had famously never previously used), the sound is actually created by running Jack White's semi-acoustic guitar (a 1950s style Kay Hollowbody) through a whammy pedal set down an octave. The riff was composed at a sound check before a show at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, according to the set notes in the booklet which accompanied the Under Blackpool Lights DVD. The riff was inspired by the main theme of the Fifth Symphony composed by Anton Bruckner ( The song shows a rare example of the Phrygian Half Cadence in popular music. It is also a rare example of a popular song with a wholly instrumental refrain. According to White, "Seven Nation Army" was what he used to call the Salvation Army as a child. In March 2005, Q magazine placed "Seven Nation Army" at number 8 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks. In September 2005, NME placed "Seven Nation Army" at number 5 in its list of the 50 Greatest Tracks Of The Decade. In May 2008, Rolling Stone placed this song at number 21 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. A remix of the song was used in the trailer for Battlefield 1, which caused the song to spike up to the low 100's on Itunes charts.

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The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army Song Lyrics

I'm gonna fight 'em off
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back


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The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army Song Reviews

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- So much of awesome.5 star

Ôh yes.

- Beautiful!5 star

Jack white is amazing.

- Amazing1 star

The white stripes are one of those bands. The band that thrills you, fills you with excitement, and inspires you. Elephant is an album that represents The White Stripes energy and charisma, while still makes you experience the music on a different level.

- Presmar5 star

I lie the air near my fingers between than seven army but white stripes is still my favorite band ever 😆😎

- It5 star

It's Jack! My all-time inspiration! The reason I started guitar and started to seriously consider starting a band is because of THIS ALBUM and everything by the Stripes. Genius. Love this man.

- Awesome!5 star


- 5 star


- Seriously?4 star

Why is Seven Nation Army making such a comeback with football bands? I am I the only one that liked it and heard of it back in 03? Also I personally think The hardest button to button and Black Math are easily better than Seven Nation Army.

- Great!5 star

I'm in middle school and loved playing it in the band ! Go percussion! (A.K.A. Drums)

- Rockin Album5 star

Went way past my expectations

- Wonderful Album!5 star


- One of the best albums of the 2000s5 star

Perfect songwriting, perfect tone from singing, and kick@ss beats that will remind you of Led Zeplin times. Ties with my favorite albums of the decade: Is This It (The Strokes), Brothers (The Black Keys), Undun (The Roots), Sound of Silver (LCD Soundsytem), and Late Registration (Kanye West). If you like this album, check out Icky Thumpe, White Blood Cells, and Get Behind Me Satan.

- Together they creat some. Hard blues5 star

These 2 together create sim great hard blues which will be some timeless tracks

- White Stripes - Elephant.5 star

Whoever knew that a band WITHOUT a bass player would sound good. They have a great 90's like alternative sound. Kind of like The Smashing Pumpkins & Sonic Youth. Also, Jack's solo career is amazing!

- Where are you going?5 star

Im going to Wichita.

- Elephant5 star

Its an amazing album, and Seven Nation Army is know by almost everyone. Stop reading this and click buy.

- OH MY GOD5 star

Jack White is a wizard.

- If I could ask anyone any question...5 star

I would leave a bouquet of red and white roses on Jack White's doorstep in Nashville with a note that read, "How does it feel to be the most talented and inventive musician/songwriter of the 21st century?" I have no words to explain this colossal, the genius of it simply cannot be told in have to listen for the answer.

- Elephant. The White Stripes5 star

Jack White is incredible. Great record

- Pure5 star


- Best Album of 00's5 star

This album is amazing from beginning to end. Jack White is definitely one of the best guitarists of this generation. If you like eccentric guitar licks, garage rock, or just rock in general you should buy this album. This is how I rate the album from front to end. Seven Nation Army 10/10 Black Math 7/10 There's No Home For You Here 9/10 I Just Don't Know What To Do WIth Myself 9/10 In the Cold, Cold Night 6/10 I Want to be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart 8/10 You've Got Her In Your Pocket 8/10 Ball and Biscuit 9/10 The Hardest Button to Button 9/10 Little Acorns 7/10 Hypnotize 7/10 The Air Near My Fingers 10/10 Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine 9/10 Well It's True That We Love One Another 7/10 Quick Recap: The best song on the album is Seven Nation Army but The Air Near My Fingers, There's No Home For You Here, and Ball and Biscuit are close contenders and definitely some of my favorite songs. The only songs I don't like are In the Cold, Cold Night and Well It's True That We Love One Another.

- Colleges5 star

Great song, not to be hipster but I loved the album before EVERY college band used it. STOP USIN G THIS SONG. JUST PLAY KIDS BY MGMT OR PUMPED UP KICKS AND RUIN TWO MORE AMAZING SONGS

- I don't think anyone will get the joke, but...5 star

"WHO DO ZEY THINK ZEY ARE, ZE VHITE STRIPES?!" Haha, I couldn't resist! But seriously, I love this a ton!

- Calculated Genius5 star

I think this album is Jack's greatest work, and I'm disappointed with myself for purchasing it after his more recent work. Everything on here is brilliant and nothing is superfluous. His songwriting and guitar-playing are at his best and the album shines brilliantly because of it.

- Pretty Dang Good4 star

Icky Thump is by far The White Stripes' best album. This is good. With smash hits that blow my mind like "Seven Nation Army", "The Hardest Button To Button", and "Black Math", this is a nice alternative album. The White Stripes are outstanding. One of my favorite alternative rockbands. Some song on here are "meh". Mainly a pretty good album.

- Just wow!5 star

Still one of the greatest albums I've ever listened to, hands down. Just amazing from top to bottom. To me, Jack White is one of the best guitarists of our generation.

- An instant classic5 star

There are very few albums I can listen to all the way through without skipping a track. Elephant is definitely one of those albums. Every single song could be a single of its own.

- R.I.P White Stripes.5 star

You are missed.

- Awesome Album!5 star

Seven nation army= Awesome

- Best Album of the 2000s5 star

Hands down

- Best song seven nation army5 star

Nobodies going to believe me but I'm in band (not a nerd) and I played this song at one of the concerts

- BEAST!!!5 star

Can't stop listening to Seven Nation Army.

- Excellent Album5 star

With so many wanna be bands out there today or one-hit wonder popstars, it's easy to be tricked as to what is truly good music. The White Stripes is one of those bands who keep it real now of days, which is a rarity now of days. So it easily deserves 5 stars.

- Test of time5 star

I bought this on cd on it's release date back in the day, it was good then and better with age. It is strange how the sound of each stripes album may vary, the lasting effect never changes fortunately! I popped the old scratched up disc and realized I had to rebut this album...a few hours later I bought almost all their albums again and wish these two still pumped out music...wish! Elephant is one of the better albums but to fans...they are all Good! Which they are

- Rock On!!!5 star

OMG!! I just L-O-V-E this band! Best band that I've Ever Ever heard! Im glad that I've heard of The White Stripes, without this band, I couldn't probably find any other band to listen to 24/7!!

- Perfection5 star

I found this album at my library. On a dark, stormy night when I can't sleep, I plug in my cd player, stare out the window, and listen. Jack white writes amazing lyrics, does intriguing vocals, and makes the most spectacular sounds from the guitar. Oh, and I love how he says the hardest button to button! Buy it buy it buy it. The songs really grow on you.

- Classic5 star

So far, it is the best album of the 2000's.

- Top 10 No top 55 star

This album will change your life after hearing this album you will no longer be able to stomach that bubblegum generic sound the radio shoves down your throat. If this is your first Stripes album then welcome to music worth listening to.

- Jack and Meg... Amazing!5 star

This is by far my favorite album by The White Stripes. Jack White has amazing skills with a guitar, and Meg's voice in 'In the Cold, Cold Night' is just spectacular. I especially like 'Black Math', 'Seven Nation Army', and 'Ball and Biscuit'. So, give them a chance, you'll fall in love.

- Great Album5 star

A Classic White Stripes Album with all the hard rock, heavy distortion riffs we fell in love with. This album is full of great tracks like, hardest button to button, girl you have no faith in medicine, seven nation army, black math, and ball and biscuit. If you like the White Stripes you need this album!

- Great Album5 star

Loved it, between this and Icky Thump (the only other White Stripes CD I have) this takes the cake easy. There isn't a song on this album I don't thoroughly enjoy. Highly recommend it. One of the best albums I've heard in a while.

- amazing!5 star

if you cant recognize this genius you shouldnt be allowed to listen to music period. jack white= john lennon of our generation

- A five, and it actually deserves it.5 star

This album, all of it, is great. There is not a SINGLE bad song on this album, and everyone has a distinctive identity. No, this album is not all about that one song with the greatest riff of this decade. For example, the cover "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself" completely repossesses the song. "Hypnotize" shows how witty Jack can be with songwriting. "I Want to be the Boy" is the perfect driving song. And, of course, the best song on the album: "Ball and Biscuit". I swear, this is the best thing White has ever done. All of you naysayers who doubt his guitar playing will drop your jaws in awe of his three, I repeat, THREE guitar solos! Life got you down? Tired of boredom? "Elephant" can help with that.

- Jack White5 star

Jack White worships the devil, obviously, because he's not conforming to computerized profanity-laden love-struck move-bustin' cap-poppin' bling-wearin' wheel-rollin' noise! Uh, I mean, music.

- From a trained ear5 star

To be honest, I hate it when people say 'rock is dead' or 'all the good music's gone!' Yeah, maybe all the good music's off the radio because we have, posers and showcasers like lady gaga, kesha, taylor swift, drake, (new, not old) eminem, (new) paramore, etc. etc. etc. Search deeper my comrades. Good music isn't just skin deep. Once you find an album like Elephant by the White Stripes, an album from my childhood, then you'll take your blunt accusations about rocks 'death' and burn it to a crisp! Please if you haven't thought of getting this album, PLEASE DO! It'll fill in the gaps to your childhood like it did mine! Perfect summer album too btw.

- A spritual experience.5 star

This music echoes the rhythm of my soul.

- No. 18 on my list of 25 Favorite Rock Albums of the 2000s5 star

Frighteningly good guitar thrashing and blues belting from Jack White. With a real drummer, this could have been a masterpiece.

- Overlooked Album4 star

It seems that many songs on this album are popular, but the entire album seems to lose attention. This is a great album with a great mix of Alt, Hard, and Blues Rock. Not a masterpiece, but worth the purchase.

- The defining rock album of this generation.5 star

I feel that when people look back on this decade, they will look back at this being classic. The White Stripes are definetely a band that will define a generation of rock musicians. With that being said the future of music looks bright from that stand point.

- Epic5 star

Nuff said


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NAS_6615 star

Seven nation army couldn’t hold me back ..

WNRNPlaylist5 star

White Stripes — Seven Nation Army #WNRNradio

Mr_Insanity975 star

@HUCKmagazine: back down at downing steer there’s a huge crowd also congregated here, totally blocking the road. singing “boris johnson’…

EndeavorCol5 star

Juan Salcedo, cofundador de @tpagaco, nos comparte una canción que la rompió en 2003. Con ustedes, Seven nation arm…

Thiagogalindo95 star

puta saudade de ouvir Seven Nation Army e a mulher do mineirão falando FAAAAALAA NAÇÃOOOO AZUUUL

EstaRyan125 star

Nothing is more hype then hearing the seven nation army chant in a crowd of 70 plus thousand people.

KG_Reddy5 star

The White Stripes - 'Seven Nation Army' via @YouTube

EmirDaBoss5 star

@eyupgezerr tamam simdi ayıktım. seven nation army nerden kalmıs aklımda o da calmamıs mıydı bu turnuvada

WhatsOnFM10215 star

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

Gonzalo_Ricarte5 star

@VRubioMarquez Creep, Bitter Sweet Symphony, Seven Nation Army

Luizh_soares5 star

@Cruzeiro @CopadoBrasil Seven Army Nation fica bem melhor assim:

Mrdavidrowe5 star

Whenever I read/think of Gandalf’s “Naur an edraith ammen!” (“Fire to save us!”) I sing it to the tune of Seven Nation Army. You should too.

EmirDaBoss5 star

@eyupgezerr seven nation army... cok iyi harbi

LusDias316948715 star

E para quem quiser algo mais mexido. Here’s a song for you… Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

ErruChiii5 star

@EDemimsy: Romeo and Juliet: Spring Sonata: Beetlejuice: Seve…

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