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"I'm Yours" is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, released in 2008 as the first single from his third studio album "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.". The song was originally released on a limited edition EP called "Extra Credit" as a demo in 2005 to promote his second studio album "Mr. A–Z". It was performed in his 2004 and 2005 gigs and already became a crowd favorite before its release. "I'm Yours" was nominated for Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 51st Grammy Awards. "I'm Yours" was a huge commercial success in the United States. The song peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100; and spent 76 weeks on the chart, breaking the record for the longest charting song on the chart, previously held by LeAnn Rimes' song "How Do I Live" with 69 weeks on the chart; this record has since been broken and is currently held by The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights", which spent 90 weeks on the chart. As of January 2013, it is the tenth best-selling digital song of all time in the US, selling over 6 million downloads, and 12.2 million worldwide. In July 2021, it surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify. It remains Mraz's biggest US hit single to date. It was the only song to crack Billboard's top 600 of all time chart despite never cracking the top 5. Mraz first launched the song from the La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California, at Michele Clark's Sunset Sessions in 2008. He also sang a version on Sesame Street titled "Outdoors" and released a successful remixed version featuring Lil Wayne and Jah Cure. Throughout 2008, "I'm Yours" slowly increased in airplay and digital sales and would go on to become Mraz's biggest hit to date, charting higher than his previous pop hit, 2003's "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)". It became his first top ten single in the US, peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 and number five on the Pop 100. On the Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks chart, the song was number one for a total of nine weeks. The single later received Mainstream Top 40 airplay, eventually topping that chart as well. Due to its gradually building crossover appeal, the song has had extremely unusual longevity, not reaching number one on the Mainstream Top 40 until December 2008, ten months after its release and seven months after it debuted on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. In fact, VH1 had already retired the song in early October 2008 after a 20-week run. The song returned to the top ten of the Hot 100 for the third time in its 38th week on the chart. "I'm Yours" would go on to chart for a total of 76 weeks, making this the longest chart run in Billboard magazine history, up until the 87-week run of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" and the 79-week run of AWOLNATION's "Sail", both set in 2014. A year into its release, it topped another chart for the first time, when it hit number one on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks during the week of February 5, 2009. This marked 11 months since the song had topped its first chart in the US, when it reached number one on the Triple A chart in March 2008. "I'm Yours" spent 16 weeks at number one on the Adult Contemporary chart. In addition, after topping the Adult Contemporary chart, "I'm Yours" became the first song to top the Triple A, Adult Top 40, Mainstream Top 40, and Adult Contemporary charts. Despite weak initial download sales, it became the eighth best-selling digital song in the United States by January 2012. It has sold 6,837,000 copies in the US as of April 23, 2014. It is Mraz's most successful global single to date, reaching number one in Sweden and Norway, and the top ten in Canada, United States, Austria, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. It was also able to reach number one on the Top 40 Digital Track Chart in Australia. In Hawaii, radio stations do play the original version, along with a Hawaiian remix of the song. "I'm Yours" was also a huge hit in New Zealand where it peaked at number one, knocking off "Poker Face" which spent ten consecutive weeks at number one. It was certified gold after nine weeks selling over 7,500 copies and then certified platinum after 14 weeks selling over 15,000 copies. "I'm Yours" made its debut on the UK Singles Chart on December 12, 2008, at number 78 and then slowly climbed up the chart until it peaked at number 11. It spent the whole of 2009 on the chart apart from the final two weeks of the year, then re-entered in January 2010 and again in August, and has now clocked up 56 weeks on the official UK Top 75, making it currently the 15th longest runner of all time and the longest never to make the top 10, at 84 weeks on the top 100. The music video debuted on March 14, 2008. I'm Yours was later featured as the Record of the Week on Scott Mills's BBC Radio One show on November 10, 2008. Since being added to YouTube it has been viewed over 620 million times as of late March 2021. It was filmed in Hawaii (Oahu and Kauai) in 2008 with veteran music video director Darren Doane. "I'm Yours" was featured in the episode "All About Appearances" from the television series "Privileged". It was also used for the Australian Seven Network's promotion of the season premiere of "Packed to the Rafters".

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Lyrics for artist Jason Mraz song I'm Yours coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris' penis has biceps.

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- We sing we dance

Asome songs and great artist.

- Beautiful

This is a truly beautiful, amazing album. Stand out songs include: I'm Yours, Love for a Child and Details In the Fabric.

- Easy Listening Perfection

Fabulous album full of easy listening beats and lyrics that relax the mind and the body. Jason Mraz's smooth voice paired with artists like James Morrison and Colby Caillat combine to make songs that will last many summers. A great album from a fantastic artist.

- I <3 JASON MRAZ... =)

hes an awesum singa this waz my song last summer... ahh, memories... cant wait 2 listn 2 it this summer!!

- upbeat

great album, loving the taste of summer while it's winter!

- amazingly awesome

i love jason mraz just a muddle on how to pronounce his last name haha. best song has to be im yours i could never get sick of that song!!

- "I'm Yours" Oh Ya!!!!!!!!!

Best song ever love it!!!!!!!!! But Jason mraz needs other good song but I love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'm yours

- :)

this is my happy song!!!!! 


5 stars for title!

- <3

Who wouldn't LOVE this guy??? He's soooo amazing! I'm Yours<3 annnd I didn't know that he sang Lucky(: Ah! JM<3(:


I felt in love with his music when i heard it for the first time in the radio, called and finally found out who this amazing Artist Was and is... I can listen to I'm Yours over and over and not get bored my son only 15 months old Will stop crying as soon as I play his songs. Yes Jason Mraz is this wonderful. And the new album just as amazing. Thanks Jason for your great work.

- I'm Yours! ;D

I'm Yours is such a sweet song, my favorite J. Mraz song on the album!!

- I'm yours

When I heard this song on the radio, I was totally blown away the tune, the words, everything. I'm yours is definitely the most beautiful, wonderful, spectacular song I have ever heard.

- I'm Yours

Yeah, so he makes one perfectly amazing song, that doesn't mean he himself is the greatest writer ever or anything.

- <3 <3 <3

Great album, LOVE Lucky!!!! Sweetest song ever!

- Awesome

Amazing album!!! Jason mraz has an awesome message and amazing song writing!!!

- Absolutely amazing.

Jason Mraz is wonderful. In every song of his there is an underlying story of love or trial, whether it be animals in NYC or people in a driveway. Details in the Fabric is the most soulfelt song in the album. With beautiful harmonies and near tear-bringing truth, you can't help but fall in love. The song "I'm Yours" is the most popular song, but by no means worse than any of the others. With it's cheery tone you almost want to sing along. (I know I do!) "Dynamo of Volition" is the fastest and most upbeat song, with it's high-fives and Nintendo. This is a song you could listen to anywhere, anytime. "Make it Mine" won Mr. A-Z a grammy for best male pop song. This is the shortest one, and I like to think of it as short and sweet. This is an absolute must-buy. There is AL LEAST one song you like on here, if not all. Please, stop reading these reviews and buy it!

- wow...

my favorite jason mraz cd with great songs including im yours. buy the whole album, not just 1 song!!!!!!!!!!

- Cool

Great song. A must have for any library. Uses d word.

- Way cool!

Jason Mraz is the guy that inspired me to play the guitar!

- Luv it!

omg!! I luv yur songs

- I'm Yours

I love Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours". I listen to it every day! It has such a catchy tune, and it lightens my mood and brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

- Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the best artist ever. I've known his song I'm yours for a while but never listened to any other songs, I decided I'd try an album, best album I ever downloaded. He is the best artist ever, I like all his songs, I listen to them every day. Can't wait for your next album!!!! You're the best J🅰s0⃣🎵 〽r🅰💤 you're the best!!!!!!!!

- Too Slow

Songs for old people.

- Jason Mraz rocks!

his songs are amazing and make me feel good all the time! :) :) :) I think Reed Grimm on American Idol should sing a Jason Mraz song <3

- Angel eyes 79

I love this album it reminds me of my true love.


I am ADDICTED to this!!!! Jason Mraz has a clear, unique, beautiful voice that really make his songs pop. Also, the lyrics are insanely inspirational. Live High and A Beautiful Mess are my most favorites, and Love for a Child and Butterfly are amazing. Heck, just buy the whole albumn! Every song is amazing! Great job, Jason Mraz. You are my inspiration.

- Anyone who can use the word SCOOCH

in a song -- gets my vote! I smile everytime I hear "scooch on over closer dear and i will nibble your ear" :) Mraz brought back the kewl in clean. Clean acoustics, clean lyrics, clean beats.

- Absolutely terrific

I just totally absoututly positively luv dis song makes me fink of a super hot chick I like 

- Love it

I'm Yours is my favorite song ever!!!

- Awesome! :)

I LOVE the the song Lucky (ft. Colbie Caillat) and I'm Yours! :)

- Excellence.

Jason Mraz did the impossible. He managed to release an awesome pop record in today's day and age. The music is very down to earth and something you could play while lounging around on the beach. Favorite songs are IF IT KILLS ME, COYOTES, DETAILS IN THE FABRIC, and I'M YOURS.

- 

I luuv i'm yours and lucky. he is a wonderful singer.....who'd hate him!!!!!

- Pure awesomeness!

There is not a single track that I wouldn't listen to repeatedly on this album. Jason mraz has a way of putting words together that just makes you want to believe in all the unbelievable. He is a true inspiration.

- Love it!

Jason Mraz is a pretty good artist!! :) I don't usually listen to this kind of music, but my cousin introduced me to him, and it's such nice music for relaxing or a lazy day in the summertime sunshine! :) Definatly recommended!!

- Jason Mraz

This album is one of the most popular and well put together album. Mraz uses his natural gifts to produce a sound like no other. He does not conform to anything and expresses his feelings in songs like details in the fabric and butterfly. Most people do not like butterfly because of it's crude undertones. This people clearly want Jason to conform into a kidz bop singer songwriter which is very disappointing. If you are looking for a great real album, purchase this. Great sounds.

- 

I love you, Jason!!! He's so talented and awesome!

- I'm yours!!!!

Luv that song I'm listening to it right now!!!! Lol

- Jason Mraz is Mrazing!!!!!!!

Album is exceptional. The BEST songs of the album(to me): Butterfly-It's a funny naughty song that has class, Coyotes-love this song so much. Lyrics are complex but Jason Mraz is so that's nothing new, Only Human-He's is telling people that even if he has an awesome voice he will only be human.We all are. It's refreshing, A Beautiful Mess-beautiful wordplay and raw emotions. It's the perfect love song. Love is a beautiful mess.:) Even though I'm Yours and Lucky are popular Jason Mraz has good songs through out his album that should be all over radios. BUY THIS ALBUM.

- Lucky

My favorite song on here

- Pretty sick :)

I likes it alot

- Lucky

Touching, inspiring, clarifying that love is real. })({ BELIEVE IN LOVE })({

- To the makers

All of your songs are so so so amazing! I have almost never herd a better song!!!!!

- Love it

Best ever!!!!!!!

- Amazing!!!!

I love this album! My fav song is 'I'm yours' (*sigh*) I'm gonna sing it at my school talent show, love the song x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

- I'm Yours

I love the song I'm yours! I enjoy singing along to it.


When i heard the three first songs i was like WOW!!! His voice is AMAZING and with collie callout, BEAUTIFUL I am also a big fan of I'm Yours

- Tobymac


- I really like this album.

I used listen to this all the time, and being as though I wasn't totally familiar with Jason Mraz before listening to it, it was a nice fresh start. Now, looking back I listen songs and remember what situations I was going through when I was completely addicted to this CD. It's a nice memorabilia kind of thing. If you've never heard this album, I would highly recommend it if you were really into Jason Mraz and his own style of music. This is by far my favorite album by him.

- I'M YOURS!!!

You inspire me with this song!!! I luv it!!! 💘✌😜👏👌👍🌟❤

- Lucky

The radio station in my city just started playing "lucky" last week...By now I have heard the Overstreet/Arragon version and I have to say I like the Glee version better.

- never gets old!!!

jason mraz, i'm yours.

- Good times


- Whats he saying?

The music is so good that i totally forget that i have no idea what hes talking about in some of these songs

- GREAT song

My favorite song of all time

- It rocks a slow dance party

I think most of his music revolves to a slow dance good music to lisin to with a girl

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- i like the album cover

Haha, besides that, greeat album! I love Butterfly, there is another version of that song I think the Casa Nova Session one? Check it out, it's pretty good too!

- This is a must-have

This is definitly his best album so far, I won't hesitate recommend this album to friends and anyone who liked his other albums. I have nothing more to say than: Buy it, and spread the word.

- Jason Mraz...Incredible artist.

I love this man. He changed my life, and this album makes me so happy. A definite buy- worth every penny. Check out his website, too, if you haven't already. His journals are witty and insightful.

- A serious step backwards

I've been a fan of Jason Mraz for some time now, even before his commercial debut of "Waiting For My Rocket To Come", and I have to say the studio version of these tracks was exceptionally disappointing. While I believe that Jason Mraz's voice can only be really captured to its full potential on live recordings, I feel that his latest venture sings more like his "Sold out(In Stereo)" almost 10 years ago. I first had a chance to listen to "I'm Yours" as a demo on the pre-order version of Mr. A-Z, and I very much enjoyed that version, but I find the studio single pregnant with unnecessary instruments. There are some excellent songs on this album, such as "If It Kills Me" and "A Beautiful Mess" but any fan of Jason Mraz would be better off buying his three live EP's "We Sing", "We Dance" and "We Steal" as you get a much better experience. Even if you're a fan, avoid this album. In comparison to other studio albums - even other live works, it's by far his worst effort to date.

- I'm Yours :D

I was watching David Letterman a few days ago and Jason Mraz was on playing I'm Yours. It was such a good song that I instantly decided to buy it! Everyone should listen to this song. It is an AMAZING song :D

- Just amazing...Best Jason Mraz album yet!

Every song is just amazing. Every song is different. Favourite songs so far is I'm Yours, Butterfly, and Beautiful Mess. The song duet on Lucky is amazing! Overall 12/10.

- Better then you think

I've been a fan of Mr. Mraz for quite some time and I'm delighted with his newest body of work. Once again Jason adds his clever and genuine lyrics to catchy and memorable melodies that will having you singing "I'm yours" all day long. Goosebump worthy tracks would be "Details in the Fabric" with James Morrison, "Beautiful Mess", "Coyotes" and "Love for child". For a less produced version of some of these rockin tracks check out the EP's "we sing" and "we dance". All in all, an outstanding new addition to the Jason Mraz collection. Every outing, he keeps growing and there is a sincerity that makes you completely fall for every word his says regardless of how cliche.

- wow

this album is soo amazing, definatly definatly buy it !!! my favourties are butterfly, live high, love for a child, im yours.... i should stop before i name them all! they are all so amazing. you will not be dissapointed

- Sickkk!!!!!

Jason Mraz's newest album is awesome

- Solid Harmonious Music! Worth the money.

So excited about this new album! For anyone that doesn't like profanity though - be warned that track number 7 "Details in the Fabric," while being a beautiful, haunting song with the velvet voiced British James Morrison, has a spoken part (a voice message) at the beginning and the end with the "F" word numerous times. Not sure what the idea is behind the song. Did a friend commit suicide? The voice message is pretty depressing. No doubt Jason will let us know what inspired the song.

- genius only improves with time

i have loved jason mraz since i heard him as an unknown opening act in toronto seven years ago...i bought the 3-song cd in the lobby and wore it out in my car...have bought everything ever since...didn't think anything could be as great as the live cd...but this one IS...and maybe even better. mraz is seasoned and more nuanced and has totally avoided selling out....you will LOVE this music.


Another great album!! Five Stars.

- Lyrical Genius

Every song this man has written has had a story behind it. The seamless stride from thought to music is truly unbelievable. He's one of the few musicians that have the ability to reel you into the essence of the lyrics themselves, and by doing so, making your head twirl around an ocean of seamless beauty. He embodies the whole tradition of "loving what you do", you can see it in every piece he lays out; each representing a different time, era, period, or simply a different story that he wants us to embark on with him. His new album "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things" is yet another masterpiece that Jason Mraz has created. He has created yet another journey which has been laid out infront of us, and I can only impatiently wait for his next album to be just as good as his newest. The man is a lyrical genius, "nuff said".

- Great job Jason!

Wow. My overall favorites are definitely A Beautiful Mess and Love for a Child, they really came from the heart, and you can tell. Make It Mine, Only Human, Coyotes, and The Dynamo of Volition are great sing-a-longs. If It Kills Me is great for missing someone. I'm Yours is great for just feel good music. Details In The Fabric when you need to settle down or you've had a bad day. Butterfly is great when you're feeling romance-y. And of course, Lucky. Classic for falling in love with a best friend. Wow. Great job Jason!

- Mixed feelings on this one

I prefer the non-glossy intimate setting of his acoustic works but find his talent gets a drowned out in American Idol productionistic feel in a lot of tracks and find I'm actually hitting the skip button frequently. On the postive side, there are some absolutely fantastic tracks in here. I'm Yours, Lucky etc. are awsome, especially if you can find the acoustic version. On the other hand Make It Mine, makes me want to hit the skip button. Axe the horns. Check out his earlier Live Acoustic release though...Much better in my opinion.

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- excellent

I' v never heard of Jason Mraz, the song is great to listen too and it's catchy. I love it and recommend it!! :]

- ThIs iS 1 Of ThE wOrSt SoNgS I hAvE EVER HEARD

OMG that is a lame song. Something a little less BORING would be Good. or even better, this song not exist AT ALL

- jeez louise.

i bet you my nan and my house you'll fall in love with this guy after listening to one track only. my favourite is 'i'm yours', cute little scat sections and a beautiful melody. impossible to ne adore pas.

- Good

'I'm Yours' is an excellant song!


its so relaxing and makes you feel so happy and light i loved this album so much bought it straight away JASON MRAZ I LOVE YOU XOX

- Couch. Doona. Jason Mraz. Winter

an amazing album. a good cozy winter listen!

- And the Grammy for Most Boring goes to... Jason Mraz!

This absolutely has to be THE most boring album I've ever listened to. I swear that if I hear 'I'm Yours' one more time I will vomit. Terrible, do not buy.

- Go Jason Mraz!

Jason has a gr8 voice and the song "I'm Yours" is really good. its a must buy!



- Not an instant pleaser

It doesn't grab you at first listen like his previous two albums did. After another listen it does begin to grow on you...

- Sounds like Craig David

i love this album, some of the best songs inlcude lucky and the dynamo of volition...Jason sounds like a white Craig David great voice

- Another Amazing Album By An Amazing Man

Buy this....one of the best albums i've heard. Mraz has done it again

- Jason Mraz, be proud.

Picture gently waking from a deep refreshing slumber as you lay in bed on a Sunday morning. It's cool - but not unpleasantly so - and as you stretch languidly, you catch the faint scent of coffee and bacon on the air. As you come fully awake, you realise that you're not only on holidays, but your due to leave for a month's vacation in a place you've wanted to visit since you were a child. *THAT* is what this album is like for your ears. You could bandy words such as "Gentle, Soothing, Melodic and Funky" around, but you really wouldn't begin to do "We Sing..." justice. From the gospel-feeling "Live High" to the absolutely charming "Lucky" this album is an absolute gem - just as at home in the background whist you crack a bottle with friends, or rocking you off to sleep.

- <3 it

i absolutely LOVE this guys voice! no matter what style your into the song "I'm Yours" should be in everyone's clloection... beautiful work!

- Gorgeous ..

These songs are just so .. calming. Great to listen to when your feeling down or just want something really relaxing to listen to. It helps me forget get everyone thing around me and i seriously listen to these songs for hours. (:

- sik

actually a sik as album

- yer its good

great song but at some parts i bit boring. other than that its good. if u think u might buy it just buy it its good!

- meh...

very cool and calm but a bit to jazzy for my liking. would be great for a sunday drive or easy listening.

- Amazing Album

I love that this album finally gets to #1 as he tours! I've had this album since the day it was released and am still loving it like the first time I heard it. AMAZING album, and even better live.

- awsome

omg.... this is the best album ever and whenever i listen to each and every song it makes my whole body shiver i just love it. i give it a 10/10..

- amazing

another amazing album can't wait for the tour

- A must have Album!!

One of my top picks for 2008 Albums. Beautiful words, accompanied by amazing voice...a must have!! Highly recommended!!

- fantastic

i wasnt a huge fan of jason mraz's other albums but this one is just incredible. im yours has gotta be the best song ive ever heard. great stuff

- Restored My Faith!!

Just when I was settling into the despair over recent releases, wondering if I was going to hear ANYTHING refreshing and innovative, along comes Jason Mraz! From the opening track, Make It Mine, I was hooked. Instead of settling into a stylistic format, he instead plays with pop, funk, reggae, shuffle, and straight-up ballad grooves and harmonic progressions to create a body of work that captured the imagination with style and grace. Mraz's vocal dexterity is crisp and highly entertaining, despatching his clever lyrics with ease and accuracy. Great stuff!

- Impressed!

I very nearly skipped listening to this one but I'm glad I didn't! I have to say I'm very impressed by the smooth, laid back groove of this album. Luv it!

- Jason Mraz is amazing! <3333

Wow, everything he writes is WONDERFUL. Every tune is catchy, the lyrics actually mean something unlike other catchy tunes with no meaning. His voice is just, it sends tingles down my spine I guess, like Colbie Caillat's song. God, this dude has just cheered up my day and its 10:21 at night. I wouldn't mind waking up the rest of my life with the start of one of his songs. :)

- A Beautiful Mess....

....it is alright. It's an amazing masterpiece. One of his best works yet. I can't wait for him to sing these live. :)

- Fantastic

Fantastic Tune! I love the song I'm yours it's got such a fab beat!

- ho hum

um well. I thought I loved the album. actually I'd only listened to 'I'm Yours' and 'Lucky' But as I began to get curious about the other ten tracks I was disgusted by some of the lyrics and vibes of the songs. My opinon of Jason Mraz has changed drastically. Yes I still am glad I bought the album but I am not so happy as I was before.

- Jason Mraz-Legend!!!!!!!

This album is brilliant! Great melody and heartfelt lyrics. Definetly one to watch out for.

- No words

no words can describe this song its so good

- wowow

i saw jason live and ever since i have been in love with his music wow wow wow everyone listen to it its amazing !!!!

- Quirky Pop-Jazz-Ragga - lovin' it

I just love this album. He's completely individual, has style and edge and just lifts you up and takes you around the corners with him. Awesome album out of left field, don't ever become pidgeon-hold Jason, keep doing what you like doing - amazing stuff

- Jason Mraz

I really liked this song. it was so plain and so normal that I liked it, I don't get the album cover because he has a mishaped head

- Brilliant!

Mraz's best work yet. He continues to amaze with his melodic harmony, and beautiful, charming lyrics. You won't regret purchasing this album! "Lucky" is my favourite at the moment, followed closely by "I'm Yours", and "A Beautiful Mess", but all are fantastic, memorable tracks.

- Congartulations Jason Mraz

Well what can I say? Jason Mraz, is one fantastic artist, and the song I'm Yours is his best one yet! Jason Mraz should be very proud of this album! His soulful voice, get lyrics and superb tunes make for very easy listening, and I am looking forward to more from the man with one of the finest voices I have heard, Jason Mraz!

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