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Lyrics for artist Jazmine Sullivan song Call Me Guilty coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris originally wrote the first dictionary. The definition for each word is as follows - A swift roundhouse kick to the face.

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- Simply Awesome.

Every few decades a strong hard voice comes out and hits it hard with feelings for the next few years. Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Kathy Sledge of 'Sister Sledge', Angela Winbush, Mary J. Blidge, and now it's Jazmine Sullivan's time. Awesome debut album.

- brilliant

a real artist has finally come out

- I bust the windows out your car

Last year around this time I though she was a joke when I hrleard Bust your windows, but during my vacation down to Orlando last Thanksgiving I feel in love with this wonderful gifted young lady! The whole CD is great! Lions & tigers is just something else. I'm sure someone like Mariah could knock that song out the park, but Jaz did great. Saw her live in Norfolk VA, a she put on a great show!

- I LUV IT !


- working man


- GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

this is just an awsome CD her voice is wondferful i hope she get's everything she ever wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Rep. Southside

This is one of the best albums out. Just push play and listen all the way through. Love her heartfelt lyrics. In my top 5 albums. Can't wait to see her live in Richmond this summer.

- Keri who?

I don't know where I have been - but I just found Jazmine and this incredible album. With Missy backing her, I have no idea, why she is has not blown up. I love the lyrics and the obvious creativity of this album.

- maybe its just me

but shes kinda hot. oh... the music. Yeah, i like the retro style. Bust Your Windows is a great song :)

- I LOVE this album!!!

I knew there was something special about Jazmine Sullivan! She didn't stick to the R&B script. She gave us her heart and soul on her debut album and that makes her Fearless!!!!

- wow

wow this album is amazing please buy it, its worth it.....EVEN BEYONCE RECOMENDS IT!!!!!!!!!!

- Sullivan

This is a great album. I got a few weeks after it's release and I was blown away by it. My favorite track would have to be Dream Big cause it has a clean mix of Daft Punk's Veridis Quo but the singles are great too. This is a must buy.

- Amazing!!!!!!

this album is a classic....listen to it everyday...love her voice

- Uh... Am I the only one to notice?

I noticed that the main beat in the song "Dream Big" is from Daft Punk's album Discovery (Veridis Quo). I'm hoping that was allowed by the owner of the rights to Daft Punk's music? Otherwise, I love this album, and hope there's much more to come from Jazmine.

- Album of 2009

Jazmine has great range in shows this off in nearly every single on the Fearless Album. Bust Your Windows with the tango beat manages to be fun and danceable. With Switch it appears she has added a modern touch to a 50's beat. There isn't one song on the entire album that I don't find myself singing along with. She has an incredible voice and was lucky to get the right mix of lyrics and beats for her premiere album. A must have.

- AW$M3

i think dhix is one of the best albumz out ther. She has a unique voice and i cant wait to see what else iz cumin out by her!

- Meh...

Daft Punk's Veridus Quo was better than Dream Big. I guess that's only because she has a really whiny voice, especially on Lions, Tigers, and Bears. The album's way too moany and dramatic for my taste.

- Fearless

Just when you thought good music was dead along comes Jazmine Sullivan. Thank goodness for her, Beyonce, Neyo, Jill Scott, Tank, Faith & Angie Stone and a handful of others that are keeping R&B music alive and blooming and likeable!

- Great Album

I love this album! The only song I like just a little is "After The Hurricane", and it's not even bad. But don't just buy "Need U Bad", or "Bust Your Windows", because the best song is totally "Lions, Tigers, And Bears". So yeah! Get the entire album!

- This album is really good!

I am so happy I bought the single 'Need U Bad'. Its one of my favorite songs. Jazmine, keep doing your thing.

- Nothing special

Carrie Underwood already sung about messing up a car...Lions, tigers, and bears is stupid...I understand the song but she could have written better lyrics than the bull she wrote

- Lion, Tigers & Bears

Jazzmine is going to be around for a lot of good musical years. this cd is hit there is not one bad song on this cd.


Now a days, it's very rare that you'll find a new artist with hits back to back. Now a days, it's rare to find an album that you'll enjoy from beginning to end. This album is all of that and more. It was worth the buy!

- This is cd you will play 10 years froms now.

Fearless is hip-hop r&b and it sounds good.

- A Real Voice

This woman voice has it. She is one of the best female r&b artist in the last 10 years.

- This is Fearless

Jazmine Sullivan music is hot. I never Heard a cd like hers

- Remarkable

Jazmine is the best female vocalist ive heard ever since witney houston I love her voice but if only she would sing gospel please go back to your roots Gods first

- Wow...

She's simply stunning. I love how unique her sound is, and how she's not afriad to take her music in an unpredictable direction (I mean let's face it, lots of R&B/Soul female singers are so predictable today). Jazmine breaks free of what's expected and creates an album that's extraordinary.

- Jazmine so cool

I love every song on this cd

- This album is priceless.....

Everything about this album is beautiful. The writing, the tracks, the style, the artiscism everything is just flawless. Jazmine has a raw talent that rivals the top selling R&B artists of today and the past. She is a beautiful young lady and she has the style, poise, and substance to make it as one of today's front-running R&B artists... If you agree click yes. Well, listen to the album first and then click yes! HOWEVER, "Best of Me" wasn't on the physical album... I like that song.


An album I can play ALL THE WAY through. In this day and age that is RARE!!!! BIG UPS TO JAZMINE! If you like Beyonce, Ciara, Day 26, Keri Hilson, Estelle, Teedra Moses, Keyshia Cole... Those kinds of styles, I don't think you'll be disappointed with this album. So hit "BUY" now! ;)

- Great Work

I am haunted by the memory of Phyllis Hyman as I listen to the soultry trill in her voice along with her stature. I feel the multitude of amazing influences coming through this woman. Great body of work. West Philly in the House. Holla

- Extrordinary

I can listen to this album over and over. This music is the best of our generation. Thanks Jazimine

- Fearless is Sung From the Heart

Do not let this pass you by. Seriously, don't sleep on this one, especially at this great price. We saw her in concert on Valentine's Day as part of the opening act for Neyo, and honestly, she put on a show. Talent is what she is, and even my husband loved "Bust Your Windows", I've been partial to "Lions, Tigers & Bears" since it's just so soultry and truly shows her vocal talent. There is a story behind all of the songs and for her to have been singing since she was 2 yrs old, you can really appreciate the progression, and almost makes you wonder if she cut her first record deal at 15, where is that and how can I get a copy? "Switch" is just a fun loving song, nice and light addition to the end of the album, that gives you a good laugh! I hope you enjoy this album as much as I have. To me, she has her own style, and can't be compared to anyone else one the market, which is really nice; it's time we had a fresh new sound. A great Grammy choice.

- Must have!

I went to her concent and she is AMAZING, I had to buy this album. Great voice!!!




Jazmine Sullivan is such a great artist!!! Can't wait to see what she has next! =D

- One of the world's best songs

Yooooooo, this song is of the chain. She need to write more songs like this. Nice work Jazmine!

- Beautiful Album, just buy the whole thing.

Have a great big helping of fresh air. Switch and LT&B are my faves. The songs all seem to blend effortlessly into the next without being boring. It's like Chrisette Michele but with more punch, yet softer than J. Hudson. The lyrics are unique and satisfying. It's a great musical collaboration!


Finally! A breath of FRESH R&B air! Jazzie's most definetly on top of her game!

- Welcoming another soulful singer!!!

She is a great artist and i can't wait for more!!!!!


I stumbled upon Jazmine while sifting through the countless itunes albums online in which the 30 second song samples were just WEAK. Jazmine is absolutely amazing. She is sure to be the next big female star in R&B and soul. I would compare her to a young Mary J. Blige. NOT to disappoint!!


This girl can sing! She definitely put her heart and soul into this album and it shows. One of the best albums lyrically and vocally of 2008. Best new artist!

- One of the best this year???

This album is so great!!! I can't wait for the next one!!!

- In Love.

Im not giving this album 5 Stars because its necessarily amazing. Im giving it 5 stars because of her amazing voice. Im SO GLAD someone is actually SINGING in their music Like Mariah carey or Beyonce. Best songs. In Love With Another Man. Bust Your Windows. Need U Bad. After the Hurricane & Fear. She actually SINGS. The album it self deserves like a 3 1/2 or 4. IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN is one of the best vocals of 08. Please check this girl out. Shes talented.

- Different voice, person, music. All 5 stars!

Being a new artist Jazmine Sullivan proves that perseverence pulls through1


Need U Bad Remix w/TI is hott! iTunes where is it?

- Love it

This is a let the whole cd play then repeat type of cd, remind me of my teen years:)

- Unquestionably the Best New Artist.

I want to know why she isn't more widely played. Her voice is incredible and in some ways soothing, and her songs are just brilliant. My favorite is Need U Bad. Her voice is just AMAZING on it. Yeah. So buy it.


im more of a hip hop person but err now and again i like to kick back and chill wit a lil r&b and this girl is it. Lions, Tigers, and Bears is my JAM..NO JOKE!! the album is worth buyin so get it....

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Where’s call me guilty though? #NSSuperAlbum.

Dan Smith

@JetLincoln @roddreher Actually no. You can call me anti-abortion, because I am. I'm used to that label. What I am defensive about is the mistaken notion that taking innocent lives in abortion is morally equivalent to the death penalty (of those guilty beyond reasonable doubt.) It isn't..


You think i like being in extreme pain every day of my life that can’t be eased by any medication ??? i also don’t want me to be doing what i’m doing. but yeah sure, call me unreliable and make me feel guilty and force me to apologize for smth i can’t control..


Shoot me over and over, they call you innocent, and I'm guilty. Realization takes a while, doesnt it. Sweet powder, the sweet tone, manipulative. I saw that tone before, I've seen those words before, I followed you either way.

Jenifer 🇺🇸

Yeah, I called in and now I feel guilty. I never call in because I always feel guilty (unless I’m sick - no one wants that shit). I’m working on not feeling bad about EVERYTHING. I hate it. I know I’m a good person but my brain lies to me constantly. -end of ramble.


Things ppl have said since my step-dad passed that are awk/make me uncomfy: *not a call out, just sharing/venting* "Do you miss him?" Obviously 🙄 Using "I'm dead" / "I'm dying." I'm guilty of using these too but they feel v insensitive rn "That's tough." Uh yeah. Thanks?.

Fallon24/7 14-3 #1Down3ToGo #WonNotDone

Anyone who wants to actually do some research before you call me out for my point on the testing practices for Bills game, here you go. The US DOJ just 3 months ago!! Fined BioRef for guilty on charges of Fraudulent billing & kickbacks. 🧐 .

Heather 🇺🇸 🏴‍☠️

@SunnySky39 Melania is far from a victim. She is just as guilty as the rest of them. So tired of this faux outrage for "poor little racist, gold digging, escort, call girl, Melania". No sympathy from me..

𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙩𝙣𝙚𝙮 ♡

I'm sorry but if you call yourself ugly 24/7 and make it known i'm just going to agree with you. i don't give compliments when you try to make me feel guilty lmao.

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