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- To awsome for words

such power and passion behind the singers voices P.S I just saw there opening show last night AMAZING!!!!!!

- Even Grandparents Will Enjoy This...

I'm not exactly sure what the two bad reviews are saying about this being terrible. I played this album to my 79 year old grandmother, who was a classical violinist, and my 82 year old grandfather, who was a classical bassist. They loved this... They hate metal and love classical music. At first they were taken back by the dark, heavy riffs, but when I reminded them that Wagner and some of the other great composers were very dark and heavy, they were more openminded. They absolutely love TSO now AND are already making plans to see them in concert. A+ to anyone who can make my very jaded grandparents like the music I do.

- Their Best Yet

Amazing album - totally their best yet!!

- Excellent!!!!!!!

This album was well worth the long wait.

- TSO does it again

TSO has been promising this album for at least as long as I've seen them live (the past 7 years). Now that it is out, I don't care that it took them an eterinity to record it. It is absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite parts of the record is the re-recordings of the Savatage songs such as "Believe", "Mozart and Memories" ("Mozart and Madness"), and "The Mountain" ("Prelude to Madness"). This album reminds me a lot of "Beethoven's Last Night" with some really dark, heavy, and powerful riffs thrown in. Another great surprise by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. So sorry I can't see them this year, as it will be exam week.

- They never disappoint. :)

This album just blew me away. It's a blast to listen to and I couldn't be more pleased. :)

- In a word, spectacular!

I don't really know what people are complaining about. This is a wonderful effort by TSO. I am a Savatage fan as well as a TSO fan and this album was quite thrilling for me to listen to. I'm assuming the people who gave it bad reviews just listened to the songs without reading through the story that goes along with it. This is just one more brilliant work to add to the TSO collection. I take the remade Savatage songs as a tribute to the band, though I will admit that I thought renaming "Mozart and Madness" and sticking it on here was a bit crazy, it still kind of fits in. Anyway, I would highly suggest reading the story along with listening to the C.D for the true artistic arrangement of this story.

- Worth Waiting For!!!

We patiently waited and it's finally here! TSO did a grat job and my only disappointment is they didn't include Flight of the Bumblebee! Boo hoo! But still excited to have more TSO!

- A+++++++

i love this christmas music



- Go Mountain

The song Mountain king is so good. I would buy it if I were you. It was originally called in the hall of the mountain king, but tso thought that was too original. I think mountain even sounds cooler!

- Best yet!

I bought this because i am seeing them in concert soon. For 10 bucks i love it! Nine of the 26 songs are amazing! The others are great! For the first new album in 5 years from them, they are back!

- TSO Delivers again

TSO brought both Christmas and other elements into thier music. the change is a combination of both their past christmas music and other albums. The combination sealed the rift that no other band has tried to do. with TSO's sound any music is possible.

- concert

i saw this group at the target center and they were amazing. It was also the best light show i have ever seen in my life. highly recommend them to any1 that isnt sensitve to lights ir seziurs! :)

- Always Love this Group

This album has everything you would expect plus some.


TSO is the best Christmas rock concert you could ever see in your whole entire life. When I went to go see them this year at the XL Center in Hartford CT I won a guitar signed by all the members of TSO. This is for real!!!!!! It's black and really shiny with silver signitures. If you are somebody who has ever won a guitar from them than you know how exciting this is. If you've never went to see them you have to go when they come to your state. TSO ROCKS

- TSO does it again!!!

Outstanding!!! Buy this album! It will definately not disappoint you! I've been a TSO fan for a long time ever since my dad came home with one of their first christmas albums. Once I listened to their first album and Christmas Sarejevo I was instantly hooked! They are incredible performers with brilliant talent and the light show is phenominal! If you can go to their concert you don't want to miss it! It's the best!! If you haven't heard of TSO before I would recommend Wizards in Winter, Wish List( Toy shop madness), Siberian Sleigh Ride, Christmas Canon ( absolutely beautiful!) Christmas Sarejevo, Queen of Winter, The Silent Nutracker, Prince of Peace and Old City Bar. Each song TSO has created has been unique and refreshing and they all tell stories. Also, they have taken songs from classic composers and put their own twist to it with a rock vibe. I love TSO and you will too if you listen to their albums!! Even better, go to their concert!! They are spectacular!

- The long wait is over!

The long wait for Night Castle is over! Years in the making, all of that time and effort were not wasted. Not one second. This album is in the finest tradition of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and beyond! Combined with the phenomenal art of illustrator Greg Hildebrandt, Producer Paul O'Neill and company have created a masterwork that takes you into a world of music and wonder that you don't want to leave. I don't know from what well of inspiration Paul O'Neill draws, but he and the others members of the TSO have given us a gift that is rock at it's best and wonder at it's finest. The 60-plus page booklet contains not only the fantastic art of Greg Hildebrandt (which makes you want to step into the worlds he paints), but the Night Castle story which is of itself a world of fantasy and wonder. One of the bonus tracks, 'Nutrocker' has Greg Lake on bass playing on the TSO version of the song that he covered with Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Get Night Castle and be transported and inspired!

- Their best yet!

This is TSO's best work yet! The story is gripping and the music really complements it wonderfully. For fans of their Christmas albums wanting to listen to TSO at other times of the year, this is the album to have!

- McDonald's On Mars Now Open!!!

Magnificent! Superb! Excellent! this is a really great rock opera. TSO is pricing it low because of fan loyalty and patience but this is a bargain at any price. it was a long time in the making but worth the wait. I can't wait for a night castle/beethoven's last night tour to support it. Thank You TSO!

- Typically good

Sounds pretty good. Pretty much what you would expect from TSO. If I have one thing to really complain about, it is this: NOBODY should sing "Believe" but Jon Oliva!

- An OK album, but noth their best.

The reason behind the wait between the previous album and this one becomes very obvious once you listen to Night Castle. Paul O'Neil had no idea on where to take the project, and ended up rehashing TSO and Savatage songs. The instrumental tracks are the real standouts here, but they are to few and far between to really push this album beyond being just 3 stars/OK. Night Castle will be successful since its the first TSO album in a long time, but I think O'Neil and Oliva really need to step back and re-evaluate what they want to do with TSO and where they want to take it.


my whole entire family has been waiting for their latest album to come out. We have every 1 of their CDs and we always listen to them in the car and go to at least 2 of their concerts every year because we can't get enough of them

- No Dout, this - is - it!

OMG - this is obviously TSO's best collection of music published so far. As one of their biggest fans, I have awaited the release of this album for months. I've been to countless TSO concerts, but, now I can't wait to see this one! If you like TSO, you HAVE to get this album! -It's a true master piece!

- where are the great guitar riffs?

Still waiting to hear the burning guitar riffs and solos that made TSO great in the first place... they needed to unleash the guitar fury of Alex Skolnik like the producers did on Handel's Messiah Rocks...

- A great album from a great band

Well, TSO has been working on, and promising their fans this album for many years. So was it worth the wait? In a word: Yes. Something that worries me with all new releases, is if it will be up to par with the band's previous releases. I am happy to say Night Castle is exceedingly better than "Beethoven's Last Night." And I have found that although Night Castle did not quite bring the same magic as TSO's three Christmas themed albums (a near impossible feat), it still rings true to the band's style, and sounds fantastic. Having said that, the story is fantastic, compelling, and presented true TSO style. The album sounds great. I found the intro song, Night Enchanted, far too "overly-epic" and a bad start. But it lets you know TSO is back. Songs like "Sparks" and "Toccata - Carpimus Noctem" will make the remind you why you love their guitarist. Songs like "The Lion's Roar" will make you adore their piano player. Songs like "Dreams We Conceive," "Remnants Of A Lullaby" and "The Safest Way Into Tomorrow" will make you a fan of their powerful vocals. Bonus tracks such as "Nutrocker" are remeniscent of the Christmas albums (and have been included in their live shows for a while now). Over all, the album is very ballanced, and (thankfully) not repeatative in the least. If you like any TSO music, you will like this album. Further more, if you like TSO music, go see them live and experiance the magic yourself! Coldplay may be the "best live band in the world," but their light show has nothing on Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

- Boring, repetitive

Very frustrated with this album, after such long wait. The vast majority of songs follows the same pattern of distorted guitar power chords once every measure. Then there's the guy trying to sing 100 words per minute as if he's rapping on a rock and roll song. I guess out of 27 songs, I'll only sync to my iPod 1 or 2, and the rest will never be heard again. Really disappointed.

- We Waited for This?

Where are the rock anthems? Where are the blistering guitar solos? Where is the the over the top orchestra moments? I guess Nightwish has me spoiled. I didn't care for this at all. I hope this doesn't dominate the November 7, 2009 show in Dayton.

- Long awaited album doesn't disappoint!! Awesome!!!

In the "well, it took them long enough!" category, this album was long promised, but it most definitely doesn't disappoint! TSO did a fantastic job blending their storytelling abilities into the themes this album carries with beautiful melodies and rocking riffs. I'm very happy with this long awaited album and looking forward to their upcoming concert

- Not Worth The Wait!

This is absolutely horrible! I love TSO, seen them on every tour including their first ever show! Night Castle has no feeling, it leaves the listener bored. Musical themes that have been around forever are rehashed. for example "Mountain" is nothing more then "In the Hall of the Mountain King" played by some studio orchestral musicians with some god awful Off Broadway vocalists. The band has been promising this for years. I think they were afraid to actually put it out it is that bad. I love TSO but I will be hard pressed to listen to this again. C'mon guys. no originality, no feeling, Nightcastle is a long awaited flop! Can't wait to see them live next month!!

- A classic album with some true gems

This album has some great gems in it. While some of the songs are similar in nature to their past releases (which IMO isn't a bad thing by any means), there is also some fresh material here. Some highlights include "Sparks" which has an AC/DC meets Bob Seger feel to it, "The Mountain" which contains some great guitar riffs, "Toccata" & "Nutrocker" are also masterfully done and will be pieces to hear & view at a TSO concert, and finally "Moonlight & Madness" finally reveals some of the outstanding piano work that you only generally get to hear during their live performances. This album has 26 songs, which showcase the wide range of talent that TSO posesses. While not all songs are in a top 10 category, the album as a whole is a solid winner and should be a part of any TSO fans collection.


Another great album! So good I'll probably listen to it long after Christmas passes..

- not a very christmasy album

if your looking for more great christmas songs this is not the album for you. i was very disappointed in this release. i want more christmas tunes.

- Awesome

While certianly not their best album, this certianly shows just how wonderful the TSO is. Track nine blew my away. A GREAT buy!

- Wow

I have been a listener of the albums Christmas Eve and Other Stories, The Lost Christmas Eve, and Beethoven's Last Night. This is easily better than all of those. And for those poor, ignorant souls, the TSO is NOT an all Christmas band. They now have two of their five albums that are not christmas. So it is pathetic to give this album a one star because it is not a Christmas album.

- I have found my Castle!

Once more, Paul O'Neill, proves what a great writer and story teller he is. In the same style of The Lost Christmas Eve and Beethoven's Last Night, he tells a story not only with narrative but with music as well. I hope he will turn this into a Broadway musical. There are many stories woven among the history in Night Castle. For those who missed the point of Night Castle, did you not read the story? Take the time and read the story and then listen to the songs. They are wonderfully crafted and performed by outstanding artists. Most of the members of this production are those involved with all the other TSO albums. For BB-Man, this is not more of the same. Yes, Believe is originally from Savatage but the production and performance are different. A great song such as this will always be great. Yes, I've been waiting a long time for this, and I am not disappointed. Bill M, what were you waiting for? “No originality, no feeling.” You apparently are not getting it. “some god awful Off Broadway vocalists”, and you say, “I love TSO”? These are the same vocalists that have performed other TSO albums. All it takes is the time to read the credits. Duh. There are too many songs on this album to single out one or two that are my favorites. Each song has it's own story to tell within each chapter. Night Castle is not only worth the wait, it is worth twice the money. As a matter of fact, I plan to buy a hard copy disk. I'm glad that Paul and Robert waited to get the perfection they always seek in their projects. Beautifully, produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered. Kudos to all of TSO for a wonderful product.

- Best of Savatage

As I am listening to the long awaited Night Castle, I, a long time Savatage and TSO fan, am disappointed to hear all the great tunes of the past regurgitated with a little new polish. Savatage paved the way for TSO only to be trampled into obscurity by their own producer. It doesn't seem right. It almost kills me to hear Believe sung by anyone other than Jon Oliva. Having said that, the music is good. But those of us that own Hall of the Mountain King, Streets: A Rock Opera, and Dead Winter Dead will hear painful reminders that the music that we have loved and stood behind really is now dead.

- Another Great one by TSO

They've come a long way since their days in the metal band Savatage! This still keeps their vision of classical meets rock. If you can't get the whole cd, I'd reccomend Carmina Burana, The Lion's Roar, and Moonlight and Madness!

- Very dissapointed

Trans-siberian orchestra has the potential to be a great band, but they are stuck in this niche of "New Metal/ Classical" genre that sorely dissapoints. I love music with all my heart and i totally appreciate them as a band, and there is something to be said for mixed genres together. The only thing that was left out of the mix was the actual music. I just saw them live, and because i was stuck in the nose-bleeds, i could actually listen to the music, as opposed to... i don't know. But the point it, they have an amazing gift for performance and i say that, without a shadow of a doubt; but the entire point of music, is the actual music. They play classical music on the guitar, sure, which takes talent, and ability, but it was so dumbed down that i couldn't appreciate any of it. Their melody was simple and had very few noticable key changes, and was... pretty boring. I miss the days when you could go to a concert hall, without any pyrotechnics, or laser-lights, and just listen. You could close your eyes, and the melody, and the harmony would be the show.

- great

dam this is just plain good should buy

- More of the same...

To anyone who is new or somewhat new to the band, this album sounds great. To those of us who have been fans for years (dating back to Savatage for some of us) and have been anxiously awating this album for over 5 years, it is quite a disappointment. Very little originality filled with reoccuring themes, sounds, and even songs from the older albums. We expected more after 5 years TSO!

- Night Castle by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

A nicely done album... I enjoy Trans-Siberian music and the creative way they tell stories.

- TSO delivers once again!!!

after listening to a couple tracks, i can already tell that this is an excellent album, very similar in style to "Beethoven", raw energy that revitalizes the classical music it's based on. the first track, based off the Dies Irae of Verdi's Requiem, is TSO at it's best, and with other rockers like "the Mountain", "Night Castle" and "Toccata" are rockin enough for Old TSO fans as well as new.

- TSO Does it Again!

A long wait, but well worth it! A handful of the songs were performed during the 2008 Christmas tour, and the memories of the flames and lasers as the music roars from the speakers leave me chomping at the bit for this year's Reno performance. Great job! Maybe this Christmas will bring the hope of a follow on project. ;-)

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